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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Vander Veer

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[This information is from Vol. I, pp. 382-383 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

(VI) John G. Vander Veer, son of Garret (q. v.)* (* Various family lines used various forms of the family name) and Rachel (Couwenhoven) Vander Veer, was born in Florida, Montgomery county, New York, May 10, 1798, died July 7, 1813. Shortly after the close of the revolution an exodus of farmers began from New Jersey to New York state. Among the many who settled in Montgomery county were the parents of John G. Vander Veer. He became a successful farmer of the town of Glen, in his native county. He secured a large tract of unbroken land which he improved and cultivated. A part of this farm is now owned by his grandson, Ira Vanderveer, and is known as "Willowdale" stock farm. John G. died on his farm at the age of seventy-two years. He married, in Glen, Ann Voorhees, born in Florida, Montgomery county, in 1790, died in Glen about 1852. John G. and Ann Vander Veer were prominent in the church and social life of Glen, where their upright, conscientious lives gained for them the highest regard. Children:

  1. Tunis, born December 8, 1822, see forward.
  2. James, died at Benton Harbor, Michigan, where he settled shortly after his marriage to Nancy ————, whom he married in Michigan; children:
    1. John, a farmer of Watervliet, Michigan;
    2. William M., of Benton Harbor, Michigan;
    3. Elizabeth, married John Downing, whom she survives;
    4. Ernest, of Benton Harbor, Michigan.
  3. John, traveled to California with Jacob Enders who died there; John returned to Missouri, where he died; the party traveled across the Isthmus of Panama, following the Nicaragua route; he left a wife but no children.
  4. William B., died in Glen, his native town; he married Elizabeth Putman, of the early Montgomery family of that name; children:
    1. John, of the state of California;
    2. Mary, born June 1, 1848, died April 1, 1909; married J. S. Glen Edwards, of Glen Village, and left Florence, married Guy Moore, of Glen;
    3. Deborah, married Charles J. Nietsch.
  5. Newton, late in life removed to Benton Harbor, Michigan, and engaged in mercantile business; was a director in the First National Bank of Benton Harbor, which he helped to organize and establish, and where he died; he married, in Glen, Jane Edwards, born July 9, 1833; they had three daughters: Fannie, Grace, Jennie.
  6. Ruth, married David Enders, of Glen, whom she survives, a resident of Benton Harbor, Michigan; children:
    1. William, of Boise City, Idaho;
    2. Arthur, D.D.S., of Benton Harbor;
    3. Sheldon, of California.

(VII) General Tunis Vanderveer, eldest son of John G. and Ann (Voorhees) Vander Veer, was born December 8, 1822, in Glen, Montgomery county, New York, where he lived his entire life, dying September 30, 1898. He occupied the Enders homestead farm near Glen Village and was a successful farmer, a man of high principle, strict integrity, public spirit, unstinted liberality, and universally loved and respected. He was a member and a leader of the Reformed church and contributed greatly to its temporal and spiritual prosperity. He married, in Glen, Nellie Enders, born October 9, 1821, died on the Enders homestead, February 1, 1899, daughter of Peter and Eleanor (Newkirk) Enders. Peter Enders was born in Glen, October 7, 1786, died May 29, 1869; married Eleanor Newkirk, born March 19, 1788, died September 23, 1854. Their children:

  1. Catherine, born July 17, 1807, died January 11, 1891; married William Enders, her cousin.
  2. Garrett, born June 11, 1809, died in Amsterdam, New York, having passed his ninetieth year; married ———— Phillips.
  3. Jacob, died on his way to California in 1849; unmarried.
  4. Samuel, born May 12, 1813, lived and died in Glen; married Hester Perrine, who died very old in Oneonta, New York.
  5. Rachel, married (first) Preacher Van Buren; married (second) Peter Van Antwerp; left a son John H. Van Antwerp, postmaster of Fultonville, New York, who married Lina Hubbs, of Florida; has a daughter Ethel Van Antwerp, who married Heath White, and resides in Philadelphia.
  6. Christina, born July 24, 1819, died in Glen; married ———— Eckerson, a millwright, who died in Brazil, South America.
  7. Nellie, married General Tunis Vanderveer.
  8. Elizabeth, died young.
  9. John E., died young.
  10. Cornelius, died young.

Children of Tunis and Nellie (Enders) Vanderveer:

  1. Henriette, born December 22, 1846, died March 29, 1848.
  2. Ira, see forward.
  3. Virginia, born September 4, 1855, resides in Glen, unmarried.
  4. John E., born October 22, 1859; married Elizabeth Van Horne, of Amsterdam, no issue; he is a merchant of Amsterdam and interested with his brother Ira in "Willowdale" stock farm.

(VIII) General Ira Vanderveer, eldest son of Tunis and Nellie (Enders) Vanderveer, was born on the Enders homestead in Glen, November 7, 1850. His birthplace is part of the original Enders homestead, which he now owns and operates as a stock farm known far and wide as "Willowdale." He carries. on the business of a general farmer in connection with stock raising. His specialty is Percheron horses and Guernsey cattle, and he owns some of the finest specimens of these breeds in the state. He is a constant and winning exhibitor at the state and county fairs, and has a wide reputation as an authority on the breeding and care of fine stock. His farm, lying in the beautiful Mohawk Valley, is one of the best in that fertile region, and as shown has been in the family three male generations, nearly or quite a full century. He is interested in the prosperity of the Reformed church. His political preference is for the men and measures of the Republican party. He married, in Johnstown, New York, June 25, 1890, Cora E. Lewis, born in the state of Iowa, where she was reared and educated. She is a daughter of John Lewis, born in Canajoharie, Montgomery county, New York, in October, 1858, and is now a resident of Johnstown, New York. He married Sarah Stokes, born in England, June 7, 1859, daughter of John and Sarah Stokes, of England, who came to the United States in 1860. John Stokes died in Canajoharie. Sarah Stokes died in Gloversville, New York, after passing her eightieth year. Children of John and Sarah (Stokes) Lewis:

  1. Cora E., married Ira Vanderveer.
  2. Ray Lewis, married Mamie Ecker, and has a son Clarence W.
  3. Gertrude, married Jacob Burton, of Johnstown, foreman for the Decker Manufacturing Company, and has Emily, Jacob, Catherine and Clayton Burton.

Mrs. Ira Vanderveer is a member of the Reformed church, with her husband, and equally interested in its welfare. They have no children.

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