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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors S

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xxxi-xxxiii of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Thomas, was a smith in Amsterdam, Holland, before which time he was a member of the Alexander family living in Scotland, the name thereafter being contracted to Xander, or Sander, and according to the usual transmutation, his children would be known as Sanderse, Sanders or Sandersen, the latter Sanderson when Anglicized. He was living in New Amsterdam when he married Sara Cornelise Van Gorcum there, Sept. 16, 1640, who died in Albany, December, 1669. He received a patent from Gov. Kieft for house and 25 morgens of land on Manhattan; located in Rensselaerswyck about July 13, 1650, on the court granting permission to settle there. His oldest son, Robert, was baptised, New Amsterdam, Nov. 10, 1641, was a smith in 1667; merchant in 1692; settled in Albany in 1665; married Elsie Barentse, had four daughters and one son, Barent, who married Maria Wendell, Albany, Sept. 19, 1704, and they had a son, Robert, born at Albany, July 11, 1705, a merchant, appointed 23rd Mayor of Albany by Gov. Geo. Clinton, serving 1750-1754. This family was for two and a half centuries thereafter, 1650, prominent in Albany and Schenectady.


Dominie Gideon, engaged on May 8, 1652, as the second minister of the Dutch church at Rensselaerswyck at annual salary of 800 florins, evidently beginning his officiate July 24, 1652, and continued as pastor until death, Feb. 27, 1694, aged 82 years; was assisted in old age by Dominie Dellius, beginning in 1683; his oldest son, Reynier, a "chyrurgion," early settler in Schenectady, where he was appointed justice of peace by Leisler, 1689; and married Catrina Bensing, or Bensen. The name sometimes and as properly spelled Schaats.


Christiaen, lived in Albany about 1700; married Catharina Van Buren, Nov. 8, 1719. Same name as Schawns, Schauns, T'Jaans or Jones.


Andries Hanse, was in Beverwyck as early as 1660; bought farm behind Kinderhook, 1671. The name same as Scherp and Sharp.


Jacob Janse, was born in 1622, it is said in Waterland, Holland, and came to New Amsterdam from Hoorn, Province of North Holland; was in Rensselaerswyck in 1650, perhaps as early as 1648, yet Prof. Pearson states he was a brewer and trader at Beverwyck in 1636, and died soon after making will, May 20, 1688. He married Jannetje Seegers (van Voorhoudt) and had nine children, of whom Reyer Jacobse, the eldest, born in Beverwyck in 1652, settled in Schenectady, marrying Ariaantje Bratt of Albany, in 1676; and the second son, Symon Jacobse, born in 1658, made the heroic horseback ride to Albany the bitterly cold night of Feb. 8, 1690, to announce the massacre of Schenectady.


Andries Hanse — See Sharp and Scharp.


Jan Willemse, was a farmer at Rensselaerswyck in 1660.


Jan Barentse, came from Edam, Holland, was at Rensselaerswvck in 1636; still there in 1665. Harmen Schoonmaker owned house at Albany in 1676.


Gerrit Jacobse, was in Albany and later in Kinderhook; marrying Lysbeth Arnoutse (or Arnold) Viele, June 17, 1693.


—————, removed to Niskayuna and had (bap.) Jurriaen, March 23, 1684; Jan, Apr. 18, 1686; Jacob, March 2, 1690. Same as Schoute and Shuter.


Willem Janes, was in Beverwyck, 1657-68, a tailor, alias Dommelaer. Same as Schuldt. Jan Willemsen Schut was a carpenter at Rensselaerswyck in 1646.


David and Philip, two brothers, sons of Pieter Schuyler, came from Amsterdam, Holland, and settled at Rensselaerswyck in 1650. David Pieterse married Catalyn Verplanck at New Amsterdam, Oct. 13, 1657, and resided in Rensselaerswyck on the south corner of Broadway and Steuben street. Nov. 29, 1692. Col. Philip Pieterse was a trader; married Margarita Van Slechtenhorst, Dec. 12, 1650, and had his bouwerie in Watervliet, four miles north of Albany, known as "the Flatts," which he purchased in 1672. The name was written "van Schuyler" or "van Schuijler" when first in this country, as coming from place of that title in Holland, — the Dutch word "schuil" signifying a place of shelter, and some of the early records at Rensselaerswyck show the spelling "Scheuler" and "Scheuller," which is close to the German word "schuler," a scholar or learned man.


Janse, came from Nykerck, Holland, on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), in 1630, and was a farm laborer at Rensselaerswyck.


Cornelis, came to Rensselaerswyck in 1642, and succeeded Van der Donck on his Welysburgh farm on Castle Is.; married Bregje Jacobsen, and had five of his six children living when he died in 1663; was known as Cornelis Segerse van Voorhoudt.


Zacharias, in employ of Dutch West India Co., as corporal, first at Curacoa [Curaçao?], then from 1656-59, at Fort Orange: was town-herder, 1670-72, and 1681-83; "rattelwatch," 1689; had five or more children born in Albany, and removed to New Amsterdam in 1693. Same name as Zikkels and Zichelson.


Willem Janse, was resident of Albany before 1700, where he was recorded as husband of Neeltje Frederickse, widow of Claas Hendrickse van Schoonhoven, in 1661.


Teunis Cornelise, came from Holland, purchased tract of 9,874 acres along the Onisquethau creek in New Scotland township in 1658, where he erected mills; married (1st) Engeltje Albertse Bratt; (2nd) Geertje Fonda (widow of Jan Bikker), Apr. 9, 1684.


Lucas (Smitt or Smits), came from Johannisburg, in East Prussia, arriving on "den Coninck David" (?), at New Amsterdam, Nov. 29, 1641, when he entered the service of Dominie Bogardus; came to Rensselaerswyck Aug. 13, 1642, from when until May 1, 1644, employed at the Patroon's house; from when until Apr. 13, 1646, farm laborer and as a clerk on de Vlackte farm. Ren Janse Smit was in New Amsterdam, 1643-51; in Beverwyck, 1655-60; in Waleboght, 1663-85, owning a house in each place; married Jannetje Joris Rapailie.


Captain, was charged with board at Director Van Slechtenhorst's house, Rensselaerswyck, beginning June 27, 1651, and the latter on being in New Amsterdam then, he appears to have managed the colony in conjunction with Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer.


Pieter and Jacob Adriaense, settled early in Beverwyck with their mother (Anna Pietersen Soegemakelyk), where both were innkeepers. Pieter bought a bouwerie in Schenectady in 1664, and his son, Captain Pieter, was skipper of a yacht named "The Unity" plying between Albany and New York, who bought a lot and garden at Lubberde'sland (Troy) in 1669.


Reyer Cornelise, a miller; hired horse-mill from Arent Van Curler at Beverwyck in 1660.


Cornelis, sailed on "den Waterhondt," June, 1640, from the Texel, Holland, and did copying at Rensselaerswyck for Arent Van Curler.


Teunis Cornelise (also written Spitsenberg, Spitsenberch, Spitsenbergh, Spitsenbergen, Spitsbergh, Spitsberghen and Van Spitsbergen), came early from Holland to Beverwyck, renting a mill on the 5th creek with Barent Pieterse Coeymans, Dec. 14, 1654; authorized to build a mill on same, Aug. 3, 1656; member of Rensselaerswyck court in 1658, 1660, 1661 and 1664. See Van der Poel, being same family.


Jan (alias Wybesse), resided a time at Beverwyck, and (as Jan Wybesse Van Harlingen) bought 16 morgens of land on Catskill creek; removing to Niskayuna, where he bought land in 1698; married Annatje Maria Hanse, and their son, Johannes, lived in Kinderhook, joining the Albany church in 1700, and married Maria Singer.


Caspar, a miller early in Albany, residing in Schenectady in 1707; his fourth child, Simon, baptised in Albany, June 19, 1709.


Maj. Abraham (Staas, Staes, Staet), came from Amsterdam, arriving on "den Houttuyn," at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1642; surgeon, aged 24 on arrival; located at Rensselaerswyck under contract with the Patroon made Feb. 1, 1642, coming in company with Dominie Megapolensis; member of the council, 1643; its president, 1644; also a trader, sending 4,200 beaver-skins to New Amsterdam in 1657; owned a large bouwerie; after 1658, was styled "Captain," as commander of sloop "Claverack," which he owned and operated between Albany and New York up to 1684; married Catrina Jochemse, daughter of Jochem Wesselse.


Gerrit and Claas Janse, came to Albany about 1672, the former dying about 1676, and the latter returned to New York in 1686.


Cornelis Cornelise, owned a house in Beverwyck, 1657-60.


Abraham, arrived at New Amsterdam on "het Wapen van Noorwegen," Aug. 4, 1638; recorded as farm laborer at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 14th, and leased the Valeije farm, Feb. 3, 1650.


Jacob Janse, signed himself Jacob Jansen Hap; also Stoll; first recorded at Rensselaerswyck in 1645, according to the V. R.-Bowier Documents; but Prof. Pearson states he was there in 1630; was skipper of sailing vessel between there and New York in 1649; succeeded Hendrick Albertsen as ferrymaster about that time; bought land at and removed to Esopus, 1657-8. Willem Janse Stoll, probably a brother, was a cooper, leasing a lot in Rensselaerswyck, May 20, 1650, which he sold to Arent Vandenbergh in 1661, which year he removed to Esopus, when he was known on records as husband of widow of Claas Hendrickse van Utrecht.


Robert, a trader at Albany in 1676; bought house at north corner of Maiden Lane and North Pearl st.


Gabriel Tomase, hired himself as breadbaker to Thomas Powel at Beverwyck in 1662; leased Jochem Ketelhuyn's house there, 1665; bought Jan Clute's house, 1670; master of sloop "Hopewell," 1684; removed to New York, about 1690, where was innkeeper. Same name as Strudles.


Jan (or Stewart), bought a lot on the hill at Albany, in 1670, of John Conell, which his administrators sold to Laurens Van Alen in 1675.


Teunis Pieterse, married Margariet Lawrense, and they had child, Pieter, baptised at Albany, Jan. 28, 1694.


Gerard (on some Rensselaerswyck records as "Gerrit"), contracted to be "schout," or prosecuting officer of Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 24, 1652, succeeding Brant Van Slechtenhorst, July 24, 1652, serving until 1665, when the courts of Rensselaerswyck and Albany were consolidated, and he became sheriff of Albany county. Gerrit Swart appears to have been made schoolmaster, 1676; also owned property at Lubbarde'sland (Troy), and a lot on upper Broadway, Albany; married Anthonia Ryswyck, and made joint will in 1661. Cornelis Swart, resident of Schenectady, was eldest son of Teunis Cornelise Swart and Elizabeth Van der Linde, and was born in 1652, lived in Ulster county in 1715. Esias Teunise Swart resided in Schenectady and married Eva Teunis Van Woert. Adam Antonisse Swart was living in Schenectady in 1690; at Kinderhook in 1706; married Metie Willemse Van Slyck of Albany, Jan. 15, 1690.


Roeloff, a freeholder of Beverwyck until 1660, when made sheriff of Esopus: married Eva Albertse Pratt of Albany, widow of Antony de Hooges of Beverwyck.


Isaac Cornelise, removed to Schenectady and married Susanna Groot, and their child, Isaac, baptised July 28, 1691.


Willem, employed by Volckert Janse Douw at Beverwyck in 1659. Pieter Symonse was a tobacco-planter at Beverwyck in 1661. The name same as Simonson.

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