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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors W

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xlii-xliii of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Jacob, came from Hoorn, Province of North Holland, was living at New Amsterdam, Jan., 1639; and likely at Rensselaerswyck, May 12, 1650, when recorded that he was about to leave the colony.


Gysbert Cornelise, came from Weesp, near Amsterdam; was a tavern-keeper at Rensselaerswyck in the fall of 1644.


Jacob Arentse, originally known without this surname, was a wagoner, who had sailed from the Texel, Holland, on "den Calmer Sleutel," December, 1637, when 25 years old; was employed first at New Amsterdam; but recorded at Rensselaerswyck, June 26, 1639.


Tomas, was an early resident of Albany, where his child, Anna, was baptised Aug. 25, 1689.


Willem, came from Amsterdam, Holland; married Engeltje Stoutenburgh, New Amsterdam, Feb. 10, 1671, and their son, Pieter, was baptised there, June 25, 1675, married Tryntje Cornelise Van den Bergh there, Sept. 9, 1698, and they removed to Albany two years later, where all but their first child were born, and where he died; buried, May 3, 1725.


Matthys, resided in Albany, where he married Susanna Heghs (or Hicks), and their first child, Willem, baptised there, April 13, 1696.


Jan Barentse, was nicknamed Poest; appears on the Rensselaerswyck records as early as 1643, serving under Cornelis Teunisen; from Apr. 10, 1645, to June 11, 1646, in charge of the Patroon's farm called "de Vlackte," and Aug. 13, 1646, contracted to take charge of a grist-mill on the fifth creek; took a farm on the Poestenkill, Nov. 1, 1654; married Maritje Myndertse; owned half of the Great Flat at Schenectady, where most of his descent resided.


Evert Janse, was born at Emden, in 1615, was a cooper; resided some years in New Amsterdam before coming to Beverwyck, where he owned house on northwest corner of James and State sts.; married (first) Susanna Du Trieux (or Truax), New Amsterdam, July 31, 1644; (second) Maritje Abrahamse Vosburgh in 1663, and died about 1702. The name was then also commonly spelled Wendel.


Jochem, was a baker at Rensselaerswyck; recorded there first on his petition of Sept. 28, 1651, for a place in the village; married Geertuy [Geertruy?] Hieronimus; resided on southeast corner of Broadway and State st., and died in 1681. Name was also then spelled as properly Wesselse or Wesselsen. See Ten Broeck.


Hendrick Janse, was a baker, permitted to locate at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 2, 1648; granted a garden between the first and second creeks, Apr. 1, 1650; married Femmetje Albertsen; resided at northeast corner of Broadway and State St., and died in Beverwyck about 1655.


Gerrit, was probably residing in Albany before 1700, where he married Maria Gilbert, June 8, 1706.


Adriaen, stole beaver-skins from Arent Van Curler in Rensselaerswyck and was banished Aug. 13, 1644. David Willemsen married Rachel Hansen at Albany, and they had a child, Johannes, baptised there, Apr. 6, 1692. Teunis Willemsen was born at Heyvelt, Province of Utrecht, Holland, and came from Woutbergh, and after residing in Albany, occupied a farm at Niskayuna, 1678; marrying Jannetje Hendricksen. Name same as Williamson.


Thomas, came to Albany from New York City, and married (first) Agnietje Gansevoort, Aug. 7, 1692; (second) Hilletje (or Helena) Bronck, June 26, 1712; sheriff of Albany county, 1699, resided on east corner of Green st., and Hudson ave.


Thomas, was a trader at Beverwyck in 1663; originally from Bristol, Eng.; married Sara Cornell, New Amsterdam, Sept. 1, 1643, and died about 1677. The name then also spelled Willet.


Samuel, was a merchant in New York and Albany, with house in latter place near the southwest corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, in 1677.


Pieter (Winnen), also recorded as "Pieter de Vlamingh," meaning "the Fleming"; was born in Ghent, Flanders; charged on Rensselaerswyck accounts from the fall of 1652, for a farm, apparently at Bethlehem, just below Albany; bought half of Constapel Island from Volckert Janse Douw, in 1677, and a sawmill in Bethlehem from Nicolaas Van Rensselaer; married Tannetje Adams; made joint will July 6, 1684, which was probated Feb. 22, 1696; their first child, Pieter, born at Rensselaerswyck, in 1643.


Reynier, was a carpenter at Beverwyck, 1654-61; married widow of Symon Root, and she was dead in 1654.


Jan Tomase, was born at Witbeck, in Holstein; one of the largest real estate dealers in Beverwyck, 1652-78; bought the whole of Apje's, or Little Monkey's, island (Schodack), with Volckert Janse Douw, in 1664, and the mainland opposite on the east bank; married Gertrude Andriese Dochter. Also called Van Witbeck.


Johannes, was a trader in New Amsterdam as early as 1654; was at Beverwyck in 1656; where he owned a house next west of northwest corner of Pearl and State streets.


Jan and Cornelis, owned a brewery in Greenbush (Rensselaer, N. Y.), in 1657, which they sold to Willem Brouwer for 1,207 guilders.


John, was born in Yorkshire, Eng., and probably lived in Albany before 1700, as he married Ariaantje Gardenier there, May 3, 1702.


Lucas Gerritse, was a baker at Albany; married Annatje Janse Van Hoesen, and their second child, Maria, was baptised there, Feb. 15, 1685; his oldest son, Gerrit Lucasse, was a trader at Albany, and married Sara Harmse Visscher there, Nov. 4, 1694.


Pieter, came from Holland on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," and was in Rensselaerswyck in 1644, and his son, Cornelis, bought a lot there in 1657.

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