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History of the Mohawk Valley: Gateway to the West 1614-1925
Frederick Collins Sabin, M. D.

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 51-52 of History of the Mohawk Valley: Gateway to the West 1614-1925, edited by Nelson Greene (Chicago: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1925). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 974.7 G81h. This online edition includes lists of portraits, maps and illustrations. As noted by Paul Keesler in his article, "The Much Maligned Mr. Greene," some information in this book has been superseded by later research or was provided incorrectly by local sources.]

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One of the younger men of Little Falls who is rapidly forging his way to the front ranks of his chosen profession is Frederick Collins Sabin, M. D., who was born in East Syracuse, New York, October 12, 1893, and is the son of Peden J. and Nellie (Lamson) Sabin, both of whom were of English descent. The father was born at Turin, New York, March 1, 1863, where his father was engaged in agricultural pursuits for many years. Peden J. Sabin was a conductor on the New York Central Railroad and was killed in Buffalo, on October 11, 1911, by being caught between two cars while he was on duty. His wife, who was born in Hastings, New York, June 22, 1865, died in East Syracuse, June 1, 1906, at the early age of forty-one.

Frederick Collins Sabin spent his boyhood in East Syracuse, where he completed the high school course in 1913. For two years after leaving high school he was engaged in building construction work as a foreman at Utica and at Little Falls. Returning to his interrupted education, the young man entered St. Joseph's College of Baltimore, from which he was graduated in the class of 1917, and obtained his medical training in the Medical College of the University of Maryland in the same city, where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1921. The young physician spent fourteen months as an interne in the Sydenham Hospital for Contagious Diseases at Baltimore and another six months in the Faxton Hospital of Utica as interne, before he began the private practice of his profession. Returning to Little Falls, where he had been employed some years before, Dr. Sabin opened an office on December 15, 1921, and has since been actively engaged in medical work in this city.

Dr. Sabin is in charge of the Baby Welfare Clinic of Little Falls, held under the supervision of the New York state department of health, which is doing so much in this community to conserve infant life and health. Moreover, he has served as health officer for the town of Danube, New York, for the town of Little Falls and as city physician for Little Falls. Dr. Sabin belongs to the younger school of medical men, who realize that public health is as important as private health and perhaps more so, and is giving most generously of his time and energy to raising the standards of his neighborhood as regards those things which affect the physical well-being of its inhabitants.

In college days Dr. Sabin became a member of the Omega Upsilon Phi and Theta Nu Epsilon fraternities. Since then he has identified himself with the Masonic order, in which he has attained the rank of Knight Templar and Noble of the Mystic Shrine. His political affiliations are with the republican party and he is a member of the Presbyterian church of this city. Dr. Sabin is also one of the members of the Exchange Club of Little Falls.

In East Syracuse, on August 11, 1923, Dr. Sabin was married to Miss Esther Marian Chapman, the daughter of Horatio Seymore and Mary A. (Farmer) Chapman. Mrs. Sabin was born in Oneida, New York, August 14, 1895. Her grandfather, John R. Chapman, was a native of Huddersfield, England, who came to America on his honeymoon trip with his beautiful sixteen-year-old bride. As he was a hunter in his native land he brought with him a number of hunting dogs and guns. On the boat coming across the Atlantic, one of the most distinguished passengers was Charles Dickens, who was making his famous trip to America. The young couple attracted the novelist's attention and he spent many pleasant hours in their society during the long voyage. In after years he mentioned them in one of his novels. Horatio S. Chapman was the youngest of the nine sons of Dickens' traveling companions. He was born near Canastota, New York, November 27, 1857, and is now living in Syracuse, at the age of sixty-six, where he is known as one of the old engineers on the New York Central Railroad, his run being from Syracuse to Buffalo. Mrs. Sabin's mother, who is living at the age of sixty-eight, was reared near Oneida, but when she was a young girl her parents moved to Michigan, taking her with them. As she never liked her new home she returned to New York state in a few years, leaving her parents near Grand Rapids, where they later died. Her two sisters, Lucy and Addie, married and lived in Michigan until they died, the former marrying Charles Gillen and the latter Alvah Carpenter. Mrs. Chapman is of Dutch descent on her mother's side of the family and claimed English lineage through her father. Her family has played an honorable part in the history of this country and contributed to it one president, James A. Garfield, a second cousin of Mrs. Chapman's. Mrs. Sabin was educated in the East Syracuse high school, from which she graduated in 1913 and the Plattsburg State Normal School, where she completed the course in 1916. Prior to her marriage she taught one term in the public schools of Millville, New York, and in the East Syracuse high school and the Vocational high school of Syracuse. Mrs. Sabin is a member of Rock City Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, of Little Falls, and has taken a deep interest in the work of the Presbyterian church, to which her husband belongs. She teaches a class of young men in the Sunday school and does many other things to promote the social welfare of the young people of Little Falls. The citizens who have the community's good at heart consider Little Falls fortunate in having among the younger people two such capable and highminded persons as Dr. and Mrs. Sabin.

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