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Schenectady in the Civil War: Sixty-ninth Regiment of Infantry (Veteran) — (First Regiment, Irish Brigade )

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[This information is from Chapter XXV, pp. 324-331 of Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century by Austin A. Yates (New York: New York History Co., 1902). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 Yat, and copies are also available for borrowing. Thanks to Carol Di Crosta for data entry help with this project. The names of the soldiers are in the order they were in the book.]

This regiment, Colonel Robert Nugent, originally recruited under special authority from the War Department, was turned over to the state September 2d, 1861, and organized in New York City as one of the regiments of the Irish, or Meagher's Brigade, November 2d, 1861. It was mustered in the service of the United States for three years between September 7th and November 17th, 1861. A large number of the members of the 69th State Militia joined the regiment, on their return from their three months' service, and the majority of the men were recruited in New York City, Company D, however, principally at Chicago, Ill.; Company F partly at Brooklyn and K partly at Buffalo. June 12, 1863, the regiment was consolidated into a battalion of two companies, A and B. In February, 1864, this battalion returned from its veteran furlough with six companies, A, B, C, F, G and K; B and F being the former companies B and A; the others being newly organized. At the expiration of its term of service, those entitled thereto were mustered out and the regiment retained in service.

The regiment left the state November 18th, 1861; served at Fort Corcoran, D. C., from November, 1861; in the Irish Brigade, Sumner's Division, A. P., from December, 1861; in the same, Second Brigade, Richardson's, First Division, Second Corps, A. P., from March, 1862 and it was honorably discharged and mustered out under Colonel Nugent June 30th, 1865, near Alexandria, Va.

During its service the regiment lost by death, killed in action, 8 officers, 154 enlisted men; of wounds received in action, 5 officers, 94 enlisted men; of disease and other causes, 1 officer, 150 enlisted men; total, 14 officers, 398 enlisted men; aggregate, 412; of whom 63 enlisted men died in the hands of the enemy; and it took part in the following engagements, etc.: Rappahannock Station, Va., March 29; Siege of Yorktown, Va., April 16 to May 4; Fair Oaks, Va., May 31 - June 1; Burnt Chimney, Va., June 19; Seven Days' Battle Va., June 25 to July 2; Antietam, Md., September 17; near Charlestown, W. Va. October 16-17; Snicker's Gap, Va., November 2; Hartwood Church, Va., November 17; Fredericksburg, Va., December 11-15, 1862; Chancellorsville, Va., May 1-3; Gettysburg, Pa., July 1-3; Williamsport, Md., July 14; Auburn, Va., October 14; Bristol Station, Va., October 14; Mine Run campaign, Va., November 26 to December 2, 1863; Wilderness, Va., May 5-7; Spotsylvania Court House, Va., May 8-21; North Anna, Va., May 22-26; Totopotomoy, Va., May 27-31; Cold Harbor, Va., June 1-12; before Petersburg, Va., June 15 to April 2, 1864-5; assault of Petersburg, Va., June 15-19; Weldon Railroad, Va., June 21-23; Deep Bottom, Va., July 27-29; Strawberry Plains, Va., August 14-18; Ream's Station, Va., August 25; Hatcher's Run, Va., December 8-9, 1864; Skinner's Farm, Va., March 25; Appomattox campaign, Va., March 28 to April 9, 1865.

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