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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
De Long

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 317-320 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The census of 1790 shows over twenty De Longs living in New York state who married and were heads of families. Most of the families were resident of Albany county as then constituted, although the name was also found in Dutchess and Ulster counties. The town of Half-Moon (now Saratoga county) was the home of many of the name at that date. The De Longs of Glens Falls descend from Peter Lewis De Long, born February 73, 1761, whose father was said to have been a French Huguenot and fled from France to Holland, later coming with his family to the new world, settling, first in New Jersey, later in what is now Dutchess county, New York. Peter L. De Long had brothers: Jacobus, born October 24, 1749; Ragel, August 7, 1752; Gradas, October 3; 1763; Isaac, March 21, 1766, died in infancy, and a sister Jeannette, born September 26, 1753. Peter De Long was a farmer of Albany county. He married and had issue. In 1790 he was a resident of the town of Saratoga. He may have been the father of the family named above.

(II) Peter Lewis De Long is not named in the census of 1790, as he probably was not then the "head of a family." He married and had issue, among whom was a son James Lewis.

(III) James Lewis, son of Peter Lewis De Long, was born December 9, 1793, died April 12, 1879. He married Elizabeth Deming, born February 5, 1795, died April 8, 1872. Children:

  1. Zopher I., see forward;
  2. Sally, born December 30, 1818, drowned May 24, 1824;
  3. Phebe Ann, November 17, 1822, married (first) George Palmer, (second) James Gilbert;
  4. Lewis J., November 10, 1826, married Cynthia Grey;
  5. Abraham, December 11, 1829, married Hannah Grey;
  6. Electa E., May 4, 1833, married George Rockwell;
  7. Melinda M., May 27, 1836, married James Grey;
  8. Edwin S., May 17, 1839; married Christie Gilbert.

(IV) Zopher I., eldest child of James Lewis and Elizabeth (Deming) De Long, was born in the town of Edinburg, Saratoga county, New York, July 9, 1815. He was a merchant and for many years conducted a general store at West Day. He was supervisor in 1843-44-45-46-47-58-59, and justice of the peace 1848. He later removed to Glens Falls, New York, where he died. He was president of the village corporation of Glens Falls, and supervisor of the town of Queensbury. He was a member of the local militia company, and a man much respected for his energy, enterprise and upright character. He married, November 21, 1838, Catherine Lewis, daughter of Simon and Lydia (Barker) Scott. Children:

  1. Theodore S., born August 23, 1839; married, October 7, 1869, and had one child, Roosa, born March 14, 1871, married Edward F. Irish.
  2. John Barker, see forward.
  3. Cutler J., see forward.
  4. Elizabeth lone, born March 25, 1848; married William P. Tearse; children:
    1. Catherine, born January 4, 1874;
    2. Cornelia, April 22, 1876;
    3. Clarence, June 20, 1878;
    4. Margaret, October 16, 1880;
    5. Helen, February 13, 1884;
    6. Robert, December 8, 1885;
    7. William P. (2), October 8, 1889.
  5. Daniel P., see forward.
  6. Margaret, October 18, 1851; married Joseph D. Haviland; children:
    1. Ione, born September 1, 1873;
    2. Margaret, November 7, 1875;
    3. Daniel S., July 15, 1878;
    4. Jessica, October 1, 1883;
    5. Theodore, July 27, 1893.
  7. George Palmer, January 31, 1853; married Cynthia Hauxhurst; children:
    1. Ino C., born December 25, 1877;
    2. Scott, June 3, 1883.
  8. Catherine J., born June 1, 1857; married Harvey R. T. Coffin; children:
    1. Theodore, born June 21, 1880;
    2. Mildred, June 14, 1882;
    3. Earl, July 12, 1884;
    4. Sanford, deceased;
    5. Clarence, deceased.

(V) John Barker, son of Zopher I. and Catherine Lewis (Scott) De Long, was born in the town of Day, Saratoga county, New York, January 20, 1843. He was educated in the public schools, and worked in his father's store. On January 1, 1860, he entered the employ of Daniel Peck, a hardware merchant of Glens Falls, remaining one year, when the firm of Z. I. & T. S. De Long purchased his entire interest and the business was conducted under the firm name of Peck, De Long & Company until January 1, 1862, then changed to De Long & Son, which was continued until 1872, when it was again changed to De Long & Sons, John Barker (who was in the employ of the firm from 1861 to 1872) having been admitted to membership. They conducted a most successful business until the death of Zopher I. De Long. The sons continued the business, merely changing the firm name to De Long Sons, under which title the business has since been conducted. John B. De Long is a director of the First National Bank, and is considered one of the substantial citizens of his city. He served as village trustee before the incorporation of Glens Falls as a city, and has always taken a warm interest in all that affects the prosperity of the city. He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, which he has served for several years as elder. He married, November 25, 1874, Emma, daughter of John S. and Anice (Tearse) Thompson. Children:

  1. Bertha L., born August 28, 1877; married, November 1, 1899, Clifford B. Hall, who is associated with the firm of De Long Sons; children: Marion D., David Kenneth.
  2. Arthur J., September 10, 1879; associated with the hardware firm of De Long Sons.
  3. Mabel E., June 8, 1882; married, October 3, 1905, H. B. Austin; one child, John D., born July 31, 1907.
  4. Charles T., February 27, 1885.

(V) Cutler J., son of Zopher I. and Catherine Lewis (Scott) De Long, was born in Day, Saratoga county, New York, January 5, 1846. He was educated in the common schools and at Glens Falls Academy. As a young man he entered the First National Bank of Glens Falls as clerk, later he became teller, and he remained with the bank eight years. His next position was with the wholesale and retail grocery business, in which he remained five years. In 1878 he became connected with the Glens Falls Fire Insurance Company, and is at present its treasurer and one of the directors. He served as trustee of the village of Glens Falls before its incorporation as a city, and was clerk of the board of trustees for a number of years. In politics he is a Democrat; in religious faith Presbyterian. Mr. De Long married, July, 1871, Mary, daughter of George and Mary (Hunt) Clendon, of England. Children:

  1. Mary, born June 8, 1872; married Charles F. West, of Glens Falls; children: Mary, Nancy Cutler, Edith, Catherine.
  2. Annie, April 27, 1874; married James S. Warren, of Glens Falls.
  3. Helen, September 11, 1875; married Howard J. Bush, of Glens Falls, and had a son Clendon.
  4. Catherine, April, 1877; married Robert C. Carter, of Glens Falls; children: Eleanor, Robert.

(V) Daniel P., son of Zopher I. and Catherine Lewis (Scott) De Long, was born in the town of Day, Saratoga county, New York, April 10, 1850. He was educated at Glens Falls Academy. He began his business career in the dry goods store of Lasher & Freleigh, where he remained seven years. He then formed a partnership with William H. Robbins, as Robbins & De Long. They conducted a successful dry goods business in Glens Falls. Mr. De Long withdrew from the dry goods business and became interested in the Glens Falls Brick Company, organized in 1840. In 1886 he became sole owner of the company, which has continued under his wise management, and is known as one ofthe most prosperous concerns of the county. He is an able, conservative and energetic man of business and fully equal to his responsibilities, both of a business and public nature. He served three terms as supervisor of the town of Queensbury, Warren county, and for one term was chairman of the board. His wise business ideas were of great value in conducting county business. He is first vice president of the Glens Falls Trust Company, one of the organizers and a director of the Empire Real Estate & Theatre Company, president and general manager of the Granite Brick Company, and president of the Glens Falls Hospital. He is a member of the Masonic order, belonging to Senate Lodge, No. 456, Free and Accepted Masons, being raised a Mason in 1871, immediately on reaching his majority. Politically he is a Democrat. In, 1909 he was the successful candidate of his party for the state legislature. During the session he served on assembly committees, Indian affairs and villages. He married Emily P., daughter of Archibald C. and Catherine (Pierce) Tearse (see Tearse III). She was born at Stillwater, Saratoga county, New York. Children:

  1. Walter J., born October 9, 1874.
  2. Archibald Z., August 4, 1876; married, January 24, 1905, Ella Hall, daughter of William Shields, of Boston.
  3. Robert B., January 9, 1879.
  4. Daniel P. (2), February 24, 1887.
  5. Chester, April 24, 1882, died December 7, 1882.
  6. Elsie, January 16, 1886, died November 6, 1888.

(The Fraser and Campbell Lines)

Sarah Fraser, great-great-great-grandmother of Mrs. Emma (Thompson) De Long, was a daughter of Simon Fraser, of Balrain, Invernesshire, Scotland, and was born in that shire. Her father's brother, Alexander Fraser, was the father of General Simon Fraser, who was killed in the battle of Saratoga in 1777. Sarah Fraser married Alexander Campbell, and went to live in Argyle, Scotland. They had one daughter Katherine, who married Robert Hunter. He died shortly after the birth of a daughter "Polly." On account of religious differences (they having espoused the cause of the Church of England), the Campbells decided to come to America. They accordingly sailed, bringing with them their daughter Katherine and granddaughter Polly. During the passage Mr. Campbell died, and Mrs. Hunter died a year after her arrival in America. Mrs. Campbell, being possessed of considerable wealth, decided in spite of these troubles to remain in America. She made a great many friends, and after a time married a Mr. McNeil. They removed to the town of Queensbury, where they bought a large tract of land. Mr. McNeil died, but revolutionary war history, as well as family records, show that the widow, Mrs. McNeil, and her granddaughter Polly Hunter, were living in comfort at Fort Edward. She was devotedly attached to her adopted country, and would not listen to the entreaties of her friends to return to Scotland. While in New York she made many acquaintances among the Huguenots, and to one of them, Adjutant Peter B. Tearse, an officer in the continental army, Polly Hunter became engaged. On the approach of Burgoyne's army, July, 1777, Adjutant Tearse urged them to go to Albany. They were preparing to go on the morning of the capture and murder of Jane McCrea, who was visiting Mrs. McNeil at that time. She and Polly Hunter escaped to the camp of General Fraser, and from there proceeded to Albany. When General Fraser was wounded she was able to reach him before his death. At the close of the war, Polly Hunter married Peter Bailey Tearse [called Barclay in the Tearse section], who was descended from French Huguenots, and was born in New York in 1753. His family were among the few who escaped the massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572. They made their way to this country by way of England. He was lieutenant, captain, and finally adjutant in Colonel Willett's company, whose daring bravery won one of the most brilliant victories of the war. He was one of the most able men of his day. Upon his return to Fort Edward, he rebuilt the old home which is one of the three oldest houses in the town. He owned a house in Albany, where he resided during the winter. He died in 1803.

(II) Katherine, daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Fraser) Campbell, married Robert Hunter.

(III) Polly, daughter of Robert and Katherine (Campbell) Hunter, married Peter Bailey Tearse.

(IV) William Hunter, son of Peter Bailey and Polly (Hunter) Tearse, married Mary Stewart.

(V) Annis, daughter of William Hunter and Mary (Stewart) Tearse, married John S. Thompson.

(VI) Emma, daughter of John S. and Annis (Tearse) Thompson, married John Barker De Long.

(The Tearse Line)

Peter Barclay Tearse [called Bailey in the Fraser and Campbell section] was born in New York City (probably) in 1755. He served in the revolutionary war at the battle of Fort Stanwix, and was later in an Albany regiment. He was descended from French Huguenots. His family was among the few who escaped the massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572. They made their way to England and thence to this country. He was a lieutenant, captain and finally adjutant in Colonel Willett's company. In the New York land papers mention is made of the claim of Peter B. Tearse of fifteen hundred acres of land in lieu of his services during the war. He studied law with Yates (afterward governor of New York), and was a member of assembly in 1786-87-88-89, also town moderator. He was one of the most able men of his day. Upon his return to Fort Edward after the war, he rebuilt the homestead which today is one of the oldest houses in the town. He owned a house in Albany, and resided there during the winter. He died in 1803. He married Polly Hunter. Children:

  1. William H., see forward;
  2. Archibald;
  3. Mary, married Peter Finn;
  4. Catherine, married John Reynolds;
  5. Elizabeth, married Archibald Derby;
  6. Ann, married Amos Green.

(II) William H., son of Peter Barclay and Polly (Hunter) Tearse, was born at Glens Falls. In 1813 he married Mary Stewart. He was prominent in Masonic circles; was a member of Hamilton Lodge, No. 144, Glens Falls; advanced to honorable degree of mark master in Glens Falls Chapter, No. 55, June 20, 1819; presided as master in the chair, July 10, 1819; received and acknowledged as most high master, July 10, 1819; exalted to the most sublime degree of the Royal Lodge, July 10, 1819. Children:

  1. Archibald C., see forward;
  2. Peter William, married Lorinda Moorehouse;
  3. Robert Hunter, married Lucinda Johnson;
  4. Micajah Potter, died young, shot by accident while hunting;
  5. Annis Derby, married John S. Thompson.

(III) Archibald C., son of William H. and Mary (Stewart) Tearse, was born in Glens Falls, August 10, 1814, died in Michigan, January 25, 1877. He married Catherine Pierce, born at Bolton, New York, January 12, 1817, died June 13, 1903. He was a miller in Glens Falls, and later removed to Grand Rapids. Michigan, where he continued in the same business. Children:

  1. William P., born June 22, 1844; married Ione De Long.
  2. Editha C., August 27, 1848, died August 1, 1872; married Avery Selleck, and has a daughter Catherine.
  3. Addison, died young.
  4. Emily P., December 11, 1851; married Daniel P. De Long.
  5. Frederick C., March 3, 1854, died March 1, 1880.
  6. Jennie C., July 24, 1856.
  7. Robert E., November 27, 1859.

(The Barker Line)

The Barker ancestry of Lydia (Barker) Scott, mother of Catherine Lewis Scott, wife of Zopher I. De Long.

(I) Jesse Barker was a soldier in the revolution in 1778.

(II) Jesse (2), son of Jesse (1) Barker, was born April 21, 1761, died March 19, 1804. He married Prudence Paine, of "Mayflower" ancestry, born May 3, 1755, died March 26, 1848. He entered as private, May 20, 1775, term of service two months and seventeen days, from Brimfield, Massachusetts, Captain Edward Seagreave's company, Colonel Joseph Reade's regiment, August 1, 1775. Afterward he re-enlisted and appears in bounty coat rolls, dated December 21, 1775, enlisted from Brimfield, Massachusetts, in continental army, March 29, 1779, term to expire in 1780. He appears in the continental army pay accounts of Sixth Company, Colonel Bailey's regiment; for service from April 3, 1777, to October 8, 1778. He appears as a private in the returns of Captain Isaac Warren's company, Colonel John Bailey's regiment, dated from camp, Valley Forge, January 24, 1778 — a most excellent record.

(III) Lydia, daughter of Jesse (2) Barker born 1795, died 1846; married Simon Scott.

(IV) Catherine Lewis, daughter of Simon and Lydia (Barker) Scott, married Zopher I. De Long.

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