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Downtown Schenectady Master Plan — Letter from the President of Hunter Interests

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[This information is from the Downtown Schenectady Master Plan prepared by Hunter Interests, Inc. in 1999, and is reproduced with their permission. It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 711 DOWf.]

Final Report
Downtown Schenectady Master Plan

Prepared for:

Mayor Al Jurczynski
The City of Schenectady

Prepared By:

Hunter Interests Inc.
Annapolis, MD — New York City — Clearwater, FL

In Association With:

Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA
Synthesis Architects, Schenectady, NY
O. R. George & Associates, Silver Spring, MD

November 1999

November 19, 1999

Mayor Jurczynski and the Citizens of Schenectady
City of Schenectady — City Hall
105 Jay Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

Dear Mayor Jurczynski:

This is to transmit the final report of the Downtown Schenectady Master Plan. Our report includes excerpts from many of the technical memoranda and design studies that were discussed with you, our client group, and the citizens of Schenectady during the first two-thirds of our planning period. During the last one-third we have been refining and testing various aspects of the plan and development strategies, preparing this report and the design guidelines included in it, and assisting the implementation of several key people generator" projects.

In many respects, the report itself is a compendium of a vast amount of information which was collected and prepared throughout the planning process. We view the document as a reference manual which should be useful to guide specific actions and coordinate the numerous efforts necessary to successfully accomplish Schenectady's downtown revitalization. As you know, many of these actions are already underway.

The most important aspects of the plan are the three themes upon which it based, the nine strategies which are designed to implement it, and the physical development plan itself. A true partnership of effort will be necessary between City and County governments, development organizations and Metroplex, and the many large and small investors, developers, and business interests that are downtown now, and that will be coming in during the next four to seven years.

Thank you for your excellent leadership in initiating this important effort, and special thanks to Milton Mitchell and George Robertson who supported, cajoled, and assisted us every step along the way. Most importantly, thanks to the many, many citizens, committees, and organizations in Schenectady that listened to us, critiqued our work, and hopefully now support this important planning and development milestone.


Donald E. Hunter

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