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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1206-1207 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Smith family of New Scotland, New York, have been seated in that town for over a century and a half. Their founder was a native of Dutchess county. A remarkable characteristic of the early generations was their longevity, many of them, both male and female, passing the century mark. The first settlement was made in Albany county by Nicholas Smith, born in Dutchess county, who came with wife and children in 1760. He was a former settler on the Little Nine Partners tract in Dutchess county, but was driven out by Indians. He then settled in a still wilder tract of forest, where he built a cabin and lived by trapping and hunting. He was a fairly well-to-do man, and acquired property, including negro slaves. He located a farm in New Scotland, which by the aid of his sons he improved and cultivated. His children were: Andrew, Michael, John, Zachariah, Nicholas, Catherine and Jonas, all of whom, it is said, lived to reach the century mark. Nicholas Smith also lived to a good old age.

(II) Nicholas (2), son of Nicholas (1) Smith, was born in Dutchess county, New York, in 1752, and died one hundred and three years later. He was eight years old when his parents settled in New Scotland, where the many years of his after life were spent. He became a farmer, and continued active and alert to long past man's allotted years. He retained his faculties, mental and physical, up to the very last, and was a most wonderful old man. There is no record in his family (noted for length of days) that surpassed his one hundred and three years. He was an ardent Democrat, and never departed from that faith. He was a man of steady habits and good character, and "Uncle Nick" was a well-known and highly-respected person. He married (first) Mary Beebe, who bore him ten children. He married (second) Nellie Doolittle, by whom he had issue. Children of first wife: Nicholas (3), Thomas, Andrew M., Joseph, Henry, Stephen, Hulda, Kate, Lucinda and Margaret.

(III) Andrew M., son of Nicholas (2) and Mary (Beebe) Smith, was born on the farm located by Nicholas Smith (1) in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, in 1799. He was a farmer of the town, and was both prosperous and influential. He died on the farm, September 3, 1877. His seventy-eight years were spent in New Scotland, except two years when he lived in Guilderland. He was an eminently pious man, noted for his goodness of heart and rectitude of life. He voted with the Whigs until the formation of the Republican party, when he then acted with that body. He married Lucy, daughter of Everett Sigsbee, and a cousin of Admiral Sigsbee of the United States navy. Everett Sigsbee was a wealthy landowner of New Scotland, who was so benevolent and generous to all in need or distress that he died comparatively poor in this world's goods, but greatly beloved and rich in the treasure that "fadeth not away." Lucy Sigsbee was born at Fontgrove, New Scotland, in 1810, died in 1901. She was a woman of high principle, and a devoted Methodist. Children:

  1. Henry A., see forward;
  2. Mary, married David Relyea, a farmer of New Scotland, they are both deceased, and left a large family;
  3. Lucinda, married Stephen Horner;
  4. Hulda, married Aaron Hallenbeck, who died in 1910;
  5. Elizabeth, resides in Schenectady;
  6. Catherine (Kate), married Daniel Quackenbush;
  7. Ellen, married William Relyea, resides in Ballston Spa;
  8. Margaret, married George Wands, a farmer of Albany county;
  9. Andrew, married Mary Whitbeck.

(IV) Henry A., eldest son of Andrew M. and Lucy (Sigsbee) Smith, was born in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, November 4, 1830, died in the same town November 22, 1907. He was reared in the old homestead, where he remained until he was twenty-five years of age, when he married and purchased a farm to which he removed. He added other acres to his first purchase, and became a well-known and successful farmer and breeder of cattle. He was a man of industry and thrift, and conducted his business affairs along well-approved and modern lines. In his earlier years he was a Democrat, but later transferred his allegiance to the Republican party. He was a member of the Methodist church, as was his wife and family, and served as steward and trustee. He married, in New Scotland, in 1852, Hester Siver, of Guilderland, born in 1836, died 1894, daughter of Martin I. and Susan (Fryer) Siver, of Guilderland. Children:

  1. Andrew, see forward.
  2. William J., born in 1855; a farmer of Altamont; married Catherine Galogia; children: Harry, Charles, William, Johann, Emmett, Fred and Frank.
  3. Henry, died aged thirty-four years; married Nettie Smith, who survived him, and married (second) George Porter, of Albany; children of Henry Smith: John, Frank and Mary; by second marriage has a son Howard.
  4. Margaret, married Nelson Crounse, of Rensselaer county, New York; children: Fred, Ida, Arthur and Amelia.
  5. George, a farmer of Guilderland; married Carrie Payne; children: Minnie, Vernon, Charles, Hattie, Margaret, Henry and Howard.
  6. Mary, married Miner White, who survives her; children: Hattie, Earle, Lottie and Roy.
  7. Ira, a farmer of New Scotland; married Lillian Cheseboro; children, Harry, Bertha, Arthur and Mildred.

(V) Andrew, son of Henry A. and Hester (Siver) Smith, was born on the farm he now owns November 18, 1853. He was reared a farmer, and in 1907 became the owner of the homestead, to which he has added another farm in Guilderland, near Meadowdale, which is operated by his son Sidney. He is a good farmer, and a good citizen. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and a Republican in politics. He married, in Guilderland, Catharine Smith, born in New Scotland, October 24, 1854, daughter of Richard, granddaughter of John, great-granddaughter of Andrew Smith, and great-great-granddaughter of Nicholas Smith, the common ancestor of both herself and husband. Her father married Hester Relyea; they lived to celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary, and are now living in Guilderland, aged ninety years, devoted members of the Methodist church, where they have been useful workers all their lives. Their children are: Amanda, Mary, Jane A., Catharine, married Andrew Smith, Alice, John A., Fannie and Deborah. Richard and Hester Smith have lived to see this large family of children grown to years of maturity, all married, and all have families. Children of Andrew and Catharine (Smith) Smith:

  1. Carrie L., born November 9, 1873, married Richard Rockwell, a farmer of Guilderland;
  2. Sidney, September 8, 1877, operates the Meadowdale farm owned by his father, married Margaret Frederick;
  3. Edna, March 11, 1881, married Jesse Lasher, of Toronto, Canada, child, Leona;
  4. Jennie, October 30, 1886, married Everett Stevens, of Albany, New York;
  5. Hester, November 18, 1889, unmarried, at home.

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