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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. II, pp. 790-791 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family is represented in the census of 1790 by George Serviss, who was at the time a resident of New York state. It is likely that he was the father of Christian, Frederick, John, Peter and George Serviss, who are recorded in the same census as residents of counties in the Mohawk Valley. Under various spellings of the name there were fifteen members of the family who served in the revolutionary war, in the New York militia or line. The name is written Serviss, Servis, Servos and Servisse.

(I) George Serviss was born February 23, 1755, died February 9, 1823. He was a farmer, and during the revolution served in the Third Regiment, (Tryon county) New York militia. He married Mary Overbaugh, born October 21, 1754, died in 1839. They were the parents of eleven children, the eldest born February 15, 1776, the youngest January 20, 1796, as follows: Sarah, Sophia, Philip, Lawrence, of whom further; John G., Wilhelmina, David, Solomon, Sophia (2d), George and Mary.

(II) Lawrence, second son of George and Mary (Overbaugh) Serviss, was born on the homestead farm in Tryon (now Montgomery) county, December 16, 1780, died at the age of eighty-one years. He was reared on his father's farm, ownership of which is still in the family. He was a prominent farmer, prosperous, and interested in the politics of the day, a leader in the Whig party. He married Mary Bigham, born in Scotland, July 11, 1791, died May 26, 1880. Her mother died in Scotland, after which her father, with Mary and three other children, emigrated to the United States, settling about the year 1800 in the town of Florida, Montgomery county, New York. She was a devoted wife and helpmeet, contributing much toward her husband's success. She survived him a few years, and breathed her last in the old homestead, at the age of eighty years. Children:

  1. Helen Marie, born February 17, 1814, died January 25, 1846; married William Voorhees; son John, living in Amsterdam.
  2. George; see forward.
  3. Alexander.
  4. Elizabeth, born September 6, 1819, died February 3, 1897; married John Vander Veer, and died leaving a son, Lawrence.

(III) George (2), eldest son of Lawrence and Mary (Bigham) Serviss, was born in Florida, New York, August 4, 1815, died February 16, 1868. He was one of the substantial farmers of Florida, where he owned a goodly estate, which is occupied by his widow. He married, in Florida, November 27, 1849, Elizabeth A. Young, born March 20, 1829 (see Young IV). Mrs. George Serviss is a woman of remarkable mental and physical activity, despite her advancing years. She proved herself a worthy helpmeet, and reared her large family to habits of thrift and usefulness. She was an active worker in the Dutch Reformed church, to which her husband also belonged. Children:

  1. Anna, born April 20, 1850; married Charles B. Overbaugh, a farmer of Florida; children: George S., Nelson and Mary.
  2. George, born October 19, 1852, died May 18, 1896; married (first) Nettie Little; (second) Mary Anna Bradt, who survives him; children:
    1. Alexander, born February 12, 1876, and
    2. Lottie, born April 1, 1880.
  3. Beulah, born November 12, 1854, died January 15, 1857.
  4. Daniel S., born December 8, 1856, died October 24, 1888, unmarried.
  5. Edmund, born August 25, 1859, died March 14, 1892.
  6. Beulah, born June 17, 1861; married Frank J. Myers, of Schenectady; children:
    1. Oscar B., born April 12, 1883;
    2. Howard G., April 1, 1888.
  7. William, born November 3, 1862; resides in Gloversville, New York; married, March 20, 1895, Mary Potter; child,
    1. Grace M., born June 16, 1896.
  8. Mary E., born June 10, 1865, died December 15, 1906; married William H. Ochampaugh; children:
    1. Jay, born January 7, 1891;
    2. Mabel, September 14, 1893,
    3. deceased; George.

(The Young Line)

Peter Young, the first of the family to settle in Montgomery county, New York, was born in New Jersey. He married Eva Fox; children: William, George, Margaret, Sophia, and Peter Warren.

(II) Peter Warren, son of Peter and Eva (Fox) Young, was born in 1734, died October 20, 1820. He married Margaret, daughter of George Serviss; she was born in 1734; died May 3, 1833, at the remarkable age of ninety-nine years. Children: Elizabeth, Margaret and Peter.

(III) Peter (2), son of Peter Warren and Margaret (Serviss) Young, was born December 12, 1776, died December 18, 1856. He married, December 23, 1797, Sarah Serviss, born February 13, 1776. Children: Peter P., of whom further; Ann, William, Sophia E., Winslow P., Amri, Atheliah, Sarah, Alvina and George.

(IV) Peter P., son of Peter (2) and Sarah (Serviss) Young, was born in Florida, New York, November 6, 1800, died February 12, 1877. He was a successful prosperous farmer. He married Anna Schuyler, born August 13, 1804, died in 1887, daughter of Daniel and Elaine (Hilts) Schuyler, lifelong residents of Florida. Children:

  1. Dr. Daniel, born June 25, 1827, died February 21, 1902. He studied medicine, and located in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was professor of surgery in the College of Medicine. He enlisted in the Twenty-first Ohio Regiment, for the civil war, and was commissioned surgeon with the rank of major. He was a noted surgeon; also an artist of no mean ability, his etchings showing him to be possessed of unusual talent. He married Carrie A. Hawley, of Albany, New York, who died without issue.
  2. Elizabeth A., (Mrs. George Serviss).
  3. Mary A., died in infancy.
  4. William, born March 18, 1835; settled in the west.
  5. George, born December 18, 1836. He is one of the substantial farmers and respected citizens of Florida. He married, October 28, 1868, M. Josephine Parks, born July 13, 1846, daughter of Joseph H. and Mary E. (Howard) Parks, and granddaughter of Sylvester and Mary (Rowley) Parks, natives of Connecticut, and pioneers of the town of Florida, New York. Joseph Parks, her father, born March 18, 1822, one of the old settlers of the county, is one of the best known men in the town, where he has attained the venerable age of eighty-seven years, and is still quite active.
  6. Mary A., born May 7, 1838; resides in Amsterdam, New York; widow of Freeman Schuler.
  7. Henry Clay, born February 23, 1842; a machinist, resides in Buffalo, New York; married Sarah C. Avery (deceased), of Florida; children: Henry Clay, Edna A., Clara and Marjorie.

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