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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1707-1711 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Everts family of Granville, Washington county, New York, are of English descent. The name was also early written Evarts, Everst. The family was early in New England, the emigrant ancestor being John Evarts of Concord, Massachusetts.

(I) John Evarts, founder of the family in New England, was made a freeman of Concord, Massachusetts, March, 1637-38. He resided there for several years, having at lease two children born there. He removed to Guilford, Connecticut, where he took the freeman's oath, February 5, 1651-52. In 1655 he was in court in two civil suits as defendant. In 1667 he was appointed tithingman. He is said to have lived for a time in New Haven. He died May 9, 1669. He married (first) Elizabeth ————; (second) May 27, 1663, Elizabeth, widow of John Parmalee. She died November, 1688. Children by first marriage:

  1. John, born February 29, 1639-40, at Concord, died December 28, 1692.
  2. Judah, October 27, 1642, died November, 1696.
  3. Daniel, 1645, died December 5, 1692.
  4. James, of further mention.
  5. Elizabeth, married, 1665, Peter Abbott.

(II) James, son of John and Elizabeth Evarts, was born in 1648, died April, 1682. [From Addenda and Errata in Vol. IV, p. xlvii: "birth date of James Evarts, evidently incorrect and not ascertainable"] He married, in 1660, Lydia, daughter of Richard Goodrich. Children:

  1. Mary, born March 26, 1661, died young.
  2. John, 1664, sergeant of the Guilford training band; married, 1688, Sarah Crampton.
  3. Lydia, died December 27, 1750; married, August 19, 1692, Caleb Bishop.
  4. James, 1667, died January 3, 1739; married, March 7, 1694, Mary Carter.
  5. Joseph, 1669, died 1679.
  6. Judah, of further mention.
  7. Mary, May 1, 1674, died June, 1734; married, June 8, 1694, John Munger.
  8. Hannah, September 22, 1677.
  9. Joseph, February 24, 1679, died 1710; married Hannah Scranton.
  10. Dorothy, 1683; married, April 6, 1710, Samuel Munger.
  11. Jonathan, died unmarried, October, 1696.

(III) Judah, son of James and Lydia (Goodrich) Everts, was born 1673, died October 28, 1748. He was of Guilford, Connecticut. He married, September 5, 1706, Mary, daughter of Samuel Eggleston, of Middletown, Connecticut. She died April 2, 1762. Children:

  1. Caleb, of further mention.
  2. Judah, born May 19, 1712; married Abigail Dudley.
  3. Ebenezer, July 11, 1720, died prior to 1748.
  4. Amos, September 23, 1725; married, March 5, 1747, Mary Eggleston, perhaps a kinswoman of his mother; had a daughter,
    1. Mary, died 1785.

(IV) Caleb, son of Judah and Mary (Eggleston) Evarts, was born in Guilford, Connecticut, May 27, 1707, died August 21, 1751. He married (first) November 19, 1729, Mindwell Cook, of Wallingford, Connecticut, died December 31, 1736; married (second) 1740, Elizabeth Stocker. Children of first marriage:

  1. Mindwell, born November 4, 1730, died unmarried, 1756.
  2. Ebenezer, October 22, 1732, died November 18, 1765; married Ruth Chittenden, who survived him and married (second) Eber Norton.
  3. Sarah, October 9, 1736.

Children of second wife:

  1. Caleb, August 29, 1740, died August 21, 1751.
  2. Judah, October 20, 1745.
  3. Amaziah, of further mention.
  4. Edward, March 3, 1752, died 1836; married Selphenia Culver.

(V) Amaziah, son of Caleb and Elizabeth (Stocker) Evearts (as this generation spells the name), was born in Guilford, Connecticut, June 30, 1747. He married, June 5, 1776, Susannah Crittenden, daughter of Zachary Dowd, and widow of Gilbert Crittenden (this name is in the Guilford records, Crittenden, Cruttenden and Crittendon), and died in Sunderland, Vermont, April 16, 1790. He was corporal in the Guilford company under Captain Noah Fowler, that went to the relief of Boston from Guilford in the first Lexington alarm, April, 1775. Children:

  1. Elihu Bragg, born March 4, 1777; married, May 30, 1830, Polly (Spalding-Graves) Young; lived in Granville, New York; after marriage removed to Freedom, New York; died 1861.
  2. Amaziah, June 22, 1779.
  3. Caleb, of further mention.
  4. Ruth, May 10, 1782, died in infancy.
  5. Gilbert, 1783-84: took part in the battle at Plattsburg in 1812; lived in Pawlet, Vermont: removed to Wheatland, Monroe county, New York, in 1819, and died February 14, 1827; married Polly ————, who died April 4, 1833; children:
    1. Caleb,
    2. Ormus Eugene,
    3. Sarah, married Edgar Chandler;
    4. Phylena, married Israel P. Jakway, October 10, 1844, she died March 4, 1899;
    5. and 6. two other daughters.
  6. Cyrus, May 10, 1782; lived in Granville, New York, for a time, and had a son Jonathan.
  7. Polly, married Alva Button.

It would seem that Amaziah Everts had a second wife, named Ruth, for it appears in the records of the town of Sunderland, Vermont, that "Ruth, wife of Amaziah Everts, died June 1st, 1789."

(VI) Caleb (2), son of Amaziah and Susannah (Dowd-Crittenden) Evearts, was born June 27, 1781, at Guilford, Connecticut, died in Pawlet, Vermont, 1822. He was a man of feeble constitution, and poorly equipped physically to fight life's battle. He was left a widower with five young children and did not long survive his wife. He married Sarah, sister of Gershom Gifford. Children:

  1. John Alonzo, of whom further.
  2. William, married Nancy Martin; children, Samuel and Albert.
  3. Don Alphonso, born in Pawlet, Vermont, October 22, 1806; married Sophia Hosford; child, Edna Annette.
  4. Gershom, died without issue.
  5. Sarah, born January 14, 1813; married Peter Gowcy, March 17, 1836, died June 26, 1869; child,
    1. Ella Gertrude, born August 26, 1854.

(VII) John Alonzo, son of Caleb (2) and Sarah (Gifford) Everts, was born in Pawlet, Vermont, February 29, 1808. died in Granville, Washington county, New York, January 26, 1866. He settled on a farm in Granville, where he spent his subsequent life engaged in agriculture. He was prosperous and influential, a Democrat in politics and a warden of Trinity Episcopal Church. He married, in 1842, Mary Ann Barker, born December 25, 1818, at White Creek, New York, died in Poultney, Vermont, May 25, 1889, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Bowen) Barker. Children:

  1. Palmer D., of further mention.
  2. Silas W., born July, 1846, unmarried.
  3. John L., born May 27, 1850; married (first) Alice N. Norton; (second) Ella A. Scofield, born October 16, 1852, at Medford, Massachusetts, married, October 24, 1886, resides in Ashby, Minnesota.
  4. Martha Ann, born May 25, 1856, died in Poultney, Vermont, June, 1888; married Harry Tay and had George and Clarence.

(VIII) Palmer D., son of John Alonzo and Mary Ann (Barker) Everts, was born in Granville, Washington county, New York, February 22, 1843, died October 17, 1894. He was educated in the public schools, finishing at Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. He taught for a time, and was principal of the Middle Granville school. Later he engaged in agriculture and became one of the leading men of his town. He was prominent in local politics, served as supervisor and held other offices. He was a member and warden of Trinity Episcopal Church. He married, December 20, 1866, Elizabeth Ruth Perry, born April 25, 1842, died July 24, 1907, daughter of Dr. Asahel and Eveline (Slocum) Perry, who was a graduate of the Ladies' Seminary of North Granville. Dr. Perry was born at Claremont, New Hampshire, in 1806, died March 16, 1878. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College and a leading physician of Washington county, practicing in South Easton. He married, in 1840, Eveline Slocum.

Eveline (7) Slocum, born at Easton, New York, June 24, 1821, died at Granville, New York, August 17, 1879, daughter of Alexander Slocum.

Alexander Slocum (6), born 1796, died March 4, 1873, was a son of Matthew (5), born March 21, 1752, and Ruth Hoag, born 1764, died November 19, 1866.

Matthew Slocum (5) was the son of Giles (4) Slocum, born May 15, 1713, and Susanna Brownell (daughter of Stephen Brownell and Martha Brownell). He removed from Rhode Island to Easton, New York, among early settlers there.

Giles (4) Slocum was the son of Giles (3) Slocum, the son of Giles (2) Slocum, born March 26, 1607; married Anna Lawton, March 26, 1669.

Giles (2) Slocum was the son of Anthony (1) Slocum, who was born in Somersetshire, England, and settled near Newport, Connecticut, in 1638, died in 1682. (See published history of Slocum family.) [probably Charles Elihu Slocum, A Short History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocombs of America]

Palmer D. and Elizabeth R. Everts had two children:

(IX) Silas E., son of Palmer D. and Elizabeth Ruth (Perry) Everts, was born in Granville, Washington county, New York, September 17, 1867. He was educated at North Granville Military Academy, graduating in 1887, Williams College, where he was graduated A. B., in 1890, entered the law department of the University of the City of New York, graduated LL.B., 1892. After his admission to the bar in 1892 he established an office for the practice of his profession in Granville and is one of the leading members of the Washington county bar. He was elected special county judge of Washington county, and is prominently identified with the leading interests of his town and county. He is a director of the Granville National Bank, and interested in several other enterprises. He is warden of Trinity Episcopal Church, and in politics a Republican. He is a member of the State Bar Association, State Historical Association, and stands high in the Masonic Order, belonging to Granville Lodge, No. 55, Free and Accepted Masons, and Granville Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and Washington Commandery, Knights Templar, of Saratoga. He married, June, 1892, Lucina, daughter of Daniel and Mariam (McNitt) Woodard. Children:

  1. Palmer W., born September 2, 1893;
  2. Miriam, July 12, 1897;
  3. Roscoe S., February 20, 1902.

(IX) Ruth L., daughter of Palmer D. and Elizabeth R. (Perry) Everts, was born April 7, 1872; married, August 24, 1904, Lewis Dougan, principal of a public school in St. Louis, Missouri. Children: Alice and Elizabeth.

(The Woodard Line)

The following material is largely furnished by Rev. D. H. Woodard, North Abington, Massachusetts, to whom credit is freely given. The name Woodward or Woodard is supposed to be a trade name, probably derived from the English common noun woodward. The Woodards were park and forest keepers.

(I) Richard Woodard embarked at Ipswich, England, April 10, 1634, with his wife, Rose, and their two sons, George and John. He was forty-five years of age; was admitted a freeman, September 2, 1635, at Watertown, Massachusetts, and his name is on the earliest list of proprietors of that town. He owned fourteen lots of land amounting to over three hundred acres. His wife, Rose, died October 6, 1662, aged eighty years, and he soon after married Ann Gates, widow of Stephen Gates, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. His sons George and John were his administrators. (See Bond's History of Watertown, Massachusetts) [i.e., Henry Bond, Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston]. He died February 16, 1664-65.

(II) George, son of Richard Woodard, was born in 1619. He was admitted a freeman at Watertown, Massachusetts, May 6, 1646. He was selectman in 1674, died May 31, 1676. (Bond's - Watertown). By his first wife, Mary, he had eight children: Mary, Sarah, Amos, Rebecca, John, Susanna, Daniel and Mary (probably Mercy). He married (second) Elizabeth Hammond, August 17, 1659, and they had five children: George, Thomas, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and Sarah.

(III) John, son of George Woodard, was born at Watertown, Massachusetts, March 28, 1649. He removed from Watertown to Newtown, Massachusetts, about 1675. He married (first) Rebecca, daughter of Richard Robbins; (second) Sarah Bancroft, who died September 22, 1723. He was a weaver by trade and owned and resided on a farm near Newton Upper Falls. He died November 3, 1732. His will dated February 26, 1727-28, mentions his children: John, Richard, Daniel and Jonathan, and heirs of his son Joseph, Ebenezer, Rebecca Hunting and Abigail Greenwood. Of these children, John, Richard and Joseph, settled in Connecticut early in the eighteenth century.

(IV) John (2), son of John (1) Woodard, was born in Newtown, Massachusetts, or possibly Watertown, Massachusetts, April 16, 1675. He married, January, 1698, Hannah Hyde, born March 1, 1677-78, died January 15, 1724. Children: Hannah, Mary, John, Ephraim and Deliverance. John Woodard married (second) Abigail ————. There is no record of any children. He was elected first deacon of the first church of Brooklyn, Connecticut, in the second quarter of the eighteenth century, and was moderator of the town meeting in Canterbury, December 10, 1717. His will dated April 15, 1743, mentions his wife, daughter Mary Cleveland, children of daughter Hannah Bacom, and sons John, Ephraim and Deliverance. He died April 1, 1767, at Brooklyn, Connecticut. (See [Ellen Douglas] Larned's "History of Windham County, Connecticut.")

(V) John (3), son of John (2) Woodard, was born at Newtown, Massachusetts, March 2, 1702, died at Pawling, Dutchess county, New York. He married, December 28, 1727, Mary Spalding; he removed to province of New York in 1749; died in 1773. Children:

  1. Hannah, born August 8, 1728.
  2. John, May 9, 1730.
  3. Samuel, July 24, 1732, died young.
  4. Phineas, December 9, 1734.
  5. Mary, March 26, 1737.
  6. Bridget, February 28, 1739-40.
  7. Samuel, of whom further.
  8. Jonathan, June 12, 1744.
  9. Sibbil, February 14, 1745-46.
  10. Josiah, April 28, 1748.
  11. Ephraim, September 16, 1750.
  12. Joseph, October 7, 1754.

The will of John Woodard, of Pawling, Dutchess county, New York, is on record in the surrogate's office of the county and gives Samuel Woodward his Duroy coat.

(VI) Samuel, son of John and Mary (Spalding) Woodard, was born June 5, 1742. He served in Colonel Swartwout's regiment in the American revolutionary war, and probably removed to Washington county shortly before 1790. (See census record.) He married and had issue: Samuel, John, Archibald, of whom further.

(VII) Archibald, son of Samuel Woodard, was born April 16, 1769, died February 5, 1841. He settled in Hebron, New York, previous to 1790. He married Anna, daughter of Peter Scott, and had issue:

  1. Squire, died aged five;
  2. Daniel, of whom further;
  3. Benjamin;
  4. Sally, born June 10, 1797;
  5. Polly, August 14, 1799;
  6. John;
  7. Anne;
  8. Phoebe;
  9. Archibald;
  10. William;
  11. Samuel.

(VIII) Daniel, son of Archibald and Anna (Scott) Woodard, was born at North Hebron, New York, January, 1792, died May, 1877. He was a prominent farmer of North Hebron, and a leading member of the Baptist church. He married, January, 1813, Anna Case, born August 8, 1795, died May, 1877. She was a daughter of Abram Case, of Hebron, New York, and granddaughter of Phillip Case and Othneil Preston, both in the revolutionary service. Children:

  1. Lucina, born 1814, died May 6, 1900; married Daniel Braymer.
  2. Abraham, married Hercelora Thompson; child, Hercelora.
  3. Archibald, born 1818, died May 10, 1885, married Mary Herron; children: Fannie and Archibald.
  4. William, born 1820, died in Allens Grove, Wisconsin, December 23, 1883, married Achsa Nelson; children: William, Harriet and Almond and one son who died in childhood.
  5. Lucinda, born September 24, 1824, married, March 1, 1849, Jesse Sherman; children: Sterling, Daniel, Cora, William, Carrie and Emma.
  6. Mary, born March 21, 1827, married Edwin Temple; children: Charlotte, Orley, Ralph.
  7. Martha, born December 1, 1831, married, March 1, 1852, John Qua; children: Andrew, Mary, Anna and Adelaide.
  8. Daniel (2), of whom further.
  9. Anna, born October 4, 1830, married, January 31, 1850, Joseph Ely; children: John D., Helen and Annita.
  10. Phebe, January 19, 1837, married, March 25, 1856, James E. Pratt; child, Carrie.
  11. Ely, died young.

(IX) Daniel (2), son of Daniel (1) and Anna (Case) Woodard, was born in North Hebron, New York, Augus 31, 1822, died June 13, 1887. He married, January 7, 1845, Mariam McNitt, born March 2, 1826, died October 20, 1902, daughter of James and Lydia (Martin) McNitt. James McNitt was born January 17, 1782, died January 22, 1861. He was a son of Daniel McNitt, born 1750, died November 21, 1829, at Salem, New York, a sergeant in a Salem company in the revolution, and a grandson of Captain Alexander McNitt. Alexander McNitt, born in Scotland in 1720, died November 29, 1807. On coming to America he settled first at Poughkeepsie, New York, later removed to Salem, Washington county, New York. He served in the revolution as captain of militia and saw service in the campaign against Burgoyne. Lydia (Martin) McNitt, born in 1792, died May 17, 1846, was a daughter of Moses Martin, born 1744 (adjutant in Colonel Williams' regiment from Washington county), and Lydia (Moore) Martin, and granddaughter of Adam and Sarah (Newell) Martin, and great-granddaughter of John Newell. Children of Daniel and Miriam (McNitt) Woodard:

  1. Lydia, born January 30, 1846; married William Shaw, died August 26, 1863; children: Carrie, Emma, John and Woodard.
  2. Emma, born December 29, 1847; married Captain Joseph Hays, November 15, 1866; children: Miriam, Roscoe, Horton, Georgia, died unmarried, and Mary.
  3. James McNitt, born September 8, 1849; married (first) Georgianna Bockes; children: Bertie and Ross; (second) Elizabeth Stetson; child, Marion.
  4. Francis, born December 22, 1851, unmarried.
  5. Daniel D., born January 7, 1854; married, January 29, 1879, Elizabeth Westcott; children:
    1. Ethel, born 1882;
    2. Allan, born 1885,
    3. Madeline, born 1890.
  6. Martin, born January 19, 1856, died April 5, 1899; married Jemima Rea; children: Frankie and Mabel.
  7. Eli, born January 13, 1857; married Nettie Bush; children: Irene, died in childhood, and Henry.
  8. Archibald, born October 27, 1859, died in childhood.
  9. Mariam, born May 10, 1863; married S. F. Farrar, February 14, 1887; removed to Braymer, Missouri.
  10. Lucina, born August 9, 1867; married Silas E. Everts.

(IX) Lucina, daughter of Daniel and Anna (Case) Woodard, was born in Hebron, Washington county, New York, July 17, 1814, died May 6, 1900. She married Daniel Braymer (see Braymer III), son of Jacob and Anna (Blakslee) Braymer. Children: Jenette, Jacob, Alfred, Daniel, Rosalinda, George, Winfield.

(X) Rosalinda, daughter of Daniel and Lucina (Woodard) Braymer, was born June 3, 1846. She married, March 12, 1868, Richard Durham, son of Durfee and Anna (Hall) Durham, born May 6, 1838, at Easton, Washington county, New York. He died December 9, 1901 (see Durham IV).

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