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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1120-1121 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Teunise Cornelise Swart, from whom the Swart family of Schenectady herein recorded descend, died in Schenectady about 1668. He was an early settler of Schenectady, where he had an allotment of farm land on the "great flat" and a town lot in the village. He married Elizabeth Van der Linde, and had seven children. She survived him, and had two later husbands.

(II) Esaias, son of Teunise Cornelise and Elizabeth (Van der Linde) Swart, was born in 1653. He owned land along the river and land in the village of Schenectady. He married Eva, daughter of Teunise Van Woert, of Albany. Children: Teunis, Sara, married Jan Barentse; Wemp, Wouters, Elizabeth, Maria, Esaias, Jacobus and Jesaias.

(III) Teunis, son of Esaias and Eva (Van Woert) Swart, married Christina, daughter of Adam Vrooman, October 30, 1710. Children:

  1. Jesaias, settled in Schoharie;
  2. Engeltje, married Barent Vrooman;
  3. Adam, see forward;
  4. Jacobus.

(IV) Adam, son of Teunis and Christina (Vrooman) Swart, was born July 12, 1718. He lived with his parents in Schoharie, but later removed to Glenville, Schenectady county, near the "Fourth Flat" on the north side of the Mohawk. His eldest son Teunis settled south of his brother Nicholas on the bank of the river. His house was called the "Old Fort." Adam Swart married, 1742, Catharine, daughter of Nicholas Van Pelten. Children:

  1. Teunis, married Margarita, daughter of Myndert Myndertse;
  2. Nicolaas, see forward;
  3. Geertruy, married Albert A. Vedder;
  4. Jacob, died in youthful life;
  5. Adam (2).

(V) Nicolaas, son of Adam and Catharine (Van Pelten) Swart, was born about 1750. He lived in Glenville about five miles above Schenectady, near the "Fourth Flat." His house built in 1792 was standing a century later. (Perhaps is yet.) He died March 1, 1825, and was buried near his own house. He married Anganietje, daughter of Simon Vedder. She died September 19, 1817, in her sixty-sixth year. Children baptized:

  1. Adam, April 16, 1774;
  2. Simon, October 6, 1776;
  3. Calarina [Catarina?], August 8, 1779;
  4. Maria, April 17, 1782.

Children born:

  1. Simon, February 18, 1787, died in Glenville, August 7, 1851.
  2. Adam (3), October 8, 1788, died September 30, 1872;
  3. Harmanus, see forward;
  4. Jacob, October 25, 1794.

(VI) Harmanus, son of Nicolaas and Anganietje (Vedder) Swart, was born March 23, 1792, died at Glenville, Schenectady county, New York, after having passed his eightieth year. He was a prosperous farmer, and a strict member of the Reformed church. He married Helen Barheit, a descendant of the early Dutch family of Barheit, or Barheyt, founded in the Mohawk Valley by two brothers, Andries Hanse and Jeronimus Hanse, "yeoman of ye great Flatt near Coxhacky." Helen (Barheit) Swart died in Glenville at the great age of eighty-nine years. She was, like her husband, devoted to the Reformed church. Children:

  1. John, see forward.
  2. Nicholas H., married Jane Mesick, and had a daughter Sarah, who married William G. Schermerhorn, of Schenectady.
  3. Adam H., died unmarried.
  4. Jane, married Daniel Van Guisling.
  5. Helen, died in young womanhood.
  6. Cataline, married Jacob Gervin, and had issue.
  7. Catharine, married Bassett Vedder.
  8. Mary, now (1910) of Ballston, New York, unmarried.

(VII) John, son of Harmanus and Helen (Barheit) Swart, was born July 2, 1816, died May 16, 1872. He grew up on the farm, and later was the owner of his own estate with which he combined the business of a butcher. He always resided in Glenville, the scene of his active life and labors, and was well and favorably known throughout the county. He supported the Democratic party, and belonged to the Reformed church. He married Welthen Walton, born September 9, 1817, died October 10, 1905. She was also a member of the Reformed church. Children:

  1. Harmanus J., born July 1, 1839, died March 17, 1884; married Gertrude Schermerhorn, and had a daughter Alberta, wife of George Schaaischmidt.
  2. Susan, born February 1, 1841, died 1908; married Isaac Avery who is yet living (1910); has one son Edward, unmarried, of Glenville, New York.
  3. Nicholas John, see forward.
  4. Jane, born August 10, 1846, died November 12, 1899; married Nicholas Mabee, of Scotia, Schenectady county, who survives her, a retired farmer; children:
    1. Louisa, married David Reynolds;
    2. John, deceased;
    3. Ida, married Edward Jennings, and has issue;
    4. Vedder, unmarried.
  5. Agnes (Ann), born September 14, 1848; married Aaron Van Patten, and has Irving and Gertrude, both married.
  6. Adam J., born January 3, 1853, now of Glenville, New York, a farmer and butcher; married Annie Pulver and has one child, Marguerite, married Benjamin King, and has issue.
  7. William J., born August 12, 1855, unmarried, of Glenville, New York.
  8. Ida Ella, born 1858, died in childhood.
  9. Smith J., born May 12, 1863, died unmarried September 7, 1902.
  10. James, born April 3, 1867, died March 16, 1892.

(VIII) Nicholas John, son of John and Welthen (Walton) Swart, was born in Glenville, Schenectady county, New York, August 6, 1844, died in Schenectady, May 2, 1900. He grew up on the farm, and was taught his father's business. Later in life he adopted the same lines, locating in Schenectady where he established a grocery store and meat market. He prospered in his business and acquired a large estate. He built the "Swart block" in Schenectady, located on Front, Green and Ferry streets, which is still owned by his family. He continued in active business until his death. He was prominent in the Democratic party, and was a leader in his ward. For twelve years he served the city as supervisor, and at his death was chairman of the county board. He was a man of force and energy, well-known and respected. He was prominent in the Masonic order, belonging to St. George's Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. He also belonged to the Mystic Shrine, holding membership in Troy. He was a member of St. Paul Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and the Improved Order of Red Men. When he was seventeen years of age he joined the Baptist church of Scotia, and continued his membership all his life. He married, in Amsterdam, New York, February 9, 1870, Carrie Shankle, of Glenville, born there April 21, 1851, daughter of Henry and Mary (Reese) Shankle. Henry Shankle was born in Switzerland, August 1, 1820, of a long line of Swiss ancestors. He came to the United States in boyhood, settled in Schenectady county where he became a farmer of Glenville township. After many years spent there, he removed to Parker, South Dakota, where he died June 9, 1893. He was a member of the Reformed church, and a Republican. His wife, Mary (Reese) Shankle, was born in Germany, in 1827, died January 9, 1862. She was a member of the Reformed church. Henry and Mary (Reese) Shankle had four children:

  1. Carrie, born April 21, 1851, married Nicholas John Swart. She survives her husband, and resides in Schenectady, where she has her comfortable home and enjoys the company of her children. Mrs. Swart is active in the church, charitable and generous to all worthy objects. The family are all Baptists.
  2. John H., born June 3, 1853; married Kittie Stevens, and has a daughter Corrinne.
  3. Elizabeth (Libbie), born July 29, 1855; married George Van Epps, now of Palo Alto, California; children: Howard, Carrie, Harry, David.
  4. William, born October 13, 1858, died at St. Paul, Minnesota, unmarried, March 15, 1888.

Children of Nicholas John and Carrie (Shankle) Swart:

  1. Henry H., born in Glenville, New York, October 5, 1873, educated at Schenectady high school and Albany Business College; a graduate of both institutions. He is connected with the clerical department of the General Electric Company at Schenectady. He married Ruby Cole; child,
    1. Mildred, born September 25, 1899.
  2. John J., born March 29, 1877; educated in the common and high school. He is a clerk with the General Electric Company.
  3. Jennie E., born May 15, 1880; married George W. Robinson, of Denver, Colorado.
  4. Lillian Ronie, born July 5, 1888; educated in the common and high schools, resides at home.

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