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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1378-1379 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The present family in Broadalbin, New York, bearing the name Robertson descend from a Scotch ancestor who settled on a farm three miles south of the village of Broadalbin. This land was originally deeded by the agents of King George III of England and is owned by his grandson.

(I) Peter Robertson was born in Scotland and came to America in early life. His native town was Kenmore in Perthshire, where he was born in 1758. He died in Broadalbin, Fulton county, New York, in 1823. He married, in Broadalbin, reared a large family and became a leading man in the town, especially in the Presbyterian church, being one of the organizers of Associate Reformed Presbyterian church and one of the first trustees of the United Presbyterian church at Perth Center. He passed his entire life after coming to America on the Fulton county farm which he improved and brought under a good state of cultivation. He married, in 1785, Catherine McIntyre, born in Scotland, 1765, in the same village as her husband. She possessed fine elements of character that made her a most valuable helpmeet to her pioneer husband and the beloved mother of her large family. Children:

  1. Daniel, died in 1813;
  2. John, born 1788, died 1843;
  3. Ann, July 14, 1789, died July 3, 1874;
  4. James, of whom further;
  5. Jeannette, July 10, 1794, died July 18, 1872;
  6. Peter (2), December 25, 1796, died February 7, 1867;
  7. Elizabeth, June 19, 1798, died October 19, 1843;
  8. Archibald, October 12, 1800, died September 7, 1858;
  9. Duncan, December 1, 1802, died July 10, 1856;
  10. Martha, May 3, 1804, died December 23, 1893;
  11. Jean, June 7, 1805, died December 14, 1877;
  12. Catherine, July 9, 1806, died November 7, 1895;
  13. Isabelle, twin of Catherine, died March 25, 1895;
  14. Mary, December 24, 1809, died December 24, 1889.

With the exception of Daniel all these children lived to advanced years, their average age being seventy-three years.

(II) James, son of Peter and Catherine (McIntyre) Robertson, was born in Broadalbin, Fulton county, New York, May 14, 1792, died there June 5, 1876. He was educated in the public schools, and spent his after life engaged in farming. He was a clear-headed and public-spirited man, deeply interested in public affairs, and during a period of sixty-three years as a voter never once failed to exercise the franchise whether the election was county, state or national. Once only he failed to be present and vote at town meeting. He was a Republican, served his town several terms as supervisor, and used all his influence to further the interests of the public school system. When Broadalbin was about to be annexed in part to Perth, he worked mightily against the proposed division and succeeded in having a more equitable one substituted. His energy was remarkable. Blessed with an iron constitution he performed an incredible amount of labor, and at eighty-three years was often seen in his fields with his men, doing his full share of work. He possessed the Scotch element of thrift and accumulated a generous property, yet gave liberally to every good cause. He was widely known and personally well-liked and highly-respected. He was a devoted Christian, a member of the United Presbyterian church, to which his father belonged, and after declining two elections finally became "Ruling Elder." He served his church long and faithfully. While he held strong opinions and freely expressed them, those from whom he differed and perhaps admonished still loved and respected him. He died in his eighty-fifth year, having always lived in Broadalbin. He married, April 9, 1829, Eliza McNab, born in Gloversville, March 2, 1807, died January 16, 1883. Children:

  1. Catherine, born February 27, 1831, died May 6, 1870.
  2. John M., December 11, 1832, died August 31, 1874, was a successful lawyer in New York City.
  3. Margaret, September 29, 1835, died June 29, 1869.
  4. Anna, March 2, 1838, resides in Broadalbin with her brother Archibald.
  5. James, October 22, 1841, died March 26, 1897, was for many years a successful wholesale merchant with place of business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married, June 8, 1883, Emma Sellers, died February 27, 1892, leaving three children:
    1. Katherine, born January 2, 1886;
    2. Jessie Sellers, February 17, 1888;
    3. Emma Sellers, February 27, 1892.
  6. Archibald, of whom further.
  7. Helen, born December 16, 1851, died December 26, 1876.

(III) Archibald, youngest son and sixth child of James and Eliza (McNab) Robertson, was born in Broadalbin, Fulton county, New York, August 1, 1844. He was educated in the public schools and at Gloversville Seminary. He came into possession of the original farm which in his grandfather's day contained one hundred and fifty acres, to which James, his father, added one hundred acres more. Archibald cultivated the farm until 1886, having for several years in earlier life taught school during the winter months. In 1886 he leased his farm and going to the village of Broadalbin opened a general store in which he retained an interest until 1895, when he began the manufacture of gloves in company with W. H. Dye, operating under the firm name of Dye & Robertson. He has prospered in his business enterprises and is one of the substantial men of his town. He is a Republican in politics and served as supervisor for five terms, three of which he was clerk of the board. He has also served as a member of the board of education, and during Harrison's administration he was appointed postmaster of the village. In religious faith he is a Presbyterian, and for many years has been an elder of the United Presbyterian Congregation of Broadalbin, making the third generation of active official members of that body, succeeding his father and grandfather. He is unmarried, having a home in Broadalbin presided over by his sister Anna.

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