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New York State Civil War Muster Rolls:
One Hundred Thirty-fourth Infantry Regiment, New York State Volunteers, Company I

[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 660-661 of A Record of the Commissioned Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Privates, of the Regiments which were organized in the State of New York and called into the service of the United States to assist in supressing the rebellion caused by the secession of some of the Southern States from the Union, A. D. 1861, as taken from the Muster-in Rolls on file in the Adjutant General's Office, S. N. Y., (Albany, N. Y.: Comstock & Cassidy, Printers, 1864). It is in the Reference collection of the Johnstown Public Library at LHR 973.7 N531, and page images may be viewed via the University of Michigan's Making of America project and Google Books. Some abbreviated names have been expanded and some of the formatting of the original may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

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Muster-in Roll of Captain Frank Fletcher's Company (I), in the 134th Regiment of N. Y. Volunteers, commanded by Colonel George E. Danforth, called into the service of the United States by the President, from the twenty-third day of September, 1862 (date of this muster), for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.

Names, Present and Absent
(Privates in Alphabetical Order)
RankAgeJoined for Duty and EnrolledRemarks*
WhenWhereBy Whom EnrolledPeriod
Fletcher, FrankCaptain26Sep 12, 1862Schoharie3 years 
Washburn, Albert G.1st Lieut.23Sep 12, 1862Schoharie3 years 
Baldwin, William L.2d Lieut.26Sep 12, 1862Schoharie3 years 
Ahreets, CharlesOr. Sergt.18Aug 1, 1862SchenectadyCapt. Watkins3 years 
Teller, William E.2d Sergt.28Aug 29, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Hunter, Charles T.3d Sergt.21Sep 5, 1862ConesvilleCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Settle, Wesley4th Sergt.20Sep 5, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Beach, Willard O.5th Sergt.32Aug 15, 1862GilboaJ. B. Vrooman3 years 
Moore, Jarvis1st Corporal19Aug 28, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Countermire, William2d Corporal20Aug 18, 1862DuanesburghM. Herrick3 years 
Cornell, John3d Corporal39Sep 6, 1862MiddleburghCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Nichols, Nathan4th Corporal29Sep 1, 1862HarpersfieldCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Van Aernam, Christian5th Corporal38Sep 1, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Mann, Thomas6th Corporal44Aug 28, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Dennison, Edward7th Corporal36Sep 5, 1862BroomeCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Patterson, Ephraim8th Corporal22Aug 2, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Bevins, Martin M.Private45Aug 1, 1862SchoharieCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Bellinger, HelmasPrivate39Aug 2, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Burnett, George G.Private25Aug 6, 1862BroomeCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Brand, Andrew L.Private21Aug 13, 1862ConesvilleCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Burger, PeterPrivate26Sep 6, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Brotherton, StephenPrivate22Aug 23, 1862SchenectadyM. Herrick3 yearsAbsent.
Barry, JamesPrivate32Aug 7, 1862EsperanceM. Herrick3 years 
Bakeman, CharlesPrivate18Aug 18, 1862SchenectadyM. Herrick3 yearsAbsent.
Barrows, DanielPrivate18Sep 6, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Barrows, ClarencePrivate42Sep 6, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Coons, JacobPrivate18Aug 29, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 yearsAbsent.
Cator, JamesPrivate29Aug 27, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Curtis, LorenzoPrivate18Aug 30, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 years 
Clow, WilliamPrivate36Sep 4, 1862DuanesburghF. Fletcher3 years 
Cator, Jacob H. D.Private38Sep 4, 1862MiddleburghF. Fletcher3 years 
Contyne, JosephPrivate35Sep 2, 1862MiddleburghA. H. Southwell3 years 
Connelly, PatrickPrivate35Aug 20, 1862SchenectadyM. Herrick3 years 
Driggs, EmeryPrivate21Sep 3, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 years 
Duel, John FPrivate44Sep 5, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Duncan, OraPrivate33Aug 2, 1862BroomeAustin A. Yates3 yearsAbsent.
Earl, Wilbur N.Private23Sep 6, 1862ConesvilleCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Folonsbee, GeorgePrivate23Sep 1, 1862GilboaCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Friend, PeterPrivate39Aug 30, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Fitzpatrick, EdwardPrivate34Sep 12, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Goodfellow, HezekiahPrivate23Sep 6, 1862ConesvilleF. Fletcher3 years 
Goodspeed, WilliamPrivate20Jul 29, 1862SchenectadyW. H. Matthews3 years 
Houghtailing, EdwardPrivate22Aug 26, 1862GilboaCapt. Barton3 years 
Houghtailing, SamuelPrivate24Aug 26, 1862GilboaCapt. Barton3 yearsAbsent.
Houghtailing, AlonzoPrivate21Aug 26, 1862GilboaCapt. Barton3 years 
Houghtailing, PhilipPrivate27Aug 26, 1862GilboaCapt. Barton3 years 
Hassong, LeopoldPrivate36Sep 2, 1862FultonCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Ham, John J.Private19Sep 12, 1862ConesvilleCapt. Fletcher3 years 
Husner, JohnPrivate39Aug 9, 1862SchenectadyM. Herrick3 years 
Hitsley, JacobPrivate34Sep 12, 1862SchoharieF. Fletcher3 yearsAbsent.
Jones, LegrandPrivate18Aug 28, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Joslin, JohnPrivate18Sep 6, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Jenner, CharlesPrivate18Aug 29, 1862GlenvilleM. Herrick3 years 
Jennings, JamesPrivate18Aug 25, 1862SchenectadyAustin A. Yates3 years 
Kniskern, GeorgePrivate19Sep 5, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 yearsTransferred.
Livingston, HarmanPrivate25Sep 1, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Layman, WallacePrivate24Sep 6, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 years 
Larribee, ThomasPrivate36Aug 13, 1862SchenectadyW. H. Matthews3 years 
Myer, HenryPrivate37Aug 30, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 yearsTransferred.
Mace, JeffersonPrivate20Sep 3, 1862BroomeF. Fletcher3 years 
Morenus, WilliamPrivate33Sep 6, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Miller, John H.Private20Sep 6, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Moore, William H. H.Private22Sep 5, 1862BroomeF. Fletcher3 years 
Moon, DavidPrivate31Aug 31, 1862MiddleburghA. H. Southwell3 years 
Moon, LewisPrivate36Sep 6, 1862MiddleburghA. H. Southwell3 years 
Morenus, JacobPrivate28Aug 29, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 yearsAbsent.
Plue, PeterPrivate21Aug 29, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Pratt, GeorgePrivate18Aug 28, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Quinn, ThomasPrivate29Aug 29, 1862EsperanceS. Barton3 years 
Rider, ReubenPrivate21Sep 11, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 yearsAbsent.
Rooker, IraPrivate31Aug 21, 1862SchenectadyM. Herrick3 yearsAbsent.
Slater, IraPrivate24Aug 27, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Spoor, MarcellusPrivate18Aug 30, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 yearsAbsent.
Scrum, JacobPrivate18Aug 27, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Salisbury, AmasaPrivate25Aug 28, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Spoor, John E.Private34Aug 28, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Stock, ChristianPrivate40Aug 15, 1862DuanesburghM. Herrick3 years 
Smith, George W.Private18Aug 25, 1862ConesvilleS. H. Newcomb3 years 
Tallarday, William H.Private26Sep 6, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Turner, John G.Private18Sep 6, 1862GlenvilleF. Fletcher3 years 
Ten Eyck, Hiram G.Private24Aug 28, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 yearsTransferred.
Taggert, John A.Private18Sep 1, 1862WrightW. Dominick3 years 
Vrooman, WilliamPrivate33Sep 1, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 years 
Wayman, DavidPrivate26Sep 3, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Williams, GeorgePrivate25Sep 3, 1862GilboaF. Fletcher3 years 
Wayman, ThomasPrivate24Aug 25, 1862FultonA. H. Southwell3 years 
Wayman, JacobPrivate45Aug 28, 1862MiddleburghA. H. Southwell3 years 
Weightman, WilliamPrivate19Sep 13, 1862MiddleburghF. Fletcher3 years 
Young, GrosvenerPrivate19Aug 25, 1862ConesvilleS. H. Newcomb3 years 
Wiltzie, WilliamPrivate20Sep 15, 1862WrightF. Fletcher3 years 
Shafer, LeviPrivate23Sep 1, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Germond, GeorgePrivate33Sep 19, 1862WrightF. Fletcher3 years 
West, ZadokPrivate23Sep 20, 1862FultonF. Fletcher3 years 
Palmateer, JacobPrivate35Aug 6, 1862SchoharieCapt. Matenzee3 years 
Stillwell, Stephen J.Private21Aug 15, 1862SummitCapt. Matenzee3 years 
Stillwell, Daniel H.Private18Aug 15, 1862SummitCapt. Matenzee3 years 
Tyrell, SamuelPrivate18Aug 18, 1862SummitCapt. Matenzee3 years 
Borst, WilliamPrivate23Aug 6, 1862WrightCapt. Matenzee3 years 

I certify, on honor, that this Muster Roll exhibits the true state of Captain Frank Fletcher's Company of the 134th Regiment N. Y. Vols., for the period herein mentioned; that each man answers to his own proper name in person; and that the remarks set opposite the name of each officer and soldier are accurate and just.

——— ———, Commanding the Company

Date — September 23, 1862.  Station — Schoharie, N. Y.

I certify, on honor, that I have carefully examined the officers and men whose names are borne on this Roll, their horses and equipments, and have accepted them into the service of the United States for the term of three years, from this twenty-third day of September, 1862.

W. G. Edgerton, Capt. 11th Infantry, Mustering Officer

Date — September 23, 1862.  Station — Schoharie, N. Y.

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