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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:
Van Derpool

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 714-716 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This is one of the old Holland families of Albany and the Mohawk Valley. There is no record of when they first made a settlement in Beverwyck, the earliest record being in 1674. The family were of Dutch ancestry and the surname is taken from the surroundings of their home. The first of the name living by a small body of water Van Der, the prefixes, meaning "from" or "by the" water, or pool. The name is spelled Vanderpool, Van Derpool and Van Der Pool.

The first of the name of record, the American ancestor of the Van Derpools of Schenectady, is Wynant Gerritse (Wynant, son of Gerrit) Van Derpool. In 1674 he bought of Geertruy (Gertrude) Pieterse, widow of Abraham Vosburg, one-half a saw mill on the east bank of the Hudson river, opposite Captain Philip Schuyler's bourery on the creek that is still called "Wynant's Kill." Wynant G. Van Derpool, "late of Albany, now of New York," made his will February 29, 1695, in which he spoke of his wife, Tryntje Melgers, licensed "Vroederouw" of Albany, eldest son, Melgert, and son-in-law, Willem Van Den Bergh, who was named his executor. He was deceased in 1699.

(II) Melgert Wygantse [Wynantse?], son of Wynant Gerritse and Tryntje (Melgers) Van Derpool, was a gunsmith and lived in Albany. His house and his father's fronted the fort in 1675, probably on the south side of State street. He was not living September 19, 1700. He married (first) Adriantje Verplanck; (second) Elizabeth, daughter of William Teller (1) and widow of Abraham Van Tricht, June 29, 1692. Children: Melgert, Maria, Trinke, Abraham, see forward, Wynant, Gelyn, Jacobus (James), Henderick Wilhelm, Adriantje, baptized November 17, 1695.

(III) Abraham, son of Melgert Wygantse [Wynantse?] Van Derpool, was born in 1682. He married, January 3, 1713, Antje Van Den Bergh. Children: Melchert, see forward, Ariantje, Teuntje, Gerrit, Teuntje, Maria, Ariantje (2).

(IV) Melgert, son of Abraham and Antje (Van Den Bergh) Van Derpool, was baptized February 7, 1714. He married Margarita Vin Hagen. Children baptized:

  1. Abraham, July 10, 1748;
  2. Maria, June 21, 1752;
  3. Jacobus (James), May 27, 1759;
  4. Gerrit, born March 26, 1762;
  5. Maria, born May 1, 1766.

(V) James, son of Melgert and Margarita (Vin Hagen) Van Derpool, was born April 26, 1759, baptized May 27, died August 5, 1838, at Princetown, New York. He married, February 5, 1783, Mary Muller (Miller), born February 5, 1764, died February 15, 1851. James Van Derpool was a farmer, a member of the Reformed church, and lived at Castleton, New York, as did his parents. Children:

  1. Margaret, born February 25, 1784; married ———— Cormack and left issue.
  2. Catherine, April 9, 1786, died April 7, 1863; married (first) ———— Wood; (second) ———— Acker.
  3. Jeremie (Jeremiah), February 26, 1788, died January 12, 1872; married Hannah Shufelt.
  4. Sophia, March 26, 1797, died August 22, 1862; married ———— Wemple, grandfather of Hon. W. W. Wemple, of Schenectady.
  5. Lyncha, May 30, 1800; married ———— Van Patten.
  6. Abraham M., see forward.

(VI) Abraham M., son of James and Mary (Miller) Van Derpool, was born on the farm on Norman's Kill, Princetown, Schenectady county, New York, and died there August 23, 1885. He was reared on the farm, and educated in the public schools. He learned the carpenter's trade, became a contractor and builder and erected many private houses and business blocks. He accumulated a handsome competence, which he lost through endorsing notes for friends. He was a man of high character and generous impulse. He was a Republican, and in earlier life a member of the Reformed church, but later became a Methodist. He married (first) in Princetown, Folica Wemple, born November 26, 1806, died July 28, 1827, leaving four children. He married (second) in Florida, Montgomery county, New York, Sarah Jane Ruff, born November 6, 1829, in Florida, died June 7, 1895, daughter of Benjamin F. and Polly (Merry) Ruff, both of whom died at advanced ages in Schenectady county. Benjamin Ruff, shortly after his marriage to Polly Merry, lost both arms while assisting at a Fourth of July celebration, a cannon going off unexpectedly. Notwithstanding his serious handicap, he succeeded in accumulating a sufficient competence to enable him to retire in easy circumstances. He had a powerful constitution and possessed great strength. Children of Abraham M. Van Derpool by his first wife, Folica Wemple:

  1. Peter, died September 8, 1877; married Kitty Westfall, who survives him.
  2. John Nott, deceased; married Jeannette McCullum, now of Chicago, Illinois.
  3. Maria Ann, deceased; married James Liddle, also deceased, leaving children, Abraham and Mary G.
  4. Margaret, deceased; married George Tygart, now of Princetown; children:
    1. Williard D.,
    2. Abraham F.,
    3. George G.,
    4. Elizabeth H.,
    5. S. Jane,
    6. Cathalie, died young;
    7. James, died young.

Children by second wife, Sarah Jane Ruff:

  1. Jeremiah Franklin, see forward.
  2. Joamiah, born March 4, 1858; resides in Schenectady, unmarried.
  3. Roselia, born February 28, 1860, died April 19, 1882; she was educated for the teacher's profession, and already attained a high reputation; she was unmarried.

(VII) Jeremiah Franklin, only son of Abraham M. and Sarah Jane (Ruff) Van Derpool, was born in Duanesburg, Schenectady county, New York (where his parents died), October 28, 1853. He was reared on his father's farm in Duanesburg, and educated in the public school. He worked on the farm, and with his father at carpentering during his earlier life. In 1889 he built and operated a hotel at Rotterdam junction, continuing there until 1899, when he disposed of his property and removed to the village of Scotia, where he established an ice business, which he still continues. He is a man of substance, strong character and of untiring energy. He is a thorough man of business and careful in management. He is a Republican in politics, and a Baptist in religion. He is a charter member of Woestine Lodge, and now a member of Scotia Lodge, No. 845, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He married, in Brooklyn, New York, in 1888, Lucy, daughter of Adam B. and ———— (Smith) Groat, who had other children.

  1. Alida, married James Ostrander, of Buffalo, New York, and has a daughter Lucy.
  2. Martin, of the United States navy; died in the Naval Hospital, Brooklyn navy yard.

Adam B. Groat resides with his daughter, Lucy (Groat) Van Derpool. Children of Jeremiah F. and Lucy (Groat) Van Derpool:

  1. Bessie, born October 22, 1890.
  2. Frank, November 20, 1898.
  3. James, July 21, 1903.

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