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Schenectady Independent Artillery Company

[This information is from Constitution and by-laws of the Schenectady Independent Artillery. Revised and adopted April 1, 1845. A photocopy of the original booklet is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 355 S32. Because page 5 is missing, Articles VI and VII are not available here.]

State of New York

An Act in relation to the Schenectady Independent Artillery Company.

Passed May 1, 1844.

The people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

  1. All the privileges given by any of the laws of this State to the Albany Burgesses Corps, are thereby extended to the Schenectady Independent Artillery Company.
  2. This act shall take effect immediately.

Constitution of the Schenectady Independent Artillery

By-law of the Schenectady Independent Artillery

Rules and Orders

  1. Upon the appearance of a quorum, the presiding officer then present shall take the Chair, or in case of the absence of such officer any member then presented may, by a majority, be appointed to preside, who shall call the meeting to order.
  2. In all cases of the absence of a quorum, the members present shall take such measures as they may deem proper, either to procure the attendance of a quorum, or may direct the Secretary to call the roll and subject the absentees to the usual fine.
  3. After reading the Minutes and approving of or amending the same, the following shall be the order of business:
    1. Payment of weekly dues and fines.
    2. Reports of Officers and Committees.
    3. Unfinished business.
  4. The presiding officer for the time being, shall have the right to appoint any member present to perform the duties of the chair; but such member so appointed shall in no case continue to exercise the duties of the presiding officer, beyond an adjournment.
  5. Every member present entitled to a vote, shall vote upon all questions unless excused by the Corps, or unless he is directly and personally interested.
  6. No resolution shall be put or discussed unless the same be in writing.
  7. Any motion, or resolution, once offered shall not be withdrawn unless it be by the member who offered it, before any amendment, reference or question shall have been had upon it.
  8. When a blank is to be filled and different sums, or times are proposed, the question shall first be put upon the largest sum or the longest time.
  9. When any question or motion, or resolution, or communication is under consideration and undecided upon by the Corps, no other motion shall be received, or entertained, unless it be to lay it on the table, to reject it, to refer it, to amend it, to adjourn, or to adjourn to drill..
  10. The reports of all committees and officers shall be made in writing, signed by the officer or a majority of the committee making said report, and shall be read by the Secretary and properly filed.
  11. A motion to re-consider any vote shall only be made by a member who voted with the majority when the question was previously put, and no question shall be re-considered more than once.
  12. All motions and resolutions shall be debatable, except a motion to adjourn.
  13. When any question is to be decided by ballot, the presiding officer shall appoint two tellers to receive the votes, who shall report to the presiding officer such statement, which shall be entered upon the minutes of proceedings.
  14. Any member may at anytime call for the reading of any article of the Constitution or By-Laws, or Minutes, or any paper relating to the question then under consideration.
  15. A motion to refer any motion or resolution, shall preclude any other motion or resolution, until that be decided, except a motion to adjourn.
  16. The question on any motion or resolution offered may be put without its being seconded.
  17. The Ayes and Noes shall be called only upon the seconding of five members.
  18. Any of the preceding Rules and Orders may be suspended or altered, or amended by a majority of the members then present.

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