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The Diary of Andrew Cowan (Schenectady, New York)

Andrew Cowan came to Schenectady from Scotland in 1797. He later moved to Pontiac, Illinois around the 1850s. He was a land speculator, ran a title abstract company and was involved in Republican politics.

His diary contains nineteen pages of notes about his life and family births and deaths. [View cover image] We are grateful to Howard S. Miller for the donation of this diary. The original size images (1x) are 50-60K, and the enlarged (4x) around 180K.

Transcription of Andrew Cowan's diary remains to be completed.

Contents of the Diary of Andrew Cowan
Page Page Images Events
1 1x 4x Employees, married, came to Schenectady 1797
2 1x 4x Rented house to William McKean beginning in 1790
3 1x 4x Rented house to William McKean through 1793, then sold house
4 1x 4x Married, came to Schenectady 1797, (another) Andrew died 1823
5 1x 4x  
6 1x 4x  
7 1x 4x  
8 1x 4x  
9 1x 4x  
10 1x 4x  
11 1x 4x  
12 1x 4x  
13 1x 4x  
14 1x 4x  
15 1x 4x  
16 1x 4x  
17 1x 4x  
18 1x 4x  
19 1x 4x  

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