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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1522-1524 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Many of this name were descended from Taillefer, the Norman baron who took part in the battle of Hastings under William the Conqueror, and this name gradually changed to Taylefer, Taylour, Tayleur, Tailer, Tailor and Taylor. The surname Taylor is a very common English family name, and is found also very generally in Ireland. A branch of the family settled in the north of Ireland at the time of the grants to the Scotch and English Protestants, from whom the race of Scotch-Irish, so called, are descended. The Taylor family of the town of New Scotland, Albany county, New York, descend from this Scotch-Irish race.

(I) Robert Taylor was born in Dublin, Ireland, about the year 1757, died in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, in 1834-35. He emigrated to America in 1783, and after a slow and stormy passage joined his uncle, Samuel Taylor, who had previously settled on a farm in New Scotland. He lived with his uncle, helped to clear and improve the farm, which on the death of Samuel came to him as a legacy. The property then was in great part unbroken and heavily timbered. Robert did not inherit the entire tract, but by subsequent purchases increased his holdings, until his acres numbered two hundred and seventy-five. At the time of his death he had a well-improved property on which he had erected a house and other substantial improvements. This farm is still in the family name, and then comprised what is now known as the "Three Taylor Farms." He was a man of great energy and upright character. He married Mary Hotaling (also spelled Houghtaling and Hootaling). She was a descendant of the Tribes Hill branch of the family, and a descendant of the Dutch emigrant ancestor. Robert and his wife lived to ripe years, and are buried side by side in the old Center Presbyterian Church burying ground, they both having been members of that congregation. Children:

  1. Matthias, born February 18, 1785, died February 24, 1846; he was a farmer of the town of New Scotland, where he was born; he married Phoebe Irwin, born in Ireland, February 10, 1790, died January 26, 1862; he left children, two of whom yet survive (1910).
  2. John, see forward.
  3. Robert (2), settled in Rensselaer county, where he became a successful farmer; late in life he retired to Albany where he died at the home of his daughter, having reached the extreme age of ninety years; he was twice married and had issue by both wives.
  4. Samuel, settled in Schenectady, where he was in trade; later removed to Centralia, Illinois, where he died leaving issue.
  5. Rachel, married Robert Coughtry.
  6. Harriet, married Joseph Moak.
  7. Rebecca, married William Pangborn.
  8. ————, married William Moak, and left issue.

(II) John, second son of Robert and Mary (Hotaling) Taylor, was born on the original Taylor homestead in New Scotland about 1790, died 1850. He succeeded to one of his father's farms, which he cultivated during the years of his active life. He became a member of the Dutch Reformed church, and was a Whig in politics. He married, in New Scotland, Christianna, born in Guilderland, Albany county, New York, 1796, died in 1882, daughter of Rev. Harmanus Van Huysen, an early minister of the Dutch Reformed church filling every Sunday three or four different pulpits widely separated. He traveled after the fashion of the early itinerant minister, on horseback with saddle bags, and was accompanied by his daughter who rode behind him. He was well known about the country, where his services were in constant demand at weddings, funerals and baptisms. In addition to his ministerial labors, he cultivated a farm, now occupied by Robert Boyd Taylor. He was a soldier in revolutionary war. He married Rachel Van Der Bogert. The Van Huysens and the Van Der Bogerts were among the early Dutch settlers of Albany county. Children of John and Christianna (Van Huysen) Taylor:

  1. James, a farmer of New Scotland, who after his active years were ended retired to Amsterdam, New York, where he died at the age of seventy-five years; he married Hannah Houck, and had a son John L., who died in youthful manhood.
  2. Mary J., married Israel Goodfellow, a farmer of Guilderland; children: James, Louise, Christianna.
  3. Rachel, died unmarried.
  4. Harriet, married Nicholas Houck, who survives her, a resident of Clarksville, aged ninety-three years; they have many descendants.
  5. John V. H., married Lucy Mitchell, died aged thirty years; left a son William James, now a resident of Chicago, Illinois, married Florence Rockwell, no issue.
  6. Sarah L., married Guilian Van O'Linda, both deceased, leaving daughters,
    1. Christianna, died after her marriage to Winfield L. Young, no issue;
    2. Catherine, married William Mathias, and has Floyd and Whitney.
  7. Robert Boyd, see forward.
  8. Eve Ann, who on August 10, 1910, celebrated her seventy-ninth birthday; she is unmarried.
  9. Eliza, died unmarried, aged twenty-three years.
  10. Catherine, deceased, married William Hendrickson; had daughter, died in infancy.

(III) Robert Boyd, son of John and Christianna (Van Huysen) Taylor, was born at the Taylor homestead, New Scotland, Albany county, New York, March 10, 1829. He was educated in the public schools, and remained at home until his marriage when he settled on the farm near the homestead, which he yet owns. He has been a farmer all his life. He is a Republican in politics, and has been a deacon and elder of the Reformed church for many years. He married, December 7, 1852, in New Scotland, Elizabeth, born August 17, 1831, died November 28, 1909, daughter of Peter and Mary (Ostrander) Furbeck, both of New Scotland. Peter Furbeck was a farmer all his life, and died on the farm upon which he was born. He was a son of John Furbeck, who enlisted from Holland in the English army for service in America during the revolution. He was captured by the Colonials, and after his release enlisted in the revolutionary army and fought for the cause of freedom. He was accompanied in this experience by his boyhood friend, ———— McKimbe. After the war was over, he purchased land in New Scotland, which became the family homestead for several generations. He married ———— Coons. They lived to a great age, were members of the Presbyterian church of New Scotland, and are buried in the cemetery of that congregation. Children of Robert Boyd and Elizabeth (Furbeck) Taylor:

  1. Alfred J., see forward.
  2. Mary Ann, died unmarried, aged eighteen years.
  3. John Boyd, now connected with the General Electric Works, Schenectady, New York; married Catherine Wands; children: Vreeland Rensselaer, Charlotte, Stanley.
  4. Peter Rensselaer, a farmer of the home acres; married Nellie Wands; children:
    1. Clara, born 1895;
    2. Dudley Alcott, born 1900.
  5. Ella, died in infancy.

This family are all members of the Reformed church, and the men are voters of the Republican party. The mother was a woman of noble character, an active church worker and died deeply lamented.

(IV) Alfred J., oldest son of Robert Boyd and Elizabeth (Furbeck) Taylor, was born at the home farm in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, June 19, 1854. He was educated in the town schools, and was reared a farmer, an occupation he successfully followed. He now resides on a fine farm on the state road, near New Salem. He has been a deacon and an elder of the Reformed church for many years. Politically he is a Republican. He married, December 30, 1874, in New Scotland, Anna Prudence, born on the McMillan homestead farm, which is now her home, daughter of William J. and Elizabeth W. (Rushmore) McMillan, and great-granddaughter of Alexander McMillan, born in New Scotland, of Scotch parentage. Her ancestors were early settlers in the town. He married ———— Smith. He died aged eighty-six years, and she died in middle life. Alexander McMillan had children:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Andrew, married Eliza Young; children: Alden, David, John, Alexander.
  3. James A., veteran in rebellion; a farmer of Schoharie county, deceased; had three wives, and by the first had issue.
  4. Aaron, a farmer near Clarksville, now deceased; children: Jacob, William, Nelson and Helen.
  5. Catherine, deceased, married Matthew Young.
  6. William, deceased; married Margaret Sager.
  7. Mary, deceased; married Robert Moak, who lives in New Scotland.
  8. Alexander, deceased; married Margaret Van Schaick, and left issue. His widow married (second) Robert Moak, former husband of Mary.

John, eldest son of Alexander McMillan, was born in New Scotland about 1818, died aged seventy. He married Prudence McCulloch, born in 1813, died July 9, 1909, in her ninety-seventh year. They had children:

  1. William J., see forward.
  2. Charles, born 1836; married Catherine Houck; one son Frank, who married Lizzie Relyea.
  3. Hannah Catherine, 1837; married Thomas Tygart, of Voorheesville; deputy sheriff of Albany county, New York, since 1900; one son, William.
  4. Alexander, of Voorheesville; married Hannah Tygart; children: Laura, deceased; Estelle, Ruth, Grace and Maud, the latter deceased.

William J., eldest son of John and Prudence (McCulloch) McMillan, settled on the farm now owned by his daughter, Mrs. Alfred J. Taylor, which he successfully cultivated all his life. He was a Republican in politics. He was reared in the faith of the Reformed church, but later became with his wife a member of the Society of Friends, in which faith they died. He married Elizabeth W. Rushmore, born on the old Rushmore farm on which she lived after her marriage. She was born October, 1837, died February 25, 1907. She was a daughter of Titus and Annie (Wood) Rushmore, of Scotch ancestry, members of the Society of Friends, both of whom died on the Rushmore farm, on which they settled over a century ago, and cleared of the timber with which it was thickly covered. They had four children:

  1. Elizabeth W., married William J. McMillan.
  2. Olivette A., married John H. Hotaling; now living at Rutherford, New Jersey.
  3. Mariett, died young.
  4. Henry, died, aged seventeen, while in college.

William J., and Elizabeth W. (Rushmore) McMillan had one child, Anna Prudence, who married Alfred J. Taylor. The home of the Taylors is the old Rushmore farm, later the McMillan farm, which came to Mrs. Alfred J. Taylor by inheritance. Alfred J. and Anna Prudence (McMillan) Taylor have four children:

  1. Ada, born May 12, 1877; graduate of the Albany high school; married Frank J. Hallenbeck. They reside upon and cultivate the home farm, Mr. Taylor having retired from active labor.
  2. Florence, March 2, 1881; educated in the public schools; married George H. Martin, a farmer of New Scotland.
  3. Grace, April 22, 1887; graduate of the Schenectady high school; married Frank W. Martin, a farmer of New Scotland; children:
    1. Frances E., born August 21, 1907;
    2. Chester Shaw, January 27, 1910.
  4. Ethel, October 22, 1892; educated in the Albany schools, specializing in music as did her sisters, resides at home unmarried.

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