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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors R

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xxx-xxxi of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Jan, was appointed city porter at Albany, in place of Hendrick Marselis, in 1697, and "klockluyer," instead of Hendrick Roseboom, in 1703; married Rachel Lambertse Jochemse Van Valkenburgh, and they had six children born in Albany when William was baptised on Nov. 3, 1700. The name was also written Radclief, Radcliff, Ratecliffe, Rattelief, Redlif and Redliff.


Jacob Adriaensen, probably came from Hilversum, North Holland, arriving on the "Arms of Rennselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644; went to Rensselaerswyck, where he leased land opposite Mill kill, seeded by him in 1648. The surname was given to him after his arrival, being a wheelwright.


Willem, was a resident of Albany, where he married (first) Catrina Janse; (second) Maria Goewey, and had (baptised) in Albany: Cornelis, Sept. 16, 1685; Benjamin, Feb. 7, 1694; Hendrick, Feb. 16, 1696; Willem, Oct. 31, 1703; was residing in Claverack in 1720. Andries Rees, who resided at Albany and Claverack, married Ariaantje Andries Scherp, Albany, Jan. 1, 1697, and had children born there.


Edward, was victualler to the militia at Albany; made will Sept. 14, 1702.


Hendrick Janse, came from Munster, Westphalia; made court messenger at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 18, 1651; obtained lease of lot next to Juriaen Teunisen, Feb. 1, 1652; owned property at Lubberde's land (Troy), and died before Feb. 4, 1664.


Gerrit Theusen (or de Reus), arrived on "den Soutberg," April, 1633; was a farmer engaged by the Patroon, on Blommaerts kill, near Albany; appointed "schepen" of the colony, and died before Aug. 4, 1639.


Hendrick, resided in Albany, where his son, Jonathan, was born, June 30, 1689.


Jan, came from Houten, near Utrecht, sailing on "den Waterhondt" from the Texel, June, 1640; began service as farmer at Rensselaerswyck, Sept. 4, 1640; leased Bethlehem Island, immediately south of Albany, March 17, 1650, succeeding Ryckert Rutgersen; died in 1665.


Barent, a smith, bought lot in Beverwyck in 1657, and lived there until death, 1682, which year he conveyed lot on State St., Albany, to his son-in-law, Joachim Staats.


Daniel, was born in Pomerania, Prussia; was in Beverwyck as early as 1653, when he owned house on south corner Broadway and Exchange St.; died in 1662, aged 32, and left his house and all property to his brother, Jan, a baker, also living there.


William, was probably in Albany before 1700, as a soldier in Capt. James Weems' company; married Mary Johnson, of Boston, July 3, 1706.


Jan, son of Anneke Jans by her first husband, Roeloff Jansen, came from Holland on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), with his parents, arriving at New Amsterdam, May 24, 1630, having lived previously at Marstrand, on coast of Sweden. See Jansen and Bogardus.


Frans; see Roos.


Adam, schoolmaster at Beverwyck in 1639, afterwards in New Amsterdam. Name same as Rolandson.


Antoine, said to have been born "tot Vienne," was probably in Albany before 1700, marrying Heyltje Dekker there, Feb. 8, 1707.


Johannes, son of Gerrit Janse Roos, had a wife named Cornelia, and he died at Albany in 1695; their children baptised there: Catrina, Oct. 7, 1683; Cornelia, May 6, 1688; Jacobus (or James), March 29, 1689. Possibly same family as of Frans Roeso, or Rousseau, who was born in Flanders, resided in Albany, and married Maria Palsin, Apr. 11, 1758. Isaac Rosa married Marytje Van Vranken. Albany, Nov. 22, 1763. Jan Rosie was an early settler in Albany, and was buried there in 1709.


Jan; see Roos.


Hendrick Janse, a trader, "voorlezer" and sexton, has suit in court against an "interloping grave-digger of the Lutheran church" in 1674; owned house on northeast corner of No. Pearl and Columbia sts., through which land the stockades passed in 1677, hence the opening called "Roseboom's Gate"; married Gysbertje Lansing, and their son, Johannes, was a trader, marrying Gerritje Coster, Albany, Nov. 18, 1688.


Frans, see Roos.


Jonathan, born in London, Eng., came to Albany, where he married Johanna Van Curler, Nov. 17, 1707, and died there, Sept. 16, 1722; their child, Robert, baptised at Albany, Oct. 30, 1709.


Rijck (Richard), arrived at New Amsterdam on "het Wapen van Noorwegen," Aug. 4, 1638; recorded as farm laborer at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 16, 1638, and leased Bethlehem Is., south of Albany, Nov. 29, 1648. Rutger Jacobsen and Teunis Jacobsen, brothers, came from Schoenderwoert and settled early in Beverwyck, each originating distinct families at different localities. The former's descendants were known as Rutgers, settling in and near New York city. The latter's family became known as Van Schoenderwoert, or simply as Van Woert, settling in Albany county. Rutger Jacobsen, also known as Rut Van Woert, was a man of influence and wealth, serving long as magistrate in Beverwyck; owned a sloop; dealt in lots; owned in part both Mohicander's and Constapel Islands; bought Jacob Janse Van Noorstrant's brewery on north side of Beaver st., Albany, in 1654; died in 1665; married Tryntje Janse Van Breestede, New Amsterdam, June 3, 1646, and their son, Harmen Rutgers, born at Beverwyck, soon after his father's arrival, was a brewer, still living there in 1720. Antony Rutgers, son of the latter, was a baker, admitted freeman in New York, 1699; married Hendrickje Vandewater, New York, Dec. 30, 1694. Hermanus Rutgers (second son of latter, Harmen), was a brewer, admitted freeman, New York, 1696; married Catharina Myer, New York, Dec. 25, 1706.


Gerrit Janse, had a child, Louys (or Lewis), baptised at Albany, June 22, 1690.


Harmen Janse, was a resident of Albany, 1666-1677. Jan Janse Ryckmann resided in Beverwyck, where he died before 1663, when his widow, Tryntje Janse, married Eldert Gerbertse Cruyff; had a son, Capt. Albert Janse Ryckmann, born before 1663 at Beverwyck, a brewer, residing near southwest cor. Broadway and Hudson ave., formerly owned by Pieter Bronck, and was appointed 9th Mayor of Albany, 1702-1703; buried at Albany, Jan. 12, 1737. His son, Pieter, was a tailor, married Cornelia Keteltas, New York, May 6, 1696, and his will proved Oct. 21, 1749.


Gerrit, probably the son of Reyer Elbertse of Beverwyck, had children baptised in Albany — Wouter, Aug. 12, 1683; Barent, Oct. 14, 1683; Goosen, March 7, 1686; Barent, June 4, 1688.


Pieter, was a clerk and court messenger at Beverwyck, 1654-55.

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