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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1233-1234 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The progenitor of the Ziehm family, herein recorded, was of German birth and ancestry. The family were for many generations seated in Stuttin, Germany, where Augustus, the founder of the family in Albany county, was born. His father was a local government official, whose wife died many years before him, leaving two sons and four daughters, who all lived, married and died in Germany, except Augustus. They were a long-lived race, and all reared families. They were members of the German Lutheran church.

(I) Augustus Ziehm was born in Stuttin, Germany, in the year 1821. He was educated in the state and church schools. He grew up on his father's farm and followed that occupation in his native province until 1871, when he came to the United States, sailing from Hamburg. He was then married and the head of a grown-up family. He did not bring them with him, but came over alone, and made choice of location in Guilderland after a short stay in Albany. In 1872 he sent for his wife and family, who soon joined him. He purchased a farm in Guilderland, Albany county, New York, which he cultivated with the aid of his sons. He died there February 21, 1892. He was a member of the Lutheran church, and a Republican. He prospered in his new home and retired from active life before old age overtook him. He married, in Stuttin, Germany, Lavina Paul, born there, died in Guilderland, New York, in 1899, surviving her husband eight years. Children:

  1. Hannah, born in Stuttin, Germany, where she yet resides, widow of Charles Paul. Her son Herman came to the United States, and is a farmer of Guilderland. A daughter Rosa came to the United States, married Frederick Kasper and resides in California.
  2. Alvina, died young.
  3. Karl, died young.
  4. Augusta, born in Stuttin, died young.
  5. Minnie, born in Stuttin; came to the United States; married Henry Zorn, a farmer of Guilderland; children:
    1. Kate, deceased;
    2. Henry, deceased;
    3. Mattie, married and had issue;
    4. Minnie, married;
    5. Charles, married;
    6. Mary, deceased.

    The married children are residents of Guilderland.

  6. Gustave, born in Stuttin; now a farmer of Guilderland; married Mary Gerard; children: Gustave (2), Clara, Mary, John, William, Frederick, Rosa, Louis, Margaret and Charles.
  7. Albert, see forward.
  8. Tilly, born in Stuttin; came to the United States; married William Heider; children Fred and Minnie.

(II) Albert, son of Augustus and Lavina (Paul) Ziehm, was born in Stuttin, Germany, May 13, 1857. He was educated in the German schools, and at the age of fourteen years came to the United States with his mother, brothers and sisters. He worked on the Guilderland home farm, which later became his property. After the death of his father, and four years after his own marriage, he sold the home farm and purchased his present farm in New Scotland, which he still cultivates. He has brought his farm to a high state of cultivation, and from its well-tilled fields and fine orchards derives a substantial income. He posseses the energy and thrift of his race, and is counted one of the prosperous men of his town. He purchased two other farms in the town in association with his sons, who reside on and operate them. He is of excellent standing in his neighborhood, where he is held in high regard for his many good qualities. He is a member of the Lutheran church, and a Republican. He married, January 3, 1883, in New Scotland, Mary, born in Guilderland, New York, January 3, 1860, daughter of Martin and Christina (Birk) Weis. Martin Weis was born in Würtemberg, Germany, as was his wife, whom he married in Albany, New York. He first settled on a farm in Guilderland, where he remained until 1875, then purchasing a farm in New Scotland, on Norman's Kill, where he died May 23, 1910, aged seventy-nine years. His wife Christina died in 1880, aged forty-two years. They were members of the Lutheran church. Children:

  1. Mary, married Albert Ziehm.
  2. Jacob, a farmer of New Scotland; married and has children, George, Edna, Stanley.
  3. Julia, married Bastian Lang; child,
    1. Frederick, died, aged eleven years.
  4. Catherine, married John Ferguson; children: Arthur and Stanley.
  5. Anna, married Augustus C. Abrams.
  6. Elizabeth, married Frederick Splatt, of Schoharie county; children: Margaret, Helen and Lillian.
  7. John, unmarried.
  8. Margaret, married Augustus Splatt, of Albany.

Children of Albert and Mary (Weis) Ziehm:

  1. Charles, born February 5, 1884; educated in public schools; now a prosperous farmer of New Scotland; married Lena Kromp; children: George and Helen. He and his wife are members of the Lutheran church, and Mr. Ziehm is a Republican.
  2. Henry, born September 3, 1886; educated in the public schools; a thrifty farmer of New Scotland; married, 1910, Martha Platt, of German birth and education. He is a Republican, and he and his wife attend the Lutheran church.
  3. Lillian, born December 31, 1888; educated in the public schools of New Scotland and Albany; resides with her parents.
  4. Clara, born January 15, 1892; educated in New Scotland and Albany public schools; also resides with her parents.

The family are all members of the Lutheran church.

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