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A History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English Times
7: Adult Freeholders — Jan Labatie (Labadie)

Prof. Jonathan Pearson

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[This information is from pp. 125-127 of A History of the Schenectady Patent in the Dutch and English Times; being contributions toward a history of the lower Mohawk Valley by Jonathan Pearson, A. M. and others, edited by J. W. MacMurray, A. M., U. S. A. (Albany, NY: J. Munsell's Sons, Printers, 1883). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 974.744 P36, and copies are also available for borrowing.]

[Copies of this book are available from the Schenectady County Historical Society.]

[The original version uses assorted typographical symbols to represent footnotes. To improve legibility, the online version uses the form (page number - note number.)]

Jan Labatie, a native of France, came to New Netherlands prior to 1634; subsequently he was Commissaris to the Patroon of Rensselaerswyck and afterwards held a like office at Fort Orange under the Dutch West India Company. (125-3) He married Jillesje Claese Swits [or Schouw], sister of Cornelis Claese Swits of New Amsterdam, and widow of Surgeon Harmen Myndertse Van de Bogart, who died in 1647 or 1648. (125-4) Besides divers lots in New Amsterdam and Beverwyck he purchased lands at Schenectady. (125-5)

His village lot in the last place was on the north side of State street, beginning 170 feet easterly from Church street and having a breadth in front upon the street of 50 ft. Subsequently it came into possession of Reyer Schermerhorn. (126-1)

In 1669 Pieter Jacobse Borsboom conveyed to him, in exchange for a house and lot on Broadway, Albany, next south of the court house, his bouwery No. 7 on the second piece of land at Schenectady, comprising 11 morgens and 263 rods, which land Labatie afterwards sold to Johannes Van Eps. (126-2) He likewise received conveyance from Bastiaen De Winter, Nov. 21, 1670, of a lot on the east side of Church street, "broad 100 feet more or less, bounded east by Pieter Van Olinda, south by Teunis Cornelise Swart, north by Joris Arissen Van der Baast and west by the highway [Church street]," according to the patent of date 21 October, 1670. (126-3)

This lot, 100 feet wide on Church street and 200 feet deep, commenced 100 feet south of the south corner of Union and Church streets.

He also obtained a patent of date, Sept. 10, 1670, to confirm to him a certain lot of ground at Schenectady, being the first lot in the pasture or weyland, and another lot there adjoining, containing together in breadth by the woodside, 32 rods, and in length, 89 rods, having to the north the swamp or creupel-bosch, and to the south [east], Barent Janse, the former lot as purchased of Sander Leendertse Glen, — the latter as purchased of Pieter Jacobse Borsboom by said Labatie. (127-1) This lot commenced on the north side of Front street 114 feet Eng., east from North street, and extended easterly therefrom 395.6 feet Eng., comprising about five morgens or ten acres. Subsequently it became the property of Maritie Damens, mother of Jan Van Eps. (127-2)


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(125-4) Surgeon Van der Bogart made his will in September, 1638, "as he intends to go on a long and perilous West India voyage." He gave all his property to Jillisje Claese [Schow], maiden, of Zierickzee, "to keep in her own possession for herself and her heirs," " provided she give to his relatives "six carolus guilders with which they must be satisfied. " — Albany Records, I, 44.

(125-5) Aug. 19, 1654, he empowered Paulus Schrick to sell his house and lot standing in the fort at Manathans. — Albany Co. Rec., 188.

11 Nov., 1654, he conveyed the last mentioned house and lot to Adrian Janse Van Leyden — Ibid., 212.

April 23, 1655, the last mentioned sale was cancelled. — Ibid., 213.

Lots bought and sold at Beverwyck.

1661, Feb. 4, he owned a house and lot in Fort Orange, patented to him April 12 1650, which he sold to Evert Pels. Ibid., 291.

1662, he bought of S. L. Glen a lot 18 ft. 4 in. wide front and rear, and 22 1/2 ft. deep on the east side of Broadway a little north of Hudson street. — Not. Pap., I, 204.

1662, 20 Aug., he conveyed to Surgeon Jacob D'Hinsse a house and lot on the Rutten kil patented to him 25 Oct., 1653. — Albany Co. Rec., 308.

1664, Sept. 15, he had a house and lot opposite Thomas Powell's. — Ibid., 360.

1668-9, Jan. 7, he bought of Aches Cornelise Van Slyck a house and lot in the Colonie. — Ibid., 453.

1668-9, Jan. 12, he sold the last mentioned lot to Barent Pieterse [Coeymans]. — Ibid., 454.

1669, Sept. 17, he sold a lot next south of the court house to P. J. Borsboom. Ibid., 459.

Lands bought and sold at Schenectady.

1669, Sept. 17, he bought of P. J. Borsboom his first lot at Schenectady. — Ibid., 460.

1670, Nov. 21, he bought a lot in Schenectady of Bastiaen De Winter. — Ibid., 474.

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