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Schenectady, New York City Directory: 1841-2

Name Listing: G to R

This list contains the personal and business entries from the 1841 Schenectady city directory. Each address is linked to the street listing, so you may go directly from a name to view a list of neighbors, and back again.

In order to minimize the confusion caused by variant spellings and spacing, the normal sorting order has been modified. Last names are filed without regard to case, spacing or punctuation, Mac and Mc are filed together as Mac, and names beginning with St. are under Saint. Entries with no first name are placed at the beginning of the listing for their last name.


Gallagher & Mullen, merchants, 109 State [See also]

Gardiner, William H., collector, 1st ward, 34 Ferry

Gardinier, Catharine, widow, 82 White

Gardinier, John, 82 White

Gardinier, Martin, 82 White

Garlock, Alfred D., 192 State

Garlock, Oliver, 192 State

Gates, Daniel W., innkeeper, 131 State

Gates, Philip, carman, Lafayette

Gates, William, carman, Barret

Geer, George, painter, Schermerhorn Avenue

Getter, & Van Dusen, merchant tailors, 160 State, residence 67 Ferry

Gibson, Alexander C., attorney, &c. mayor of city, office 69 State, residence 9 Church

Gilbert, James, city clerk and collector, 2d ward, 28 Liberty

Gillespie, William M., civil engineer, Colonnade

Gilson, William, carpenter, 136 State

Given, Resolved, proprietor, Given's hotel, 147 State

Given, William C., 147 State

Given's Hotel, 147 State

Gleason, Edward, innkeeper, 4 Pine

Glen, (no name), widow, 84 White

Glen, George W., shoe store, 17 Dock

Glen, Henry, patron maker, White

Glen, Henry, White

Glen, Simon, boat inspector, 17 Dock, residence 65 Front

Goodrich, William L., clerk, Schenectady Bank, 29 State

Grage, Ann, weaver, 72 State

Graham, Deborah, 10 Church

Graham, Sally, 10 Church

Granger, Josiah, cooper, Church continued

Granger, Moses, Dr., Rotterdam

Gray, Robert, shoemaker, 144 State [See also]

Greno, David P., harness maker, 161 State, residence 3 Yates [See also]

Gridley, Reuben, mason, 83 Liberty

Griffin, (no name), widow of William, 70 State

Groot, Cornelius S., merchant, 37 State [See also]

Groot, George, millwright, 12 Ferry

Groot, John B., 37 Front

Groot, Nicholas N., carpenter, 56 Jay

Groot, Simon C., merchant, 38 Washington

Grove, Mary, widow, 59 Liberty

Grovenburg, (no name), widow of J., 93 State

Gunsaul, Joseph, boarding house, North college

Gunsaul, Samuel, clerk, 154 State


Habbot, Elijah, 177 State

Hagadorn, (no name), widow, 84 State

Haight, Hiram, hatter, 105 State [See also]

Hall, Martin C., teacher, 16 State

Hall, Sylvester, 64 Liberty

Halloway, George, carpenter, 11 Jay

Hanagan, Thomas, porter, Given's hotel, 147 State

Hancey, Thomas, Monroe

Hand, Joseph, chair maker, 15 Washington

Hand, Maria, dress maker, 81 Union

Hand, Samuel L., chair painter, 6 Front

Haney, Abraham, moulder, 20 Barret

Hanford, J., 85 Union

Hannah, Mary, grocer, 5 Fonda

Harbison, Margaret, tailoress, 7 Fonda

Harden, John, grocer, 1 Green

Harman, John C., 169 State

Harman, Joseph, 25 Front

Harman, Joshua D. attorney, 111 1/2 State, residence 23 Liberty

Harman, Samuel, 46 Union

Harman, Thomas, exchange office, office 111 State, residence 46 Union

Harman, Thomas W. attorney, 127 State, residence 46 Union

Harrington, Ann, widow, 39 Jay

Hartley, James, 2 Maiden-lane

Hastings, (no name), widow of Reuben, 22 Barret

Hastings, James, Cotton factory

Hastings, John, 20 Green

Hatch, (no name), Mrs., dress maker, 5 Jay

Hatch, Charles, laborer, 13 Green

Hatch, Daniel, 62 Liberty

Haut, John, stone cutter, 125 State

Hawver, William, laborer, 41 Ferry

Hayden, Edwin H., mason, Fonda

Hayes, Zelotes, 70 State

Hennesy, Michael, 25 Dock

Hennis, Joseph, Cotton factory

Hermance, John C., 169 State

Hewes, Thomas, 53 Green

Higgins, John, 69 Front

Hildebrandt, (no name), widow of J., 8 Maiden-lane

Hildebrandt, Henry, 40 Washington

Hildebrandt, Jacob, carman, 28 Green

Hildebrandt, John, 8 Maiden-lane

Hoag, Casper F., 7 John

Hogan, Henry, 61 Washington

Holdstock, William, 58 Jay

Holland, (no name), widow of Jonas, 27 Union

Holland, Alexander, treasurer, Union College, 27 Union

Holliday, John, 27 Barret

Holmes, Jesse, 11 Dock, residence 20 Lafayette

Holton, Lewis, 50 Jay

Hood, Matthew, stone cutter, shop Water, 32 State [See also]

Hood, Peter, stone cutter, shop Water, 32 State [See also]

Hooghkerk, Gerrit, gunsmith, 82 Ferry

Hook and Ladder House, 30 Ferry

Horn, J., 12 Jay

Horsfall, John O., lumber yard, Green, residence 51 Union

Horsfall, Joseph, carpenter, 51 Union

Horsfall, Joseph Jr., carpenter, 51 Union

Horsfall, William, painter, 51 Jay

Horton, William, comb maker, rear 121 State, residence 61 Jay

Hospital, Albany and Schenectady turnpike hill

Houston, Thomas, copper smith, 138 Union

How, Daniel, 80 Ferry

How, Nehemiah, 50 Church

Howes, F., 8 Franklin

Howes, Isaac, cabinet maker, 56 State

Howes, John, attorney, office 114 State, 56 State

Hubbard, Charles, machinist, College machinist, College%,

Hulett, Daniel S., silversmith, 17 Franklin

Hull, John Jr., merchant, 76 Union

Hurd, Lowell, 31 Church

Hurle, James, 22 Dock

Hyde, Milton, 212 State


Ingersoll, Lucinda, tailoress, 113 Union

Irish, Samuel, innkeeper, 156 State [See also]

Irving, Andrew, Maiden-lane


Jackson, Isaac W., Professor, Union College

Jackson, James, 3 Washington

Jackson, Nicholas, 45 Fonda

Jackson, Robert, 14 Maiden-lane

Jackson, Thomas, 152 Union

Jarvis, Catharine, 9 Liberty

Jarvis, John, grocer, 96 Ferry

Jenner, Charles, mason, 29 Fonda

Jennings, Orman, 48 Albany

Johnson, Charles, Monroe

Johnson, John, laborer, 23 Green

Johnson, Samuel, 41 Fonda

Johnson, Stephen H., attorney, 17 Union, 21 Church [See also]

Jones, David H., clerk, railroad storehouse, 41 State

Jones, Eli, 23 Washington

Jones, Samuel W., attorney, 34 Church

Joyce, Darcy, butcher, 13 Water

Joyce, George, butcher, 71 Front

Joyce, John G. butcher, 51 Front


Kane, (no name), widow of Charles, 48 Union

Kane, John, 48 Union

Kean, Margaret, 48 Jay

Keller, Henry, 14 Water

Kelly, Alexander, boarding house, 32 State

Kelly, Edward, 114 State

Kelly, Grace, 63 Maiden-lane

Kelly, John, carpenter, 212 State

Kelly, Robert, millwright, 6 Barret

Kennedy, Thomas, sexton, Methodist Episcopal Church, 98 Liberty

Keran, Samuel, 9 Jay

Kero, Christian, 24 Liberty

Kerr, Andrew, grocer, 92 Ferry

Ketchum, Daniel, Pine

Ketchum, David, 55 Green

Ketchum, Michael, 83 White

Ketchum, Robert, innkeeper, 207 State

Keys, Patrick, West College

Keyser, Abraham A., publisher of the Reflector, 116 State, residence 15 Franklin

King, Solomon B., mason, 93 Front

Kingsboro, William, 29 Water

Kingsbury, Aaron F., mason, Monroe

Kinnicutt, J. W., music teacher, 11 Union [See also]

Kirkham, Ralph, 227 State

Kittle, (no name), widow, Cotton factory

Kittle, David, mason, 77 Front

Kittle, James E., shoemaker, 81 Front

Kittle, Nicholas, grocer, 9 Rotterdam

Klein, Gertrude, 96 Union

Knickerbacker, Simon, Liberty

Knowlton, John, butcher, 39 Ferry

Knowlton, Judith, 97 Liberty

Kurneck, J., 26 Liberty


Lacy, L. W., grocer, 157 State, residence 36 Jay [See also]

Lake, Daniel, bookbinder, 81 Union

Lamb, Michael, Rotterdam

Lancaster, David P., hatter, 35 Liberty

Lancaster School, 15 College

Lansing, Volkert, saddler, 45 Maiden-lane

Laramee, Samuel H., grocer, 57 Liberty , corner of Maiden-lane

Larkin, Thomas, 46 State

Lassells, John, cabinet maker, shop 82 Union, residence 29 Canal

Lazar, Sigismond, 76 State

Ledyard, Isaac, 53 Front

Lester, Thomas, tailor, 28 Water

Levelle, Peter, boards 165 State (Montgomery Hall)

Levre, Abraham, grocer, 9 Dock

Lighthall, Ahasuerus, shoemaker, 40 State

Lincoln, Henry, 23 Rotterdam

Lindley, C. L. & Co., merchants, 107 State [See also]

Lindsley, Patrick, 19 Jay

Linn, Archibald L., attorney, 31 State, residence 44 Washington

Livingston, Amos, 146 State

Lockling, Levi L., engineer, 118 State

Lockwood, Seth C., merchant, 124 State, residence 81 Maiden-lane

Lovett, Henry, 21 Front

Luke, Charles, shoemaker, Mill-lane

Lukerson, Lester, 8 Yates

Lyceum, 116 Union [See also]

Lyman, William, merchant, 14 State

Lyon, Caleb, coach maker, 65 Union

Lyon, Caleb Jr., coach maker, 67 Union, residence 35 Liberty

Lyon, David, harness maker, 148 State, residence 73 Front

Lyon, Elias, carpenter, 23 Canal

Lyon, Isaac G., variety store, 139 State

Lyon, John D. saddler, 138 State

Lyon, Joseph, harness maker, 153 State, residence 151 State [See also]

Lyon, Mattaniah, 99 Union

Lytle, Robert W., Troy stage agent, 147 State (Given's Hotel)


McAlister, Peter, carpenter, 21 Maiden-lane

McCamus William & Co., merchants, 115 State [See also]

McCaverty, Christopher, Pine

McClosky, Peter, Rev., 10 Jay

McCormick, Hugh, 159 Union

McCracken, Robert, 137 Union

McCready, Thomas, 175 State

McDonald, (no name), widow, 12 Water

McDonald, (no name), widow, Cotton factory

McDonald, David, carpenter, 40 Albany

McDonald, Duncan, merchant, 17 1/2 State

McDonald, James, 102 Union

McDonald, John, 7 Rotterdam

McDonald, William, carpenter, 11 Water

McDougal, Daniel, Dr., 19 Liberty, residence 50 Union

McElhinny, James, merchant, 189 State [See also]

McFarlan, Helen, 31 Water

McGuiken, Alexander, grocer, 127 Union

McKelvey, Henry, mason, 19 Front

McKim, John, 31 Liberty

McKinney, James C., Monroe

McKinney, Patrick, South College Hall

McKinney, Samuel, 12 Ferry

McKinzie, Nathaniel, shoemaker, 5 Green

McMichael, (no name), widow of John, 32 Front

McMichael, Richard, justice of the peace, 81 Ferry, residence 25 Front

McMichael, Richard A., 7 Rotterdam

McMillan, James, 165 State (Montgomery Hall)

McMillen, Alexander G., cabinet maker, 32 State

McMillen, William, sexton, Presbyterian church, 40 Front

McMullen, Andrew, clerk, railroad storehouse, 49 1/2 Jay

McNee, John, carpenter, 32 Front

McNiel, John, 39 Jay

McOmber, Alonzo, coach maker, Bowery

McOmber, H. S., Monroe

McPherson, (no name), widow, 128 Union

McPherson, Andrew S., merchant, 140 State, residence 130 Union

McQueen, George, leather dealer, 181 State

McWithey, Mary, widow, 23 Rotterdam

Magoffin, James C., Dr., 27 Liberty

Mallary, Patrick, mason, 69 Green

Malony, Patrick, 27 Dock

Manning, John, baker, 98 Ferry

Manwaring, Giles, Principal of the Lyceum, 106 Union [See also]

Market, corner of Union and Canal

Marsh, T. B., deputy canal collector, 136 State (City Hotel)

Marshall, Richard, grocer, 4 Dock

Marshall, William, collector, rail road, 68 Maiden-lane

Marstin, James, Bowery

Martein, Joseph G., Church continued

Martin, Constance, 7 Jay

Martin, Henry, 7 Jay

Martin, Hugh R., 6 Union

Maston, John, Barret

Mathews, Andrew, 10 Barret

Mathews, Charles, merchant, 103 State

Mathews, David, machinist, 15 Maiden-lane

Mathews, George, 37 Green

Mathews, John, 18 Liberty

Meeker, Isaac, city crier, 205 State

Meeker, William, painter, Maiden-lane, residence 79 Union

Mercantile Bank, 33 State

Merrill, Pierpont, milkman, 164 Front

Merselis, (no name), widow, 29 Front

Merselis, Henry, constable, 2d ward, Barret

Merselis, John A., 58 Front

Merselis, Nicholas A., 83 Front

Merselis, Nicholas Jr., teacher, 54 Ferry

Merselis, Nicholas N., 60 Front

Merselis, Peter, 113 Front

Meshaw, Nelson, tailor, 12 Jay

Mesic, Abraham, 59 Washington

Mesic, Catharine D., tailoress, 93 State

Mesic & Wormer, blacksmiths, 2 Rotterdam

Methodist Church, 68 Liberty

Miller, (no name), widow of Henry, 6 Court Place

Miller, Catharine, tailoress, 27 Fonda

Miller, James, cooper, 10 Water

Miller, Mary, widow, 8 Front

Miller, Richard, merchant, corner of Washington and State

Miller, Robert, bookseller, 71 State

Miller, Stephen, carpenter, Bowery

Mills, (no name), Mrs. John, milliner, 38 State

Mills, John, painter, 38 State

Milmine, John, innkeeper, 54 Washington

Mitchell, Mary, Bath-house

Mix, David, tailor, 120 State, residence 83 State [See also]

Mix, Isaac B., stock maker, 120 State [See also]

Moffit, Mary, widow, tailoress, 47 Ferry

Mohawk Bank, corner of Church and Union

Montgomery Hall, 165 State

Moon, B. Franklin, baker, 100 Ferry

Moon, George W., fancy store, 100 Ferry

Moore, David M., 78 Union

Moore, Maria, Mrs., 12 Water

Morey, Martin, 15 Washington

Morgan, John, shoemaker, 22 State

Moristine, Joseph, 3 Ferry

Morris, (no name), widow, Mill-lane

Moyston, John H., auctioneer, 188 State

Mudge, Frederick R., mason, 52 Ferry

Mumford, Benjamin M., 38 Washington

Munson, Hannah, widow, tailoress, 104 Liberty

Murphy, John, tailor, 82 State

Murray, John, 145 Front

Murty, J., Monroe

Myers, Jerome, 135 Union

Myers, Joseph C., coachmaker, 49 Front

Myers, Martin C., 38 Barret

Myers, Samuel, 14 Dock, residence 72 Union

Mynderse, Barent I., druggist, 97 State, residence Prospect Hill


Newport, Henry, Mill-lane

Newth, William, watch maker, 88 State, residence 44 Union

Nichols, Alfred, butcher, 61 Albany

Nichols, Jasper, butcher, Rotterdam

Norris, Jacob D., printer, 106 Union

Northrop, Lydia, 84 State

Northrop, Rebecca, tailoress, 28 Liberty

Norton, James, 69 Front

Nott, Eliphalet, President, Union College

Nott, Howard, Register, Union College

Nott, John, Professor, Union College


O'Brien, John, pedler, 8 Albany

O'Conner, (no name), widow, 55 Union

O'Conner, John, blacksmith, 41 Ferry

Ohlen, George, merchant, 47 State [See also]

Ohlen, John, merchant, 73 State [See also]

Oliver, Richard, blacksmith, 37 Water

Oothout, Henry A., 9 Union

Ostrander, Elizabeth, 40 Union

Ostrander, J., 100 Liberty

Ostrom, Elizabeth, widow, 40 Union

Ostrom, Ralph, watch maker, 123 State, residence 36 Liberty

Otter, Peter, mason, 5 White

Ouderkirk, Jacob, chairmaker, 64 State

Ouderkirk, Jane, widow, seamstress, 25 Green

Ouderkirk, Peter, constable, corner of Union and Ferry

Ouderkirk, Peter M., 173 Union

Ouderkirk, Robert, 173 Union

Ouderkirk, William, shoemaker, 61 Front

Oxley, David, machinist, 26 Green

Oxley, Robert, 49 Green


Page, (no name), Mrs. William, 42 State

Page, Edward, 42 State

Paige, Alonzo C., attorney, 7 Union, residence 36 Washington

Paine, William, 20 Barret

Palmer, Thomas, cashier, Schenectady Bank, 29 State

Palmer, William H., teller, Schenectady Bank, 29 State

Pangburn, David, grocer, 1 State

Parker, James, grocer, 44 Front

Parks, James, carpenter, 40 Albany

Patterson, George W., 2 Albany

Payne, John, shoemaker, 151 Union

Pearson, Caleb, 181 Union

Pearson, Jonathan, Professor, Union College, 181 Union

Peck, Abbey, widow, 104 Liberty

Peck, Deborah, 104 Liberty

Peck, Lewis, 8 John

Peek, (no name), widow of Harmanus, 55 Union

Peek, (no name), widow, 92 Liberty

Peek, (no name), widow of Christopher C., 35 Green

Peek, Barbara, widow, 88 Liberty

Peek, Christopher H., brewer, 35 Green

Peek, Eve, widow, 35 Ferry

Peek, Henry, Albany turnpike

Peek, Joseph, 33 Union

Peek, Joseph Y., carpenter, 169 Union

Peek, Nicholas, carpenter, 169 Union

Peek, Peter V., shoemaker, 61 Front

Peek, Thomas B., 19 Maiden-lane

Pelting, Heart, 51 Maiden-lane

Penny, Francis P., butcher, 243 State

Perine, Lewis P., carpenter, 49 Jay

Perry, Roswell, deputy sheriff, 20 Washington

Perry, S., grocer, 17 State

Pervis, John, 25 Fonda

Peters, (no name), widow of William Jr., 52 Washington

Peters, Andrew, 17 State

Peters, Christopher, merchant, 21 1/2 State

Peters, George, painter, 23 Jay

Peters, Harmanus W., merchant, 3 Rotterdam, residence 52 Washington

Peters, William, carpenter, 59 Washington

Peterson, Charles L., shoemaker, 6 Ferry

Phalen, Edward, 203 State

Picket, James, 9 John

Pike, Thomas, 57 Maiden-lane

Planeing Factory, (Clute & Hoag), Fonda

Plank, Adam, 219 State

Playford, Thomas, mason, Fonda

Pollard, T., tailor, 44 State

Post Office, 86 1/2 State

Potter, Alonzo, Professor, Union College

Potter, John, carpenter, 17 Green

Potter, Platt, attorney, 7 Union, residence 4 Union

Potter, Sidney B., merchant, 43 State [See also]

Powell, Daniel L., merchant, corner of State and Ferry [See also]

Presbyterian Church, 49 Union

Primer, Walter, 70 Liberty

Prince, Noice, butcher, 30 Rotterdam

Prior, Michael, 69 Green

Pritchard, Edward V., baker, 71 Ferry

Proudfit, Robert, Professor, Union College

Putman, Ernestus, tin worker, 25 Liberty

Putman, Matthew, 136 State [See also]


Quaats, Maria, widow, Cotton factory

Quackenbush, Aaron B., merchant, 1 Water

Quackenbush, Frederick, 113 Union

Quackenbush, John I., 155 State


Rafton, John, 155 State

Rail Road House, 159 State

Ramsay, Henry, surveyor, 16 Albany

Randall, Constant, grocer, 24 Dock

Rathbun, George W., attorney, 110 State

Reagles, Christopher, 12 Barret

Reagles, James, 214 State

Reed, (no name), widow of Frederick, White

Reed, Dennis, millwright, 27 Ferry

Reed, Frederick, carman, Albany hill

Reed, James L., 80 State

Reed, Susan, 13 Fonda

Reed, Thomas C., Professor, Union College

Reese, Elizabeth, 13 Maiden-lane

Reese, Martin, 8 Barret

Relyea, (no name), laborer, 12 Green

Remington, Stephen, Rev., 120 Union

Rendezvous United States Army, 166 State

Rexford, Edwin, hairdresser, 72 State

Reynex, Abraham, 15 Jay

Reynolds, Hugh, shoemaker, corner of Union and Maiden-lane

Reynolds, Justice, Bowery

Riddle, Hugh, 148 State

Riggs, Isaac, farmer, 23 Union

Riggs, James, publisher of the Cabinet, 23 Union

Riggs, Stephen S., Cashier, Mercantile Bank, 31 State

Riggs, William H., publisher of the Cabinet, 29 Ferry

Riley, James V. S., 42 Union

Ritchie, George, 27 Front

Ritchie, Julia, School, 27 Front

Ritchie, Sarah, School, 77 Union, residence 27 Front

Robison, Hugh, 1 Union

Rogers, James, Union College

Rogers, John Jr., 65 Union

Rogers, Russell, 16 Yates

Roman Catholic Church, 4 Franklin

Root, John, 21 Maiden-lane

Rosa, James, 5 Church

Rosa, Nicholas, 40 Front

Rosecrantz, (no name), widow, 125 Union

Rosevelt, R. B., keeper, Union-Hall, corner of Ferry

Ross, Sidney, coach maker, 55 Liberty

Roth, Joseph, stone cutter, 23 Rotterdam

Rouse, D., shoemaker, 66 Ferry

Rowe, Peter, Agent, Rail Road, 55 Liberty

Rubellee, Hiram, 186 State

Rurdon, Edward, 91 Union

Russell, William E., gunsmith, 141 1/2 State [See also]

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