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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1644-1645 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family now in the second American generation is native to the town of Minden, Westphalia, Empire of Germany. Through intermarriage, however, they are connected with one of the old revolutionary families of the Mohawk Valley. Dutch and German blood in that section has intermingled with that of other nations and produced a race of men and women in which the essentially Teutonic traits, thrift and frugality, predominate. The first of this family to come to America was Christian Buhrmaster, who descended from a long line of German ancestors, hardy farmers of the former kingdom of Westphalia, now a constituent part of the German Empire.

(I) Frederick Buhrmaster was born on his father's farm in the town of Minden, Westphalia, Prussia, in the year 1820, died there in 1907. He followed the usual family vocation, farming, all his life. He married a girl of the same province, Caroline, born about 1830, died in 1899, daughter of Frederick Bartling, a worthy man, and like the Buhrmasters a faithful member of the Lutheran church. Besides his daughter Caroline he was the father of Frederick Bartling and other children, one of whom survives, 1909, a resident of Minden. Frederick Buhrmaster and his wife were the parents of six children:

  1. Frederick (2), who came to the United States, settled in Amsterdam, New York, where he married Carrie Shumyer; children: Anna, Frederick (3), Edward and Henry.
  2. Mary, married a farmer of her native town, where they reside.
  3. Henry, who also came to the United States, settled in the town of Florida, Montgomery county, New York; married Sophia Shumyer; children: Charles, Emma, Lena, Mattie.
  4. Christian F., see forward.
  5. Charles, a farmer of Minden, living on the Buhrmaster homestead; married, and has a family.
  6. Sophia, resides in Minden with her brother Charles; unmarried.

(II) Christian F., fourth child of Frederick and Caroline (Bartling) Buhrmaster, was born in Minden, Westphalia, Prussia, December 9, 1864. He received the customary education of the German public schools which fairly equipped him for life's battle in the far-away land to which he emigrated in the year 1882. He sailed from Bremen on the steamship "Elba," and landed in New York City in April of that year. He did not long remain there, but soon is found in Montgomery county, where he worked at farming, the occupation he had followed in Westphalia. He was then just past sixteen years of age. He possessed those two essentials to success, industry and thrift. After years of effort and frugality he became, by purchase, the owner of two hundred acres of land in the town of Florida, part of an historical estate near Scotchbush. He has since resided on this farm, which he has greatly improved. He is interested particularly in fine stock breeding, although the products of his farm are of the usual character general in the neighborhood. He is a Presbyterian in religion, and a Democrat in politics. He married, in Florida, December 24, 1893, Emma Jane Hutton, born there September 1, 1873. She descends from an old Columbia county family that settled in Montgomery county about the year 1800 (see forward). Children of Christian F. and Emma J. (Hutton) Buhrmaster:

  1. Roy H., born June 15, 1895, and
  2. C. W. Fay, born November 4, 1897.

Mrs. Buhrmaster is also a member of the Presbyterian church.

(The Hutton Line)

Mrs. Christian F. Buhrmaster (Emma Jane Hutton) descends from Christopher Hutton, born in Columbia county, New York, about 1750. He removed to Troy, New York. He enlisted in the revolutionary army and served also on the Troy committee of safety. He married and had issue.

(II) Timothy, son of Christopher Hutton, was born at Bed Rock, Columbia county, New York, about 1780, died in Montgomery county, August 11, 1862. He settled in the town of Glen, Montgomery county, about 1800. This was before his marriage. He married Mary Onderkirk, born in the village of Curry, town of Root. They had issue.

(III) John V., son of Timothy and Mary (Onderkirk) Hutton, was born in the town of Florida, Montgomery county, March 29, 1815. He married Mary Jane Voorhees, of Cherry Valley, Otsego county, New York, born in 1824, died in Florida in January, 1890, daughter of John and Mary (Francisco) Voorhees, of Dutch and French ancestry. Mary Francisco was a niece of General Rowland, of revolutionary fame. John V. and Mary Jane (Voorhees) Hutton were the parents of James.

(IV) James, son of John V. and Mary Jane (Voorhees) Hutton, was born September 3, 1848. He was a farmer of the town of Florida. He married Sarah, born in Florida, July 24, 1852, daughter of Isaac J. and Catherine (Lingenfelter) De Graff, of that noted Mohawk Valley family. Children:

  1. Emma Jane, wife of Christian F. Buhrmaster (see Buhrmaster II).
  2. John, married May Dougall.
  3. Elbert J., born September 8, 1886, died June 7, 1909; he enlisted in the United States regular army, Sixth Infantry Regiment; he had an unblemished military record and died suddenly at Fort Harrison, Montana.

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