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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1678-1681 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Speed family in America descend from James, son of Dr. John Speed, of Southampton, England, where James was born September 28, 1679. He settled in Virginia in 1695 and became a wealthy planter. He married, 1711, Mary Putley and had four sons: James, John, William T. and Thomas. Branches of the family settled in New York state, in Tompkins and Columbia counties. The line in the Hudson Valley begins with Richard Speed, a farmer of Columbia county, New York, who married and had issue.

(II) Abraham, son of Richard Speed, was born in Columbia county, New York, 1814, died in West Ghent, same county, 1885. He learned the carpenter's trade and became a well-known builder and contractor of the county. He was an elder of the Dutch Reformed church, and a Republican in politics. He married Caty Snyder Smith and had issue.

(III) Sylvanus, son of Abraham and Caty Snyder (Smith) Speed, was born in town of Ghent, Columbia county, New York, May 13, 1839, died there January 31, 1879. He was educated in the public schools, and learned the trade of builder with his father, continuing in business with him until his death. He was a deacon of the Dutch Reformed church, and a Republican in politics. He married, October 18, 1860, at Ghent, Jane Helen Leggett, born March 10, 1836, died January 28, 1906, at Hudson, New York, daughter of William Leggett (see Leggett III). Children: William Leggett and Harry S., of further mention.

(IV) William Leggett, son of Sylvanus and Jane Helen (Leggett) Speed, was born in town of Chatham, Columbia county, New York, May 2, 1862. He was educated in the public schools, and is now engaged in a hardware and carriage business in Hudson. He is a member of the Dutch Reformed church, and a Republican in politics. He married, August 13, 1885, Augusta, daughter of Dr. Charles W. Hinsdale, born in Claverack, New York, May 2, 1828, died April 19, 1887, at Hudson, a druggist and physician; married Amelia Harnes Shepherd. Dr. Charles W. Hinsdale was the son of Dr. Stephen Hinsdale, of Claverack town, who married Eliza Cain. Amelia Harnes Shepherd was the daughter of Abraham and Margaret J. Sheperd, the latter a daughter of Robert and Sally Rorick, and granddaughter of Gasper Rorick, who fought in the revolutionary war.

(IV) Harry Sargent, son of Sylvanus and Jane Helen (Leggett) Speed, was born in West Ghent, Columbia county, New York, August 26, 1864. He was educated in the public schools, and began his business career as clerk in a shoe store in Hudson. In 1889 he established in business for himself as retail shoe merchant and as such still continues (1911). He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, July 25, 1888, Emma, born in Hudson, New York, October 13, 1865, daughter of Francis Henry Bagley; died at Hudson, October 20, 1902 (see Bagley IV). Child,

  1. Sherwood Bagley, born October 8, 1891; now a student at Williston Seminary, class of 1911.

(The Leggett Line)

Jane Helen Leggett, wife of Sylvanus Speed, was a great-granddaughter of Jacobus Leggett, of Ghent, born 1729, died 1785; married, 1769, Catherine Reyne (or Peyne).

(II) John, son of Jacobus and Catherine Leggett, was born in town of Ghent, Columbia county. New York; married, February 12, 1795, Mary Van Alstyne, born January 6, 1771, at Ghent, died there, April 15, 1863. Children:

  1. Catherine, born November 9, 1795;
  2. James, November 18, 1797;
  3. Maria, November 30, 1799;
  4. Bertha, February 3, 1805;
  5. William, of further mention.

(III) William, son of John and Mary (Van Alstyne) Leggett, was born in Ghent, September 9, 1811, died there in the same house in which he was born, March 17, 1874. He was a farmer, elder of the Dutch Reformed church of Claverack, and a Democrat in politics. He married, October 28, 1833, Emily Augusta Sargent, born at West Boylston, Massachusetts, June 13, 1813, died at Hudson, New York, August 13, 1885. Children:

  1. Mary Persis, died in infancy.
  2. Jane Helen, born March 10, 1836; married Sylvanus Speed (see Speed III).
  3. Julia Harriet, twin of Jane Helen, died March 25, 186—; married, June 19, 1856, Robert Lapham; children: Mary Augusta and Walter.
  4. John, born March 27, 1838, died aged eight years.
  5. Frazier, died in infancy.
  6. Mary Catherine.
  7. Persis Ann.
  8. Charles Frazier, born August 27, 1845; now living in Brooklyn, New York; married Helen A. Ferguson, October 25, 1870; child, William Ferguson.
  9. William James, born October 12, 1848; now of Chatham, New York.
  10. Georgiana, died in infancy.

(The Bagley Line)

The earliest Bagley given in [James] Savage's "Genealogical Dictionary," is John Bagley, of Saybrook, Connecticut, 1637.

Orlando Bagley, of Salisbury (perhaps son of John Bagley), married, March 6, 1654, Sarah, daughter of Anthony Colby; both were living in 1662 and both died in 1700. Children:

  1. Orlando, of further mention;
  2. Sarah, married April 5, 1681, John Mack.

Orlando (2), son of Orlando (1) and Sarah (Colby) Bagley, married (first) December 22, 1681, Sarah, daughter of William Sargent; she died October 3, 1701; married (second), 1704, Sarah Annis. He was made a freeman in 1690; constable in 1692. Children: Orlando (3), Sarah, John, Jacob, Judith, Joseph, Benjamin, Anne, Hannah. From this branch, the family in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other New England states must have come. The first ancestor of whom we have authentic information was Luther Bagley, of Providence, Rhode Island, although a great many Bagleys served in the revolution from different parts of Massachusetts and other colonies.

(I) Luther Bagley, born about 1775 in Providence, Rhode Island, was a marble cutter and dealt in monuments; was justice of the peace; prominent in the Masonic order. He married Sarah Baker.

(II) John, son of Luther and Sarah (Baker) Bagley, was born in Providence, Rhode Island, September 9, 1806. He married Clementine Nye, born October 11, 1808, died 1888, daughter of Moses and Chloe (Gifford) Nye. Chloe Gifford was daughter of David and Temperance (Dimmock) Gifford, of Falmouth, Massachusetts. Moses Nye, born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, 1774, died there November 16, 1869, was son of Lemuel, born January 29, 1741, died before 1797, married, February 7, 1774, Mary, daughter of David and Thankful (Hatch) Dimmick. Lemuel was the son of Meletiah (2) Nye, born in Falmouth, Massachusetts, April 13, 1719, died in Pocassett, Massachusetts, December 23, 1777, married, December 18, 1740, Ruth, daughter of Moses and Mary Swift. Meletiah (2) was the son of Meletiah (1) Nye, born in Falmouth, Massachusetts, 1682, died there 1749; married (first), December 11, 1712, Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Hatch) Wing. She was the mother of all his children and died 1734. Meletiah (1) Nye was the son of Ebenezer Nye; married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Gibbs. He was selectman of Falmouth, 1705-06; died, 1734, according to town records; family records say 1744. Ebenezer was the son of Benjamin Nye, the American ancestor; born at Bidlenden, Kent, England, May 4, 1620, son of Thomas and Agnes Nye. Benjamin Nye came to America in the ship "Abigail" to Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1635, with Edmund Freeman's company. In 1636 he removed to Sandwich, Massachusetts, where he built both saw and fulling mills. In 1661 he was constable and juryman. In 1673 he was again chosen constable. He married Katherine, daughter of Rev. Thomas Tupper, October 19, 1640.

(III) Francis Henry, son of John and Clementine (Nye) Bagley, was born at Hudson, New York, October 26, 1830, died there, October 20, 1902. He was connected with the New York Central railroad; Democrat in politics; member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, at Athens, New York, January 26, 1853, Phoebe Ann Van Hoesen, born March 1, 1833, died December 15, 1891.

(IV) Emma, daughter of Francis Henry and Phoebe Ann (Van Hoesen) Bagley, was born in Hudson; married, July 25, 1888, Harry Sargent Speed (see Speed IV).

(The Van Hoesen Line)

In 1645, Jans Frause Van Hussuen, with his wife, Volkie Jurrianse, and son Jurrian, came to America and settled at Fort Orange and Beverwyck (now Albany), where he purchased land. His principal purchase was that of Claverack land, made June 5, 1662, of several hundred acres, including the site on which the city of Hudson now stands. It was bought for the sum of five hundred guilders, in beavers. The land was owned by two Indians, Parnetepiet and Tatan Kenaut; the sale was confirmed June 11, all the signatures being made with signs or marks. He died about 1667 and letters of administration were issued to his son Jurrian, August 2, 1703. Jurrian, eldest son of Jans Frause, by the laws of primogeniture became seized of the land, but an amiable petition was made by which he conveyed the lands adjoining the Hudson river, southerly of the ferry, to his brother Johannes, and notherly to his brother-in-law, Francis Harding, and wife Catherine and brother, Jacob Jans Van Hoesen. The deed was executed January 7, 1704, and recorded in Albany. Children of Jans Frause Van Hussuen:

  1. Jurrian;
  2. Jacob Jans;
  3. Anna, married Laykas Gerrites;
  4. Styntie, married Fan Tys Goes;
  5. Maria, married Hendrick Cocuraltse;
  6. Catherine, married Frank Harding;
  7. Johannes;
  8. Volkert.

(II) Jacob Jans Van Hoesen, son of Jans Frause and Volkie (Jurrianse) Van Hussuen, was a freeholder in Claverack in 1720. He married Judith Cleaum. Children:

  1. Francis;
  2. Jan or Jan Jacob;
  3. Elsie, twin of Jan, born February 12, 1696.

(III) Francis, son of Jacob Jans and Judith (Cleaum) Van Hoesen, married Martije [Maritje?] Van De Kar, widow of Garret Van Hoesen, in 1739. One child.

(IV) Jacob F., son of Francis and Martije [Maritje?] (Van De Kar) (Van Hoesen) Van Hoesen, was born February 13, 1740, died November 14, 1819; married Rachel, born December 5, 1738, died 1796, daughter of Jan Casper and Hendriske Van Hoesen. Children:

  1. Casper, born June 23, 1768;
  2. Maria, March 31, 1770, died March 7, 1790;
  3. Francis, August 9, 1772, died February 20, 1847.

(V) Casper, son of Jacob F. and Rachel (Van Hoesen) Van Hoesen, was born June 23, 1768, died January 5, 1855. He married Elsie Clow, died February 7, 1829. Children:

  1. Rachel, born December 4, 1790, died August 30, 1832;
  2. Jacob C., October 29, 1794;
  3. Garret, September 5, 1798;
  4. John, March 24, 1800;
  5. Isaac, September 10, 1802.

(VI) Jacob C., son of Casper and Elsie (Clow) Van Hoesen, was born October 29, 1794. died August 30, 1832; married, October 28, 1826, Sophia Van Dyke, born December 28, 1790, died July 13, 1857. Children:

  1. John, born November, 1827, died August 3, 1830;
  2. Catherine, October, 1829, died August, 1830;
  3. Catherine Sophia, June 31 [sic], 1831, died January 29, 1832;
  4. Phoebe Ann.

(VII) Phoebe Ann, daughter of Jacob C. and Sophia (Van Dyke) Van Hoesen, was born March 1, 1833; married, January 26, 1853, Francis H. Bagley (see Bagley III). Child, Emma.

(VIII) Emma, daughter of Francis H. and Phoebe Ann (Van Hoesen) Bagley, born September 13, 1864, married Harry Sargent Speed (see Speed IV).

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