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A History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English Times
7: Adult Freeholders — Cornelis Vielè

Prof. Jonathan Pearson

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[This information is from pp. 208-211 of A History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English Times; being contributions toward a history of the lower Mohawk Valley by Jonathan Pearson, A. M. and others, edited by J. W. MacMurray, A. M., U. S. A. (Albany, NY: J. Munsell's Sons, Printers, 1883). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 P36, and copies are also available for borrowing.]

[Copies of this book are available from the Schenectady County Historical Society.]

[The original version uses assorted typographical symbols to represent footnotes. To improve legibility, the online version uses the form (page number - note number.)]

Cornelise Vielè in company with Claas Frederickse Van Petten, in 1668 purchased the two bouweries No. 8, of Marten Cornelise Van Ysselsteyn, including his house, barn, three ricks, four horses, five cows, eight hogs, wagon, plough and harrow. Vielè sold his moiety, the hindmost farm to Jurriaen Teunise of Albany. (208-4)

He was one of the two licensed tapsters of the village, his inn being on the south corner of State street and Mill lane near Church street. He was succeeded here by Douw Aukes, who married Maria Vielè (209-1) his grand-daughter. It was at his house that the traditional merry making was going on when the village was destroyed on the night of the 8th Feb., 1689/90; Aukes' wife, two children and a negro servant were slain, and his brother-in-law, Arnout Vielè was carried away to Canada.

The following action was taken Jan. 9, 1671, by the Governor in reference to a "Lycence for Cornelyse Cornelyssen Vielen of Schanechtide to tapp strong Beer & Liquors there" &c.

"Whereas Cornelys Cornelyssen Vielen of Schanechtide haveing made this Address to ye commissarys att Albany, desiring hee may have Liberty to tapp strong Beer & Liquors and to keep an Ordinary, in recompence for several services done by him between us & ye Maques, the wh: they have Recommended to mee for my approbation. But in regard there is a Person already there by name Aques Cornelyssen Gautsh [Van Slyck] an indyan, that doeth ye same by Lycence and Appointmt of my Predecessor, Coll: Richard Nicolls, would give noe Determinaçon therein:

"And it being likewise represented that ye said Acques hath not sufficient Accommadaçon for Strangers wh. ye said Cornely's Cornelyssen Vielen doth promise to bee well provided off ye reliefe of Strangers & Travellers, Upon consideraçon had thereupon I have Thought fitt to graunt ye Request of ye said Cornelys Cornelyssen Vielen & by these Presents doe give him free Lycence and Liberty to tap or sell by Retayle strong Beere & Liquors to Strangers & Travellers at Schanechtide, wth this Proviso, That this Lycence now granted shall not take away ye priviledge of ye former Lycence given by my Predecessor to Aques: And that ye said Cornelys Cornelyssen doe keep fitting Accommadaçon for men and horses, but doe not presume to sell any strong Liquors to ye Indyans to cause any disturbance that way under ye penalty of forfeiting this Lycence & paying such ffine as ye Law shall Require.

"Given under my Hand at Fort James in New York this 9th day of January 1671." (209-2)

A dispute having arisen between the two above mentioned tapsters, Governor Lovelace on the 6th of May, 1672, "ordered that both have Lycense to tap without molesting each other." (210-1)

On the 15th of Aug., 1671, Cornelis Vielè received a patent to confirm to him a parcel of land at Schenectady on the north side of the Mohawk river,

"beginning at a certain oaken tree markt on the east and west sides thereof and so goes alonget the river S. S., east to ye Point containing in breadth 130 rods and from ye Point goes again north-west 106 rods, lyeing south [North] west from ye hindmost lot of bouwland belonging to Gerrit Bancker and running along ye bush or woodside north-west, its in length 132 rods; — all ye said land as it lyes having been markt out by ye Indians at the uttmost limits thereof; — as also a certain island [Sassian's] bounded on ye south side by ye Maqaaees river over against ye north end of Jacques Cornelissen's [Van Slyck's] island, on the north-east side with a creek or kil that lies by the aforementioned Hoeke of bouwland, containing in bigness fourteen acres, or seven morgens of land." (210-2)

Benjamin Roberts owned a farm at Maalwyck west of Vielè's, also the land opposite on the south side of the river, called Poversen, which he sold to Hend. Lamb Bont, and Bont to Vielè, to whom said lands were confirmed by a patent of date Sept. 29, 1677, and by Bont's son to Douwe Aukes who conveyed the same to his adopted son Cornelis Vielè, Jr., son of the first settler. (210-3)

After Roberts' death his farm at Maalwyck came into possession of his two step-sons, Pieter and Joseph Clement; the former sold his share to Cornelis Vielè, Jr., in 1710, being the westerly moiety. The deed recites that "whereas Benjamin Roberts late of Schenectady, obtained a patent July 1, 1669, from Governor Lovelace for a piece of land on the north side of the Mohawk river over against ye hindmost land heretofore belonging to Arent [Bratt] the Norman, &c., and whereas said Roberts by his will June 28 in ye 5th year of Anne gave said land to his wife Mary for her support while living and a widow, and if she married then to [his stepsons] Pieter and Joseph Clement to be divided between them giving to the former the house, barn, &c," — therefore Pieter Clement aforesaid conveyed the westerly half of said farm together with the easterly half of Benten island to Cornelis Vielè [Jr.,] for the sum of 445 pounds. (210-4)

Cornelis Vielè, senior, also had a gift of land from the natives at the Aal Plaas on the north side of the river. This tract extended two miles down the river and five miles into the woods. The certificate is dated 12 Feb., 1718/9, and states that Vielè had possession thereof eighteen years and then sold it to his daughter, Jannetie, wife of Johannes Dyckman, who left it at the time of the massacre (in 1690) after occupying it two years. (211-1)

His wife was Suster [sister?] ———— possibly of Mohawk blood. Children: Arnout Cornelis, Pieter, Volkert, bp. Dec. 1, 1689, [died without issue], Jannetie [wife of Johannes Dyckman], Debora [wife of Daniel Ketelhuyn]. (211-2)


(208-4) Deeds, II, 740, 741, 777.

(209-1) [The Vielè chart compiled by Genl. E. L. Vielè of N. Y., records: Maria married Matthys Vrooman, Mary married Douwe Aukes.

The text agrees with Trouw boek and other Dutch church records. There were but two daughters mentioned. Willempie who married S. J. Schermerhorn, and Maria who married first M. Vrooman; second Douwe Aukes.

Sewell's Dictionary Amsterdam 1708, compares names: Maria, Mariken, Mary, Marritje, Marytje, Maartje, Maaike = Mary in the English. Was not this Maria of one marriage the Mary of the other? — M'M.]

(209-2) Gen. Entries, 83.

(210-1) Gen. Ent., 133; Orders in Coun., 127.

(210-2) Patents, III, 64. This land lay in Maalwyck and the island was subsequently called Vielè's island.

(210-3) Patents, 1038; see also Bont.

(210-4) Deeds, V, 108, 140, 141.

(211-1) Land Papers, VII, 78.

(211-2) [The Vielè family chart gives him eleven children: Arnout Cornelisson, 1677; Willempie, ————; Maria, 1684; Mary, 1685; Cornellise, 1687; Debora, 1695; Pieter Cornellise, 1700; Susannah, 1707; Luclovickus, 1709; Teunis, ————; Volkert, ————. It also makes Maria Cornellise instead of Maria Arnoutse, the wife of Mathys Vrooman and Mary Cornellise, the wife of Dowe Aukes. This does not accord with the Schenectady and Albany Dutch Church Records but Gen. Vielè may have family bible of that date as authority. — M'M.]

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