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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1468-1472 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Coat-of-arms granted John Wright in 1590. "Azure, two bars argent in chief, a leopard's face or; crest, out of a ducal coronet or, a dragon's head and neck pr." The English surname Wright is of pure Anglo-Saxon origin, and is derived from the old word "wyrtha," meaning a workman of any sort. In England the name is quite frequent, and there were many adventurers of this great family who came to America in colonial days and identified the name with American progress and improvement. English history says: "John Wright, Lord of the Manor of Kelvedon, Hatch, county Essex, England, accrued Kelvedon by purchase in 1538."

(I) John Wright, of Kelvedon Hatch, married Olive ————. He died October 5, 1551, and is buried with his wife in Kelvedon church.

(II) John (2), son of John (1) and Olive Wright, married Joane ————, of Kelvedon Hall. He died October 10, 1563.

(III) Robert, son of John (2) and Joane Wright, was of Brook street, county of Essex, England. He married Mary, daughter of Robert Green, of Naverstock.

(IV) John (3), of Wrightsbridge, son of Robert and Mary (Green) Wright, married Abis, daughter and sole heiress of Robert Rooke, of Havering, Essex.

(V) John (4), son of John (3) and Abis (Rooke) Wright, of Wrightsbridge, anno 1590, in thirty-second year of Queen Elizabeth, gentleman; married Emfell, or Linsell, for first wife. Arms were granted him June 20, 1590.

(VI) Nathaniel (Sir Nathan), son of John (4) Wright, was a merchant of London, and member of Massachusetts Bay colony. He married Lydia, daughter and heiress of Edward James, of London. A daughter Elizabeth married Sir James Oglethorpe of His Majesty's forces; six children.

(VII) Samuel, son of Nathaniel (Sir Nathan) and Lydia (James) Wright, was of London. He married Margaret ————. They emigrated to America with the Winthrop colony in 1630, and settled in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was a deacon in the church in 1639; also in Northfield church in 1655. He died October 17, 1665. His wife, Margaret, died July 25, 1681. They had nine children.

(VIII) Samuel (2), son of Samuel (1) and Margaret Wright, was born in England in 1629. He was brought to America by his parents in 1630, grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, and later was of Northfield. He was sergeant and lieutenant in command of the militia forces. He was one of the first three selectmen of Northfield, and met his death in the Indian attack on the town, September 2, 1675. He married, November 24, 1653, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Burt. They had eight children.

(IX) Ebenezer, son of Samuel (2) and Elizabeth (Burt) Wright, was born March 30, 1663, died 1742. He was one of the grantees of Northfield, 1682. He married (first) September 26, 1684, Elizabeth, daughter of Jedediah Strong, died February 17, 1691. He married (second) Hannah, daughter of Jonathan Hunt, December 19, 1691. They had nine children.

(X) Captain Noah, fifth child of Ebenezer and Hannah (Hunt) Wright, was born November 29, 1699, died June 27, 1775, at Northampton, Massachusetts. He married, December 12, 1721, Sarah, daughter of Major Ebenezer and Sarah (King) Pomeroy, born February 12, 1700, died April 3, 1777. They were the parents of two children.

(XI) Captain Caleb, son of Captain Noah and Sarah (Pomeroy) Wright, was born April 24, 1722, died February 12, 1780. He was a soldier of the revolution. (See "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the [War of the] Revolution," p. 919, Vol. XVII): "Wright, Caleb, New Marlboro; captain of a company of minute men, Colonel John Fellows' Third Regiment; marched April 21, 1775, in response to the Alarm of April 19, 1775, to Lexington; service, one month, three days." There is also proof of his service at the battle of Bennington. He was a farmer of New Marlboro, Massachusetts. He married, September 6, 1745, Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Mehitable (Stebbins) Strong. He had sons and several daughters.

(XII) Caleb (2), son of Captain Caleb (1) and Sarah (Strong) Wright, was born April 24, 1747, died in Cambridge, New York, February, 1787. He was a farmer of Northampton, Massachusetts, until 1777, when he removed to the town of Cambridge, New York, where he engaged in farming until his death. He served in the war of the revolution. See Archives of the State of New York in the Revolution, Vol. I, Roster of State troops, p. 522.) "Caleb Wright, sergeant (Colonel Lewis Van Woert's regiment), enlisted for short service four times in Van Woert's, Doty's, Well's and Gilmore's and Well's companies, 16th regiment of Albany county militia from August 13, 1777, to November 30, 1780." On page 373 it is found that Van Woert was also colonel of Cambridge regiment, that town then being in old Albany county. (These records of Captain Caleb and his son Caleb have been accepted by the Society D. A. R. and membership granted under national number 37,414.) During the battle of Bennington the militia was ordered out; as there was a scarcity of ammunition, each man was ordered to procure his own as far as possible. Caleb removed the weights from the old "grandfather's clock," substituting pails of sand, then melted and moulded the weights into bullets, which he next day fired at the British. The old clock is still in the possession of his great-grandchildren, a highly prized revolutionary relic, and still measures the correct time. Caleb Wright married, about 1767, Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah Stillman, of Wethersfield, Connecticut. She survived him and married (second) William Hammond, of Pittstown, New York. She died August 4, 1824; no issue by her second marriage. Children of Caleb and Elizabeth (Stillman) Wright:

  1. Elijah, born in Sandisfield, Massachusetts, September 4, 1769, died May 25, 1832; married (first) Lavina Barber, of Cambridge, New York, and had issue. He married (second) Sara, granddaughter of Thomas Adkins (2) (a revolutionary soldier) and Mercy (Clark) Adkins, also granddaughter of Deacon Robert (a revolutionary soldier) and Lydia (Parmalee) Griffing; children: Zalmon, Stillman, Lavina, Caleb, Daniel, William, Royal, Betsy, Harriet, De Witt, John, Kirkland, Griffin, Prudence, Jane, Elijah.
  2. Lauchlin, see forward.
  3. Elizabeth, born March 13, 1772; married, 1790, Joseph Slocum; children: Elizabeth, Reuben, Rachael, Caleb Wright, Azuba, Sarah, Humphrey, Annice, Joseph, Elias.
  4. Sally, born March 2, 1774; married Ebenezer Moseley, who died September, 1850; children: Alvin, Betsy, Sally, Zenia.
  5. Caleb, born March 19, 1776, died December 30, 1838; married (first) Eunice Sprague, of Greenwich, New York, died, May 20, 1812, who bore him five children; married (second) Mary Hanks, who died January, 1862; children: David, John Franklin, Sophia, Anne, infant daughter; by second marriage: Benjamin, Morgan, Leroy, Eunice, Mary.
  6. Rachael, born April 26, 1779: married Increase Moseley, of Hoosick, New York; children: Pardon, Betsy, Mary, Lucina, Rachael, Sally, Esther, Alvina, Polly, Stillman.
  7. Josiah, born November 17, 1780, died June 22, 1835; married Freelove Woodworth, of White Creek, New York; children: William, Maria, Eliza, Josiah, Freelove, John, Roxanna, Solomon Warner, M.D.
  8. John Stillman, born March 10, 1782, died October 5, 1849; married Asenath Arnold, born August 20, 1785, of Hoosick, New York; children: Emily, Elizabeth, Mary, Flavona, Mordan, Victor Moreau, Wellington, Mary Eliza, Sarah Asenath.

(XIII) Lauchlin, second son of Caleb (2) and Elizabeth (Stillman) Wright, was born in Sandisfield, Massachusetts, December 5, 1770, died January 9, 1854. He was a farmer of Washington county, New York, where the family are mentioned as "old and early" settlers of the town of Cambridge. They were closely allied to the Wells family, descendants of one of the original patentees, Edward Wells, of Worcester, England. He married Roxanna, died July 14, 1855, daughter of David and Rachael (Griffing) Parks, granddaughter of Robert and Rhoda (Parmele) Griffing, and also granddaughter of Nathaniel and ———— (Clark) Park. (David added the "s" to the name.) David Parks enlisted in Amos Staunton's company, December 23, 1777, was transferred to S. B. Webb's regiment, May 1, 1780, discharged December 23, 1780. He was borne on the rolls of revolutionary pensioners. Both Nathaniel and David Parks served in the revolution; Nathaniel enlisted May 11, 1776, discharged October 17, 1776; they served from Connecticut. Robert Griffing, while not a combatant, rendered the cause good service in bringing in salt and food to the army. He was working under the orders and authority of the Connecticut governor and council. He was the great-great-grandfather of Dr. Wright. Children of Lauchlin and Roxanna (Parks) Wright:

  1. David, born February 8, 1794, died March 16, 1870; married, August 18, 1821, Betsey, daughter of Captain Lott Woodworth, of White Creek, New York; children:
    1. William Alfred,
    2. Jane Maria,
    3. Maurice Lauchlin, who served in the civil war, Eighty-fifth Regiment, New York Volunteers.
  2. Elizabeth, born August 14, 1795, died February 3, 1863; married, May, 1821, Alden Bennett, settled in New Haven, New York, died September 25, 1854; children:
    1. Charles W., born September 25, 1822, killed in the civil war, 1864; married, May, 1845, Louise Dean;
    2. H. Veil, born December 23, 1825; died, unmarried, September 18, 1874;
    3. Alfred Platt, born May 7, 1829, died April 24, 1888; married Miranda Covert, in 1855, who survived him and married (second) B. Stout, who died May 30, 1896;
    4. Walter Smith, born April 12, 1832; married Blanche Coryelle;
    5. Julia Ann, born January 14, 1836, died April 14, 1864; married Delos Townsend, 1858.
  3. James Harvey, born July 9, 1798, died in Saugatuck, Michigan, September 12, 1873; married, October 3, 1826, Eunice, daughter of Hon. David Bradley, of Marcellus, New York. She died January 23, 1888; children:
    1. Edwin Bradley, born September 17, 1827, died January 21, 1879; married (first) June 7, 1863, Lydia M. Pratt, died October 7, 1864: (second) Phoebe Maris, October 23, 1865; child:
      1. Hattie, an adopted daughter, married, 1876, ———— Bird;
    2. James Harvey, born August 5, 1829; married, April, 1864, Jessie Smith; children:
      1. George Edwin, born December 28, 1865;
      2. Eugene Harvey, August, 1869;
      3. Ida, August 3, 1871, died 1888;
      4. Simeon, August 1, 1874;
    3. Jessie, January 13, 1832, married, June 4, 1856, Harvey L. House, who died July 7, 1896, lived in Saugatuck, Michigan; children:
      1. Dr. Walter B., born June 4, 1857, married Florence M. Lacey;
      2. Rev. Herbert E., June 12, 1860, married Myrtle Ruggles, of Oak Park, Illinois, was missionary to Tien Tsin, China, came home in 1897 at the time of the great Boxer uprising;
      3. Alice L., born April 3, 1862, died June 11, 1889, married Fred G. Truscott; two children;
        1. Jessie M., June 15, 1865;
        2. Edwin H., May 16, 1875, married, May 23, 1900, Philanda H. Davis, both being graduates of Columbia School of Oratory;
    4. Cordelia, June 10, 1843, died March 12, 1844.
  4. Walter, born July 1, 1801, died January 30, 1875; married, September 5, 1826, Frances Crane, of Marcellus, New York, died April 15, 1883; lived in Adrian, Michigan; child:
    1. Ann Elizabeth, born April 1, 1828, died December 30, 1899; married Nicholas Van Brunt, died October 20, 1896.
  5. Dr. Albert, born April 14, 1804, died December 10, 1874; married, June 6, 1832, Jane A. Barker; graduated from Vermont Academy of Medicine, in 1831, and located in Brooklyn, New York. His wife died December 21, 1878; child:
    1. Annie Southwell (by adoption), born October 4, 1834, died May 30, 1890.
  6. Dr. William, born September 24, 1806, died September 23, 1880; married, November 27, 1835, Eliza Ann, daughter of Hon. Martin Lee, of Granville, Washington county, New York. He graduated from Vermont Academy of Medicine in 1833, and practiced his profession in Brooklyn, New York; children:
    1. Helen Mary, born September 13, 1836, died in infancy;
    2. William H. Seward, January 17, 1839; married, July 5, 1863, Carrie L. Willets, died November 12, 1901; married (second) Anna Hagedorn, and had an adopted daughter Bessie;
    3. Cornelia, born March 4, 1842, died November 2, 1903;
    4. Martin, July 18, 1844, died in infancy;
    5. Albert James, March 16, 1848; married, October 1, 1879, Lillie Ames. He is a practicing dentist in Brooklyn, New York.
  7. Morris Lauchlin, December 4, 1808, died June 14, 1884; married, February 22, 1849, Maria E., daughter of Captain Samuel Ruste. She died November 11, 1866. They lived on the old homestead in Cambridge, owned by his father and grandfather before him; children:
    1. Helena Maria, born January 11, 1850;
    2. Sarah Jane, May 4, 1852; married, March 28, 1893, Edward Payson Cramer, a widower, who died July 29, 1903.
  8. Julia A., born March 28, 1812, died March 6, 1897; married, October 13, 1834, Lemuel Sherman, a farmer of Cambridge, New York, born September 6, 1809, died January 28, 1887; children:
    1. Frances E., born February 23, 1840; married, October 4, 1859, James, son of John and Nancy (McMurray) McFarland, and had a son, Frank Murray;
    2. Mary, October 15, 1841, died June 28, 1899; married, December 4, 1864, Lieutenant Albert Shiland, a veteran of Company I, One Hundred and Twenty-third Regiment, New York Volunteers, died at his home in Denver, Colorado, leaving children, Fred, Helen C. and Francis;
    3. George Lemuel, January 15, 1846; married, December 28, 1887, Julia A., daughter of Peter and Maria (Gilchrist) Wheldon;
    4. Albert, January 18, 1851; married, December 4, 1872, Sophia Dobbin, born June 12, 1851, and had a daughter, Gertrude, who married S. F. Ellingwood.
  9. Sidney Wells, see forward.

(XIV) Sidney Wells, son of Lauchlin and Roxanna (Parks) Wright, was born at Cambridge, New York, February 14, 1815, died February 17, 1882. He was a prominent farmer of Washington county, and held several of the county and town offices. He was a leading member and an elder of the Presbyterian church of Cambridge. Politically he was a Republican, a great admirer and devoted follower of Horace Greeley, even forsaking the regular party candidates and voting for Mr. Greeley when he was the Democratic candidate for President. He married (first) September 19, 1837, Jane E., daughter of Rupel and Betsey (Wilcox) Brown, who bore him one child. He married (second) Maria Cramer Savage, born May 26, 1815, died March 29, 1876, daughter of Amos and Maria (Cramer) Savage. She was a daughter of Amos (2) and a granddaughter of Amos (1) Savage, the revolutionary soldier, who served as a private, then was promoted by the governor and council of Connecticut in 1779 to be ensign of Second Company of alarm list in the Twenty-third Regiment of that state. Amos (2) Savage married (second) Maria, daughter of John Nicklaus and Elizabeth (Tippel) Cramer, the latter a daughter of Adam and Catherine Tippel. John Nicklaus Cramer and Adam Tippel were both soldiers of the revolution, serving in Colonel Morris Graham's sixth regiment, Dutchess county, New York, militia. Children of Sidney Wells and Maria (Savage) Wright:

  1. Jane B., born April, 1840, died in infancy.
  2. Jane Maria, born February 22, 1843, died February 12, 1858.
  3. Adeline J., born November 6, 1844, died April 23, 1866; married, April 13, 1865, Thomas A., son of Benjamin H. Howell, head of the sugar refining house of B. H. Howell & Son, of Brooklyn, New York. He survived her and married a second wife, and died September 19, 1896. Their only child died in infancy.
  4. Sarah Elizabeth, born October 7, 1846, died March 19, 1877; married, October 3, 1868, James E. Cady, of Brandon, Vermont, and had a son
    1. Lucian, born January 15, 1877.
  5. Albert Maurice, mentioned below.
  6. Emma Roxanna, born July 1, 1850.
  7. Julia Antoinette, October 3, 1852; married, December 28, 1887, Calvin, son of George and Josephine (Bowman) Sims. He was born February 7, 1844, now a bookkeeper of Troy, New York, and has a daughter,
    1. Clara W. (by adoption), born January 28, 1892.
  8. Walter Savage, June 26, 1854; married, April 28, 1886, Bernice, daughter of Jonathan and Adaline (McChistock) Long. She was born September 26, 1861. He studied law, was admitted to the bar and practiced in New York until 1887, when he removed to Pasadena, California, where he is now one of the prominent lawyers of that state. Children:
    1. Adaline, born September 25, 1888; a graduate of Leland Stanford University, May, 1910;
    2. Howard Walter, September 6, 1892;
    3. Catherine, May 16, 1895.
  9. Mary Helen, born March 17, 1856; married, October 10, 1883, Matthew B. Hutton, M.D., a graduate of the University of Michigan, born August 12, 1854, son of William and Mary Ann (Blair) Hutton, of Putnam, New York; now (1910) a practicing physician of Valley Falls, New York. Children:
    1. An infant daughter, deceased;
    2. Anna M., born August 31, 1890.
  10. Charles Sidney, born August 13, 1861; editor and journalist, Saratoga, New York; married (first) May 11, 1887, Clara M. Crocker, died September 22, 1893, leaving three children; married (second) April 24, 1895, Hannah, daughter of James and Carrie L. (Lewis) Butterworth, born November 27, 1868; children:
    1. Mabel C., born Saratoga, New York, February 14, 1888;
    2. Albert C., January 29, 1890;
    3. Julia Clara, January 28, 1892; adopted by her aunt, Mrs. Sims, and name changed to Clara Wright Sims;
    4. James Butterworth, March 11, 1897;
    5. Carrie E., December 14, 1899;
    6. Marion Helen, July 1, 1906.

(XV) Albert Maurice, son of Sidney Wells and Maria Cramer (Savage) Wright, was born at Granville, Washington county, New York, August 26, 1848. He was educated in the town schools of Granville and Cambridge, completing his studies at Washington Academy, where he was graduated in 1865. In 1870 he began the study and practice of dentistry with Dr. Zina Cotton, of Cambridge, where he remained one year, then was with Dr. O. R. Young, of Troy, for ten years. In 1882 he began private practice in Troy, where he has established a fine reputation and a lucrative business as a practical dental surgeon. He received from the state regents, after a thorough examination, in 1882, the degree of Master of Dental Surgery (M. D. S.). The regents have only conferred this degree upon two hundred and twenty-five practitioners in that profession. For sixteen years he has been a member of the examining board of the New York State Dental Association, and is a member of the National Association. In the Third District Dental Association he has held every prominent office. He is a prominent member of the Masonic Order, belonging to King Solomon's Primitive Lodge, No. 91; is past high priest of Apollo Chapter, Royal Arch Masons: a knight of Apollo Commandery, Knights Templar, and a noble of Oriental Temple, Order of the Mystic Shrine. He is a member of the Masonic Club, having been a director since its organization. Through the military services of eight of his ancestors, both paternal and maternal, he derives and holds membership in the patriotic order, Sons of the American Revolution. He is also a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Dr. Wright maintains a residence in California, where he spends a great deal of his time during the winter seasons. He is an attendant of the First Presbyterian Church, Troy. He married, September 15, 1880, Mary, daughter of Harrison Hart, a prosperous farmer, who lived retired in Troy for many years. He was born at Stillwater, New York, and died in Troy.

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