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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1379-1381 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Bauder family of Fort Plain, Montgomery county, New York, descend from a French ancestor, George Uriel Bauder, born in Alsace, then a French province. He has two sons, Uriel and Michael.

  1. Michael settled in the town of Palatine;
  2. Uriel, through whom descent is traced, settled in the town of Minden.

(II) Uriel Bauder purchased a farm of two hundred acres, heavily wooded, paying therefor ten dollars per acre. He built a log house and cleared sufficient ground for cultivating the necessary crops. This property has never since been out of the Bauder name. Uriel did not touch the timber and during his lifetime it was left undisturbed. He married Elizabeth Moyer; children:

  1. John, removed to western New York, where he died;
  2. George Uriel, of further mention;
  3. Adam, died in Herkimer county, where he had removed and purchased land;
  4. Uriel, born 1789, died in Minden, August 15, 1844;
  5. Elizabeth, married John Peck, and died in western New York;
  6. Mary, married John Moyer, died in Minden;
  7. Lucy, married Captain Peter Dunkel.

Uriel, the father, died in Minden, July 16, 1831, aged eighty-four years, four months, four days. Elizabeth, the mother, died November 17, 1828, aged seventy-six years, five months, fourteen days.

(III) George Uriel (2), son of Uriel and Elizabeth (Moyer) Bauder, was born in Minden, Montgomery county, October 4, 1787, died June 23, 1869. He settled on the farm yet occupied by his son, Nathan (1910). It contained about two hundred acres of land, part of it covered with immense pines. The first tree on the tract to fall by the woodman's axe was the first one cut by George Uriel to build his first log house, prior to 1806. While the entire pine grove was noted for miles around for the great size of the trees, there was one called the "Giant Pine," that was of unusual size. It was the last to succumb to the demands of trade, and when felled produced thirteen thousand feet of manufactured lumber. The stump was seven feet four inches in diameter. The frame for the present barn was raised in 1806, a saw mill erected in 1807, and the house in 1808. The saw mill stood until 1859, when a cloudburst caused a freshet that carried away everything in its path. On a mound on the farm, called Indian Hill, many Indian relics were found as well as on other parts of the farm. Remains of stone breastworks were found along and back of Oscongo creek where the giant pines grew. Relic hunters and those attracted by the unusual in nature made the farm frequent visits, coming often from great distances. Mr. Bauder was a man of influence and means that he freely used to assist those less fortunate. He owned about one thousand acres of land and as each son married he gave him a farm of one hundred acres, four horses, three cows, two hogs, five sheep, poultry, all tools, implements and harness, and one years' supply of grain and bread stuffs, a start in life, that may be said, they all improved and added to.

He served in the war of 1812; he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and noted for his honesty and uprightness. He was a keen buyer and trader and looked well after his own interests, but bore an unblemished reputation. He was kindly-hearted and loved by all. He is buried with his wife, and descendants at Frey's Bush cemetery. He married (first) Peggy, born October 5, 1789, daughter of Peter Dunckle. The only issue of this marriage, Nancy, died in infancy. He married (second) February 8, 1813, Maria Dunckle, sister of his first wife, born November 7, 1796, died January 15, 1888, at the great age of ninety-two years. Children of second wife:

  1. Levi, born January 3, 1815, died at New Orleans, Louisiana, February 28, 1890; married Cynthia Allen; children:
    1. Ephraim, married Mary Wormouth and had Henry and Luella;
    2. Leander, married Adalaide Roberts;
    3. Phoebe, married Dr. D. M. Lines; children:
      1. Dr. D. Arthur,
      2. Dr. Ezra, and
      3. Frances, who married Philip Gensler;
    4. Emily, married Frank Zoller.
  2. Peter, born December 15, 1818; removed to Rockford, Illinois, where he died; he married Julia Allen; children:
    1. Judson, married Minerva Mott;
    2. Mortimer;
    3. Frank M.
  3. Ephriam [Ephraim?], born April 10, 1823, died January 25, 1824.
  4. Simeon, born August 1, 1825; removed to Kansas, where he died June, 1860; he married Peggy Garlock; children:
    1. Irving, married Etta Edick;
    2. Addison.
  5. John G., of further mention.
  6. Margaret Ann, born September 25, 1830, died May 10, 1862; married, January 10, 1849, Jacob H. Moyer, and had one son,
    1. Wesley, who married Anna Moyer; children:
      1. Jacob H.,
      2. Chauncey L.,
      3. Flora L. and
      4. Mary.
  7. Elizabeth Ann, born November 10, 1833, died November 25, 1903; married Dr. Amos S. Scoville, of Moreau, Saratoga county, New York, died 1907.
  8. George, born August 13, 1836; married Catherine Yerdon; and has one child, living,
    1. Vear; children:
      1. Alida, married Alfred Moyer;
      2. Catherine, married James Lasher; children: Alida, Leon B., Madeliene, Catherine.
  9. Nathan, of further mention.

(IV) John G., son of George Uriel (2) and Maria (Dunckle) Bauder, was born on the Bauder homestead in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, New York, August 15, 1827, died in the same town April 1, 1892. He was educated in the district schools, was reared a farmer and always followed that occupation.

He owned a farm in the town containing one hundred and fifty acres and was a successful agriculturist and man of business. He was one of the organizers of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Minden and served as secretary. He was a Democrat in politics and a supporter of the Universalist church. He married Eliza Zoller. Of their six children one only survived infancy, Frank W., of further mention.

(IV) Nathan, youngest child of George Uriel (2) and Maria (Dunckle) Bauder, was born in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, New York, June 9, 1839, and died November 29, 1910. He was educated in the district schools, and grew up on the homestead farm of which he was afterward the owner. His entire life was passed there and he enjoyed amidst the scenes of his youth the comforts of an industrious life well spent. All the children of George Uriel Bauder were born on the farm and in the homestead. Nathan Bauder devoted much time and study to bee culture, in which he was very successful. His apiary consisted of one hundred and fifty hives. He was a member of the Reformed church and a Democrat in politics. He married, November 16, 1859, Mary A. Sackrider, born June 16, 1841, daughter of Solomon M., son of Daniel W., son of Moses and Hannah (Wright) Sackrider. They had sons, Henry W. and Daniel W.

  1. Henry W. Sackrider married Esther Wetmore, and had a daughter Sally May.
  2. Daniel W. married Mary Edwards and had a son, Dr. Solomon M., who married Sally May Sackrider. Their children:
    1. Mary Eliza, died in infancy;
    2. James Alexander;
    3. Charles;
    4. George;
    5. Mary A., married Nathan Bauder;
    6. Harriet,
    7. Ophelia,
    8. Jennie,
    9. Gillett.
    Mary A. and Harriet are the only married members of the family.

Children of Nathan and Mary A. Bauder:

  1. Florilla, of further mention;
  2. Adelbert, born January 1, 1867, died December 22, 1909;
  3. Ethel Helen, March 7, 1872, married, December 25, 1900, Wilson Failing;
  4. Victor S., of further mention;
  5. Keith Roy, October 1, 1879, died January 30, 1890.

(V) Frank W., son of John G. and Eliza (Zoller) Bauder, was born in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, New York, September 29, 1866. He was educated in the public schools, Clinton Liberal Institute and Eastman's Business College. He has always remained on the farm owned and cultivated by his father. He became engaged in various enterprises of the village and advanced to prominence in all. He is president of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, being elected in 1900, president of the Fort Plain Knitting Company, president of the Mohawk Valley Operative Company, president of the Fort Plain and Otsquago Valley Creamery Company, secretary and treasurer of the B. & S. Lumber Company, and interested in minor enterprises. He owns the homestead farm, which he operates as a fancy stock farm, specializing in Holstein cattle, White Leghorn poultry and Jersey swine. He is a Democrat in politics. He married, May 23, 1888, Meeta E., daughter of Daniel A. and Maria (Snell) Devoe, of Canajoharie. Children:

  1. Harry D., born May 28, 1890;
  2. Edna Mae, July 22, 1894.

(V) Florilla, daughter of Nathan and Mary A. (Sackrider) Bauder, was born at the old Bauder homestead in Minden, Montgomery county, New York, March 25, 1862. She was educated in the public schools, and is a devoted member of the Dutch Reformed church and interested in all good works. She married, February 7, 1884, Joseph Henry Smith, son of Henry Smith, of Montgomery county, born in Columbia county, New York. Henry Smith removed to the foot of Wiltsie Hills, Montgomery county, where he purchased a farm. He was a cooper by trade, and a wealthy farmer. He was a Democrat in politics and a prominent member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married Mary Yerdon. Children:

  1. Menzo Dayton, married Jane Keesler; children:
    1. Rena, married John Hall;
    2. Daisy M., married Charles Steel; child, Flora;
    3. Clara, married ———— Dalin;
    4. Dayton.
  2. Stella, married Charles Shaver.
  3. Lena, married George Sanders.
  4. Joseph Henry, born November 20, 1859, in Montgomery county, was educated in the public schools and worked with his father on the farm until he was twenty-one years of age. He followed farming for several years, then after working at spring and axle work in the shops, turned his attention to general carpentering. The latter trade he still follows. He is a member of the Dutch Reformed church of Fort Plain, and a useful worker. He is affiliated with the Knights of Pythias, and in politics a Democrat.

Children of Joseph H. and Florilla (Bauder) Smith:

  1. Florence Beulah, born April 2, 1885, died January 22, 1901;
  2. Helen Ethel, Jul 11, 1887, married, April 6, 1910, James Brooks Perkins;
  3. Victor Henry, November 12, 1888;
  4. Roswell Bauder, January 7, 1892;
  5. Le-Roy, March 7, 1897;
  6. Lines Venancio, January 8, 1900.

(V) Victor S., son of Nathan and Mary A. (Sackrider) Bauder, was born January 4, 1876, in the old Bauder homestead farm in the town of Minden, Montgomery county, New York. He was educated in the public schools and Hudson River Institute. At the age of twenty-one he assumed the management of the home, continuing for eleven years. In 1908 he located in Fort Plain and established an agency for gasoline motors for farm purposes manufactured by the Olds Manufacturing Company. He has other varied business interests, and is one of the rising and progressive young business men of his town. He is a Democrat and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married, June 5, 1902, Grace, daughter of James and Mary Catherine (Russ) Bellinger, a descendant of Phillip and Elizabeth Bellinger, of German descent. Christian, son of Phillip Bellinger, married Barbara Diefendorf. Philip, son of Christian Bellinger, married Catherine Zimmerman; James, son of Philip Bellinger, married Mary Catherine Russ. Children:

  1. Arthur I., died in childhood.
  2. Kitty May, married (first) Frank Dingman; (second) Rev. B. E. Fake.
  3. George, married Grace Johnson; children: Ruth, Irene and Leland.
  4. Antoinette, married Fred H. Cronkhite; children: Harold B. and Lucile F.
  5. Grace, married Victor S. Bauder.

Children of Victor Bauder and wife:

  1. Stanley,
  2. George, born May 21, 1905;
  3. Keith James, January 21, 1907.

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