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Financial Information for Schenectady County Governments and Taxing Districts:
Schenectady County Industrial Development Agency

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This information is taken from Financial Data for Local Governments - Local Fiscal Years Ended in 2003 from the Office of the New York State Comptroller.

Charges for Services ($000)438.2
Use of Money and Property ($000)277.4
Grants from Local Government ($000)0.0
State Development Grants ($000)0.0
Federal Development Grants ($000)0.0
Other Revenues ($000)13.2
Total Revenues ($000)728.8
Personal Services ($000)0.0
Employee Benefits ($000)0.0
Contractual Expenditures ($000)736.8
Interest Payments ($000)0.0
Depreciation ($000)0.0
Total Expenditures ($000)736.8
Outstanding Obligations and Conduit Debt
Issued During Fiscal Year
Bonds ($000)0.0
Notes ($000)0.0
Paid During Fiscal Year
Bonds ($000)3,861.7
Notes ($000)0.0
Outstanding End of Fiscal Year
Bonds ($000)51,438.6
Notes ($000)0.0
Total Outstanding ($000)51,438.6

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