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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 962-964 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Northrups of Johnstown, New York, are of English ancestry. The name is found in seven different forms; thus Northrop, Rope, Roppe, Orpe, Ropp, Northrup and Northrope. The German spelling is Northrupp. One family in Ulster county, New York, spell it Northrip. Nearly one hundred of the name Northrup or Northrop served in the revolutionary army from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. Daniel Northup served in the Albany county militia under Colonel Van Rensselaer (see New York in the Revolution). The name is a compound of North and the Saxon word thorp, meaning town or village. John of Norththorp or village, became John Northrope. Northrup is perhaps an arbitrary change. The immigrant ancestor Joseph was Northrup.

Joseph Northrup was one of the "Eaton and Davenport's Company of good character and fortune," who came from England in 1637 in the ship "Hector and Martin." They landed in Boston, July 26, 1637, and settled at New Haven, Connecticut, 1638. It seems impossible to connect Daniel Northrup, of Galway, New York, with Joseph, the emigrant, from any records found, but the presumption is that he was a great-grandson through Daniel, sixth child of Joseph, the emigrant, and his wife, Mary Norton. Daniel was born August, 1664, at Milford, Connecticut; married Sarah ————, and had ten children, the second of whom was Daniel (2), baptized December, 1693. That he was the father of Daniel, of Galway, born 1740, seems highly probable.

(IV) Daniel Northrup was born August, 1740, in Litchfield county, Connecticut. He settled in Dutchess county, New York, from whence he removed to Galway, Saratoga county, in 1765, being one of the first settlers of that town. He took up or purchased a tract of land and followed farming all his life. He died October 15, 1808. He married (first) Sarah Jones, born November, 1747, died April 30, 1776. He married a second wife whose name has not been preserved. Children:

  1. Jabez, born January 12, 1765, in Galway, New York; settled in Livonia, Livingston county, New York; married Sarah ————; children:
    1. William, lived in Steuben county, New York;
    2. daughter, married ———— Pulver, of Livonia;
    3. Wesley;
    4. Anderson, of Lima, New York;
    5. Anson;
    6. Chauncey, of Wyoming county, New York.
  2. Martha, born December 18, 1766.
  3. Lewis, see forward.
  4. Joel, born January 3, 1771, in Galway, New York, died February 1, 1842; he lived in Pittstown, Rensselaer county, "Sprakers Basin," Montgomery county, and Lisbon, St. Lawrence county, New York; he was a farmer, blacksmith and hotel proprietor; married Sarah Ann Vandercook; children: Daniel, a St. Lawrence river captain; Lavinia, Simon, Hiram, Lewis, Gilbert, Manuel, John Vandercook, Sarah Ann, Harriet Jane, Henry Smith.
  5. John, born June 3, 1773, died September 24, 1807; settled in Otsego county, New York.
  6. Sarah, died in infancy.

Children by second wife:

  1. James, born March 8, 1777, in Galway, where he died August 27, 1811; married and had children: Alpheus, Lorenzo D., Theodore and Lucinda.
  2. Eunice, born March 10, 1781, died September 11, 1842; married, in 1836, Asa Osborne, and removed to Michigan.
  3. Daniel, born October 14, 1785.

(V) Lewis, son of Daniel and Sarah (Jones) Northrup, was born in Saratoga county, New York, January 25, 1769, died in Galway, May 9, 1833. He was a farmer. He married, September 15, 1792, Robah, daughter of Jabez Smith, of Nine Partners, Dutchess county, New York. She died May, 1853. Children:

  1. Major D., see forward.
  2. James, born June 11, 1800; settled at Fish House, Fulton county, New York; died at Rochester, New York, March 22, 1874; married (first) October 13, 1824, Phoebe Cook; (second) 1870, Mrs. Mary Skelton; children, all by first wife: Anna B., Esther S., Eusebia, John Cook, of Jefferson county, Iowa; James Lewis and Sarah M.
  3. Eusebia, married William Beers, of Galway; children: James Henry, William Northrup.
  4. Jabez, born April 20, 1803, in Galway; removed to Kalamo (or Kalamazoo), Michigan, 1835; school teacher for thirty-six years; farmer; married (first) November 11, 1829, Huldah Smith; (second) Mary Ann Selina Munroe; he died December 12, 1887, at Kalamo, aged eighty-four years seven months twenty-two days; he is buried at North Adams, Michigan, on lands first taken up by himself from the government in 1836; children by first wife: Robah Elizabeth, Huldah Jane, Esther Smith, Harriet Eusebia; by second wife: Clarence Lewis, William Aurelius, Annie Helena, Herbert Eugene, Guilford Smith, Hubert Orlando, Lynn Marcellus, Frederick Augustus.
  5. Lewis, born 1806; lived on the old Saratoga farm where he died July 27, 1864; married Elizabeth Ann Beers; child, Louisa C.

(VI) Major D., eldest son of Lewis and Robah (Smith) Northrup, was born in the town of Galway, Saratoga county, New York, June 20, 1793, died at Broadalbin, Fulton county, New York, July 1, 1883, aged ninety years. He was a farmer of Galway until 1870, when he removed to Fulton county. He was an energetic, industrious man, of good common school education and high principle. He reared a large family, his sons all becoming prominent, influential business men, and his daughters married men of influence and character. Mr. Northrup was a member of the Presbyterian church, and a Democrat politically. He married Nancy Agnes Spier, who died September 19, 1863, aged sixty-four years. Children:

  1. James L., born September 1, 1818; wagon maker, tanner and glove manufacturer, 1854-86; president of Johnstown village, 1880; died October 25, 1888; married Sarah Cornell, born October 25, 1818, died February 11, 1899; children:
    1. Major Saxton, married Lizzie Sherman;
    2. John C., married E. Frances Northrup; children: Andrew and James A.
    3. Lucy Ann, married Isaac Morris;
    4. Leonard Frank, born November 21, 1852, died January 7, 1894.
  2. Jeannette, married (first) Milton Burrows; (second) ———— Bell.
  3. William S., see forward.
  4. Leonard S., born October 8, 1824; married Elizabeth Burr; children:
    1. Eugenia, married John McGarden;
    2. Edgar Burr, married Laura Hayes; child, Elizabeth.
  5. Margaret, married John N. Richards; child, Lillie, married ———— Price.
  6. Eusebia, married John P. Smith; children:
    1. Alice, married Charles La Due; children: Alice, Marion, Charles;
    2. Etta, married Anson Curtis; child, Marjorie, married Harry Robinson.
  7. Roby S., died aged twenty years.
  8. Mary Jane, married John N. Richards (second wife).
  9. Eliza, died at age of seventeen years.
  10. Major Bradford, born December 8, 1838, in Galway, New York; glove manufacturer, married, March 25, 1858, Nannie A. De Reamer: children:
    1. William D., died aged nineteen years;
    2. Harold B., married Flora Cross; children:
      1. Margaret, born April 28, 1905, and
      2. Byron B.
  11. Byron B., born September 26, 1841; married Candace Bradford.

(VII) William Spier, second son and third child of Major D. and Nancy Agnes (Spier) Northrup, was born in the town of Galway, Saratoga county, New York, February 18, 1822, died in Johnstown, New York, April 26, 1910. He was educated in the public schools and reared on the home farm, which he left early in life. For several years he was a teacher in the Broadalbin public schools. In 1850 he went west and located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was engaged in business for several years. Leaving Milwaukee he located in Reedsburg in the same state, where he was largely interested in the lumber business in the Black and Yellow rivers' timber districts of Wisconsin. In 1865 he returned to New York, where he was located at Broadalbin, Fulton county, until 1870, when he permanently located in Johnstown. He associated himself with M. S. Northrup in the manufacture of gloves under the firm name of W. S. and M. S. Northrup. They were successful in business, and in later years he formed the Northrup Manufacturing Company in association with M. Bradford, James L. and John C. Northrup. He was the senior member and head of the company until 1894, when he retired from active business life. He was interested in other of Johnstown's activities; was one of the organizers of the Johnstown Bank and for many years vice-president. His name appears on the original charter as an incorporator. For several years he was at the head of the Johnstown, Gloversville & Kingsboro Horse Railroad Company, and was president of the Fulton County Agricultural Society. He took a deep interest in a pure water supply for Johnstown and did a great deal to insure the present water system of the city. He served the village corporation as president, and was actively engaged in everything that promised for the welfare of Johnstown. He felt a keen interest in the fire department, an interest so much appreciated that the W. S. Northrup Hose Company was named in his honor. He was a Democrat in politics, but never desired or held public office, although he felt a lively concern in public affairs. In his younger days he was an active party worker. He was a regular attendant at the Presbyterian church, felt a deep concern for the welfare of the church, and was exceedingly liberal toward all church and charitable objects. His private charity was quietly and unostentatiously bestowed, but was far-reaching. He had a genial, kindly and generous nature, and delighted in the love of children, among whom he had a host of friends. His business ability was marked and acknowledged, while his personal integrity and mental qualities made him the model American business man. He was widely known and except for the few years spent in Wisconsin spent his entire life of eighty-eight years in Fulton county. He was connected with the Masonic Order. He married Elizabeth P. Young, October 25, 1858, while living in Wisconsin, she died December 23, 1868, leaving two children: James L., see forward, and a daughter.

(VIII) James L., son of William S. and Elizabeth P. (Young) Northrup, was born in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, October 19, 1859. He was still a lad when his parents settled in Johnstown. He was educated at Johnstown Academy and took a business course at Eastman's Poughkeepsie Business College. He became familiar with glove manufacture and in 1877 was admitted to the Northrup firm. He is now at the head of the Northrup Glove Manufacturing Company of which, in association with his son, Charles W. Northrup, he is sole owner. The company manufacture a high grade of men's, women's and children's gloves and mittens. He is well and favorably known in the trade with which he has had so long and honorable a connection. He is a public-spirited citizen and bears his full share of civic responsibilities. He served the city as mayor in 1904-05. In 1906 he was president of the Board of Trade, and has been for many years a director of the Johnstown Bank. He is identified with the progress of Johnstown, and has been influential in securing many improvements for the city where he and his family have large property interests. He is a trustee of the Presbyterian church, member of St. Patrick's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, the Johnstown Historical Society, and of the Colonial Club. He married (first), September 15, 1881, Anna S. Knox, (second), May 17, 1905, Mrs. Mina Alvord Case. Children:

  1. Elizabeth K., born September 15, 1884; married, October 30, 1907; Howard A. De Graff, of Fonda, New York.
  2. Charles W., born in Johnstown, April 2, 1887; educated at Johnstown Academy; Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Preparatory School; and is a graduate of Eastman's Poughkeepsie Business College. After completing his studies he was taken into the Northrup Company. In 1909 he was admitted a member and now with his father constitutes the Northrup Glove Manufacturing Company. He is a Democrat in politics, member of St. Patrick's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Colonial Club.

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