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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1334-1335 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The patronymic De Trieux or Du Trieu is probably derived from the village of Trieu in Belgium. It is from De Trieux that the names Truex and Truax have been evolved. Individuals bearing the original form of the name, Du Trieux, abound in the Walloon church registers of Holland as early as 1584, wandering from city to city and from country to country, evidently in search of business or employment. Anciently the Walloons were the race who inhabited parts of France, the Alps, and the Danubian Valley. They eagerly embraced the Reformation, which was eventually crushed out by Charles V. and Philip II. and hundreds of thousands of the Walloons sought refuge in neighboring countries, one hundred thousand exiled families settling in Holland. The Netherland historian, Asher, declares that the whole greatness of Holland sprang from her hospitality to these exiled Walloon families.

(I) Philippe Du Trieux, a Walloon from Holland, born in 1585, was in New Amsterdam during Governor Minuit's administration, 1624-29, was appointed court messenger in 1638; in 1640 received a patent for land in "Smits Valley." He married Susanna Du Chene, who was living as late as 1654. His children married, and most of them settled in the upper Hudson and Mohawk valleys.

  1. Rebecca, married Simon Simonse Groot;
  2. Sara, married Isaac De Forest in New Amsterdam, June, 1641, and they are the progenitors of what is known as the Albany branch of the De Forests;
  3. Susanna, married Evert Janse Wendel;
  4. Rachel, married (second) Dirk Janse De Groot;
  5. Abraham; Isaac;
  6. Jacob, progenitor of the New Scotland Truaxs.

(II) Isaac, son of Philippe Du Trieux and his wife, Susanna (Du Chene) Du Trieux, was baptized in New Amsterdam, April 21, 1642. He settled upon the "second flat" on the south side of the Mohawk in the present town of Rotterdam as early as 1670, as appears by a petition to and grant from Governor Andros. He married Maria, daughter of Willem Brouwer, of Albany; Children: Abraham, Eva, Sarah, Isaac, Lysbeth, Jacob and Johannes.

(III) Jacob, son of Isaac and Maria (Brouwer) Truax, was born October 9, 1694. He lived on the old Albany road about seven miles south of Schenectady. He married Lysbet, daughter of Gillis De La Grange, of Albany, July 11, 1724. She died May 10, 1788. Children: Isaac, Gillis, Maria, Christian De La Grange, William, Johannes, Jacob and Abraham, twins, Andries.

(IV) William, son of Jacob and Lysbet (De La Grange) Truax, was born September 15, 1732; married, Ann Eliza Zebel, and had issue.

(V) William (2), son of William (1) and Ann Eliza (Zebel) Truax, married ————, and had ten children.

  1. Henry, a farmer of the town of Knox;
  2. Margaret, married Philip Schermerhorn, and left numerous descendants;
  3. Jacob, a farmer of Knox, married, and left issue:
    1. Barbara A., married Daniel Quay;
    2. Martha, married George Quay, and left a large family;
  4. William (3) (see forward);
  5. Jane, married Jacob Pier, whom she survives, a resident of Knox;
  6. Stephen, married, and left issue;
  7. Sarah, married (first) George Pier, (second) Albert Lewis, she survives both husbands and resides in the town of Knox;
  8. Emeline, married Barney Keenhots [Keenholts?].

(VI) William (3), son of William (2) Truax, was born March 28, 1828, on the home farm in the town of Knox, Albany county, New York. He purchased the homestead farm and has resided there all his life. He cultivated it and now lives retired from active labor and in the enjoyment of the fruits of his past years of accomplishment. He is a member of the Methodist church, and a Republican in politics. He married, in the town of Knox, Margaret West, born in the town of Berne, 1833, died in Knox, July 28, 1909, daughter of Benjamin and Eunice (June) West, of Berne. Children:

  1. Delphine, married Charles Armstrong; children:
    1. Edgar,
    2. Minnie;
    3. Irene, married William Chesebro, has a daughter, Mabel;
  2. Ella, married Edgar Zimmer; children: Arthur, Margaret and Marvin;
  3. Walter, a farmer of Knox, married Lottie Woolford; children: George and Meade;
  4. William J. (see forward).

(VII) William J., son of William (3) and Margaret (West) Truax, was born in the town of Knox, Albany county, New York, October 20, 1865. He was educated in the public schools of the town, and early in life purchased a farm there, starting with little money and inferior equipment. By dint of industry and thrift he so improved the place that later, when he wished to remove his residence, he found a ready purchaser. He located in the town of New Scotland, where he purchased a farm of one hundred and sixty acres, on which he now resides, and continues his prosperous career. He is a member of the Presbyterian church, as is his wife. Politically he is a Republican. He married, in Knox, Elva Haverly, born in that town, November 7, 1868, daughter of Josiah and Esther (Saddlemire) Haverly. Josiah Haverly was born February 28, 1818, died in Berne, December 16, 1896; member of Lutheran church of Berne. Josiah and his wife died on their farm in Berne. Children:

  1. Ethel Martha, born December 5, 1890; teacher in the public schools.
  2. Olive Margaret, born October 7, 1892; teacher in the public schools.
  3. Agnes Esther, born June 25, 1895.

The daughters are all graduates of Albany high school, the latter of 1912, the two former both of June 24, 1910.

(The Haverly Line)

Elva (Haverly) Truax traces her descent from John Haverly, who came from Germany about 1748, with wife and five children, and settled on a farm in the town of Knox, Albany county, New York. The children were:

  1. John;
  2. Charles;
  3. Anna Maria, married A. Sternburgh;
  4. Jacob;
  5. George, a soldier, killed in the French and Indian war.

(II) Charles, son of John Haverly, remained on the farm with his father. He married, and was the father of five children:

  1. Christian;
  2. John;
  3. Mary, married Jacob Saddlemire;
  4. Nancy;
  5. Catherine.

(III) John, son of Charles Haverly, married, and was the father of ten children: William, Maria, Katie, Lena, Hannah, Charles, Josiah, Malinda, Julia Ann, George.

(IV) Josiah, son of John Haverly, married Esther, daughter of Jacob and Mary Saddlemire, and their children were:

  1. Livernus,
  2. Menzo,
  3. Elva, aforementioned as the wife of William J. Truax, and
  4. Etta.

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