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Schenectady, New York City Directory: 1841-2

Name Listing: S to Z

This list contains the personal and business entries from the 1841 Schenectady city directory. Each address is linked to the street listing, so you may go directly from a name to view a list of neighbors, and back again.

In order to minimize the confusion caused by variant spellings and spacing, the normal sorting order has been modified. Last names are filed without regard to case, spacing or punctuation, Mac and Mc are filed together as Mac, and names beginning with St. are under Saint. Entries with no first name are placed at the beginning of the listing for their last name.


St. John, Abigail, milliner, 28 State

St. John, Abijah, 28 State

Sales, Sylvester & Co., 114 State, residence 5 Court Place

Sampson, Peter, Pine

Sampson, Richard, 38 Jay

Sampson, Robert, 227 State

Sanders, John, attorney, 17 Union, residence 29 Church [See also]

Savage, Hannah, widow, boarding house, 19 Church

Saver, John, 24 Liberty

Savings Bank, 29 State

Schenectady Bank, 29 State

Schermerhorn, B. Teller, 42 Washington

Schermerhorn, Bartholomew Jr., 12 Lafayette

Schermerhorn, Isaac M., 21 Washington

Schermerhorn, John I., near North

Schermerhorn, John W., cooper, 27 Rotterdam

Schermerhorn, Peter, butcher, 243 State

Schermerhorn, Richard, 37 Front

Schermerhorn, William J., carpenter, 13 Ferry

Schoolcraft, Lawrence, tailor, 14 Water

Scott, David, machinist, 33 Front

Searls, Abijah, 12 Water

Seely, John, shoemaker, 183 State [See also]

Seese, Adam, brewer, 58 Ferry

Seminary for Females, 31 Washington

Senee, Jane, widow, 64 Washington

Sesar, Nicholas, 33 Barret

Severson, Simon, Cotton factory

Sexton, Henry E., Bowery

Sexton, Samuel H., portrait painter, 127 State, residence 37 Union

Seymour, R. Franklin, no address given

Shalen, Henry, 25 Rotterdam

Shannon, Abraham, Cotton factory

Shannon, Peter, mason, 85 White

Shannon, Thomas, 84 White

Sheer, Philip, 3 Maiden-lane

Shepherd, Henry H., 78 State

Shepherd, Leonard, carpenter, 11 North

Sherman, C., Rev., 53 Jay

Shevelier, Peter R., 21 Barret

Shooter, Valentine, grocer, 23 Dock

Shurtliff, Joseph, shoemaker, 71 Front

Shurtliff, Margaret, 75 Front

Shurtliff, Nancy, widow, 71 Front

Shuter, Margaret, 3 State

Sigourney, Daniel P., Amanda

Sillick, James, justice of the peace, 112 Union

Sillick, Misses, school, 10 Yates

Sim, William, blacksmith, 81 Front

Simpson, J., 54 Liberty

Sitterly, (no name), widow of John, 90 Liberty

Sitterly, Jacob, 66 Liberty

Sitterly, Jacob, shoemaker, 90 1/2 Liberty

Slater, Elizabeth, Pine

Slater, James, teacher, Lancaster school, 150 Union

Sluyter, George, painter, 186 State

Sluyter, Jacob, mason, Barret

Small, Robert, baker, 13 North

Smith, (no name), widow, 71 Union

Smith, Abel, 117 Liberty

Smith, B., 24 Pine

Smith, David Cady, attorney, 30 State

Smith, Frederick, 15 Green

Smith, Henry, 24 Pine

Smith, Henry, 12 Washington

Smith, John, 39 Front

Smith, John H., innkeeper, 126 Union

Smith, Mathew B. S., 60 Washington

Smith, Michael, mason, 46 State

Smith, Volney, dentist, 91 State [See also]

Smith & Case, tin and stove dealers, 122 State [See also]

Snell, David H., druggist, 143 State, residence 1 Washington [See also]

Snell, Robert Jr., mason, 17 Green

Soles, Abraham, 93 Union

Soles, Benjamin, grocer, 7 Dock

Sparbeck, Henry, 84 White

Speir, Joseph, 201 State

Spitcher, (no name), widow, 3 Fonda

Spitzer, Aaron, 3 Rotterdam

Sprague, Leonard, Dr., 28 Union

Springer, Aaron P., shoestore, 53 State, residence 13 Ferry [See also]

Staley, Oliver, 30 State

Steers, Jacob V., 6 Green

Stenson, John, shoemaker, 8 Front

Stevens, John, blacksmith, 8 John

Stevens, Simmons S., book and music store, 76 State [See also]

Stewart, Agnes, milliner, 79 Ferry

Stewart & McCollum, grocers, 88 Ferry [See also]

Stickle, Peter, grocer, 163 State

Stiles, Jesse, teacher, 15 Rotterdam

Stillman, Joseph, machinist, 10 Canal

Strong, John, city mill, 27 Water, residence 32 State

Strong, William, 56 Washington

Swan, George, blacksmith, 113 State

Swart, (no name), widow, 124 Union

Swart, Josiah, surveyor, 43 Ferry

Swart, Simon M. S., 43 Ferry

Swits, (no name), widow, 138 Union

Swits, Abraham, blacksmith, Rotterdam, residence 24 Church

Swits, Abraham J., Rev., 10 Lafayette

Swits, Francis, Cotton factory

Swits, Herman, clerk, 27 State, residence 30 Church

Swits, John P., blacksmith, 38 Lafayette

Swits, John V., segar maker, 12 Rotterdam

Swits, Nicholas, merchant, corner of Church and State, residence 30 Church [See also]

Swits, Walter, brickmaker, 27 Lafayette

Swits, Walter A., blacksmith, 59 Washington

Swortfiguer, Elizabeth, widow, 29 Water

Swortfiguer, George, silversmith, 91 State [See also]


Tammany Hall, 30 Union

Tampkins, Henry, carpenter, 186 State

Tampkins, Thomas, laborer, 179 State

Tannahill, Eliza, widow, 27 Church

Tannahill, Isabella, widow, 23 Church

Taylor, Elisha, 19 & 23 Church

Taylor, John H., carpenter, 63 Front

Taylor, Samuel, 95 Union

Taylor, William, 5 Jay

Teller, (no name), Miss, 57 Maiden-lane

Teller, Henry, shoemaker, 23 Front

Teller, James W., wagon maker, 40 Barret

Teller, John S., 49 Maiden-lane

Teller, John W., carpenter, 26 Front

Teller, Levi, hatter, 30 Canal

Tellkampf, J. L., Professor, Union College

Ten Eyck, Agnes, tailoress, 38 Front

Ten Eyck, William H., clerk, 51 State

Thayer, Amos, machinist, 6 Ferry

Thomas, (no name), widow, 85 Union

Thomas, Ann, 136 Union

Thomas, Edward, victualling cellar, 144 State

Thomas, Francis, hair dresser, 3 Dock

Thomas, Isaac, innkeeper, 6 Water

Thomas, Mary Ann, 136 Union

Thomas, Sarah, 20 Liberty

Thomas, Susan, tailoress, 94 Ferry

Thompson, (no name), widow, boarding house, 8 John

Thompson, Hannah, Fonda

Thompson, John, Pine

Thompson, Peter S., 79 Liberty

Thompson, Phebe, 35 Barret

Thompson, Richard, 45 Fonda

Thompson, Thomas, 33 Fonda

Thompson, Thomas L., post master, 1 Church

Thomson, Cornelius, carpenter, 66 Union, residence 26 Green

Thorn, (no name), widow of Adam van Slyck, 74 Maiden-lane

Thornton, George, 144 State

Thornton, J., 146 State

Thornton, Thomas, 213 State

Thornton, William, 10 John

Thurston, Misses, milliners, 8 State

Toll, Daniel J., Dr., druggist, 10 Front

Tomlinson, Charles H., 20 Church

Tomlinson, David, President, Mercantile Bank, 20 Church

Topping, George, innkeeper, 73 Ferry

Tripp, Hannah, widow, 30 State

Truax, Andrew, druggist, 117 State [See also]

Truax, Helen, Church continued

Truax, Isaac, 114 Liberty

Truax, Isaac I. merchant, 55 State

Truax, Jacob, Church continued

Truax, John W., grocer, Rotterdam

Truax, Major, baker, 69 Front

Truax, Peter, grocer, 30 Dock

Truax, Stephen, victualling cellar, 69 State

Tupper, Frederick, miller, 8 Church

Turner, William, 24 College

Tweedle, William, 5 Ferry

Tymeson, Bartholomew, carpenter, 24 Church


Underwood, Socrates, shoemaker, 70 State

Union College, College Hill

Union College (West), 86 Union

Union Furnace, 7 Fonda

Union Hall, corner of Union and Ferry

Universalist Church, 32 Canal

Utica and Schenectady Rail Road Machine Shop, between Green and Front, office 149 State


Valentine, Jacob, 8 College

Valentine, Joseph R., 15 Dock, residence 102 Union

Van Ingen & Fonda, attorneys, 13 Union

Van Ingen & Van Vorst, attorneys, 127 State

Van Olinda & Van Eps, shoestore, 118 State [See also]

Van Vranken & Dunbar, grocers, 155 State [See also]

Van Zandt & Co., coach makers, 64 Maiden-lane

Van Aernam, Daniel W., hat store, 87 State, residence 17 Washington [See also]

Van Aernam, Lucy, widow, 17 Washington

Van Alen, Benjamin, 10 Pine

Van Antwerp, Jacob, carpenter, 22 Barret

Van Antwerp, Sarah, Mrs., tailoress, 37 Maiden-lane

Van Brunt, Albert, butcher, Lafayette

Van Debogert, Daniel K., mason, 24 College

Van Debogert, Francis, shoemaker, 121 Front

Van Debogert, John, shoemaker, 121 Front

Van Debogert, John, 93 Front

Van Debogert, John W., blacksmith, 170 Union

Van Debogert, Joseph, Pine

Van Debogert, Sybrant G., harness maker, 34 Ferry

Van Derheyden, (no name), widow of David, 83 Union

Vanderlip, Elias P., fruit store, 85 Ferry

Van Derpoel, Charles, shoemaker, 32 Ferry

Van Dyck, (no name), carpenter, 86 Liberty

Van Eps, (no name), widow of John H., 40 Ferry

Van Eps, Alexander, cabinet maker, 17 Green

Van Eps, Andrew P., 16 College

Van Eps, Cornelius I., grocer, 13 Dock

Van Eps, Jacob G., 19 Rotterdam

Van Eps, Jesse, 23 Front

Van Eps, John, grocer, 2 Dock

Van Eps, Josiah, 16 Ferry

Van Guysling, Myndert, merchant, 67 State

Van Horne, James E., hat store, 125 State

Van Huysen, (no name), widow of Harmanus, 37 Maiden-lane

Van Huysen, Elizabeth, tailoress, 37 Maiden-lane

Van Huysen, Mary, dress maker, 37 Maiden-lane

Van Huysen, Rudolph, 37 Maiden-lane

Van Ingen, Abraham, attorney, 23 Washington

Van Ingen, Elizabeth, widow, 19 Green

Van Ingen, Theodoric R., attorney, 13 Union, residence 23 Washington

Van Keuren, James, coach painter, 76 Liberty

Van Ness, John D., blacksmith, Schermerhorn Avenue

Van Ness, Richard, 225 State

Van Olinda, Peter, 16 College

Van Patten, Henry P., shoemaker, 21 Water

Van Patten, John J., harness-maker, 10 College

Van Santvoord, Adrian, shoe store, 40 State, residence 38 Union

Van Santvoord, Cornelius, 35 Washington

Van Santvoord, John, attorney, 31 State, residence 38 Union

Van Schaick, (no name), widow of Sybrant, 36 Ferry

Van Schaick, Harman, constable, Rotterdam

Van Schaick, Yates, 36 Ferry

Van Sice, Andrew, blacksmith, 170 Union

Van Sice, James, shoemaker, 5 Yates

Van Slyck, Abraham, 35 Maiden-lane

Van Slyck, Ahasuerus, 39 Maiden-lane

Van Slyck, Jacob, grocer, 93 Ferry, residence 9 Yates

Van Slyck, Maria, widow, 25 Green

Van Slyck, Nicholas, 17 Maiden-lane

Van Vechten, Jacob, Rev., 25 Union

Van Vleck, John, 39 Jay

Van Volkenburgh, (no name), mason, 96 Union

Van Volkenburgh, Sarah, widow, 205 State

Van Vorst, Abraham A., merchant, 57 State, residence 25 Liberty [See also]

Van Vorst, Ann, widow, 39 Jay

Van Vorst, Giles, mason, 104 Liberty

Van Vorst, James B., attorney, 125 State, residence 101 Union

Van Vorst, James E., tailor, 37 Ferry

Van Vorst, John, carpenter, 101 Union

Van Vorst, John, 71 Front

Van Vorst, John J., collector, 3d ward, Fonda

Van Vorst, Mary, widow, 51 Front

Van Vranken, (no name), widow of William L., 80 State

Van Vranken, (no name), widow, 59 Front

Van Vranken, Gerrit, superintendent of streets, 118 Union

Van Vranken, Jacob, 35 Union

Van Vranken, Nicholas, merchant, 51 State [See also]

Van Vranken, Nicholas, Franklin

Van Vranken, Rebecca, 59 Front

Van Vranken, Richard, wagon maker, 99 Liberty

Van Vranken, Richard, wagon maker, 17 Rotterdam

Van Vranken, William, tailor, 83 State [See also]

Van Woert, Henry, carpenter, 49 Ferry

Van Zandt, David G., coach maker, Bowery

Van Zandt, Gerrit G., constable, Fonda

Van Zandt, Gilbert G., shoemaker, 115 Union

Vedder, (no name), widow of Nicholas, 14 Rotterdam

Vedder, (no name), widow of Jacob, 46 Front

Vedder, Aaron, Cotton factory

Vedder, Abraham, carpenter, 47 Jay

Vedder, Albert A., justice of the peace, 68 Ferry, residence 74 Ferry

Vedder, Alexander, carpenter, 86 Liberty

Vedder, Alexander M., Dr., 75 Ferry, residence 67 Front [See also]

Vedder, Banker, civil engineer, office Colonnade, residence 22 Green

Vedder, Benjamin V. S., grocer, 76 Ferry

Vedder, Daniel & Co., shoe store, 26 State [See also]

Vedder, Elihu, dentist, 12 College

Vedder, John, Cotton factory

Vedder, John, carpenter, 69 State

Vedder, John I., blacksmith, 21 Canal

Vedder, Nicholas A., carpenter, 67 Front

Vedder, Peter, carpenter, Monroe

Vedder, Sarah, carpet weaver, 27 Green

Vedder, Simon V., merchant, 61 State, residence 67 Front [See also]

Vedder, Volkert, Church continued

Veeder, (no name), widow of Peter, 34 Washington

Venables, T. C., dyer, 62 Washington

Vibbard, Chauncey, clerk, Rail Road office, office 149 State, residence 70 Maiden-lane

Vredenburgh, (no name), Miss, dress maker, 59 Union

Vrooman, Jacob J., blacksmith, 44 Ferry

Vrooman, (no name), widow of John S., 48 Liberty

Vrooman, Helen, 43 Jay

Vrooman, Jacob J., 46 Ferry

Vrooman, John, 30 Liberty

Vrooman, Joseph H., shoemaker, 30 Maiden-lane


Wager, Ambrose, 114 State

Waggoner, George, innkeeper, 7 State

Waggoner, George Jr., shoemaker, 5 State

Waggoner, Jacob, shoemaker, 35 Ferry

Wakeman, Benjamin, 159 State

Waldron, Henry, tailor, 95 Liberty

Walker, (no name), Miss, milliner, 60 State

Walker, Corbert, 108 State

Walker, James, merchant, 106 State, residence 108 State [See also]

Walker, James Jr., merchant, 102 State, residence 78 Liberty

Walker, Thomas L., 108 State

Wall, Stephen B., 23 Maiden-lane

Walrath, Henry, tailor, 179 State

Walsh, James, Librarian, Young Men's Association, 127 State

Waltemire, Jacob M., grocer, 187 State [See also]

Walton, (no name), widow of Jonathan, 43 Union

Walton, Alida, Mrs., 18 Ferry

Walton, Edward H., 43 Union

Walton, Horatio Nelson, 43 Union

Walton, William B., Cashier, Mohawk Bank, residence 7 Church

Ward, Able, keeper, alms house, no address given

Ward, Albert, grocer, Rotterdam

Ward, Christopher, miller, Maiden-lane

Ward, Elizabeth, widow, 17 Green

Ward, Harvey L., coach maker, 162 State, residence 65 Maiden-lane [See also]

Ward, Jabez, Police Justice, 145 State, residence Bowery

Ward, Richard F., coach maker, 65 Maiden-lane

Warner, Addison M., shoemaker, 36 Ferry

Washington Hall, 127 State

Watson, James, 121 Union

Webb, James, 11 Governor's lane

Webster, John, 80 Ferry

Weed, Harvey, collector, rail road, 36 Maiden-lane

Welch, Peter, pedler, 97 Liberty

Wells, Joel, 95 Liberty

Wendell, Henry, farmer, Troy turnpike

Wendell, Jacob L., carpenter, 103 Union

Wendell, John, Globe Recess, 30 Pine

Wendell, Matthew L., carpenter, 239 State

Wendell, Robert H., Troy turnpike

Wendell, Robert H. L., 147 State

West, Jacob, sexton, Episcopal Church, 33 Ferry

Wheeler, (no name), widow, 50 Union

Wheeler, Edward H., Dr., 19 Liberty, residence 50 Union

Whipple, David, blacksmith, 50 Front

White, Andrew, cooper, 11 Water

White, Ann, widow, 16 Maiden-lane

White, Isaac K., segar maker, 87 Ferry [See also]

White, Joseph, shoemaker, 23 Front

White, William K., 23 Front

Whitesides, Phineas, keeper, Rail Road House, 159 State [See also]

Wicks, John, engineer, 83 Front

Wickwire, (no name), Miss, tailoress, 133 1/2 Union

Wickwire, Isaac, mason, 133 1/2 Union

Wilds, David F., shoemaker, 61 Front

Wilkeson, Isaac, 40 Union

Wilkie, David W., hatter, 67 Liberty

Wilkie, Jacob I., carpenter, 67 Liberty

Wilkie, Mary, widow, 51 Maiden-lane

Willard, Benjamin, innkeeper, 30 Washington

Williams, Catharine, 60 Liberty

Williams, Frederick, Schermerhorn Avenue

Williams, William, carpenter, 52 Jay

Willis, John, stone mason, 63 Front

Wimple, Myndert M. R., grocer, 12 Dock, residence Barret

Wimple, Peter, carpenter, 28 Front

Wimple, Peter P., carpenter, 32 Lafayette

Wimple, Walter V., 32 Lafayette

Winne, Gerret W., cabinet maker, 124 Union

Winne, Giles, shoemaker, 35 Union

Winne, Nathaniel, blacksmith, 96 Ferry

Wise, James, umbrella maker, 201 State

Wolf, Henry, shoemaker, 32 Maiden-lane

Wolf & Deforest, shoe store, 59 State

Worden, (no name), Mrs., milliner, 52 State

Wright, Richard P. G., hair dresser, 2 Canal, residence 84 Ferry [See also]


Xavier, John, dressing room, curl and perfumery store, 92 State, residence 136 State (City Hotel) [See also]


Yates, (no name), widow of Joseph C., 17 Front

Yates, Andrew, Rev., 22 Front

Yates, Giles, 57 Front

Yates, Giles F., attorney, 57 Front

Yates, Henry C., 8 Church

Yates, Isaac G., 3 Church

Yates, Isaac I., 2 Union

Yates, John Austin, Rev., Professor, Union College

Yates, John I., 173 State

Yates, Nicholas, cabinet maker, 19 Washington

Yates, Rebecca, widow, 3 Church

Yates & Tupper, flour store, 150 State

Young, Andrew, blacksmith, 26 Pine

Young, Daniel D., watch maker, 110 State, 72 Liberty

Young, David, 2 Maiden-lane

Young, William C., Superintendent, U. Railroad, 149 State

Young Men's Association, 127 State


Zeba, Gilbert, agent, rail road, 160 State

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