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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1176-1178 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Jan Barentse Wemp, alias Poert, arrived in Beverwyck in 1643-45, where he owned several lots; received a contract from Madam Johanna De Last for a bouwery at Lubberde's Land (Troy). This bouwery was on the Poertenkit [Poertenkil?], which was probably named from his alias. He received a patent in 1662, in company with Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck, for the great island lying immediately west of Schenectady and a house lot in the village. His wife was Maritie Myndertse, who survived him and married Sweer Teunise Van Velsen, the village miller, both of whom were killed at the massacre, February 9, 1690. Children:

  1. Myndert, born 1649, killed in massacre, February 9, 1690;
  2. Grietje Anna, married Sander Glen;
  3. Barent; Johannes;
  4. Altje, married Cornelise Van Der Heyden, of Beverwyck.

From Wemp the name soon became Wemple, and the Mohawk Valley families descend from this man, Jan Barentse Wemp.

(II) Barent, son of Jan Barentse Wemp, was born 1656. He was captain of the company of foot, appointed by Leslie [Leisler?] in 1690. He made his will, January 1, 1690-91. He married Folkje, daughter of Symon Volkertse Veeder; children: Johannes, Symon, Marytje, Myndert, Engeltje, Engeltje (2), Grieltje, Hendrick, Susanna, Barnhardus.

(III) Myndert, son of Barent and Folkje (Veeder) Wemple, was born August 24, 1691. He was sent by Sir William Johnson to the Senecas, to stay until their corn was a foot high, and keep their arms and working utensils in repair; returning with his sons, he made report. The Indians requested that he, "being good and charitable to the poor," or some of his sons may reside among them as they are smiths and acquainted with them and know their language. He married Alida, daughter of Johannes De Wandelaar, of Albany, June 29, 1718. Children: Volkie, Johannes, Anna, Barent and Myndert (2), twins, Abraham, Hendrick, Barent, Maria, Myndert (3).

(IV) Barent (2), son of Myndert and Alida (De Wandelaar) Wemple, was baptized April 2, 1732. He was a fur dealer and met his death at the hands of the Indians. His widow Margaret kept a public house at Caughnawaga. Her house was burned by Johnson's Indians, May 22, 1780, and her son Mina (Myndert) was made prisoner, but released at Johnstown. Barent married Margaret Fonda. Children:

  1. Myndert, baptized November 16, 1755;
  2. Douw, baptized December 11, 1757.

Douw Fonda, her father, was a son of Jillis and Rachel (Winne) Fonda, grandson of Douw Jillise and Rebecca Fonda, and great-grandson of Jellis Douwese Fonda, who was in Beverwyck as early as 1654 with his wife Hester.

(V) Douw, son of Barent (2) and Margaret (Fonda) Wemple, was born in Fonda, Montgomery county, New York, January 30, 1769, died in Mohawk, August 19, 1850; buried in Evergreen cemetery, Sand Flats, New York. When a young man he went to Canajoharie, apprenticed himself to a blacksmith, learned the trade, became an expert mechanic and followed his trade all his active life in Mohawk. His skill as a smith was known far and wide, while as a good citizen he was equally well known. He married, April 6, 1793, in Tribes Hill, Margaret Zelia (sometimes spelled Zielly), born there December 29, 1776, died in 1866, daughter of Adam Zelia.

Their children:

  1. Lyda, married Adam Ecker; children: Angelica, Margaret and Catherine Ecker.
  2. Maria, married Thomas Schuyler; children: Richard, Douw, Jerry, Peter, William, Louisa and Margaret Schuyler.
  3. Harriet, married Jacob R. Schuyler; children: Alonzo, Myndert, Martha, Catherine and Elizabeth Schuyler. The latter is the only living member of the family.
  4. Peggy, married Joshua Rupert; children: David, William and Anna Rupert.
  5. Myndert, born April 24, 1802, died December 19, 1877; was noted for his piety and devotion to the church; he married Barbara Gross, born August 18, 1811; children:
    1. Hannah, born November 5, 1828, died June 18, 1846, and
    2. Angeline, born August 25, 1830, died in October, 1832.
  6. David, see forward.
  7. Peter D., married ———— Davis; children:
    1. Anna,
    2. Maria,
    3. Evaline,
    4. Emma J.;
    5. Zelia, captain of a company in the civil war;
    6. Duane, was a graduate of West Point and was in charge of a government vessel during civil war, he was wounded by a cannon explosion and died in hospital in South;
    7. Hamilton, also engaged in civil war, after which he was in business in Virginia;
    8. Douw, residing at Oatville, Kansas;
    9. Webster, at Troy, Wisconsin.

(VI) David, son of Douw and Margaret (Zelia) Wemple, was born in the town of Mohawk, Montgomery county, New York, November 26, 1804, died August 4, 1862. He was a prominent contractor, farmer and business man of the Mohawk Valley. He married Evaline, born June 7, 1807, died May 25, 1890, line. [sic; there seems to be something missing from this sentence.]

Children of David and Evaline Lotridge, who were married July 11, 1793, by Rev. Abram Van Horne, and had children: William, Cornelius, Aaron, George, drowned at age of twenty; Myra, Catherine and Evaline. Children of David and Evaline (Lotridge) Wemple:

  1. Barney, born December 26, 1826, died August 25, 1893; married Margaret Sponenberg, who died May 9, 1877; children: David, Adam, Simeon, Catherine, Cora, Sarah and Douw.
  2. Sarah, born December 17, 1828, died August 16, 1901; married Alonzo Schuyler, born 1827, died May 30, 1890; children: Richard A. and John.
  3. Robert, see forward.
  4. Douw, born May 1, 1833, died November 17, 1862; married (first) Margaret Nare; (second) Susan Mabee, who survives him, a resident of Glen.
  5. William, born October 17, 1835; now a retired farmer of Johnstown; married Sarah Vedder, who died in 1901; children: David and Susie.
  6. Anna, born January 19, 1840; married Giles H. Mount, a business man of Fultonville; child, Minnie, married Joseph Hildebrant.
  7. Mary C., born June 19, 1842; teacher and in business for many years; resides at Fultonville; unmarried.
  8. Adam Zelia, born February 7, 1848, died in childhood.

(VII) Robert, third child of David and Evaline (Lotridge) Wemple, was born January 28, 1831. He was reared on the farm and thoroughly understands the business of a modern farmer. In 1869 he settled in Glen, where he has since resided, and been prominent in public life. For over thirty years he was county superintendent of the poor at the old county farm in Glen. In 1887-88 he represented his district in the state legislature, where he served on the important committees, excise, canals and appropriations. The last-named committee being composed of men selected for acute business ability and sound judgment, and among these men Mr. Wemple was easily first, as all who knew him in those days can attest. He has always been progressive and taken an especial interest in the County Agricultural Society, of which he has been president several years, as well as a prominent live stock exhibitor both at county and state fairs. He has recently filled the position of state appraiser, his ripe judgment and wide acquaintance with real estate values in his section making the selection a wise one. Age seems but to render his faculties more acute, and while he has lost the enthusiasm of youth, the riper, sounder judgment of later years more than compensates.

Robert Wemple married, in the town of Mohawk, February 14, 1849, Rev. Henry Van O'Linda officiating, Sarah M. Vrooman, born in Mohawk, April 30, 1830, died at her home in Fultonville, February 16, 1908, daughter of Valkert and Maria (Smith) Vrooman. Valkert Vrooman, born May 25, 1798, died June 1, 1882, was the son of Barnett, born in Mohawk about 1770, died there 1854. Maria (Smith) Vrooman was born in Mohawk, March 2, 1801, died September 9, 1863, leaving children: Eliza, Catherine, Margaret, Caroline, Sarah M., Lydia, Charlotte and Evaline.

Children of Robert and Sarah M. (Vrooman) Wemple:

  1. Catherine M., born December 16, 1849; married, December 15, 1869, Sylvanus Quackenbush, a farmer of Glen, born in 1845, died June 29, 1902, leaving
    1. Robert W., born 1870, died April 30, 1895; married Harriet Smith, who survives him and resides in the west, with son Harold S., born in 1891.
  2. Gertrude, born August 22, 1851; wife of Ezra Nare, of Johnstown, Fulton county, New York, where he was for six years superintendent of the poor and supervisor for five years, and now a prominent real estate dealer.
  3. Henry, born April 22, 1853, died aged five years.
  4. Adam Zelia, born January 26, 1855; resides in Fultonville, where he is one of the proprietors of the Cayadutta Generating Company; married Lydia Wilson; children:
    1. Harvey, an electrician of Schenectady, New York; married Florence Seilmser;
    2. Florence, married Sedgwick Ashton Clark, of New York City;
    3. Robert;
    4. Howard, resides at home;
    5. Schuyler, died young.
  5. Evanna W., born May 2, 1858; married Peter Schuyler, of Fultonville, New York; children:
    1. William, of Albany, New York, a veteran of the Spanish-American war;
    2. Henry, an accountant of Chicago, Illinois.
  6. Seymour, born April 26, 1861; of the Empire Cooping Company of Fultonville, New York; married Jennie Fisher; children:
    1. Mary C.;
    2. Gertrude N., a student of elocution.
  7. Sarah, born April 23, 1863; married Edward Ryan, New York Central railroad ticket agent at Fonda; children:
    1. Edward W., an expert telegraph operator in the northwest;
    2. Jessie C.;
    3. Gail H.
  8. Marshall, born February 22, 1865; of the Empire Cooping Company of Fultonville, New York; married Katharine Reed.
  9. Luella, twin of Marshall, died at the age of three months.

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