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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors H

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xxii-xxiii of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Caspar Jacobse, was in Beverwyck in 1654, and died there about August, 1703, leaving sons Isaac and Jan.


Capt. "Hans" (Johannes), came to Beverwyck as trader; married Eva Gillise there, Apr. 26, 1643; resided on east side Broadway, not far south of Maiden Lane, and was dead in 1697; his son, Hendrick, married Debora Van Dam at Beverwyck, Sept. 21, 1692, and was Mayor of Albany, 1698-99. Volckert Hansen (or Jansen), see Douw, as he was later called.


Gerrit Janse (Herttenberch), was in Beverwyck as early as 1677, and in 1690 owned a sloop, "Royal Albany."


Frank, resided at Claverack; married Catrine Jansen Van Hoesen, and their daughter, Gertrude, was baptised Jan. 17. 1692.


Robert, arrived on "Arms of Rensselaerswyck" at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637, and his account in Rensselaerswyck began Apr. 17, 1637; employed by Gerrit de Reux in splitting wood, thatching and grinding. Marten Harmensen was in Rensselaerswvck as early as Jan. 12, 1651; possibly the same as Marten de Metselaer, or a mason, as early as May 25, 1647.


Jan, born in England; married Lysbet Claese, and their first child, Maria, was baptised at Beverwyck, Nov. 22, 1685, as were many others of their children.


Pieter (Hartgerts, Hartgars, Hartgras, Hertgers), recorded at Rensselaerswyck Nov. 1, 1644; had a brewery in 1646; joint lessee of Papscanee Island, near Albany, 1653; was a magistrate; married Sytje Roeloffse, daughter of Anneke Jans.


Takel Dirckse (van Heemstraaten), had a son, Dirck Takelse, of Half-Moon, north of Albany, who married Claartje Quackenbos, Albany, Nov. 3, 1700.


Jan (Helms, Helmsen, Helmessen, Helmichsen), came from Barlt, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, arriving on "den Houttuyn," at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1642, drew wages at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 13, 1642; rented farm at Bethlehem, Albany co., 1650-58.


Andries, born at Otmars, in Twent; resided in Kinderhook, and made will Jan. 5, 1681. Dirck Hendricksen came from Hilversum, North Holland, arriving on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644; also known as Dirck Goijer, or Goyer; went to Rensselaerswyck as farm laborer, and removed to Catskill in 1652. Gerrit Hendricksen came from Nykerck, Gelderland, sailing on "den Calmer Sleutel" from the Texel, December, 1637; aged 15 then; shoemaker; recorded at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 2, 1641. Hendrick Hendricksen (van Harstenhorst) was a baker at Beverwyck in 1656, and was dead Sept. 23, 1662. Marten Hendricksen came from Hamelwoerden, Hanover, on "den Harinck" ("The Herring"), arriving at New Amsterdam, July 7, 1639; recorded at Rensselaerswyck, Aug. 14, 1639, as farm hand under Michiel Jans, and had interest in brewery at Greenbush with Evert Pels, in 1651; may be same as Marten Hendrickse Verbeeck. Pieter Hendricksen came on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), in 1630, from Soest, either in Province of Utrecht or in Westphalia; engaged in that year as shepherd or plowboy, to serve four years. Rutger Hendricksen came from same place at same time, was a farmer on Castle Island, south of Albany city; appointed schout in 1632; but did not qualify. Robbert Hendricksen sailed on "The Unity" from the Texel, May, 1634, engaged in furnishing stockade posts for the farm on Castle Island.


Symon Jans, came from Munnickendam, sailing on "het Wapen van Noorwegen," arriving at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1638; in Rensselaerswyck in 1639.


Dirck, was in Albany in 1666, subsequently in Schenectady, where he bought a bouwerie in 1671 from Juriaen Teunise Tappen, which he sold next year to Harmen Vedder, and bought land at Lubberde's land, or Troy, N. Y.


Jacob, born in Mecklenburg; was employed on de Vlackte farm beginning with 1646; rented house and garden opposite Castle Island, March 3, 1649-1655, and in company with Reyndert Pieterse bought Pieter Bronck's house, lot and brewery in 1666. The name was also spelled "Hevingh."


Thomas (Higgens, Higges, Heggens, alias Compeer), worked on de Vlackte farm at Rensselaerswyck in 1647, in employ of Thomas Chambers; removed to Catskill about 1650.


Willem (or Hilton), married Anna Berkhoven at Beverwyck, Apr. 6, 1693. The progenitor of the Hilton family in America was probably Edward Hilton, who left Durham. Eng., settling at Dover, N. H., 1623.


Marten, was a saddler from Revel; married a second wife, Emmerentje De Witte, of Emberland, in New Amsterdam, May 16, 1664, although resident of Beverwyck, 1662-76.


Willem, was fined 500 guilders in 1656 for transporting beer from New Amsterdam to Beverwyck and selling it to Indians; had to remove to latter place in 1657.


Capt. Henry, was probably in Albany before 1700, for he married Jenny Sehly, and their child, Mary, was baptised there, Feb. 9, 1701, he residing on west corner of Broadway and Beaver st., 1713-17, and commanding the garrison at Albany in 1732. His son, Edward, was 18th Mayor of Albany, Oct. 24, 1733-Oct. 30, 1740, appointed by Gov. Crosby.


Willem (or Hunt), was born in London, Eng.; married Gertrude Gerritse Van Schoonhoven at Albany, Oct. 27, 1700, and their four children were born there.


Daniel, came to Beverwyck from New Amsterdam as a trader, living there 1661-73.


Cornelis Pieterse, a tile and brick-baker, came to New Amsterdam in 1656; had a son living in Beverwyck in 1657, and went there himself in 1660.


Lucas Lucase, married at Beverwyck (first) Hendrickje Janse, Feb. 10, 1686; (second) Judik Marselis, at Albany, Nov. 23, 1692.


Matthys, was in Beverwyck in 1676, then aged 32 years; died there in 1706, and his son, Coenraad, married Tryntje Willemse Van Slyck there, in 1688.


Harmen Tomase, was the son of Tomas Hun, and came to Beverwyck, from Amersfoort, Holland, in 1661; married at Beverwyck, in 1661, Catalyntje Berck (or Bercx) who was born in 1625, and died at Albany, April 14, 1693, while he was living there as late as 1703. Their son, Thomas Harmense, was born at Albany, Oct. 2, 1668, and married Mayeke Oothout, Albany, Nov. 20, 1692. They had four children, born in Albany up to June 9, 1700, hence three generations at Albany previous to year 1700.


Willem, same as Willem Hond.


Adriaen, arrived on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637, and is credited in Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 8, 1637; worked for Cornelis Teunise; rented farm from Rutger Jacobs, on 5th creek, in 1652. Jan Huybertsen arrived on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644, and was a tailor at Rensselaerswyck.


Andries Hanse (or Huyk or Huygh), resided in Kinderhook before 1700, probably previously at Albany, as in his old age he made his will, Aug. 23, 1705; his second son, Lambert, resided in Albany, where he married Anna Ratcliffe (Radcliff), Aug. 28, 1707.

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