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General Electric History: Schenectady Works Welcomes You! Souvenir Booklet

Showing pictures of some typical manufacturing operations, with some facts about the Schenectady Works

[Schenectady Works Welcomes You! is a tourist booklet published by General Electric in 1949. Full size images of each page are reproduced here, and the photographs are available individually at original and enlarged sizes.]

[Front cover - 1x | 4x]

[Back cover with map of plant - 1x | 4x]

[Full page view of page 2 - 1x | 4x] (includes a 1928 Thomas Edison commemorative plaque and an aerial view of the plant)

[Full page view of page 3 - 1x | 4x]

Welcome to Schenectady Works

I am happy to welcome you to the Schenectady Works. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and that you will see many things of interest during your tour through the Plant.

The Works is open to visitors during daytime hours of working days, in order to enable the citizens of this and other communities to visit our Plant and observe the wide variety of products manufactured. Here, in more than 240 buildings, men and women manufacture great steam turbines and waterwheel generators for power stations; motors and generators for operation of factories and propulsion of ships.

They also make special products; wire and cable; control equipment and industrial devices; porcelain products, and many other types of electrical apparatus. Our products are sent to every corner of the globe and have done much to lighten the burden of man and improve standards of living.

The Schenectady Works covers so much ground that you may be able to visit only a few of its many buildings in the time at your disposal. As a supplement to this visit, you may find this "Souvenir Booklet" also interesting.

At any time during your tour, if you have any question concerning the Plant, its equipment or employees, please feel free to ask your guide or ask at the Reception Room at the Main Gate.

We sincerely hope that after your visit you will share our pride in the fine products we make and the part they play in our constantly improving economic and industrial life. We hope you leave the Plant with a better realization that our many activities have the common goal of creating "More Goods for More People at Less Cost."

[signed, but illegible] MANAGER, SCHENECTADY WORKS

6General Engineering and Consulting Laboratory
7Chemical Department
8Construction Materials Department
9Electronics Department
10-11Large Motor and Generator Divisions
12-13Small and Medium Motor Division
14-15Control Division
16Industrial Heating Division
17Foundries, Forge and Pattern Division
18-19Turbine Division
20Works Laboratory
21Apprentice Training Division
22Punching, Tool and Die Division
23Screw Machine Products Division, Tool and Gage Service
24Shipping, Boxmaking and Cabinet Divisions
25Porcelain Manufacturing Division
26Wire Manufacturing Division
27Works Transportation Division
28Power, Heat and Light, Grounds and Buildings Divisions
29Fire Station and Patrol Division
30Personnel Employment, Works Hospital, Employee Service
31Employees' Store, G.E. Athletic Association, G.E. Quarter Century Club, Pension Plan

[Back cover with map of plant - 1x | 4x]

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