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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 811-813 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The following first two generations of the Veghte family are compiled from the original wills of Hendrick Veghte, dated July 31, 1716, and of his grandson, Hendrick Veghte, September 14, 1767, and the family record written in Dutch, of which Gerrit H. Van Wagener made a liberal translation and published in vol. IX, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, page 180.

(I) Claes Arentse, as he is called in the list of emigrants, or Klaes Arents Vecht, as written by himself, with his wife Lammentie and three children, emigrated from the Province of Drenthe, in Holland, in the ship "Bonticou," or "Spotted Cow," April, 1660, settled in Brooklyn, and in 1669 erected the old stone house known as the Vechte mansion. His sons were Hendrick, Klaessen Veghten (see forward), and Gerrit Claessen (through whom the family in Fulton county descend), the latter of Salem Island, where he owned land as early as 1689. Claes Arense Veghte (the emigrant) obtained of Governor Andros a grant for one hundred and twenty acres of upland and twelve acres of meadow along the Kill Von Kull, September 29, 1677, which later came into the possession of his youngest son, Gerrit Claessen, as per record of deeds in office of secretary of state, New York.

(II) Hendrick Claessen, eldest son of Claes Arentse and Lammentie Veghte, emigrated to America with his father and purchased a tract of land in 1702, near Millstone, New Jersey, though it does not appear that he ever lived there. In his will (1716) he describes himself "Hendrick Veghte, of Brooklyn, on the Island of Nassau, at a place called Gowanus." In his will he left his lands in New Jersey to his eldest son Reynier, provided for his wife Grietje, his son Nicholas and his daughters Hillite [Hillitie?], Janetje, Lammentie and Gerritie. He married Grietje Reiners Wizzlepenning.

(III) Reynier, son of Hendrick and Grietje Reiners (Wizzlepenning) Veghte, was baptized in the Dutch church at Brooklyn, New York, March 12, 1701, died October 28, 1758. He was the first of the name to settle permanently in New Jersey. He married (first) Jacomyntie Van Duyn, born January 8, 1700, died February 10, 1736; (second) Doyna Van Leuwen, whom he married December 3, 1737.

(II) Gerrit Claessen, youngest son of Claes Arentse and Lammentie Veghte, died in 1772. He married (first), September 25, 1682, Jannetje Crocheron, of Staten Island, where Gerrit owned land in 1689. He married (second), March, 1693, Magdalena Jans.

(III) Gerret (as the records spell the name), son of Gerrit and Magdalena (Jans) Veghte, was baptized April 4, 1694. He died about 1734, as on January 2, 1734, his executors filed an inventory of his estate, now in the office of the surrogate of New York. He married and had issue:

  1. Gerritje, married Frederick Jacobse Bergen;
  2. Jan, married Cornelia Staats;
  3. John, of whom further.

(IV) John, son of Gerret Veghte, settled in Fulton county, New York, at an early day. He devoted his life to farming, being one of the pioneers of the county and an active participant in the stirring scenes attending the early settlement. He married, in 1754, Catherine Vanderbilt. They had seven children.

(V) Nicholas, son of John and Catherine (Vanderbilt) Veghte, was born December 1, 1755. He was educated in the public schools, and followed the occupation of a farmer. He married Barbara Carncross, December 1, 1808; she was born May 22, 1784. Children:

  1. John, born March 1, 1810, died May 12, 1810.
  2. Baltram, March 3, 1811.
  3. John, July 14, 1812, died April 22, 1857.
  4. Elizabeth, April 17, 1814.
  5. Henry Wyckoff, December 8, 1815; married (first), August 15, 1842, Margaret A. Hardin, who died May 23, 1850; (second) June 12, 1851, Christina, eldest daughter of Duncan and Anna (Walker) Clark; children by first wife:
    1. Mary Jane, died in girlhood;
    2. Barbara A., married Henry F. Tiffany;
    3. Margaret, married William Van Deuzen;
    children by second wife:
    1. Clark, married Esther Van Deuzen;
    2. John, married Adelia Vollans;
    3. Ann E., married William I. McEwen;
    4. Charles, married Carrie Selmser.
  6. Lewis, see forward.
  7. Mary Ann, March 13, 1819.
  8. Jane, June 18, 1822; married, December 18, 1841, Michael Argersinger.

(VI) Lewis, son of Nicholas and Barbara (Carncross) Veghte, was born on the homestead farm, May 6, 1817, died June 19, 1897. He was educated in the public schools and at the academy. He was a farmer in earlier life, but retired and devoted himself to other pursuits. He was a member of the executive committee, a director and large stockholder in the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad Company. He was also a director of the People's Bank. He was a most careful and capable business man and commanded universal respect. The old homestead upon which he was born was conveyed to his ancestor in 1776. The deed reads: "Bought on March 25, 1766, by Marteneus Waldorf," and bears the autograph signature of Sir William Johnson. Ten years later, in 1776, the property was bought by John Veghte and has since been in the family. Lewis Veghte married, March 19, 1846, Catherine Yost, born November 5, 1825, died September 9, 1907, daughter of John B. and Mary A. Yost. Children:

  1. Nicholas, born December 10, 1846; married, December 22, 1880, Anna M., daughter of Daniel and Charlotte (Bice) Rudes; child: John, born January 26, 1882, married Bertha Wiles.
  2. John, born October 6, 1848, died January 9, 1878; married Marietta Horning.
  3. Elizabeth, born January 27, 1851, married, March 14, 1878, John Y. Dorn; children:
    1. Fred Y., born December 18, 1878;
    2. Flora, born September 9, 1881, married, February 10, 1902, William H. O'Neil.
  4. Mary, born April 3, 1852; resides in Johnstown, New York.
  5. Henry, born December 18, 1854; married, October 14, 1896, Jessie M. McIntyre; children:
    1. Lewis, born March 14, 1898;
    2. Archibald M., November 14, 1900;
    3. Catherine, May 2, 1902;
    4. Henry J., February 21, 1905.
  6. Jane, born September 2, 1856, died May, 1859.
  7. William, born October 9, 1858, died November 9, 1877.
  8. Lewis (2), born April 7, 1861, died December 7, 1877.
  9. Anna, born January 24, 1863, died October 20, 1863.
  10. Jane, twin of Anna.
  11. George, see forward.
  12. Catherine, born November 30, 1867, married, March 19, 1896, William E. Hall.

(VII) George, eleventh child and sixth son of Lewis and Catherine A. (Yost) Veghte, was born in Johnstown, New York, February 10, 1865. He was educated in the public schools and at Johnstown Academy. After completing his studies he returned to the home farm and the business of his ancestors, remaining there, and with his brother Henry cultivating the farm. In 1888 he settled again in Johnstown, where he was employed until 1893 in the freight department of the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville railroad. From 1893 until 1900 he was not actively engaged in business. In the latter year he became associated with six others in the organization of the Diana Knitting Company. This company is a most prosperous one, employing one hundred and fifty hands in the factory department. Mr. Veghte is president and treasurer of the company. Their special line of manufacture is medium grade underwear. They have a ready market for their goods among jobbers, and an increasing export trade. Mr. Veghte is a Republican in politics, and has served his city two terms as alderman. He is a member of St. Patrick's Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and Johnstown Chapter, Royal Arch Masons. He is a Presbyterian in religious faith. He married, May 22, 1890, Hattie M. Harding, born May 2, 1867, daughter of William, born November 27, 1836, and Mary Caroline (Ballard) Harding, born September 22, 1847, whose children are:

  1. Hattie M., married George Veghte;
  2. Edwin, married Harriet Lee;
  3. Lorenzo H.;
  4. Charles H.;
  5. Florence I., married Guy Mabie;
  6. William (2), married Helen Campbell, and has one child, Orletta.

George and Hattie M. (Harding) Veghte have children:

  1. Mildred C., born October 30, 1894;
  2. George (2), baptized April 12, 1899;
  3. Arlene, born May 17, 1906.

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