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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors D

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xviii-xx of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Maritje, owned a house and land at Niskayuna and on Pearl street, in Beverwyck; married a third husband, Cornelis Van Nes, 1664.


Christoffel (Davidts, Davidse, Davidsen), said to be native of England and born in 1616, arrived at New Amsterdam on "het Wapen van Noorwegen," Aug. 4, 1638; aged 22; traded in tobacco; leased the Dominie's Hoeck (Van Wie's Point) on west side of Hudson below Albany, July 22, 1650, where he was to build his own house, the Patroon furnishing livestock; married Cornelia De Vos, of Beverwyck, who died in 1657.


Johan (Deckere, Dekker, De Deckere), was appointed vice-director and secretary of New Orange, June 21, 1655; returned to New Amsterdam in 1656.

De Forest

Hendrick (De Foreest), came from Utrecht; owned a bouwerie on Manhattan Is., and died in 1638; his second son, Isaac, a brewer, married Sara Du Trieux, or Truax, at New Amsterdam, June 9, 1641, and their son, Philip, baptised July 28, 1652, removed to Beverwyck, where he was a cooper.


Douwe Aukes (De Foreest), born in 1640, was innkeeper at Schenectady; killed in massacre there, Feb. 8, 1690, along with his wife and two children; had married at Albany, Feb. 4, 1685, Maria Viele, widow of Matthys Vrooman.

De Garmeaulx

Pierre (alias Villeroy), known also as "Pieter, the Frenchman," was in Albany as early as 1665, and marrying Caatje Vander Heyden there, had a first child, Annatje, baptised there, Oct. 15, 1684.

De Goyer

Tys Evertse, was a planter at Rensselaerswyck in 1664.

De Graaf

Andries, was a brickmaker in New Amsterdam in 1661, and his son, following same trade, lived in Beverwyck in 1655, and was fined 500 guilders for selling liquor to Indians in 1658; his son, Claes Andries De Graaf, born in 1628, settled in Schenectady.

De Groot

Symon, was employed on de Vlackte farm at Rensselaerswyck, as early as Apr. 10, 1647.

De Haen

Isaac, was a trader in Beverwyck, in 1663.

De Hooges

Antony, sailed from Amsterdam, July 23, 1641, on "den Coninck David," arriving at New Amsterdam, Nov. 29, 1641, and reached Rensselaerswyck by Apr. 10, 1642; had business management of Rensselaerswyck from time of Van Curler's departure for Holland, October, 1644, until Van Slechtenhorst's arrival, March 22, 1648, and from then, until his death, about Oct. 11, 1655, was secretary.

De Hulter

Johan, sailed with his wife, Johanna De Laet, on the Graft (Graef, or Graaf), in May, 1653; obtained lease of farm north of 5th creek, Rensselaerswyck, March 7, 1654; member of its court, April, 1655; died before August 7, 1658; also said he established a pantile bake.


Jacob, was a surgeon, coming to Beverwyck between 1654 and 1657, from Fort Casimir on the Delaware; sued Thomas Powelson (or Powell), in 1657, for whose family he agreed to care, for two beavers ($6.40) a year, insisting that only natural sickness, and not willfully inflicted wounds, was intended in the yearly contract.

De La Grange

Johannes, a Huguenot from La Rochelle, France, settled in New Amsterdam about 1656, and his second son, Omie, born there, came to Beverwyck as a trader in 1665, when he owned lots and also bought a tract on the Normans kill from Johannes Hendrickse Vrooman, in 1686.


Jacob, lived in Albany before 1700, and died there, March 14, 1719, aged 81 years; his son, Jan, moving to Schenectady, and his son, Marten Jacobse, marrying Lysbeth Viele, Albany, November 14, 1702, and removing to Schagticoke.

De Laval

Capt. Thomas, was a trader in New Amsterdam and Beverwyck, owning houses at the latter place in 1668-82.

De La Warde

Jan, came from Antwerp in 1662, settling in Beverwyck; owned land at Niskayuna and on an island in the Mohawk above Schenectady, which he sold in 1698 to Joris Aertse Vander Baast; died at Albany, January 28, 1702.

De Looper

Jacobus Teunise, was in Beverwyck in 1657, when he had an affray with Frans Barentse Pastoor; he was a constable in 1658.


Godefridus (van Dell), came to Albany in 1683, as assistant minister to Domime Schaets, at salary of $360 per annum, residing northeast corner State and Pearl streets.

De Maecker

Pieter, was a house-builder in Beverwyck; furnished the iron-work for the Dutch church there, in 1657, as his contribution, and returned to Amsterdam, Hol., 1659, authorizing sale of his lot in Beverwyck.

De Marchal

Willem, a trader in Beverwyck in 1662.

De Moer

Philip Philipse, married Elizabeth Gansevoort at Beverwyck, and his son, Sander, was baptised there, January 24, 1686.

De Neger

Jan, a negro, recorded at Rensselaerswyck in 1646; was hangman there, provided such office existed, as it was known he performed an execution.

De Peyster

Johannes, grandson of Abraham De Peyster of New Amsterdam, was born there, January 10, 1694: married Anna Schuyler, Albany, 1715, and was Mayor of Albany in 1729.

De Ridder

Evert, was schoolmaster at Beverwyck, and married Anna Van Ness in 1688.

De Voe

Jean, born in New Amsterdam; removed to Half-Moon, above Albany, probably before 1700, marrying Catharina Vander Werken, Albany, May 11, 1706.

De Vos

Andries, arrived at New Amsterdam on "den Eyckenboom," August, 1641; a carpenter; occupied farm at Bethlehem, 1642; magistrate of Rensselaerswyck court, 1648; owned several lots there. Cornelis De Vos was in employ of Dutch West India Co. at Beverwyck, in 1652, and married Dirckje Pieterse Coeymans, who died, 1665.

De Vries

Cornelis, appears on Rensselaerswyck records September 28, 1651. Adriaen Dirckje De Vries owned a lot in Beverwyck, in 1654.

De Vroome

Hubert Janse, owned a lot on Maiden Lane, next east of Broadway, Albany, 1667-77.

De Wandelaer

Johannes, a trader who came from Leyden, Holland; married Sara Schepmoes in New Amsterdam, March 17, 1672, and bought a lot in Albany from Jan Tomase, in 1678.

De Wever

Jan Martense, owned a house in Beverwyck in 1657; removed to Schodack in 1664, and bought a farm at Kinderhook, in 1671.

De Winter

Bastiaen, came from Middleburgh, Holland; had house in Schenectady in 1662, which he sold in 1670, and in 1678, the Dutch church claimed his property, he being dead.

De Witt

Tjerck Claessen, son of Nicolaas De Witt, came from Zunderland, Holland; married at New Amsterdam, April 24, 1656, Barbara Andriese from Amsterdam; had house and lot in Beverwyck, which he sold in 1666.


Adam, was born in Harlem, Holland, and was residing in Greenbush, opposite Albany, in 1663; bought a farm at Kinderhook, 1677.


Jan, came from Amersfoort, Utrecht, sailing from the Texel, Holland, on "het Wapen van Noorwegen," arriving at New Amsterdam, August 4, 1638; began service as farm laborer at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 16, 1638. Jan Dircks, or Dircksen, came from Bremen, Ger., arriving on "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644; commissioned skipper of colony's yacht, "Rensselaerswyck," Aug. 25, 1643; occupied a farm at Bethlehem, Sept. 14, 1648; removed to Catskill, in 1651; returned to Beverwyck, in 1659. The name [is] the same as Dickson.


Volckert Jansen, was driven from his home in Leeuwarden, Holland, by reason of religious persecutions. Prof. Pearson probably had reason to state that he was residing in Beverwyck in 1638, as did S. V. Talcott, in his book [possibly Sebastian Visscher Talcott, Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families]; but since then the Van Rensselaer-Bowier Documents have shown definitely that he arrived on "den Coninck David" at New Amsterdam, Nov. 29, 1641, when entered as "Volckert Hansen"; his name first mentioned at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 27, 1642; in harvest of 1647, was employed on the Vlackte farm; charged with ground rent for "house on hill" at Beverwyck, built by him, 1649 to 1652; leased Papscanee Is., opposite lower part of Albany, from May 1, 1653 to May 1, 1658, which he bought the latter year, with Jan Tomase, for 950 beavers; had patent for land at Schodack, Nov. 3, 1663 from Pieter Stuyvesant; owned a brewery at northeast corner Broadway and State street, Beverwyck, which he sold to Harmen Rutgers in 1675. Jan Andriese Douw, relationship to former unknown, bought a house in Beverwyck in 1678, and removed to New Amsterdam in 1690.


Samuel, born on Long Island; resided some time in Schaghticoke, and married Barbara Janse Goewey, Albany, Sept. 1, 1669; their children baptised in Albany.


Egbert, servant of Sander Leendertse Glen, was mentioned in Rensselaerswyck court records, Apr. 3, 1649.


Jan, came from Utrecht; married Ryckie Van Dyck at New Amsterdam, Nov. 1, 1654, and soon after removed to Beverwyck, where he dealt in property and died there, May, 1669.


Hendrick (Driesen, or Andriesen), came from Doesburch, Gelderland, arriving at New Amsterdam on "den Houttuyn," Aug. 4, 1642; aged 21; appears in Rensselaerswyck until 1651.


Jan Barentse, son of Barent Barentse Van Ernst, was a baker from Zwoll, Holland, and was in Beverwyck in 1661.

Du Morsee

Pieter, owned land near Kinderhook in 1676.


John, was probably in Albany before 1700, for in 1714 he was associated with Rev. Thomas Barclay in building St. Peter's Episcopal church there; but in 1730, removed to Schenectady, and died in 1736.


Jan, came to New Amsterdam in 1651, as bookkeeper, and to Beverwyck in 1654, as "commis," and died in 1672; his son, Johannes, was of Benthem, Holland; married Magdalena Tourneurs, New Amsterdam, June 15, 1673, and their son, Johannes, was baptised in Albany, May 11, 1690.

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