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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 724-726 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

In speaking of the first settlers of Boxford, Massachusetts, Perley (the town historian) says "Robert Stiles, another early settler, was an emigrant from Yorkshire, England. In 1659 we find him owning a farm containing two hundred and fifty acres, with buildings thereon, in Rowley Village. His residence was near the East Parish village." In Marriages, Births and Deaths in Essex County it is stated, "Robert Stiles was married (by Bradstreet) to Elizabeth, (daughter of John) Frye of Andover." In 1680 the number of families in Rowley Village had increased to twenty. The head of one of these families was "Goodman" Stiles. In the same year the town of Rowley (not Rowley Village) appointed "tithingmen to see that the Sabbath was well kept," and among the eleven families under the supervision of Joseph Higsbee was that of "Goodman" Stiles. In 1684 the Rev. Joseph Capen was settled at Topsfield, where a church had existed since 1663, and in his list of members in full communion is found the name of Robert Stiles, also that of his son John and wife Deliverance. During the year 1685 the town of Boxford was formed, and the Stiles family afterwards appear on the records of that town and church. In 1686 Robert Stiles was chosen constable of Boxford (probably the first one chosen), which in 1685 had been incorporated a town. Perley's "History of Boxford" [Sidney Perley's History of Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts, from the earliest settlement known to the present time: a period of about two hundred and thirty years] says: "Robert Stiles Sr. died July 30, 1690, and administration was granted his widow Elizabeth, a month later."

Robert Stiles married (first) October 4, 1660, Elizabeth Frye, of Andover, Massachusetts, daughter of John and Ann Frye, who were born in England in 1637. According to the Boxford records he married a second wife, also named Elizabeth, who survived and administered his estate. Children by first wife, all born in the village of Rowley (afterward Boxford):

  1. John, married Deliverance Towne.
  2. Elizabeth, married John Buswell, of Boxford.
  3. Sarah, unmarried.
  4. Abigail; "dismissed from the church in Rowley Jan. 15, 1710-11, Abigail Styles, now wife of Zaccheus Curtis."
  5. Ebenezer, married Dorothy Dalton.
  6. Sarah, admitted to church in Boxford, June 27, 1703.
  7. Robert (2), see forward.
  8. Eunice, married Robert Willis.
  9. Timothy, married Hannah Foster.
  10. Samuel, married Elizabeth Cary.

(II) Robert (2), son of Robert (1), the emigrant, and his first wife, Elizabeth (Frye) Stiles, was born in Rowley village, Massachusetts (Boxford), November 15, 1675, died in Hebron, Connecticut, February 25, 1720. The land records of Lebanon, Connecticut, show that "Robert Stiles of Boxford, Essex county, Massachusetts Bay," purchased two hundred acres of land for the sum of 100 pounds, in the year 1718. The town records of Hebron, Connecticut, show "Robert Stiles died ye 25th day Feb., 1720." He married, November 10, 1699, Ruth Bridges, who was admitted to full communion in the church at Boxford, March 4, 1704-05. She is believed to have been the daughter of Josiah and granddaughter of Edmund Bridges, the emigrant. Children, all recorded at Boxford:

  1. Jemima;
  2. Nathan, see forward;
  3. Lieutenant Amos, married Martha Skinner;
  4. Hepsibah, married Charles Phelps, of Hebron, Connecticut;
  5. Job, married Anna Bliss.

(III) Nathan, eldest son and second child of Robert (2) and Ruth (Bridges) Stiles, was born at Boxford, Massachusetts, May 7, 1703, died March 19, 1760. His marriage and death are recorded at Hebron, Connecticut, where he spent most of his life. The probate records at Colchester, Connecticut, show that his estate was settled there. He married, March 3, 1726, Ruth Carlings. Children (from Hebron records):

  1. Nathan (2), married Kezeath Kilbron; is believed to have been the Nathan Stiles who was one of the grantees of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, and served in the British army at the capture of Louisburg in 1758, and at Quebec in 1759; he made a most honorable record.
  2. Robert (3), see forward.
  3. Stephen, married Rebecca Brown.
  4. Mary.
  5. Abigail.

(IV) Robert (3), second child of Nathan and Ruth (Carlings) Stiles, was born at Hebron, Connecticut, January 25, 1730-31. He married Patience ————. Children:

  1. Robert (4), born March 15, 1757; in his application for a revolutionary pension he states that he: "Enlisted in March or April, 1777, for three years with Captain Fitch in Colonel Durkee's Connecticut regiment, serving as Corporal and Sargeant." He mentions his services and says he has been "a cripple for many years"; he was placed on the pension roll July 29, 1819.
  2. Patience, born August 6, 1758.
  3. Beriah, born September 19, 1760; in April, 1818, he was living in Schoharie, New York, as was his brother Robert. He states in his application for a revolutionary pension that he "Enlisted at Chatham, Conn. in Oct., 1775, with Capt. Blake in Col. Sage's regiment for six months going to the Siege of Boston." In April, 1766, he volunteered for six months with Captain Wetmore in Colonel Sage's regiment. In 1777 volunteered for three years in Colonel Durkee's regiment; was at the battle of White Plains and Germantown.
  4. Martin, see forward.
  5. Lotan, of Mendon, Monroe county, New York.

(V) Martin, fourth child and third son of Robert (3) and Patience Stiles, was born at Hebron, Connecticut, November 20, 1761. In August, 1833, he applied for a revolutionary pension and states: "That he enlisted at Chatham, Connecticut, for three years with Capt. Fitch in Col. Webb's regiment in March, 1777, and was in the battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, October 4, 1777, and in the assault and capture of Stony Point, July 16, 1779. In May, 1781, he enlisted in Colonel Sheldon's Connecticut regiment of light dragoons for three years; at Middlefield, Connecticut, under Captain Edgar, but not mounted, and was discharged in the early part of the summer of 1783, at Danbury." After the war he removed to New Hampshire, then to Vermont, then to Canada. He was placed on the pension roll April 2, 1834. He married, at East Haddam, Connecticut, September, 1782, Candace Cone, born April 23, 1761. Children: Elizabeth Cone, married ———— Milne; Polly; Lydia; Edgar; Martin (2); Clary; Henry; Joel (see forward).

(VI) Joel, son of Martin and Candace (Cone) Stiles, was born in 1800. He married Sally Dennis; children:

  1. Robert, married Nancy ————.
  2. Martin (3), see forward.
  3. Fanny, married John Clute.
  4. Margaret, married Azariah Sisson, of Iowa.
  5. Amos, married Amy ————.
  6. Sarah, married Jacob Rising, and among others had a daughter Emily S., who married ———— Warn, and resides in Cambridge, New York.
  7. Lydia, married ———— Humnell.
  8. J. Louisa, married (first) E. E. Beadle, (second) John R. Hitchcock.

(VII) Martin (3), son of Joel and Sally (Dennis) Stiles, was born at Cobbleskill [Cobleskill?], Albany county, New York, February 14, 1829, died at Cedar Hill, same county, July 16, 1885. He was a farmer for a number of years, then became proprietor of the Cedar Hill House. He married Mary Jane Baumes, born in Carlisle, Albany county, New York, in 1834, died at Cohoes, New York, January 5, 1899. Children:

  1. Emma M., married William Miller, deceased; she resides in New York City.
  2. Margaret S., married Merrill E. Wolf, of Schenectady; children: Charles A. and Mabel L. Wolf.
  3. Helen L., married John H. Hendrickson, died May 12, 1909, killed by an explosion in a quarry at South Bethlehem, New York. They had a daughter, Minnie L., born April 7, 1886, died January, 1905; married William Baumes and had a son, William H. Baumes. William Baumes was killed in the same accident that took the life of his father-in-law, John H. Hendrickson.
  4. John B., born September 10, 1864; married Hattie Degeoff, and has a son Raymond, born December 25, 1894.
  5. Peter Melville, see forward.
  6. Edwin Dwight, born September 19, 1871; married Della May Groom, and has a daughter, Mabel Groom Stiles. He is a partner with his brother, Peter M. Stiles. Edwin D. is a Republican and member of the board of aldermen of Cohoes. Della May (Groom) Stiles is a daughter of Edwin Groom, of Groom's Corners, Saratoga county, New York, and his wife, Della (Sanford) Groom, of Cohoes, New York.

(VIII) Peter Melville, son of Martin (3) and Mary Jane (Baumes) Stiles, was born at Callanan's Corners, Albany county, New York, June 28, 1868. He was educated in the public schools, and remained on the farm with his father until he was fifteen years of age. From 1889 to 1900 he was employed in the hardware business of the Burbanks Hardware Company, first as clerk, then assisting manager, then as manager. In 1900 he left the store and was with Sweet & Doyle for five years as traveling salesman for mill supplies, covering the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New York. In 1905, in company with his brother, Edwin D., he formed the firm of Stiles Brothers, and purchased the business of the Burbanks Hardware Company, of Cohoes, and has since been actively engaged in the management of the business of that firm. Stiles Brothers are extensive dealers in stoves, carrying the largest stock in the city, together with a complete builders' and house-furnishing line of hardware. They are a well-known and successful firm. Peter M. Stiles is an active member of the Remsen Street Methodist Episcopal Church, a member of the official board, and former treasurer of the Sunday school, in which he is most deeply interested. Politically he is a Republican and has served as school commissioner. He married, October 2, 1901, Florence J. Stimson, born in Cohoes, New York, daughter of James and Frances (Bogue) Stimson, of Cohoes. Frances Bogue was the daughter of Henry S. Bogue, a prominent knitting mill owner and mayor of Cohoes in 1884. Children of Peter Melville and Florence J. (Stimson) Stiles:

  1. Mildred Edith, born April 7, 1903, and
  2. Frances Bell Stiles, born March 11, 1908.

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