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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 320-323 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Adam Barttelot, an esquire, came with William the Conqueror and seated himself in Ferring, Sussex county, England; was buried at Stopham. From Adam the line continues through ten generations to Edmund Barttelot, of Ernly, who died 1591. He had four sons, three of whom, John, Richard and Thomas, born between 1589 and 1590, came to America, John and Richard locating at Newbury, Thomas at Watertown, Massachusetts. Richard is the American ancestor of Dr. Ezra A. Bartlett, of Albany, New York.

(I) Richard Bartlett came to Newbury in the ship "Mary and John" in 1634, being one of the earliest settlers. Newbury was not incorporated until 1635, which was the date of his settlement there. He died May 25, 1647. There is no record of his wife; she probably having died in England. Children:

  1. Richard (2); of further mention.
  2. Christopher, born 1623.
  3. John.
  4. Joanna, married William Titcomb, one of the early settlers and proprietors of the town of Newbury.

(II) Richard (2), son of Richard (1) Bartlett, was born in England in 1621, died at Newbury, Massachusetts, 1698. He was, says Coffin, a very facetious and intelligent man, resided at first near Old Town Hill, but afterwards moved to a place known as Bartlett's corner. He represented Newbury for four years in the general court. He married Abigail ————. Children:

  1. Samuel, born February 20, 1646, married Elizabeth Titcomb.
  2. Richard, of further mention.
  3. Thomas, September 7, 1650, married Tirza Titcomb.
  4. Abigail, March, 1653.
  5. John, June 22, 1655, married Mary Rust.
  6. Hannah, December 18, 1657, died June 17, 1676.
  7. Rebecca, May 23, 1661.

(III) Richard (3), son of Richard (2) and Abigail Bartlett, was born at Newbury, Massachusetts, February 21, 1649. He married, November 18, 1673, Hannah Emery, of Newbury. Children:

  1. Hannah, born November 8, 1674, married John Ordway.
  2. Richard, October 20, 1676, married, April 12, 1699, Margaret Woodman; his descendants became prominent citizens of the state of New Hampshire.
  3. John, September 23, 1678, married Mary Ordway and resided on a part of the "old place" at Newbury and was a weaver by trade.
  4. Samuel, died young.
  5. Daniel, born August 8, 1682, resided at Newbury and there died, his death being caused by the extraction of a tooth.
  6. Joseph, November 18, 1686, died 1754; in 1707 he was drafted and sent with others to Haverhill to defend the town against an expected attack by the French and Indians from Canada; August 29, 1708, he with others were obliged to surrender to the enemy, Joseph first secreting his gun in the chimney of Captain Wainwright's house; he was carried a prisoner to Canada where he was held a captive over four years; he afterwards visited Haverhill, found his gun where he had secreted it, and it finally came into the hands of the grandnephew, Richard Bartlett, of Amesbury, Massachusetts, who carried it while a soldier in the revolutionary war; the old gun afterwards exploded at a fourth of July celebration and can now be seen in the rooms of the New Hampshire Historical Society; Joseph after his return from Canada settled on a farm in Newton, New Hampshire, where he was justice of the peace and a deacon of the church; he was twice married and left many descendants.
  7. Samuel (2), May 16, 1689.
  8. Stephen, of further mention.
  9. Thomas, July 14, 1695, was a tanner and lived on the "old place."
  10. Mary, September 15, 1697, married ———— Hill, and was the last surviving member of her family; at her funeral the minister took for his text "Last of all the woman died also."

(IV) Stephen, son of Richard (3) and Hannah (Emery) Bartlett, was born April 21, 1691. He was a shoemaker by trade; accumulated property; built a large house a short distance above Amesbury ferry; later purchasing a farm in the northwestern part of Amesbury called, "The Lion's Mouth" on which he built a home and there spent the remainder of his days. He married Hannah Webster, of Salisbury, whose father was "wealthy in landed property." Children:

  1. Stephen, died October 5, 1759, aged thirty-two years; he married ———— Currier, who lived to be ninety years of age. Their son, Captain Enoch Bartlett, kept a store in Amesbury for over fifty years and held many positions of honor and trust in the town.
  2. Joseph, married a daughter of Ichabod Colby; his son Joseph (2), was the first physician located in Salisbury, New Hampshire, having studied his profession with his uncle, Governor Josiah Bartlett, of Kingston, New Hampshire; his descendants were especially distinguished in the professions and in the public service of the state of New Hampshire.
  3. Simon, born June 17, 1727; he inherited his father's farm and for many years was one of the prominent business men of Amesbury; he was an ardent patriot of the revolution and chairman of the New Hampshire "Committee of Safety"; the old farm was later owned by the town of Amesbury, and on it was built the town almshouse; he was twice married, his second wife being Hannah Herbert, sister of Lieutenant Richard Herbert, of Concord.
  4. Josiah, of further mention.
  5. Levi, resided in Amesbury and had sons and daughters.
  6. Hannah.

(V) Josiah, son of Stephen and Hannah (Webster) Bartlett was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, November, 1728. He was highly-educated and at the age of sixteen began the study of medicine with Dr. Ordway, a distant relative. He completed his medical education in 1750, at the age of twenty-one years, and at once began the practice of his profession at Kingston, New Hampshire. He became popular as a physician and secured a large share of practice. He held various town offices, including that of magistrate, and was appointed by Governor John Wentworth colonel of the New Hampshire regiment. In 1765 Colonel Bartlett began his political career as representative for the town of Kingston, in the state legislature, becoming one of the principal leaders in the house where a strong party had become opposed to Governor Wentworth. In February, 1775, he was deprived of his commission as justice of the peace and dismissed from his command in the militia by Governor Wentworth on account of his Whig principles. In the summer of 1775 he was chosen a delegate to the continental congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When the roll was called for a vote on the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, beginning with the northernmost state "New Hampshire," Colonel Bartlett's name was first called, who answered in the affirmative. The president of congress, John Hancock, first signed the Declaration and Colonel Bartlett was the second signer, thus being the first who voted for it and the first after the president who signed this immortal document. He returned from congress in 1776 worn down with fatigue and ill health and did not again attend the sittings until 1778. In the meantime he engaged in public duties at home and in providing for the forces of the gallant General Stark at Bennington, Vermont, whose troops were solely under the control of New Hampshire. In May, 1778, he again attended as delegate in congress which sat at Yorktown, Virginia, the British then occupying Philadelphia. In 1780 he was appointed chief justice of the court of common pleas, also in the same year was appointed muster-master. In 1782, on the resignation of Judge Thornton, he was appointed a justice of the supreme court, which office he held until he was appointed chief justice in 1788. In 1787 the convention assembled at New York to devise a plan for the government of the confederation of states. He was an active member of the convention in 1788 which adopted it and was chosen senator from New Hampshire to the first congress his associate being Colonel Langdon. This honor he declined through the infirmities of age. In 1790 he was elected chief magistrate of New Hampshire, under the title of president. By the constitution of 1792 the title was changed to that of governor and he was elected to that office in 1792, and 1793, being the first governor of the state. Of the total number of votes cast, he received all except 297. In 1792 he was presidential elector. In 1794 Governor Bartlett retired from the chair of chief magistrate of New Hampshire, addressing a letter to the legislature in which he declined being again a candidate for any public office, wishing, as he says "to retire to the repose of a quiet life, with a grateful sense of the repeated marks of trust and confidence that my fellow citizens have reposed in me, and with my best wishes for the future Peace and Prosperity for the state." On the 19th of May, 1795, this distinguished patriot died, being in his sixty-sixth year.

He married Mary Bartlett, of Newton, New Hampshire, who died in 1789. Children:

  1. Mary, born December 28, 1754, married, March 12, 1780, Jonathan Greeley.
  2. Lois, June 1, 1756, died unmarried.
  3. Miriam, June 19, 1758, died May 17, 1785; married Joseph Caleb.
  4. Rhoda, May 22, 1760, married Reuben True, of Salisbury, New Hampshire.
  5. Hannah, August 31, 1762, died September, 1762.
  6. Dr. Levi, born at Kingston, New Hampshire, September, 1763, died January 30, 1828; he prepared at the celebrated "Dummer School," Newbury, Massachusetts, and after studying medicine one year with his father completed his professional studies with Dr. Thomas Kittredge, of Andover; he settled in Kingston, New Hampshire, where and in adjoining times he soon acquired an extensive practice, being as well a skillful and successful surgeon; he was justice of the peace and quorom throughout the state; colonel in the militia, postmaster for many years, frequently represented Kingston in the legislature; a member of the executive council; presidential elector; chief justice of the court of common pleas and judge of the circuit court; he married (first) Sarah Hook; (second) Abigail Stevens; his children were equally eminent.
  7. Dr. Josiah (2), born at Kingston, August 29, 1768, died April 16, 1838, like his father and brothers, Josiah was an eminent and very popular physician and was also prominent in public life; in 1809-10 he was a member of the state senate; in the latter year was elected to congress and for several years was treasurer of Rockingham county; in 1824 was again elected to the senate of New Hampshire and was chosen president of that body, in the same year was presidential elector; in his latter years was totally blind; he married (first) ———— Wingate, of Stratham; married (second) Hannah, daughter of Major William Weeks; no issue by either wife.
  8. Dr. Ezra, of further mention.
  9. Sarah, born July 29, 1773; married, April 24, 1796, Dr. Amos Gale.
  10. Hannah (2), born December 13, 1776, died April 17, 1777.

(VI) Dr. Ezra Bartlett, son of Governor Josiah Bartlett, "the Signer," and his wife, Mary (Bartlett) Bartlett, was born September 13, 1770, died December 5, 1848. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College and like his father and brothers embraced the profession of medicine. For several years he practiced in Warren, Grafton county, New Hampshire, removing to Haverhill in the same county in 1812. He was a distinguished man in his day, often representing the towns of Warren and Coventry in the state legislature. He was a side judge in the court of common pleas; state senator and member of the governor's council. In 1806 he was appointed judge of the court of common pleas for Grafton county; in 1816 judge of the circuit court; in 1820 chief justice of the court of sessions; in 1822-23-24 councilor; in 1820 presidential elector and again in 1828 collector of internal revenue, third district of New Hampshire. He married, January 30, 1790, Hannah Gale, of Kingston, New Hampshire, it being her twenty-second birthday; she died September 8, 1855. Children:

  1. Laura, born October 20, 1799, married Jacob Bell, farmer and merchant at Haverhill, New Hampshire.
  2. Josiah, died young.
  3. Josiah, born May 3, 1803, a skillful physician and esteemed citizen of Stratham, New Hampshire; he met his death May 9, 1853, being a passenger on the ill-fated train at the draw-bridge disaster at Norwalk, Connecticut; he married and had issue.
  4. Hannah, born January 7, 1805, married John Blaisdell and removed to Alton, Illinois.
  5. Levi, born October 4, 1806, graduate of Dartmouth College, 1827, studied medicine with his father at Haverhill and at Dartmouth College, graduating M.D., 1837; practiced in Syracuse, New York, a short time, then removed to Skaneateles, New York; he married (first) Amelia Homman, of Philadelphia; (second) Harriet Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. J. B. Hopkins, of Skaneateles.
  6. Mary, born August 23, 1808, died August 6, 1830.
  7. Sarah, born April 23, 1810.
  8. Ezra, born September 28, 1811, a physician at Exeter, New Hampshire; his son, Joseph C., a graduate of Harvard College, was later professor of mathematics at the same college.
  9. Amos Gilman, of further mention.
  10. Albert, born May 2, 1815, died March 8, 1842.
  11. Stephen Madison, born June 22, 1817, a physician, practiced for several years at Tuskeegee, Alabama; his health failing he relinquished his profession and was professor in the Female College from 1852 to 1871, and in the latter year was appointed to a clerkship in the United States treasury department; he married a daughter of George Hendee, of Richmond, Virginia.

(VII) Rev. Amos Gilman Bartlett, son of Dr. Ezra and Hannah (Gale) Bartlett, was born 1814, died in 1880. He prepared for the ministry and was ordained and preached in New Hampshire. He resided in Vineland, New Jersey, several years.

He married Georgianna Matilda Pike, of New England ancestry, born in 1820, died 1874, daughter of Joseph S. and Sally (Petingill) Pike; children: Joseph A., Francis P., Ezra A., Mary Jane, died in infancy.

(VIII) Dr. Ezra Albert Bartlett, son of Rev. Amos Gilman and Georgianna Matilda (Pike) Bartlett, was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, July 18, 1845. He graduated from the Atkinson (New Hampshire) Academy; entered the sophomore class of Amherst College, and in September, 1863, enlisted in Battery M, Fourth United States Artillery, serving until 1866. He passed through the non-commissioned rank and in 1865 was promoted first lieutenant of Seventh Massachusetts Heavy Artillery unattached, but never mustered. He graduated from Rochester University in 1870; studied medicine with his uncle, Dr. Levi Bartlett, of Skaneateles, New York, and with Dr. Samuel B. Ward, of Albany; received the degree of M.D. from the Albany Medical College in 1879, and since then has practiced his profession in Albany. He is ex-president of the Albany County Medical Society; member of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association; member of the faculty of the National College of Electro-Therapeutics at Indianapolis, Indiana; member of the staff of the Albany City Hospital; member of the Medical Society of the State of New York and American Medical Association, and a member of George S. Dawson Post, No. 63, Grand Army of the Republic, and the Sons of the Revolution. He has been a lecturer in the Albany Medical College since 1881; was for six years a member and president of the old Albany Academy of Medicine. He married, in 1871, Jennie S., daughter of John Sargent, of Rochester, New York. They have one son.

(IX) Frank Sargent, son of Dr. Ezra Albert and Jennie S. (Sargent) Bartlett, was born March 10, 1886. He graduated at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, now with the General Electric Company with offices in New York City. He married Kathryn Hitchler.

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