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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors P

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xxviii-xxix of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]


Adriaen Gerritse, was in Rensselaerswyck, probably in 1634; magistrate; married Jannetje Croon; will made, Oct. 7, 1688.


Sergt. William, owned lot on the hill at Albany, which he sold to Dirck Albertse Bradt (or Bratt) and Ryck Claese (Van Vranken) in 1671.


Matthys, also known as Puis, was in Kingston, 1701; came to Albany; married Tanna Winne there, Nov. 1, 1701; child, Adam, baptised there, Jan. 13, 1706; removed to Kinderhook that year.


Frans Barentse, a brewer, one of Beverwyck's magistrates in 1654.


Juriaen (Pouwelsen, Powell, Pauwesen, Poulisen and Poulis), came from Sleswyck, or Schleswig, arriving on "den Houttuyn," at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1642, and recorded in Rensselaerswyck as farm hand (boy), Aug. 13, 1642; was servant of Michiel Jansen, July, 1644.


Nehemiah, bought house on the hill at Albany, from Evert Janse Wendell, in 1675, and sold it to Samuel Holman, in 1676. The name allied with Parse, Parson, Peersen and Pierson.


Jan (also written Peeck), innkeeper of New Amsterdam; removed to Beverwyck where he sold two houses to Johannes Dyckman in 1655; Peekskill creek takes name from him, as owner of land there; married Maria Volchers (widow of Cornelis Volckertse), in New Amsterdam, Feb. 20, 1650; their son, Jacobus (or James), was born in New Amsterdam, Jan. 16, 1656, and had a son, Ludovicus, born in Schenectady, baptised July 14, 1686; hence three generations in the colony previous to 1700.


Brant (also written Brandt), came from Nykerck, sailing on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), arriving at New Amsterdam, May 24, 1630; engaged by Patroon Van Rensselaer as a farmer for four years, at 110 florins per annum, and in 1632 was appointed "schepen"; had a farm on Castle Island; married (first) Lubbertje Wouters; (second) Maritje Pieters, the widow of Claes Sybrantsen, and died before May 1, 1644. His descendants known by name of Brandt.


Wilhelm, married Lysbeth Sickell, and had child, Maria, baptised at Albany, March 1, 1693.


Evert, came from Stettin, Pomerania, arriving on "den Houttuyn," at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1642, with wife and servants; engaged by Patroon Van Rensselaer to be brewer at Rensselaerswyck; leased farm on Papscanee Island, Feb. 28, 1647; but after erecting house, turned property over, March 25, 1649, having on the 18th leased a farm on Mill Creek in Greenbush (Rensselaer), New York; owned a sloop, sending 2,100 beaverskins to New Amsterdam in 1657; removed to Esopus in 1661; his son, Evert Evertse, married Brechtje Elswaerts, New Amsterdam, Aug. 13, 1670, and their son, Evert Evertsen, married Grietje Van Deusen. New Amsterdam, Sept. 29, 1695; hence three generations in the colony before 1700.


James, bought a lot at Albany from John Cornell (Johannes Cornelis), which he sold to Andries Teller in 1677.


This family name the same as Peterson, Pieters, Peters, and Pieterse. Adriaen Pietersen came from Alkmaar, North Holland province; leased house north of Fort Orange in 1651. Arent Pietersen arrived at New Amsterdam on the "Arms of Rennselaerswyck," March 4, 1637, and appears on records at Rensselaerswyck as "Arent Pietersz Jongen" (the boy), began service in charge of the granary there, Apr. 3, 1637. Carsten Pietersen came to Rensselaerswyck before 1646. Jacob Pietersen came from Utrecht on the "Arms of Rennselaerswyck," arriving at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637; also recorded at Rensselaerswyck as "Jacob Pieterse van Uijtrecht, alias Veeltje," and as "Jacob Pieterse Veeltje"; engaged there under date Apr. 8, 1637, serving under Brant Peelen on his farm on Castle Island; left the colony before Nov. 16, 1644. Meyer Pietersen was a carpenter at Beverwyck; married Elsie Hendrickse at New Amsterdam, July 6, 1642; bought house at Beverwyck in 1654; died in 1676. Ryndert Pietersen bought Pieter Bronck's brewery at Beverwyck in 1662; died in 1673. Thys Pietersen recorded as being in Rensselaerswyck July 31, 1649.


Bartholomeus, came to Albany from Leicestershire, Eng., married Aagje Claase, of Schenectady, Nov. 12, 1698. Name similar to Picard.


Jacob Albertse, came from Edam, Province of North Holland, sailing on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), May, 1634, bound as the "schout" and agent of the Rensselaerswyck colony by contract of March 4, 1634, with Patroon Kiliaen Van Rensselaer at Amsterdam, and although the second person appointed "schout," was probably the first to take the oath and hold court. The name was also written "Plank," and appears as "Verplanck."


Pieter, was probably in Albany before 1700; married Aeltje Pels there, and their child, Catharina, baptised there, Jan. 25, 1708.


(or Poentje) Alias for Teunis Cornelis Van Vechten.


Victor. removed from Albany to Schenectady, where he married Grietje Mebie, Dec. 13, 1706. Changed later to Putnam and Putman.


Jan, also written Poeij, arrived in New Amsterdam on "den Houttuyn," Aug. 4, 1642, and was sailor of the colony's yacht, "Rensselaerswyck."


Henri, born in England, came to Albany, where he married Antje Hoogeboom, Sept. 10, 1695, and had child, Catrine, born there, baptised Jan. 12, 1697.


Symon Janse, came to Albany, where he married Jannetje Paulusse, Feb. 11, 1685; their children baptised there: Jan, Nov. 14, 1682; Jan, Jan. 8, 1688; Maritje, Aug. 10, 1690. Elias Post came from Amsterdam, marrying Catalyntje Coninck of Albany, May 6, 1671, in New York City.


Thomas, was sergeant of Dutch West India Co.'s service in Brazil, 1641-1653; came to Beverwyck, 1657, where he owned land, residing there until he died in 1671. Same name as Paulussen; being derived from "son of Paul."


Richard, was collector of the excise at Albany in 1677, and sheriff, 1678-90; owned lot at west corner Pearl and State sts., Albany, which he sold to wife of Capt. Silvester Salisbury, 1673.


Johannes, was clerk at Fort Orange under Johannes De La Montague; notary public there, 1656 to Nov., 1664, when he became secretary of Albany, until August, 1665, and from October, 1673 to August, 1675; sheriff, 1678; died 1696. Also spelled Prevoost and Prevost.


Johannes Pruyn, came from Amsterdam, Holland, and was enrolled as a burgher of New Amsterdam, Apr. 18, 1657; his son, Frans Janse Pruyn, removed to Albany as early as 1665, and was a tailor.


Matthys; see Pars.

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