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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1495-1497 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family settled in the Mohawk Valley about the middle of the eighteenth century. They are originally of German nativity, the American ancestor being Lawrence Shuler. He became possessed of a tract of six hundred and forty acres, part of the two thousand acres conveyed to Edward and Philip Harrison, known as the Harrison patent. The original survey was made in 1737 by Christopher Yates. From the Harrisons one Dubois, a wealthy man of New York City, purchased six hundred and forty acres. This purchase was the immediate cause of the emigration to America of Lawrence Shuler, the founder. Dubois died, and his widow having need of the services of an agent to look after her northern lands was led, through recommendation, to write to Lawrence Shuler in Germany, offering him the position. This was in 1767, and he was then probably about twenty-one. He was born in Luxemburg, Germany, and had received a good education and possessed good business ability. He accepted the offer and came to America and acted as Mrs. Dubois' agent in the management of her Florida lands. Their business acquaintance resulted in their marriage, and thus the estate passed into the Shuler name, where it remained for over one hundred and twenty-five years. The estate is situated one and a half miles east of Minaville, in one of the best and most beautiful parts of the town. No owner of the Shuler name has ever died upon the estate, it so happening that they were absent from home when their final hour came. Neither Lawrence Shuler nor his wife died there. Their children were: John, see forward; Jacob, Solomon, Lawrence (2), Elizabeth. Lawrence (1) Shuler married (second) Magdalena Servoss, who bore him Abraham and Sarah, and possibly others. Abraham died an old man, unmarried; Sarah married Cornelius Van Derveer, afterward accidentally killed, leaving a daughter Helena. The children of the first wife, all married and reared families. The estate was divided into smaller farms and each, at times, owned portions.

(II) John, son of Lawrence Shuler, the founder, and his wife (Mrs. Dubois), was born on the original homestead, November 12, 1769, died at Gasport, New York, at the age of eighty-nine years. He came into possession of the farm about 1790. He was a well-educated man, well known in public life. He was elected to the legislature, September 26, 1814, and re-elected in 1815. He was a friend of Alexander Hamilton, and acquainted with Aaron Burr. He was one of the invited guests of Governor Clinton at the exercises opening the Erie canal. He was a member of St. Patrick's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Johnstown, Fulton county, New York (then No. 1, now No. 4), the oldest English-speaking lodge in the state, organized by Sir William Johnson under a charter from the Grand Lodge of England. He was a Whig in politics, later a Republican, which was the political faith of the family. He married, in Florida, Hannah Buck, born in Canaan, Massachusetts, died in Ames, New York, at the age of seventy-five. Children:

  1. David Cady, married (first) Pervely Butler; (second) a Miss Nellis, both natives of Jefferson county, New York.
  2. Sarah, married Elijah Wilcox; they removed to Elgin, Illinois, where they died.
  3. Ransom, married Katherine Talmadge; they settled in Cumberland county, where they died.
  4. Daniel, see forward.
  5. Ann, married Louis Griffin; they were residents of Unadilla, New York, where they died.
  6. Jacob, a merchant, later a farmer; married (first) Katherine, daughter of the Reverend Colonel Matise; (second) Amelia Case; he died in Cortland county, aged fifty-six years.
  7. Cholett, lived to be one of the oldest inhabitants of Amsterdam; he was born May 20, 1807, on the Shuler estate; he married Ann Mallory; they are both buried in Green Hill cemetery, Amsterdam.
  8. Adeline, married Oliver Wilcox; they died at Gasport, Niagara county, New York.
  9. Lydia, married William Carlyle, M.D., of Elgin, Illinois.
  10. Caroline, married George A. Wolverton, of Albany.

(III) Daniel, fourth child of John and Hannah (Buck) Shuler, was born on the Shuler homestead in Florida, February 27, 1803, died February 17, 1882. He grew up on the farm, and adopted farming as his vocation. He married and settled in the same town, where he resided all his days. He married, in Florida, Katherine Van Derveer, who died July 26, 1874, at the age of sixty-nine, daughter of Henry Van Derveer. Children:

  1. Ann, born February 8, 1830, died March 4, 1904; she married Jacob Schuyler, born in 1829, died October 19, 1899.
  2. Freeman, see forward.
  3. Henry Van Derveer, born at the old homestead, June 3, 1842; he has resided all his life within the confines of the town, and for the past nine years has been employed in the "Brown" store at Minaville; he married Eveline Haver, born in 1852; she resides in California.

(IV) Freeman, second child and eldest son of Daniel and Katherine (Van Derveer) Shuler, was born on the homestead in Florida, New York, September 12, 1833, died at his home in the city of Amsterdam, New York, April 4, 1909. He was a successful farmer of Montgomery county, owning and operating, for many years, a farm east of Amsterdam, near the Mohawk river. He retired from active labor to a comfortable home in Amsterdam, where he passed in ease his latter days. He took an active part in town affairs, was assessor for ten years, and a leading member of the Dutch Reformed church. He stood high in his community, and was a man of unblemished character. He married, at the Young homestead, in Florida, in 1860, Mary A. Young, born in the town, May 17, 1838. She survives her husband and resides in Amsterdam (Port Jackson). She is a member of the Dutch Reformed church. Children:

  1. Carrie A., born August 2, 1863; married Zachariah Jacoby, born January 25, 1859; he has been many years a member of the New York National Guard, for which he wears a service medal; is an employee of the State, connected with the State armory, at Amsterdam.
  2. William H., see forward.
  3. Annie E., born May 10, 1867; married Andrew McClumpha, a farmer of Florida; they have a son, Raymond McClumpha, born October 4, 1901.
  4. Daniel, born September 16, 1689 [probably a typo for 1869]; married Edna A. Young, and has a daughter, Ruth A.; their son, Wilbur S., died in infancy. Daniel is a farmer of Holley, New York.
  5. Mary A., born April 14, 1875, died January 25, 1877.

(V) William H., son of Freeman and Mary A. (Young) Shuler, was born on the Montgomery county farm, February 21, 1865. He was educated in the town schools, and upon his father's retirement succeeded to the management of the farm. He is a worthy successor and maintains the property in the same excellent condition, and ranks among the best of his town. He married, January 16, 1890, Martha M. Conover, born in Glen, November 3, 1871. The Conover family are among the older Mohawk Valley settlers, Seth Conover, her father, being of the third generation in direct line. Seth Conover married Annie Lynch, both born in Florida, but afterwards settlers of Amsterdam. Their children, all born on the Conover homestead:

  1. Martha M. (Mrs. William H. Shuler);
  2. Seth J., born July 28, 1815, married Lizzie Field, and resides in Amsterdam;
  3. Howard L., died at the age of eighteen;
  4. Edward, married Rose ————, and has issue.

Mrs. William H. Shuler (Martha M. Conover) was educated in Glen, and is a member of the Reformed church, as is her husband. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Shuler:

  1. Alice, born November 8, 1891;
  2. Lawrence, February 22, 1893;
  3. T. Howard, March 4, 1894;
  4. Marion, June 16, 1906;
  5. Myra L., July 1, 1908.

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