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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 829-831 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The first Younglove of record is Samuel Younglove, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, born in 1605-06, came to America from England in the ship "Hopewell" in 1635 with wife Margaret, born about 1607. Samuel was named in the records "butcher." He and his wife were both living in Ipswich, 1687-88. His estate was inventoried November 26, 1689. Samuel Griffin, a grandson, of Gloucester, was appointed administrator February 7, 1722-23, over thirty years after his death, the estate not having been "yet administered." Children:

  1. Samuel, born about 1634; see forward;
  2. Joseph, married Jane ————; resided in Ipswich; he was his parents' support in their old age.
  3. John, see forward.
  4. James, no family.
  5. A daughter, married ———— Griffin, and had a son Samuel, who is the grandson referred to above who administered his grandfather's estate; this is inference.

(II) John, third son of Samuel and Margaret Younglove, was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, about 1638, died in Suffield, June 13, 1690. He is supposed to have removed from Ipswich to Brookfield, and to Hadley, Massachusetts, about 1675. He was a teacher and a preacher, but whether ordained the records do not state. He married Sarah ————, who died January 17, 1710-11. Children:

  1. John.
  2. Sarah, married, September 25, 1682, John Taylor, and resided in Suffield.
  3. Mary, married, December 2, 1689, Thomas Smith, and resided in Suffield.
  4. Lydia, married, April 26, 1693, George Granger, and resided in Suffield.
  5. Hannah, married, December 11, 1695, George Norton, and resided in Suffield.
  6. Samuel, born February 10, 1676; married, July 28, 1696, Abilene Hunter.
  7. Joseph (see forward).
  8. James, married, October 6, 1701, Hannah Phelps; died in Suffield, 1723.

(III) Joseph, son of John and Sarah Younglove, was born November 26, 1682. He married Anna Terry, born February 1, 1700, and resided in Suffield. Children: Isaiah (see forward), Sarah, Mary, Hannah, Lydia.

(IV) Isaiah, only son of Joseph and Anna (Terry) Younglove, was born at Suffield, Connecticut, April 8, 1717, died at Cambridge, New York. He settled in New Jersey, at New Brunswick, where he married. In April, 1772, he chartered a vessel at New Brunswick of Abram Oaky and embarked April 12 with his forty children and grandchildren, arriving at Albany, New York, in six days; then in a keelboat passed on up the river by the sites of Lansingburg and Troy to the upper river, where they loaded on wagons, going through the wilderness twenty-six miles to Washington county, New York. There he bought and settled on a tract of eight hundred acres of virgin timber land where later fields were cleared and houses erected. He lived honored and respected in the town of Cambridge until his death. He married Mary Lucas, who bore him twelve children; four of his sons fought in the revolutionary war, three of them being captured and carried to Canada as prisoners of war; the sons were prominent in the early civil government of Cambridge; John was clerk, supervisor nine years, treasurer of the town, adjutant of the Eighteenth regiment of militia; Joseph was supervisor; Isaiah (grandson) was fence viewer and appraiser. Children:

  1. Joseph, born October 11, 1741, revolutionary soldier.
  2. John B., June 25, 1743.
  3. Elizabeth, July 24, 1745.
  4. Mary, December 2, 1747.
  5. ————, April 12, 1750; revolutionary soldier.
  6. Moses, April 23, 1752; revolutionary soldier.
  7. David (see forward).
  8. Sarah, October 20, 1756.
  9. Anna, October 23, 1758.
  10. Charity, October 23, 1761.
  11. Samuel, April 15, 1763; revolutionary soldier, one of the guards of General Clinton, and engaged in the Hall battle.
  12. Marcia, June 26, 1765.

[Errata on Vol. IV, p. xlviii says "for David, fifth child of Isaac Younglove (IV), read Isaiah." As the fifth child is not named in the entry, the meaning is unclear, unless it really means fifth son and seventh child.]

Dr. Moses Younglove, then a resident of the eastern part of Columbia county, but later of the city of Hudson, was in the revolutionary service as brigade surgeon under General Herkimer in the Mohawk Valley, and was present at the battle of Oriskany, where he was made prisoner by an Indian and received harsh treatment during his captivity, as appears from an affidavit made by him some months later before the Albany county committee. Dr. Younglove died January 31, 1829, and is buried at Hudson, New York.

(V) David, fifth son and seventh child of Isaiah and Mary (Lucas) Younglove, was born April 8, 1754. He was a private of the Sixteenth regiment Albany county militia, he was afterward a surgeon of Colonel Samuel Campbell's first regiment, Tryon county militia. (Whether these were the same person or not does not appear.) He married (first), 1780, Anna Failing; (second) Nellie Ely Runnells. Children of first marriage:

  1. David, died young;
  2. Elizabeth, February 11, 1782;
  3. Isaiah (see forward);
  4. Mary, June 24, 1785.

Children of second marriage:

  1. Anna, born 1795;
  2. David, 1797.

(VI) Isaiah (2), son of David and Anna (Failing) Younglove, was born August 18, 1783, died December 7, 1843. He was a shoemaker of Fulton county, New York. He purchased, in 1812, the property in Johnstown, known as "Burke's Inn," on the Plank road, now the fashionable William street. He married November 4, 1806, Susannah Yanney, born March 2, 1787. Children:

  1. Nancy, born May 18, 1800;
  2. Henry, November 24, 1811;
  3. Elizabeth, November 1, 1813;
  4. David, March 20, 1816;
  5. Joseph, August 17, 1818;
  6. James (see forward);
  7. Mary, August 29, 1823;
  8. John L., September 14, 1826;
  9. Margaret, January 31, 1829;
  10. Jane, October, 1831.

(VII) James, sixth child of Isaiah (2) and Susannah (Yanney) Younglove, was the first child born in the "Burke's Inn" property after its purchase by his father, Isaiah. He was born February 7, 1821, died January 19, 1901. This property was left to David Younglove and by him bequeathed to James. He grew up and was educated in Johnstown. He learned the carpenter's trade and was a contractor and builder. Among the residences he erected in Johnstown was one for himself, built on the upper part of the "Burke's Inn" property. In connection with his building operations he conducted a lumber yard and for many years he was a partner in timber and lumber dealings with John H. Voorhees, of New York City. He was a prosperous, influential citizen. President of the Johnstown National Bank, and officially connected with many other of Johnstown's public and private business enterprises. He was a Republican and a Prohibitionist. Trustee of the village; member of the board of health; president of the Cemetery Association, and interested in the benevolent and charitable organizations of the city. His religious connection was with the Presbyterian church. He married, May 11, 1848, Mary Ann Davies, born in the town of Ephratah, Fulton county, March 5, 1822, died January 18, 1907, daughter of Thomas and Eleanor (Powers) Davies. She was a devoted mother and a true helpmeet. Children:

  1. Annie S., see forward.
  2. James I., see forward.
  3. Mary Bogert, born November 23, 1855; married R. J. Evans.

(VIII) Annie S., eldest child of James and Mary Ann (Davies) Younglove, was born in Johnstown, New York, April 26, 1849. By inheritance and purchase she has become the sole owner of the old homestead in Johnstown, formerly a part of "Burke's Inn." She is a member of Johnstown Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, also the Eclectic and Heli and Literary clubs. She is an active member of the Presbyterian church. She is unmarried.

(VIII) James Isaiah, only son of James and Mary Ann (Davies) Younglove, was born October 13, 1850, died June 13, 1906. His early education was received in the common schools and he prepared for college at Johnstown Academy. He entered Cornell University, where he completed his schooling, and then returned to Johnstown where he for many years was a leading lumber dealer. He was first associated with his father; in 1884 the elder Mr. Younglove retired and the son assumed control of his father's interests and continued the business under his own name, conducting a general lumber trade and a factory for the manufacture of sash, doors, blinds and general mill work. In 1907 the Younglove Lumber Company was incorporated with his widow, Suzette C. (Riton) Younglove as president. Mr. Younglove had other and varied business interests of importance. He was a director of the People's Bank and of the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville railroad. He was prominent in the Masonic order, belonging to St. Patrick's Lodge, No. 4, Free and Accepted Masons; Johnstown Chapter, No. 78, Royal Arch Masons; Johnstown Council, No. 72, Royal and Select Masters; Holy Cross Commandery, No. 51, Knights Templar, Gloversville; Cypress [i.e., Cyprus] Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Albany. He was an interested member of the Fulton County Agricultural Association and of Johnstown Historical Society. Through his patriotic ancestry he gained admission to the Sons of the Revolution. He was a vestryman of St. John's Episcopal Church thirty-six years, holding office at the time of his death. He was interested and deeply concerned in every department of Johnstown's activity, and gave all worthy objects hearty support.

He married, October 18, 1882, in Johnstown, Suzette C. Riton, born in that city February 15, 1852, daughter of Joseph Jean Riton, born in Strasburg, France, in 1825, and educated in that city. He came to the United States in 1849 and settled in Johnstown, New York, where he was a glove cutter and manufacturer until his death in 1867. In 1850 he married Eugenie Agatha Bertrand, born in Millau, in the southern part of France. They were the parents of seven children:

  1. Suzette C., married James I. Younglove, whom she survives; resident of Johnstown; president of the Younglove Lumber Company, a woman of culture and ability.
  2. Victor Andre, married Fannie Brooks Miller; children: Eugene and Josephine Miller.
  3. Caroline, died 1861.
  4. Lucian, died 1865.
  5. Charles Joseph, a glove manufacturer of Johnstown.
  6. Eugene, associated with his brother in business.
  7. Josephine, married Oliver Murray Edwards, of Syracuse, New York; children: Joseph Jean, Eleazer Wells, Amy Murray, Harold, Oliver M. and Louise.

Children of James I. and Suzette C. (Riton) Younglove:

  1. William Joseph, born January 1, 1884; a wholesale lumber dealer.
  2. Charles Victor, born May 11, 1886, died October 13, 1886.
  3. David, born May 9, 1889; student at Cornell University, class of 1912.
  4. Joseph Riton, born July 5, 1893; student at Johnstown high school, class of 1911.

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