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The Diary of Andrew Cowan - Page 4 (Schenectady, New York)

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[This information is from the diary of Andrew Cowan, a Scottish immigrant and resident of Schenectady, New York from 1797 to the mid-nineteenth century.]

Andrew went to school 4 May 95
Grizzel [?, illegible] Do [i.e., ditto] 7 June

As far as I Andrew Cowan can inform
myself I was Born 28th Decr 1759
or 1760 and my wife Euphemia
Shelly born Wensday 22 Dcr 1764


Left Wigtown 28 mar 1797 arrived
at Greenock 1st April sailed from it
14th April landed at New York
Sabath 18 June and at Albany 30
June all in good health. Left
Albany wensday 20 sept 1797
and arrived at Schenectady the

And Cowan died on
the 11 of June in the year
1823 aged 63 he was a
William [?, scratched out]

[a penciled note reads, 1828-1784=64]

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