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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 874-875 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

There were three early settlers of this name in Beverwyck and Schenectady, New York. Pieter Meese Vrooman, Jacob Meese, a carpenter and surveyor, and Hendrick Meese. The Vrooman family herein considered descend from the third brother, Hendrick M.

(I) Hendrick Meese Vrooman was living "behind Kinderhook" in 1670; the same year leased of Robert Sanders the long island called "Steenraby" for six years; in 1667 moved to Schenectady, where his home lot was on the north side of State street and included the land on which the New York Central passenger station is built, and the engine house of the Central stands nearly in the centre of his "touwlandt." [Bouwlandt?] He was killed in the massacre of 1690, with his son Bartel and two of his negroes. He left two sons Adam and Jan.

(II) Jan, son of Hendrick Meese Vrooman, married Geesje, daughter of Simon Veeder, July 4, 1680. He owned considerable land. Children: Simon, Jannetje, Hendrick, Jacob, murdered in his father's house, 1688; Pieter, killed at the Beukendaal massacre, 1748; Hendrick, Engeltje, Johannes, Maria, Jacob, Catarina, Bartholomew, Magdalene, Cornelis, Helena.

(III) Hendrick, son of Jan and Geesje (Veeder) Vrooman, was born September 12, 1690. In 1723 he received conveyances from Arent Bratt of a lot one hundred and ninety by forty-five feet, east corner of State and Washington streets, Schenectady. He married, April, 1718, Engeltje, daughter of Cornelis Slingerland. Children: Geseria, Cornelis, Eva, Jillis Fonda, Maria, Johannes, Anthony, Simon.

(IV) Johannes, son of Hendrick and Engeltje (Slingerland) Vrooman, was born December 25, 1734, died December 24, 1810. He married Jannetje, daughter of Jacob Swits, November 26, 1757. Children: Hendrick, Jacob, Maria, Isaac, Helena, Adam, Barent.

(V) Barent (Barnett), son of Johannes and Jannetje (Swits) Vrooman, was born in Mohawk, Montgomery county, New York, April 1, 1770, died there 1854. He was a farmer all his life. He married Anna Smith; died in 1880. Children:

  1. Myndert, married a Simmons and had issue.
  2. John, married (first), ———— Waters: (second) Mrs. Catherine Gillette.
  3. Valkert, see forward.
  4. Henry, married and settled in Steuben county, New York.
  5. William, also settled in Steuben county; married and had issue.
  6. Ann, married Homer McGowan, of Fultonville, New York, for many years proprietor of the hotel there; had issue.
  7. Peggy, married Jacob Sammons, of Sammonsville, where they died, leaving issue.

(VI) Valkert, son of Barent and Anna (Smith) Vrooman, was born in 1798, died June 1, 1882. He was always a farmer of Mohawk, and noted for his hearty, genial nature all over the town. He married Maria Smith, born in Mohawk, March 2, 1801, died September 9, 1863. Children:

  1. Eliza, born February 25, 1820, died 1890; married Harrison Cook, an early settler of Cook county, Illinois, for whom the county was named.
  2. Catherine, born February, 1824, died in 1844.
  3. Margaret, born May 8, 1826, died September 20, 1902; married Henry Moore and had a son, Henry Moore; he married (second) Julia Fish.
  4. Caroline, born February 26, 1828, died March, 1876; married Hiram Everson, who died in 1904, leaving a family of ten children, all of whom are living, married and have families.
  5. Sarah M., born April 30, 1830, died February 16, 1908; wife of Robert Wemple, of Fultonville.
  6. Lydia, born May 21, 1832; married Thomas Getman, now of Johnstown, New York.
  7. Charlotte, born May 9, 1834; resides in the town of Mohawk; unmarried.
  8. Evaline, born April 1, 1837; resides in Mohawk with her sister Charlotte; unmarried.
  9. Barnett H., see forward.
  10. Matilda, born October 12, 1841; married Charles Morell, whom she survives; resident of Johnstown, New York, having five married children.
  11. Homer, born November 26, 1843; a farmer of Mohawk, where he resides with his sisters, Charlotte and Evaline; unmarried.
  12. Child, died in infancy.

(VII) Barnett H., son of Valkert and Maria (Smith) Vrooman, born September 27, 1839, died at his home at Randall, town of Root, Montgomery county, New York, September 29, 1908. He became self-sustaining early in life, and by energy, thrift and good judgment succeeded in acquiring, solely through his own efforts, a substantial property in the town of Root. He was a man of religious temperament, brought up in the Dutch Reformed church, but later worshipped in the Christian church of Randall. He was an outspoken advocate of the cause of temperance and a supporter of all good work. He married, in Mohawk, January 7, 1863, Louisa Jane Schuyler, born March 1, 1845, daughter of Thomas and Maria (Wemple) Schuyler. Children:

  1. Anna M., born September 4, 1864; married Charles Myers, of Root; children: Burtis H., Howard A., Russell W., Douw S., Harry, deceased.
  2. Arthur D., born December 28, 1865; unmarried; resides on the home farm with his widowed mother.
  3. Florence S., born October 2, 1867; married William Myers, of Root.
  4. Lizzie, born December 19, 1870, died at the age of fifteen months.
  5. Thomas, born October 21, 1872, died June 29, 1896; unmarried.
  6. Delbert, born March 18, 1878, died November 6, 1896.
  7. Valkert, born April 29, 1879; married Nellie Everson, born November 22, 1982; children:
    1. Earl S., born September 5, 1905, and
    2. Florence, born October 6, 1907;
    Valkert and his family reside on the home farm with his mother.
  8. Eva, born February 17, 1884; married Clarence Yates, of Root.

Mrs. Louisa Jane (Schuyler) Vrooman is a descendant of David Pieterse Schuyler, the founder of the Schuyler family of the Mohawk Valley, through Jacob Schuyler of the sixth generation in America, who married Martha Fancher. (VII) Richard, son of Jacob and Martha (Fancher) Schuyler, was born in Florida, 1789, was a farmer of Mohawk, married Catharine McMasters and reared a family of ten children. (VIII) Thomas (3), son of Richard and Catharine (McMasters) Schuyler, was born April 22, 1815. He was a farmer of Mohawk all his days. He married Maria Wemple, born May 1, 1817, died September 7, 1876, daughter of Douw and Anna (Zelia) Wemple. Children:

  1. Richard A., married Catharine Martin; he is deceased: no living issue.
  2. Douw W., married Julia Hillabrandt; resides in Johnstown, New York.
  3. Louisa Jane, married Barnett H. Vrooman, aforementioned.
  4. Margaret, married Dudley Persse; both deceased; leaving four living children.
  5. Hannah, died in childhood.
  6. Jeremiah, married Eleanor Salmons; resides on the old Schuyler homestead in Mohawk; five children.
  7. Peter, married Agnes Sponeberg whom he survives; a resident of Mohawk.
  8. Alonzo, died at the age of sixteen years.
  9. William, resides in Mohawk; unmarried.

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