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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1645-1646 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The date of this particular branch of the Smith family in Montgomery county, New York, is somewhat obscure, but taking the facts as known, 1780 approximates the year of the migration of Charles Smith from New Jersey, where he was born about 1760. He was married about this time, and it was a very young bride who helped him make a home in the then wilderness of southern Glen. But the farm was cleared and the home established which they occupied during their joint lives. He married, either in New Jersey or soon after his coming to New York, Anna Dingman, born 1765, died in Glen, 1844. The ancestors of both Charles Smith and Anna Dingman were Dutch, and settled in America at a very early date. Children:

  1. Polly, married Frank Perrine;
  2. Gertrude, married John Davis;
  3. John Andrew, died young;
  4. George A.

(II) George A., son of Charles and Anna (Dingman) Smith, was born in Glen, Montgomery county, New York, April 20, 1793, died August 18, 1879. He was reared, passed his life and died on the original homestead farm cleared by his father. He married, in Glen, May 20, 1822, Elizabeth Bellows, born in that town, April 27, 1804, died January 9, 1889. Both are buried in Glen cemetery. Children:

  1. Andrew S., see forward.
  2. Eliza Jane, born December 9, 1824; married, January 10, 1843, Priest Rider, born May 17, 1817, died March 9, 1876; she survives her husband and is still a resident (1909) of Glen, physically and mentally bright and quite active; child,
    1. Howard L. Rider, married Della Rider and has Groot T. and Jennie.
  3. Harriet, born December 10, 1841; married Winslow Dievenpeck, a farmer of Glen, born April 14, 1837, died May 22, 1870, son of Cornelius and Margaret (Van Wormer) Dievenpeck, early settlers of Glen, where they died, leaving children: Ann, Susan, Mary, Caroline, Sarah, Margaret, Abram, Isaac and Winslow; all grew to maturity but Mary, who died young; and all married but Sarah, who resides in Glen.

Children of Winslow and Harriet (Smith) Dievenpeck:

  1. Flora V., died in infancy;
  2. Smith, born February 5, 1862, died January 18, 1894; married Minnie ————, now deceased, leaving Merwin Dievenpeck, born November 30, 1890;
  3. Ivy, born February 5, 1865, married John Becker, and has Newell Becker, born December, 1907;
  4. Melissa, born July 10, 1866, married Jerome Brown, born July 18, 1856, has
    1. Jay Brown, born May 24, 1884;
    2. May Brown, born October 31, 1885, and
    3. Smith Brown, born December 1, 1888.

(III) Andrew S., only son of George A. and Elizabeth (Bellows) Smith, was born in Glen, June 9, 1823, died at the home of his daughter in Mohawk, Montgomery county, New York, September 30, 1905. He was a farmer. He married, in Glen, January 10, 1843, Ruth, born in Princetown, New York, April 1, 1826, died in Glen, August 6, 1893, daughter of Lewis and Nancy (Van) Rider, of Sharon, Schoharie county, New York. Children:

  1. Eliza J. (Jennie), born November 23, 1845; married Milan Pierce, a veteran of the One Hundred and Fifty-third Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry; served through the war of the rebellion, now resides at Fort Hunter, New York; children: Adelbert, Fanny, Ruth, Charles, William, Andrew B. Hunter.
  2. George H., see forward.

(IV) George H., only son of Andrew S. and Ruth (Rider) Smith, was born in Glen, Montgomery county, New York, September 19, 1848. He is one of the substantial farmers of Glen, living near Auriesville. He is a Democrat politically, and a member of the Reformed church. He married, February 17, 1875, Ada, born in Glen, March 25, 1855, daughter of Isaac N., born June 7, 1802, died March 20, 1882, and his second wife, Elizabeth (Miller) Quackenbush. This is one of the oldest families of this section of the Mohawk Valley. Isaac N. was a son of Nicholas Quackenbush, who was born December 9, 1750, on his father's farm along the banks of the Mohawk east of what is now Fultonville. His father came into the town about 1740, built a log cabin along the Indian trail near the river, and literally wrested a farm from the wilderness surrounding him. After generations made further improvements and the place is still known as the Quackenbush farm. Nicholas Quackenbush (son of the pioneer) married, April 17, 1777, Helen Collyer, born May 19, 1761, died June 14, 1843; among their children was Isaac N., who married (first) March 18, 1823, Mary Turnbull, born August 10, 1805, died January 1, 1842. Children:

  1. Nancy C., born July 18, 1824, died aged seventy-seven, unmarried.
  2. Peter, born December 10, 1825, died in childhood.
  3. George W., March 18, 1829, died February 22, 1907.

Isaac N. Quackenbush married (second) Elizabeth Miller, born June 19, 1822, died October 28, 1902. Children:

  1. Mary, born March 15, 1849, married James F. Polhamus, of Auriesville, New York; no issue.
  2. Ada, married George H. Smith. Children:
    1. Jay, born December 9, 1875, died January, 1876.
    2. Ruth E., August 24, 1877; married Daniel Argersinger, of Amsterdam, and has
      1. George Giles, born November 2, 1908.
    3. Blanche, September 19, 1881, died February 22, 1882.
    4. Charles Q., see forward.
    5. Milton, July 29, 1898.

(V) Charles Q., son of George H. and Ada (Quackenbush) Smith, was born July 1, 1884. He completed his education in the public schools and decided on agriculture as his life work. He is the owner of a good farm of one hundred and twenty-five acres, not far from Glen Village, and is one of the prosperous, ambitious and progressive young farmers of the section. He is a Democrat politically, and a member of the Reformed church. He married, June 28, 1905, in Glen, Laura, born January 5, 1886, daughter of Jacob Clement.

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