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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 960-962 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Adams family of Johnstown, New York, are descendants of Robert Adams of England and Newbury, Massachusetts, who is believed by many to have been a son of Robert and Elizabeth Adams, and through that connection to have been a cousin of Henry Adams of Braintree, the ancestor of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams. Robert Adams was a tailor by trade, and the shears with which he wrought and which he brought with him from England are still preserved in the family. His wife Eleanor, who accompanied him from England, died June 12, 1677, and he married (second), February 6, 1678, Sarah (Glover) Short, widow of Henry Short. She died in Newbury, October 24, 1697. Robert died October 12, 1682, aged eighty-one years. He had acquired a large and valuable property that he disposed of by will, probated November 27, 1682. Children by wife Eleanor:

  1. John, born in England.
  2. Joanna, born in England; married Launcelot Granger, also born in England.
  3. Sergeant Abraham, born in Salem, Massachusetts, 1639; married May Pellingill; he was corporal in the militia, and in 1703 sergeant.
  4. Elizabeth, born in Newbury, Massachusetts; married Edward Phelps.
  5. Mary, married Jeremiah Goodrich.
  6. Isaac, died unmarried.
  7. Jacob, died in infancy.
  8. Hannah, married William Wareham.
  9. Jacob (2), see forward.

(II) Jacob, youngest child of Robert and Eleanor Adams, was born in Newbury, Massachusetts, September 13, 1651, died in Boston, while in attendance upon the general court, November, 1717. He removed to Suffield (now Connecticut), where he was one of the most influential and wealthy citizens. He was a member of the general court 1711-14, and again in 1717. He married, April 7, 1677, Anna, born January 3, 1638, daughter of Nicholas Allen, of Dorchester. Children:

  1. Dorothy, married Richard Austin.
  2. Rebecca, married John Harmon.
  3. Sergeant Jacob, born in Suffield; he was an active and leading citizen, and was chosen in 1705: "to make speeches and lead votes on prudential matters"; married Mercy Gillett.
  4. Daniel, married Mary Sikes.
  5. Elizabeth, married Daniel Warner.
  6. Lieutenant Abraham;, married (first) Joanna Norton; (second) Anna Hayden.
  7. John, died in infancy.
  8. John, see forward.

(III) John, youngest child of Jacob and Anna (Allen) Adams, was born in Suffield, Connecticut, June 18, 1694. He married (first) July 26, 1723, Abigail Roe (or Rowe), daughter of Peter and Sarah (Remington) Rowe. He married (second), July 12, 1732, Martha Winchell. Children, all born in Suffield, Connecticut:

  1. Moses, married Mehitable Sikes.
  2. Captain Simeon, married Susanna Underwood; he was a soldier in the French and Indian war: was twice taken prisoner and carried to Canada, but was exchanged and returned; settled in Marlboro, Vermont, and was always called "captain." There is a tradition that Susanna, his wife, drove British officers out of the house during the revolution.
  3. Anna, born June 8, 1727.
  4. Lieutenant Joel, see forward.
  5. Lucy, born May 31, 1731.

(IV) Lieutenant Joel, youngest son of John and Abigail (Rowe) Adams, was born in Suffield, December 20, 1729. He married, July 16, 1761, Elizabeth Fowler, who died at the age of ninety years. He was a soldier in the French war, and was wounded in the battle at Lake George, 1755. He held a lieutenant's commission under the British crown. He is said to have manumitted his slaves that they might fight in the war for independence. He settled at Marlboro, Vermont. His will was probated March, 1820. With the sons of Lieutenant Joel the settlement of the family in Northern New York began. Children:

  1. Lucina. married ———— Hale.
  2. Elizabeth, married Arunah Otis, a soldier of the revolution.
  3. Joab, see forward.
  4. Bildad, twin of Joab: married (first) Mary Haynes; (second) Mrs. Nathan Harper; removed to Milan, Ohio, and was county commissioner; served as cavalryman during war of 1812.
  5. Joel (2), married Priscilla Kimball; he was a soldier in the revolution, in Bradley's battalion, Wordsworth's brigade; removed to Jefferson county, New York, thence to Erie county, Ohio.
  6. Sarah, married Asa Winchester.

(V) Joab, eldest son of Lieutenant Joel and Elizabeth (Fowler) Adams, was born in Suffield, Connecticut, April 3, 1765, died April 22, 1846. He settled in Marlboro, Vermont, and from thence to Washington and Jefferson counties, New York. He married Mary ————, died October 19, 1841, and had issue.

(VI) Ira L., son of Joab and Mary Adams, was born in the town of Easton, Washington county, New York, in 1806, and died in Johnstown, New York, November 1, 1881. He came to Fulton county about 1856. He owned and cultivated a farm in Northville, New York. He was a Democrat in politics. He married, November 24, 1831, Lucinda Burdick, born November 24, 1808. She died November 12, 1910, at the remarkable age of nearly one hundred and two years, the oldest person in Fulton county. She was in excellent health until a few weeks before her death, when she was taken ill and has since been confined to her bed. Day by day she grew weaker until the end came. She was apparently suffering from no special ailment. Mrs. Adams was a remarkable woman, not alone because she had passed the century mark, but because until the time of her death, she was comparatively well and without incapacitating mental or physical defects. Until her last illness she was able to read without glasses and passed many hours reading her Bible. A few years ago her hearing became defective, which made conversation with her rather difficult. She was always a bright, cheerful body, and always had a pleasant word for those with whom she came in contact. Children:

  1. Abigail, born October 6, 1836; married Edward Brown; has son William.
  2. Amos M., see forward.
  3. Henry, born September, 1839; married, September 20, 1864, Evelyn Dunning; children: Fred, Edmund and Grace.
  4. Lancy, born March 1, 1841; married Mary Carr, and has William L., Hattie, Isabelle, Sadie and Adaline.
  5. John Quincy, see forward.
  6. Charles W., born April 6, 1845, died March 17, 1846.
  7. Mary Belinda, born January 16, 1847; married Chauncey Berry; children: Elsie and Frank.
  8. Louisiana, May 5, 1851; married Jay Curtis; children: Ira and Newton.

(VII) Amos M., eldest son of Ira L. and Lucinda (Burdick) Adams, was born October 6, 1836. He was educated in the public schools, and passed the early years of his life on the Northville farm of his father. In 1856 he went to Johnstown, where he was employed for a few years in the leather and glove factories, after which he returned to Northville, remaining until 1861. In that year he established in Johnstown a plant for tanning and dressing buck, sheep and deer skins. He continued in successful business along these lines until 1870, when he abandoned the heavier skin dressing and confined his business entirely to the lighter skins and leathers used in glove manufacture. In 1905 he retired from active business and was succeeded by his son Frank, under the firm name A. M. Adams & Son. Mr. Adams is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, which he serves as trustee. He was made a Mason in 1864, and belongs to St. Patrick's Lodge No. 4. He is a Prohibitionist in politics, and served his ward as alderman. He married (first) Emily Miller, born in Johnstown, who bore him two children, Emily who died, aged seventeen months, and William, who died aged three years. He married (second) Adeline Miller, a cousin of his first wife. By his second marriage he has one son, Frank, born December 21, 1878. He was educated in the public schools, and after completing his studies became associated with his father in business, first as an employee, and later was admitted a partner. Since his father's retirement he has succeeded him in the management. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, which he served as steward. Politically, he is a Prohibitionist. He married, November 16, 1892, Harriet, born August 17, 1870, daughter of Stephen Sutliff. Children:

  1. Margorie, born April 30, 1894;
  2. Robert, July 24, 1900.

(VII) John Quincy, third son of Ira L. and Lucinda (Burdick) Adams, was born in Stillwater, January 13, 1843. He was educated in the public schools, and remained at home as his father's assistant at farm labor until February 13, 1862, when he went to Johnstown and began work with his brother, Amos M., with whom he remained two years. In 1864 he established himself in the leather dressing business and for twelve years ran his tannery on job work, dressing buck and deer skins for others. In 1876 he began buying and dressing his own skins, and has built up a large and profitable business. His plant has been destroyed by fire several times, and after each disaster he has rebuilt on an enlarged scale until he has one of the best equipped leather dressing plants. His establishment has never been closed on account of strikes or breakdowns, some part of it being kept in operation no matter what difficulties were encountered. His principle production is buck and elk skins to be used in manufacturing gloves and mittens, and white and colored buckskin for shoes. In 1895 he admitted V. J. Lasher in partnership, which continued until 1908, when the firm was reorganized by the admission of his two sons, under the firm name J. Q. Adams & Company. Mr. Adams has always been interested in educational matters, and for nine years served upon the school board. During this time he was a member of the building committee that had charge of the erection of three large school buildings. To these he devoted a great deal of time. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and in politics is a Republican. He married, November 9, 1864, Phoebe Miller, born January 13, 1843. Children:

  1. Jennie, born October 30, 1866.
  2. Luella, July 4, 1870, died October 20, 1878.
  3. William J., November 25, 1872; he is a partner of J. Q. Adams & Company, leather manufacturers; he married, November 27, 1890, Lulu Spalding; children:
    1. Mildred S., born October 30, 1891;
    2. Luella C., May 31, 1893;
    3. David W., August 31, 1901.
  4. Arthur, born August 26, 1876; also a member of J. Q. Adams & Company; married Lottie Porter.

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