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Schenectady, New York City Directory: 1841-2

Address Listing: FONDA

This list contains the personal and business entries which had addresses on this street in the 1841 Schenectady city directory. Each address is linked to the name listing, so you can go directly from an address to view others with that name, and back again.

Some addresses do not have street numbers. These are listed alphabetically by resident at the beginning of the street.

In order to minimize the confusion caused by variant spellings and spacing, the normal sorting order has been modified. Last names are filed without regard to case, spacing or punctuation, Mac and Mc are filed together as Mac, and names beginning with St. are under Saint.

Hayden, Edwin H., mason, Fonda

Planeing Factory, (Clute & Hoag), Fonda

Playford, Thomas, mason, Fonda

Thompson, Hannah, Fonda

Van Vorst, John J., collector, 3d ward, Fonda

Van Zandt, Gerrit G., constable, Fonda

3: Spitcher, (no name), widow, 3 Fonda

5: Hannah, Mary, grocer, 5 Fonda

7: Harbison, Margaret, tailoress, 7 Fonda

7: Union Furnace, 7 Fonda

8: Cunningham, Robert, furnace, 8 Fonda, residence 141 Union [See also]

9: Brown, William, farmer, 9 Fonda

13: Reed, Susan, 13 Fonda

23: Apps, Abram, 23 Fonda

25: Pervis, John, 25 Fonda

27: Miller, Catharine, tailoress, 27 Fonda

29: Bradt, William, painter, 29 Fonda

29: Jenner, Charles, mason, 29 Fonda

33: Thompson, Thomas, 33 Fonda

41: Johnson, Samuel, 41 Fonda

45: Jackson, Nicholas, 45 Fonda

45: Thompson, Richard, 45 Fonda

51: Bucklin, Caleb, 51 Fonda

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1841-2 Directory
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