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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Historical Appendix: Progenitors V

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. xxxv-xlii of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Van Aecken

Jan Coster, was a trader in Beverwyck, 1654-72, dealing in houses and lots; married Elsie Jansen.

Van Alen

Lourens, resided in Rensselaerswyck, on east side of Pearl, between Maiden Lane and Steuben st., possibly as early as 1630, and had two sons, Pieter and Lourens. Pieter was a trader and tailor in Beverwyck, 1658-74; also owned a bouwerie in Kinderhook, some time before January, 1674, when he died; married Maria Teller, and their son, Willem, married Maritje Van Petten, Nov. 4, 1694. Lourens Van Alen resided in Kinderhook, 1673-99; but in 1677 owned a lot on west side of Broadway, between Maiden Lane and Steuben st., Albany; justice of peace, 1703: and married Elbertje Evertsen. Lourens equivalent to Laurence, and some of the descendants preferred the spelling Van Allen.

Van Alstyne

Isaac Janse, resided in Albany a time, but removed to Kinderhook, marrying (1st) Maritje Abberdje Vosburgh, Oct. 20, 1689; (2nd) Jannetje Jochemse Van Valkenburgh, Feb. 10, 1689. Abraham Janse Van Alstyne resided in Kinderhook and married Maritje Van Deusen, Jan. 17, 1694. Lambert Janse Van Alstyne lived in Kinderhook, and married Jannetje Mingael, dying Oct. 16, 1703. Marten (or Martin) Janse Van Alstyne married (1st) Jannetje Cornelise, (2nd) Cornelia Van den Bergh, Nov. 10, 1705. The name was then also spelled Van Alsteyn and Van Alstine. Their descendants by the name remained there to present time.

Van Antwerp

Daniel Janse, was born in 1635, and came from Antwerp, settling in Beverwyck between 1656-1661, shortly thereafter buying the "Third Flatt" on the south side of the Mohawk, some eight miles above Schenectady, owning also a house on the east side of Church street, there; married Maritje Groot, of that place; possibly their first two children were baptised in Albany, — Neeltje, July 27, 1690, and Rebecca, Dec. 25, 1692. The name was then more commonly written Van Antwerpen.

Van Arnhem

Jan Janse, resided in Albany, marrying Hester Fonda, Oct. 14, 1696, and died, Albany, Apr. 1, 1708.

Van Baal

Jan Hendrickse, was a trader in Beverwyck, 1661-78; with house in that village and land on the Normanskill.

Van Benthuysen

Paulus Martense, settled early in Beverwyck, owning much property, including southeast corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, which he sold to Harmen Gansevoort in 1677; had sons, — Balthus (or Baltus), Barent, and Marten, the latter removing to Schenectady.

Van Bergen

Capt. Marten Gerritse, had lease of Castle Island, immediately south of Albany, in 1668, which was named Marten Gerritsen's Island: residing in 1690, on west side of river, opp. this island; bought 69 morgens of land at Coxsackie, 1699; magistrate, 1673-85: captain of foot, 1685; married (1st) Jannetje Martense; (2nd) Neeltje Myndertse, Jan. 21, 1686.

Van Boeckhoven

Claas Janse, owned land on the Vossen kill, Beverwyck (Canal and Columbia sts., Albany) in 1662; bought land in Niskayuna in 1672; married (1st) Volckertje Jansen; (2nd) Catalyntje De Vos, and died about 1712.

Van Bommel

Harmen Janse, lived at Albany, where his son, Lourens, was baptised, Jan. 1, 1686, and Cornelis, in 1688.

Van Brakel

Gerrit Gysbertse, married (1st) Reyntje Stephens; (2nd) Elisabeth Janse (widow of Jan Van Eps), Albany, July 23, 1693; several children born in Albany, and then removed to Schenectady.

Van Bremen

Jan Dirckse, was in Beverwyck, 1655-62, contracting in the latter year to deliver 400 logs to Frans Pieterse Clau on the Flodder's kill in Columbia county.

Van Breuckelen

Cornelis Teunise, was in Beverwyck, 1631-62. Same name as Van Brakel.

Van Broeckhuysen

Maurits Janse, was a young relative of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, the first Patroon, arriving on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637, and was authorized, May 12, 1639, to establish a farm on de Laets Burg, opp. Albany; returned to Holland just previous to Feb. 12, 1642.

Van Brugh

Johannes Pieterse, was born in 1624; came from Harlem, Holland, and was a fur trader in both Rensselaerswyck and New Amsterdam, before 1657; married Catrina Roeloffse (daughter of Anneke Jans, and widow of Lucas Rodenburgh), at New Amsterdam, March 29, 1658, and their son, Capt. Pieter, was 6th Mayor of Albany, 1699-1700, and 1720-1723; who married Sara Cuyler, daughter of the progenitor, at New York, Nov. 2, 1688. Name also written then Verbrugge and Verbruggen.

Van Buren

Cornelis Maas, came from Holland on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," and had a farm on Papscanee Island; he and wife died in 1648, leaving five children, living in 1662.

Van Coppernoll

Claas Willemse, resided a time in Albany; but removed to Schenectady and married a Mohawk Indian woman, they contracting to serve Jan Conell on his Catskill farm for 42 beavers a year, in 1672; their son, Willem, born in Albany, baptised May 22, 1691; others born in Schenectady.

Van Corlaer

Benoni (or Bennony), a glazier and master of sloop "Endeavor," 1684; married Elisabeth Van der Poel (widow of Sybrant Van Schaick), Albany, June 2, 1686, and died in 1704.

Van Curler

Arent, came from Nykerck, Gelderland, Holland, sailing on "den Calmer Sleitel," from the Texel, December, 1637, when 18 years old; commissioned secretary and bookkeeper of Rensselaerswyck, May 12, 1639, holding the office of "Commis" from 1642 to 1644; took oath as "Gecommitteerde," Jan. 5, 1651; became one of the leaders undertaking the settlement of Schenectady, making his application to Director Stuyvesant to settle upon the "Great Flat," by letter of June 18, 1661, and was drowned in Lake Champlain in 1667. He married Anthonia Slaghboom (widow of Jonas Bronck) about 1643; but left no issue. The spelling "Van Corler" is also proper, and it has been written "Van Corlaer."

Van Covelens

Jacob Joosten (van der Coulen), owned a house in Beverwyck which he sold to Jan Dareth for 570 guilders in 1657, and was living near southwest cor. of Broadway and Hudson ave., in 1699; married Adriaantje Van Velpen.

Van Dam

Claas Ripse, a carpenter at Beverwyck, 1657-93, residing on Bergh (Chapel) st.; married Maria Bords, and had son, Rip, born there about 1660; removed to New York about 1684, where he was merchant and became president of Provincial Council, and a daughter, Debora, who married Hendrick Hansen, Mayor of Albany.

Van Den Berg

Gysbert Cornelise Berch (alias "van den Berg") came from Breuckelen, near Utrecht, was employed on the Hoogeberch farm, hence commonly called "van den Hoogenberch," or "van den Berch" charged at Rensselaerswyck with rentals beginning in 1648. Arent Van den Bergh (or Van den Bergh) was a corporal in Dutch West India Co. service at Fort Orange, 1654, and still residing in Albany in 1666. Claas Cornelis Van den Bergh was in Beverwyck, 1660-65. Gysbert Van den Bergh was in Beverwyck, 1660-67, buying property north of Bethlehem. Gerrit Van den Bergh was in Beverwyck in 1663, as a worker on Jan Barentse Wemp's farm.

Van Den Uythoff

Wouter Albertse, a baker, was at Beverwyck in 1657, when he owned a house near southeast corner Broadway and State st.

Van Der Baast

Joris Aertse, a surveyor employed in Beverwyck, removed to Schenectady and was killed in the Indian massacre there, Feb. 8, 1690.

Van Der Bilt

Adriaen Teunis, came from the village of de Bilt, near Utrecht, sailing from the Texel on "den Waterhondt," June, 1640; recorded at Rensselaerswyck, Sept. 24, 1640, as a farm person in employ of Symon Walichs. Symon Walichs van Bilt (or Symon Walichs van der Bilt), also known as Symon Walingen, came from Wijngaerden, district of "het Bildt," Friesland, on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," arriving at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637; recorded at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 17, 1637; occupied farm on Papscanee Is., until May 1, 1647; killed by Indians near Paulus Hoek, March, 1649. Adriaen Dirckse Van der Bilt, came from Bildt, Friesland, and had an action in the Rensselaerswyck court, March 24, 1651.

Van Der Bogart

Cornelis, died in Albany about July 10, 1666. Harmen Myndertse Van der Bogart came from Holland on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), in 1631, as a surgeon. Myndert Harmense Van der Bogart was a gunstocker at Albany in 1689; trader in 1692, residing on south side of State street, west of Pearl; removed to site of Poughkeepsie, which big tract he bought with Robert Sanders, and married Helena Schermerhorn.

Van Der Donck

Adriaen, came from Breda, North Brabant province, Holland, sailing from Amsterdam on "den Eyckenboom," arriving at New Amsterdam, August, 1641; commissioned "schout" or officer of justice of Rensselaerswyck, May 13, 1641, before his departure on May 17th; occupied farm on Castle Island, until Jan. 17, 1646; soon after May 3, 1646, established a saw-mill and plantation on the Saegh kill in his own colony, Colendonck, or Yonkers, and died in 1655.

Van Der Heyden

Jan Cornelise, was born at Sevenbergen, Brabant, Holland, was a trader in Beverwyck, 1663; married Aeltje Janse Wemp of Rensselaerswyck. Jacob Tyssen Van der Heyden came to Beverwyck from New Amsterdam in 1654; married Anna Hals, July 25, 1655, and other son, Dirck, purchased a bouwerie of Pieter Van Woggelum at Lubberde'sland (Troy, N. Y.), and married Rachel Jochemse Kettelhuyn, March 9, 1687.

Van Der Hoeven

Jan Cornelise, married Dorothe Jansen, and had seven children born in Albany, the first of whom, Cornelis, was baptised Sept. 16. 1683; removed to Kinderhook.

Van Der Kar

Jan, was probably a resident of Albany before 1700, where he married Magdalena Baart, Sept. 25, 1718, and had several children baptised there. Also spelled Van der Karr, Van der Kerre, and Van de Car.

Van Der Meuten

Hendrick Gerritse, a master tailor at Beverwyck in 1662, when he owned a house on the east side of Broadway, opp. Beaver st.

Van Der Poel

Wynant Gerritse, came from Holland and settled at Beverwyck as early as 1657, the name signifying from the lake or marsh; bought sawmill on east side of the Hudson river, opposite the Schuyler Flatts, the stream since then known as the Wynantskill; married Tryntje Meljers; died in 1699. Teunis Cornelise Van der Poel, alias "Spitsbergen," was a resident of Beverwyck as early as 1660; owned half of Constapel Island; magistrate, 1671; married Catrina Janse Croon; made will June 17, 1687.

Van Der Volgen

Claas Lourentse, alias "van Purmerent," married Maritje Swart at Albany, where their children were baptised, the first, Lysbeth, May 9, 1686; removed to Schenectady.

Van Der Werken

Roeloff Gerritse, came to Albany; but removed to Half-Moon in the Hudson above Cohoes, where he had a farm as early as 1677, also land on Haver Island, at mouth of the Mohawk, 1680; married Geertruy Jacobsen, and had many children.

Van Der Wilge

Johannes, was probably a resident of Albany before 1700, where he married Catryna Heyps, Sept. 6, 1717.

Van Der Zee

Storm, son of Albert Andries Bratt de Noorman, and according to tradition was born on the voyage to America; arrived at Rensselaerswyck in 1630. The family name was evidently Bratt, for in a deed of Storm's son, it reads, — "Wouter Storm Bratt, alias Wouter Van Der Zee." He was a trader, and married Hilletje Lansing.

Van Deusen

Abraham, came from Holland, and his son, Teunis Abrahamse, was in Beverwyck, 1657-1700. Another son, Jacob Abrahamse, was a cooper, in Albany as early as 1677; married Catalyntntje [Catalyntje?] Van Eslant, New Amsterdam, Sept. 23, 1663. Melgert Abrahamse, resident in Albany, and married Engeltje Rutgertse Jacobsen there. Many descendants removed to Kinderhook and Claverack.

Van Doesburgh

Hendrick Andriese, alias Driessen, was in Beverwyck earlier than 1654; married Maritje Damen (widow of Dirck Van Eps) at Albany, and had a daughter, Jannetje, born in 1653.

Van Dorlandt

Jacob Lambertsen, came from Hilversum, arriving on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck" at New Amsterdam, March, 1644; probably same person as Jacob Lambertsen Goyer, or Goijer.

Van Driessen

Dominie Petrus, came to Albany, April, 1712, marrying there, Aug. 26, 1712, Eva Cuyler, daughter of Hendrick Cuyler, the progenitor, and the dominie was buried in the Albany Dutch church, Feb. 3, 1638.

Van Dwingelo

Gertrudy Barentse, was wife of Jacob Hevick, at Beverwyck, in 1663.

Van Dyck

Hendrick, came to Fort Orange from Utrecht in 1645; was an official under Pieter Stuyvesant. His son, Cornelis, qualified as surgeon at Beverwyck, in 1661; married (1st) Elizabeth Lakens; secondly, Elizabeth Beck (widow of Capt. Silvester Salisbury), and after he died, in 1687, she married Capt. George Bradshaw, Oct. 29, 1691.

Van Eeckelen

Jan Janse, resided at Beverwyck, 1657-67; removed to Flushing, where he was a schoolmaster, 1691.

Van Eps

Jan Dirckse, removed from Albany to become one of the earliest settlers of Schenectady, where he bought a house, bouwerie, mill-house, etc., of the late Philip Hendrickse Brouwer, in 1664, and Cornelis Van Nes, his step-father, conveyed to him a house and bouwerie there, in 1667.

Van Gudsenhoven

Jan Bastiaense, was first recorded in Rensselaerswyck as early as Feb. 8, 1652, when he appeared in court to testify and where he owned a house opposite the City Hall, which then stood on northeast corner of Broadway and Hudson ave.; and died there between Apr. 3, 1666, and July 6, 1667. The name is also written Van Gutsenhoven.

Van Guysling

Elias, came from Zealand, arriving on the "Bonte koe"; was at Beverwyck in 1659; removed to Schenectady, where he purchased Bastiaen De Winter's plantation in 1670; married Tryntje Claase; died before Apr. 13, 1695.

Van Hammel

Dirck, succeeded Antony de Hooges as secretary of Rensselaerswyck, October, 1655, serving until his death, July 2, 1660; bought Madam Joanna De Hulter's house for 2,100 guilders; married Sophia Wyckersloot.

Van Hoeck

Arent Isaackse, was master shoemaker at Beverwyck in 1659; had son, Bennony Arentse, who lived in Schenectady, where he married Jaquimina Swart (widow of Pieter Cornelise Viele) and he was killed in the Indian massacre there, Feb. 8, 1690.

Van Hoesen

Jan Frans, came to Beverwyck about 1645; was a helper to Jan Barentse Wemp; assigned a garden between the first and second creeks, Apr. 1, 1650; married Volckertje Juriaens, and their son, Jurriaen Janse, probably came with them; were Lutherans; bought land from Indians at Claverack in 1662. Descendants continued to reside in Albany, Kinderhook, Claverack, Athens, etc. up to 1911.

Van Ilpendam

Adriaen Janse, was teaching school in New Amsterdam in 1645; notary public in Albany, 1669-85; committed suicide by hanging, in 1685.

Van Loon

Jan, came from Luyck, Holland; bought land at Coxsackie, 1684; married Maria Albertse, New York, Feb. 23, 1676; blacksmith at Loonenburgh, 1699; at Coxsackie, 1720. Descendants of name living at Catskill and along the Hudson, in 1910.

Van Loosereght

Jacob Hendrickse, an alias of Maat, which see.

Van Marcken

Jan Gerritse, came on the "St. Jacob"; received patent for lot at Ft. Casimir on the Delaware, 1657; came from New Amsterdam to Beverwyck in 1657, where he was a farmer of the excise; appointed "schout" in Schenectady in 1673; married Geertje Gysbertse Van den Bergh at Beverwyck.

Van Marle

Barent, was a trader in Beverwyck, 1661-64.

Van Neck

Lambert Albertse, was in Beverwyck, 1655-65, when on latter date he removed to New York.

Van Nes

Cornelis Hendrickse (Van Ness, Van Es, or Van Ess), came from Vianen, South Holland, on "den Eyckenboom," arriving at New Amsterdam, August 1641, and from following spring was charged at Rensselaerswyck with tithes of farm at Bethlehem, occupied until 1648; leased farm in Greenbush, Aug. 25, 1650, formerly occupied by Teunis Cornelis Van Vechten; was a brewer there; served as councilor of Rensselaerswyck, 1652-58; when living upon the Havendyck in Holland in 1625, he married Mayken Hendrickse Burchgraaf, who died previous to his coming to America, and he married Maritje Damen (widow of Dirck Van Eps). Their first child, Hendrick, married Annatje Evertse and secondly Catryna Van Dam, Nov. 25, 1688. Their second child, Jan, was living in Greenbush in 1663; at Cohoes, in 1681; at Half-Moon, in 1700, and married Aaltje —————. Their third child, Gerrit, born in 1645, resided in Greenbush, and married Maria Pieterse Loockermans, in 1667.

Van Nieuwkerk

Cornelis Brantse, possibly being the son of Brant Peelen van Nieuwkerk, was a resident of Beverwyck, for he was to sail from Holland with Gerrit Hendrickse Reis, in 1664.

Van Noorstrant

Jan Jacobse (van Oostrand, becoming Van Nostrand), had a farm on Cohoes Island, in 1677, which he bought from Annetje Lievens (widow of Goosen Gerritse van Schaick) known in 1900 as Van Schaick Island; bought land at Coxsackie and Niskayuna, 1685. Pieter Van Noorstrant, resident of Beverwyck, removed to Kinderhook, and married Rebecca Trephagen; their sons, Pieter and Jacob, baptised before 1706. Willem Van Noorstrant married Maritje De Hooges, and had son, Johannes, baptised Sept. 19, 1708.

Van Norden

Claes Jans, came from Naerden, Province of North Holland, on "den Harinck" ("The Herring"), arriving at New Amsterdam, March 28, 1638; also known as Claes Janse Ruyter, or de Ruijter; a house carpenter; aged 35 years on arrival; was credited with 60 weeks' board by Van Curler at Rensselaerswyck; but apparently was living in May, 1640, with his wife, Pieterje Jans, at the Manhatans.

Van Olinda

Pieter Danielse (Van Der Linde), was a tailor; married Hilletje Cornelise Van Slyck, a half-breed interpreter; her father, Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyck and her mother, a Mohawk Indian, to whom the Mohawk sachems gave Great Island in the Mohawk at Niskayuna, in 1667, sold to Capt. Johannes Clute, in 1669, and she died in 1707. Their son, Daniel, married Lysbeth Kregier, June 11, 1696, and was living at Half-Moon in 1720. Descendants of name living in 1900 at Albany, Troy, Cohoes and Schenectady.

Van Petten

Claes Frederickse, married Aefje Bratt, and was among the earliest families living in Schenectady.

Van Ravensteyn

Elias, was in Albany, 1666, until Feb. 9, 1696.

Van Rensselaer

The progenitor of the family in tracing descent is recognized as Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, the founder of the Colony of Rensselaerswyck (Albany), son of Hendrick Van Rensselaer and Maria Pafraet, who was born in Hasselt, Province of Overyssel, Holland, about 1580, and died in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1644, without visiting this country, whose large tract in and about Albany was acquired by various deeds from the Indians, the first certificate bearing date August 13, 1630. His son, Colonel Jeremias, born in Amsterdam in 1632, was the first Patroon to come to America, and was known as the Third Patroon, being the successor of his elder brother, Johannes, (born in 1625 and died in 1662), without coming to this country. Jeremias sailed from Holland on "de Gelderse Blom," Aug. 4, 1654; returned on "den Beer," Oct. 28, 1655; sailed from Amsterdam on the "Otter," shortly after June 14, 1656; succeeded his brother, Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer, as Director, Sept. 24, 1658, and held office until death, in 1674; stated in his letter to his mother that he married Maria Van Cortlandt, July 12, 1662; but marriage entered in records of Reformed Dutch church of New York, as on April 27, 1662. Jan Baptist (Johan Baptista) Van Rensselaer, the first of the name in America, came from Holland, and was in Rensselaerswyck as early as June 29, 1651; member of the court from Oct. 18, 1651, in place of Rutger Jacobsen; credited with annual salary of 1,000 florins as Director of the Colony, from July 24, 1652, to Sept. 24, 1658, when he returned to Holland, and was also paid salary for 13 months, June 29, 1651, to July 24, 1652, when acting as Director in absence of Van Slechtenhorst at New Amsterdam. He was not the progenitor of the family in America.

Van Rotterdam

Jan Janse, had children (baptised) in Albany: Rachel, Jan. 20, 1686; Sander, June 8, 1690; removed to Schenectady.

Van Salsbergen

Jan Hendrickse (or later Salisbury), recorded conveyance of land from Hudson river to Stone kill at Claverack, from Gerrit Visbeeck, 1673; married (first) Emmeke Luycasse, (second) Tanneke Janse (widow of Ryk Riddersen), Jan. 30, 1693, and he died October, 1706. Their son, Lucas Janse, married Maritje Evertsen, Apr. 4, 1689.

Van Santvoord

Cornelis, went from Albany to Schenectady as the fifth minister, where he died, Jan. 6, 1752; married Annatje Staats, daughter of Johannes Staats, of Staten Island. Their eldest son, Cornelis, removed from Schenectady to Albany, about 1747, marrying Ariaantje Bratt, Dec. 31, 1747, residing on Broadway, Albany, site of the N. Y. Central depot in 1910. Their second son, Staats, was a gunsmith in Albany about 1747, marrying Willempie Bratt, of Albany, Dec. 31, 1747.

Van Schaick

Capt. Goosen Gerritse, was a brewer in Beverwyck, 1649; married (first) Geertje Brantse Peelen van Nieuwkerk, who died about 1656; (second) Annatje Lievens, 1657; he purchased Half-Moon Island, at the mouth of the Mohawk, from Indians, with Philip Pieterse Schuyler, in 1664, hence known as Van Schaick Island; bought house at north corner of Broadway and Columbia st., Albany, 1664, and died about 1676.

Van Schelluyne

Dirck, arrived at Beverwyck in 1650; was a notary public; secretary of Albany, 1665-68; given a tract at Niskayuna by Indians, 1667; married Cornelia Van Buren, and had three children, baptised at New Amsterdam, the third, Johannes, Sept. 14, 1653.

Van Schie

Dominie Cornelis, minister of Dutch church at Fishkill, 1731-33; called to Albany, May 11, 1733, where buried, Aug. 16, 1744; married Josyna Prys.

Van Schlinck

Cornelis Antonis, generally referred to as Cornelis Teunisen, and often as Broer Cornelis, although signing his name as given above, came from Breuckelen, near Utrecht; was a carpenter and mason; sailed on "d'Eendracht" ("The Unity"), May, 1634, from the Texel; much of the time between 1643-48, in Manhattan, received patent for land at Catskill, from Director Kieft, Aug. 22, 1646; appointed the Patroon's representative, May 12, 1639.

Van Schoonhoven

Geurt Hendrickse, a carpenter; was living at Half-Moon in 1675; had farm at Cohoes Island, 1681; made will Aug. 20, 1700. Claas Hendrickse Van Schoonhoven was probably a brother of the former, coming from Utrecht; carpenter at Beverwyck, 1654; married Cornelia Frederickse, and died March 15, 1661.

Van Slichtenhorst

Barent Aertse, came from Nykerck, Gelderland. Holland. arriving at Rensselaerswyck, March 22, 1648, and was director of the colony, serving until July 24, 1652, when Jan Baptist Van Rensselaer succeeded him; was still in the colony July, 1655; but returned to Nykerck in 1660, where he died about 1668; his daughter, Margarita, married Col. Philip Pieterse Schuyler. The name is also sometimes Van Slechtenhorst.

Van Slyck

Cornelis Antonissen, alias "Broer Cornelis," was given a large tract at Catskill for service in bringing about peace with the Indians; married a Mohawk Indian woman, by whom sons, Jacques, Cornelise and Marten, the former settling in Schenectady, where he owned half of an island in the Mohawk given by the natives, and the latter was in Beverwyck in 1661. Cornelis Teunis Van Slyck was in Beverwyck, 1659-68, where he was "raets persoon." Willem Pieterse Van Slyck was at Beverwyck in 1655. Pieter Willemse Van Slyck married Johanna Barheit, April 9, 1683, and resided in Kinderhook.

Van Steffeniers

Arent, arrived on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637; hog dealer; engaged at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 17, 1637; married on March 22, 1637, at Manhatans, widow of Cornelis Tomasen.

Van Stettyn

Evert; see Pels.

Van Strey

Jan, was a resident of Albany before 1700; married Johanna (or Annatje) Van der Poel, widow, New York, June, 1694, and had child, Lysbet, baptised Albany, Jan. 5, 1700.

Van Tricht

Abraham, resided in Albany before 1700; married Lysbeth Teller, daughter of Willem Teller, and had children (baptised) Magdalena, Oct. 21, 1683; Helena, May 30, 1686. His widow married Melgert Wynantse Van der Poel.

Van Twiller

Jan, probably a brother of Wouter Van Twiller, and cousin of Jeremias Van Rensselaer, was a commissioner in Rensselaerswyck in 1649; boarding then with Van Slichtenhorst; was a councilor, July 24, 1652 — July 24, 1657; probably left colony in 1657. Johannes Van Twiller was a merchant in Beverwyck, 1654-62. Aert Goosense Van Twiller came from Nykerk, Gelderland, Holland, and was in Beverwyck, 1661-63.

Van Valkenberg

Lambert (van Valckenburch, Valkenburg or Valkenburgh), was mentioned in court records of Rensselaerswyck, March 7, 1652; but was in New Amsterdam as early as January, 1644, where he bought a house and 25 morgens of land, receiving a patent there, March 16, 1647; probably an inhabitant of Fort Orange and not of Rensselaerswyck; married Annatje —————, in 1645; their son, Jochem Lambertse, baptised in New Amsterdam, Nov. 4, 1646; married Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, who died in 1706; secondly, Jannetje Mingael (widow of Lambert Van Alstyne), Feb. 23, 1713, and was living in Kinderhook in 1720.

Van Vechten

Teunis Cornelise, came from Vechten, near Utrecht, on the "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," arriving at New Amsterdam, March 4, 1637, when a boy; entered at Rensselaerswyck, Apr. 8, 1637; served under Michiel Jans until May 1, 1646, and then succeeded him on his farm called "de Hoogeberch," which he occupied until May 1, 1648; leased south end of "het greenebos" (pine woods, Greenbush), Oct. 15, 1648, from Director Van Slechtenhorst, and the same sold to him a house south of fifth creek, Rensselaerswyck, March 17, 1650. Teunis Dirckse Van Vechten came from Vechten, Holland, on "het Wapen van Noorwegen" ("Arms of Norway") arriving at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1638, with wife and one child; farmed first for others at Rensselaerswyck; but from 1640 occupied his own farm at Greenbush, formerly that of Teunis Cornelise Van Vechten, and in 1648 had a half interest in the colony's brewery (bouwery?) in Greenbush; known by alias "Poentie." Dirck Van Vechten, son of Teunis Dirckse, came by "den Waterhondt," sailing June, 1640.

Van Velsen

Sweer Teunise, alias Van Westbroeck, was residing in Albany about 1666, when he married Maritje Myndertse (widow of Jan Barentse Wemp); received conveyance of land at Lubberde'sland (Troy), where he had sawmill on the Poesten kill; also bought west corner of Broadway and Van Tromp street, Albany, 1667; built grist mill in Schenectady, 1669, and thereafter resided there. Killed in Indian massacre there, Feb. 8, 1690.

Van Vorst

Gillis, resided first in Albany, and married Lysbeth Van Eps, Schenectady, July 16, 1699, where he continued to reside.

Van Voorhout

Cornelis Segersen (Zegersen), appears as "van Egmont" in contract with the Patroon, Aug. 25, 1643, before sailing, arrived with wife, Brechtje Jacobsen, 45 years old, and six children, on "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644; leased Brant Peelen's farm on Castle Island. Cornelis Cornelise, eldest son of Cornelis Segersen Van Voorhout, arrived on "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," and leased farm in Greenbush. Claes Cornelise Van Voorhout, also called Claes Segersen, second son of Cornelis Segersen Van Voorhout, arrived on "Arms of Rensselaerswyck," at New Amsterdam, March, 1644, came to Rensselaerswyck and occupied a farm on Papscanee Island, in 1648-58.

Van Vranken

Claes (alias "van Frank," Van Franke, or Van Franken) early settler at Albany, then bought land at Niskayuna, 1672.

Van Vredenbergh

Willem, resided in Albany about 1700; married Heyltje Van Etten, and removed to Kinderhook, where their child, Appolonia, was born, Jan. 13, 1706.

Van Wencom

Gerrit (Gerardus), was at Bethlehem, Dec. 8, 1649, when assaulted by an Indian; still living in the colony in 1653.

Van Westbroeck

Cornelis Teunise, came to Rensselaerswyck in 1631, where he was an extensive trader in furs, sending 700 beavers to Manhattan in 1654; might have been a brother of Sweer Teunise Van Westbroeck, alias "Van Velsen," who removed to Schenectady.

Van Westervelt

Juriaen (Bestval, Bestvall, Bestivall, Westval, Westvael, Westvaelt, Van Westvaele, etc.), came from Leiderdorp, near Leyden, on "den Houttuyn," arriving at New Amsterdam, Aug. 4, 1642; wages in Rensselaerswyck began Aug. 13, 1642, and mentioned July, 1644, as servant of Michiel Jansen, but on Jan. 14, 1649, took over lease of Evert Pels' farm on Papscanee Island.

Van Wie

Hendrick Gerritse, was in Beverwyck, 1654-91; went on the expedition to Canada, where he was wounded, and Col. Pieter Schuyler petitioned the governor for his relief in 1691, about which time he died. Teunis Gerritse Van Wie, perhaps brother of the former, resided at Albany in 1666. Van Wie's Point, south of Albany, named after his family. The name was also written Van Wye, Van Wey, and Verwey.

Van Witbeck

Jan Tomase; see Witbeck.

Van Woert

Teunis Jacobse and Rutger Jacobse, came from Schoonderwoert, Province of South Holland, sailing from the Texel, June, 1640, on "den Waterhondt"; engaged at Rensselaerswyck from Sept. 4, 1640. The name a contraction of Van Schoonderwoert. See Rutgers.

Van Woggelum

Pieter and Jacob Adriaense; see Soegemakelyk.

Van Wormer

Henri, came from Wormer, Holland, about 1655, settling first in New Jersey, the family moving northward in New York state, settling even as far as the northern counties.

Van Yveran

or Van Iveren; see Mynderse.

Van Zandt

Jan, the progenitor of this family was of Spanish origin and came to Albany, marrying Jannetje —————, by whom Johannes and Joseph, the former a turner, married Margarita Van der Poel, removing to New York about 1693, after birth of five children in Albany; the second son, Joseph, marrying Seitje Marselis at Albany, 1688; was naturalized Dec. 6, 1715, and had several children born at Albany. The first, Jannetje, baptised Aug. 11, 1689.


Gerrit, a commissioner of Rensselaerswyck in 1650; but in New Amsterdam as early as July 16, 1644. Robert Vastrick was first mentioned at Rensselaerswyck, Jan. 11, 1652; left the colony before Sept. 30, 1657.


Harmen Albertse, a trader, early bought land at Schenectady and at Steen Raby (Lansingburg, near Troy), and several house lots in Albany; his son, Arent, residing in Schenectady, married Sara Groot, and their first child, Rebecca, was born Oct. 25, 1691. Families of this name living in 1910 in Schenectady, Catskill and Hudson river towns.


Symon Volckertse, a baker, owned a house in Manhattan in 1654, one in Beverwyck, and bought a bouwerie in Schenectady, where he settled among the first in 1662, and his four sons continue the name there to this day.


Jan (or Johannes), was born in 1612, came from Breda, North Brabant province, Holland, arriving at New Amsterdam, Nov. 29, 1641, on "den Coninck David" ("King David"), with wife, child and maid; was a tailor; spent winter there, and was recorded at Rensselaerswyck in 1642; house in Greenbush; took oath as member of court of Rensselaerswyck, Jan. 12, 1651, and was orphan master.


Johannes Pieterse; see Van Brugh.


Hendrick Gerritse, was residing in Albany, 1667-71, buying a house on south corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, from Cornelis Van Nes, in 1667, which he sold to Arent Jansen.


Cornelis, probably resided in Albany before 1700, as he married Sara Ten Broeck there, and they had a child baptised in Albany, Jan. 6, 1706.


Abraham Isaacse, came from Holland, settling in New Amsterdam until he obtained a patent for land from Governor Kieft, at Paulus Hoeck, in 1638; married Maria, daughter of Guleyn Vigne and Adriaantje Cuilje, and died about 1691. Their second child, Catalyna, married David Pieterse Schuyler of Rensselaerswyck. Their third child, Guleyn (born Jan. 1, 1637, died Apr. 23, 1684; remained in New Amsterdam, marrying Hendrikje Wessels. Their ninth child, Isaac, baptised Feb. 26, 1651, was a shoemaker in Albany, married Abigail Uytenbogart, and left descendants of name living in Albany in 1910.


Hendrick Gerritse; see Van Wie.


Cornelis Cornelise, owned a lot on west corner of State and Pearl sts., Albany, which he sold to Richard Pretty in 1673; bought a bouwerie in Schenectady in 1668, and exchanged it in 1670 with Jurriaan Teunise Tappen, for house on south side of State st., west of Pearl st., Albany; had children: Arnout (or Arnold), Cornelis and Pieter.


Pierre; see De Garmeaulx.


Jan Dirckse, was born at Geemen, Holland, in 1633; a tailor in Albany where he owned house on northeast corner of Broadway and State st., in 1669, and still living in 1708.


Gerrit, was master of a sloop at Albany in 1665; conveyed land at Claverack to Jan Hendrickse Van Salsbergen and Gerrit Van Slechtenhorst, in 1672.


Harmen Bastiaanse, was a carpenter in New Amsterdam, as early as 1649, and soon came to Beverwyck where he had a garden near the southeast corner of Broadway and Hudson avenue, and house-lot on west side of Pearl st., between Maiden Lane and Steuben st.; was village surveyor in 1666; married Hester Tjerkse. The name was at that time frequently written Visser, Visger, Visselaer (or laar), De Visser, De Vyselaer and Fisher.


Cornelis Cornelise, was in Beverwyck, 1654-67; owned sloop plying between there and New Amsterdam; married Dirckje Pieterse, who died in 1665. Han (or Johannes) Vos came to Beverwyck from Baden in 1642, and removed to Catskill; was deputy sheriff, 1661. Jacob Cornelise Vos, alias Bogart, Bogert, Van der Bogart, etc., married Jannetje Quackenbos at Albany, and their first child, Cornelis, baptised there, Sept. 28, 1683. The name was then also written Vosje, and meant fox.


Pieter Jacobse, was the first of the name at Rensselaerswyck, and his son, Abraham Pieterse, was living there in August, 1649; the latter being a carpenter and trader, sending 1,500 beavers to New Amsterdam in 1654; leased a mill on creek south of Jan Barentse Wemp's farm, Sept. 30, 1656; died about 1660; owned sawmill on the Wynantskill which his widow sold in 1674 to Wynant Gerritse Van der Poel. The name was then also written Vosburch, Vosbergen, Vosberghen.


Bartholomeus, was an early settler in Beverwyck, where he had sons, Pieter, Jacob and Hendrick. Each of these in taking the father's given name contracted it to Mees. Pieter lived on State st., near Broadway, Albany, in 1677; married Volckje Pieterse (widow of Gerrit Janse Stravast) and died in 1684. Jacob was a carpenter; married Elizabeth (widow of Teunis Cornelise Swart) of Schenectady; resided near Broadway and State st., Albany, and will probated Sept. 22, 1691. Hendrick removed to Kinderhook, about 1670, engaging the farm of Robert Sanders at Steen Raby (Lansingburg, N. Y.) same year; removed to Schenectady in 1677, residing on site of the N. Y. Central railroad depot of 1910; killed in Indian massacre there, Feb. 8, 1690.


Jan Cornelise, alias Gouw, was in Beverwyck 1654-91; bought land and sawmill on the Poestenkill (near Troy) in 1675.

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