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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1677-1678 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Gordon family is doubtless of Norman origin, but was prominent in Scotland before the year 1150. No Scotch surname is more honored and perhaps none more widely known. The family is found as early as 1150 in Aberdeenshire, Kirkcidbrightshire, Banffshire, Berwickshire, Sutherlandshire and in other counties of Scotland. The family possess the dukedom and marquisate of Gordon and Huntley; earldoms of Aberdeen, Aboyne, Eozie, Huntley, Moray; viscounties of Formartine, Inverness, Kenmore, Meldrum; lordships of Badenoch, etc., Haddo, etc., Lochinvar, Strathaven, etc. Various branches bear coats-of-arms. A branch of the family went to Scotland about 1610 when Ulster was settled by the Scotch Presbyterians by order of King James, and many of the American Gordons descend from this branch.

Before the revolution the family was numerous in New York state. The New York revolutionary rolls show that Abraham, Charles, Robert, Alexander, Cornelius, Lieutenant-Colonel James, Joseph and William Gordon were in the service. Doubtless there were others. Joseph, Charles and Robert were of Albany county.

Charleston was part of the old town of Mohawk, and was incorporated in 1793. According to the town history, Ezra Gordon was one of the numerous New England settlers who came there directly after the revolution. The county of Montgomery was set off from Albany county in 1773 and called Tryon county until the close of the revolution. In 1790 there were several heads of families, according to the first federal census, in Montgomery county. In Mohawk we find Joseph Gordon with three males under sixteen and four females in his family; Timothy Gordon, with three males under sixteen and four females. Evidently they were of about the same age and born not earlier than 1750. Mary Gordon lived at German Flats and William at Harpersfield, in the same county. An older man, James Gordon, was living in 1790 in Ballstown, Albany county, and had in his family four males over sixteen, two under sixteen and four females. Ezekiel Gordon, mentioned below, was a son of James Gordon, and afterwards moved from Albany county to Montgomery county. James Gordon, also of Ballstown, had a family, and was the son of the James Gordon mentioned heretofore. Ezekiel Gordon was born about 1773-80. He settled in Charleston Four Corners in what is now the town of Root, Montgomery county, and followed farming. It is more than likely that his family was Scotch-Irish coming with a flood of emigrants before the revolution to New England and New York. He was a member of the Christian church in later life, and a Whig in politics. Children: David, mentioned below; James Schuyler and Peter.

(II) David, son of Ezekiel Gordon, was born in Montgomery county, about 1800. He was educated in the district schools, and was a farmer. He was a deputy sheriff of Montgomery county, 1838-40. He was an expert cheese-maker, and used to travel from town to town in following this trade. He was a member of the Christian church, and a Whig in politics. His home was at Brown's Hollow, Montgomery county. He married Lydia Hoag. Children:

  1. Frank, married Henrietta Davis; children: Luella, married William Allen; Hattie; Horace.
  2. William James, mentioned below.
  3. Burton, married Ellen Zoller, children: Florence and Helene.
  4. Mary, married Edward Clark; children: Eugenia and Hattie Clark.

(III) William James, son of David Gordon, was born in Montgomery county, August 29, 1835, died at Johnstown, New York, February 13, 1907. He attended the district schools of Browns Hollow, his native village. When a young man he engaged in the trade of cheese-making, and also learned the trade of miller in a grist mill at Browns Hollow. He then moved to the town of Carlisle, Schoharie county, and followed the occupation of miller until shortly before his death, when he sold his mill and business and retired. He was interested in town affairs and held the office of commissioner of highways. He belonged to the Christian church. In early life he was a Whig, afterward a Republican. He married, in March, 1863, Emma, born March 13, 1843, daughter of John and Maria Tymeson, whose children were:

  1. Henry;
  2. Jay;
  3. Norman, married Mary Heagle and had Cora, Maud, and Leslie Tymeson;
  4. Charles;
  5. Cornelius;
  6. John;
  7. Emma;
  8. Jane, married Samuel Reynolds, of Racine, Wisconsin, and had a son, Jay Reynolds.

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon:

  1. Edgar D., mentioned below;
  2. William J., Jr., born November 27, 1869, married, October 11, 1904, Elda Hutton.

(IV) Edgar D., son of William James Gordon, was born at Browns Hollow, Montgomery county, May 17, 1865. He attended the public schools of his native town, and afterwards for a period of six years was clerk in a general store at Ames, Montgomery county, New York. In 1890 he came to Johnstown, New York, and for eighteen years was in charge of the bookmaking of the firm of J. H. Decker & Son & Company. He has held many offices of trust and honor. He was for four years water commissioner of Johnstown; in 1905 he was alderman-at-large for four months, and mayor the remainder of the year; in 1907 he was elected county clerk of Fulton county and took office January 1, 1908; he served three years, and in 1910 was reëlected for a second term of three years. He is a member of Knights of Pythias; Oliver Company, Uniformed Rank of Knights of Pythias, and Grand Orient; Royal Arcanum; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Acorn Rebecca Lodge; Council of the Order of United American Mechanics, in which he has held all the offices and has been state councillor. He is a member of the Lotus club and the Board of Trade. In religion he is a Baptist and is trustee of the society. In politics he is a Republican. He married, November 21, 1886, Mina D., born April 9, 1867, daughter of Samuel and Marion (Dingman) Collins, granddaughter of James and Charlotte K. (Geantier) Collins, also granddaughter of John A. and Electa E. (Goodemote) Dingman, father and mother of Marion (Dingman) Collins. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Collins:

  1. Ella, married (first) Phillip Conrad and had son Sherman Conrad; married (second) Smith Fay, and had son Theron Fay.
  2. Mina, married Edgar D. Gordon, mentioned above.
  3. Elizabeth, married Theron Sipperly.
  4. Lottie, married Charles Ives.
  5. Merritt, married Lulu Van Kie.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon have one child,

  1. Merritt W., born October 23, 1895.

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