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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1706-1707 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

(V) Clifford Hiram Allen, son Loren (q.v.) and Mary Ann (Van Den Bergh) Allen, was born in Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), Washington county, New York, January 31, 1867. He was educated in the public schools of Sandy Hill and at Dr. Holbrook's Military Academy, Ossining, New York. After completing his studies, he becames an employee of Allen Brothers Company and was associated with his father and uncles in the manufacture of paper at Sandy Hill until 1892. In that year he was placed in charge of the company's mill and timber lands at Au Sable Chasm, where he remained several years. Later he had increased responsibilities and divided his time between the Sandy Hill and Au Sable Chasm plants, until the sale of Allen Brothers Company to the Union Bag & Paper Company. Mr. Allen is prominent in the Masonic order. He married, June 30, 1904, Lillian Katherine, daughter of John Lorinous and Electa Jane (West) Wendell, granddaughter of Martin and Sabrina (Agard) Wendell. Martin Wendell was born in Chestertown, New York, December 5, 1803, died May 27, 1884; married Sabrina Agard, born in Chestertown, April 8, 1807, died March 10, 1855. Children born in Chestertown:

  1. Catherine, born February 22, 1827; married Harlow Stone.
  2. John Lorinous, born May 10, 1839, died January 10, 1900; married Electa Jane West, child,
    1. Lillian Katherine, married, June 30, 1904, Clifford Hiram Allen.
  3. Ezra Sayre, born December 19, 1845.

(The Agard Line)

Sabrina Agard was a granddaughter of Amos Agard, born June 25, 1735, married, April 26, 1765, Alice Smith. Children:

  1. James, born November 29, 1766.
  2. Sibbil, born September 25, 1767; married General Conant and had
    1. Mary, born November 11, 1785.
  3. Abigail, born August 31, 1769.
  4. Abigail, born September 27, 1771.
  5. Hannah, born June 29, 1777.
  6. John, born May 29, 1779; married, December 5, 1805, Dorcas Salsbury: children:
    1. Sabrina, born April 8, 1807; married Martin Wendell.
    2. Sophrona, born June 16, 1810.
    3. Samuel, born August 12, 1813.
    4. Phebe, born November 5, 1815.
    5. Abigail, born December 11, 1818.
    6. Amos, born May 17, 1821.

(The West Line)

(I) Electa Jane West, wife of John Lorinous Wendell, and grandmother of Lillian K. (Wendell) Allen, was a granddaughter of William West, a cousin of General Ethan Allen, and is also supposed to have been a soldier of the revolution. He married Rebecca, daughter of Captain Thomas Lee, a sea captain, and a sister of General Lee, of revolutionary fame.

(II) Charles, son of William and Rebecca (Lee) West, was born in Dutchess county, New York. He married Electa Jane Ganzy, born in Connecticut.

(III) Electa Jane, daughter of Charles and Electa Jane (Ganzy) West, was born September 29, 1844, died December 25, 1909. She married, January, 1863, John Lorinous Wendell.

(IV) Lillian Katherine, daughter of John Lorinous and Electa Jane (West) Wendell, married Clifford Hiram Allen.

(The Van Den Bergh Line)

(I) Wyant [Wynant?], son of Cornelis and Cornelia (Van Der Poel) Van Den Bergh, was born June 24, 1694. He was of Halve Maan (Half Moon), 1720. He married (first), November 21, 1715, Aaltje Van Ness; (second) March 20, 1721, Anna Wendell; (third) August 25, 1750, Catharine Van Ness (Widow Groebeck).

(II) Wyant (2), son of Wyant (1) and his second wife Anna (Wendell) Van Den Bergh, was born June 1, 1735. He married Mary Whitbeck and had issue.

(III) Peter, son of Wyant (2) and Mary (Whitbeck) Van Den Bergh, was born October 31, 1778, died November 21, 1887. He married (first) August 16, 1800, Sarah Van Woert, born July 8, 1778, died November 16, 1822. He married (second) October 27, 1824, Ann Osborn Blair, born March 20, 1796, died March 20, 1855. Children by first wife:

  1. Weynant, born November 15, 1801, died February 17, 1866.
  2. John, November 15, 1802, died June 29, 1803.
  3. Catherine, November 4, 1803, died December 7, 1833.
  4. Harriet, November 20, 1804, died December 29, 1804.
  5. Harriet, September 8, 1806, died January 28, 1866; married John Weuzel.
  6. Helen, January 26, 1808; married Abraham Van Vechten.
  7. John, August 22, 1809, died March 12, 1854.
  8. Gysbert, December 19, 1810, died September 9, 1850.
  9. Eva Edith, March 8, 1812, died February 15, 1819.
  10. Fannie Maria, June 1, 1813, died September 16, 1876; married Gilbert Lansing.
  11. Jacob Lansing, October 19, 1814, died April 19, 1820.
  12. Sarah, born September 2, 1817; married (first), October 15, 1833, Jacob Price; (second) Abraham Sweet; (third) William Wilson; she had one son, Abraham, who had one son, John Price.
  13. Peter Van Wort, August 11, 1818, died September 14, 1818.

Children by second wife, Ann Osborn Blair:

  1. Jacob Lansing, November 17, 1825, died November 21, 1887; married Frances Cartwright; died February 4, 1911; children: Elizabeth and Frank, died in childhood.
  2. James Henry, December 3, 1827 (still living); married Lydia Huffcutt; children:
    1. Emogene, married Charles Benjamin Prouty and has a son, James H. Lansing Prouty;
    2. Mary Frances, married George A. Nash and has a son,
      1. Howard B., and
      2. a daughter, Bessie Elizabeth, married Frank Galusha.
  3. Mary Ann, September 20, 1834, died May 18, 1879; married, December 25, 1856, Loren Allen (see Allen); children:
    1. Mary Ida, married George Henry Liddell and has a son, Loren Allen Liddell, born December 27, 1885.
    2. Charles Loren, died June 6, 1910; married, at Fort Edward, New York, February 1, 1893, Jennie Augusta Fox, born October 26, 1871, and has a son,
      1. Adelbert Clifford, born March 21, 1894.
    3. Clifford Hiram, of previous mention.

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