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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. III, pp. 1305-1307 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

This family is of record in Claverack, Columbia county, New York, where Harmon Sagendorf, born in 1761, died 1836, purchased sixteen hundred acres of land lying in Claverack township. The early spelling of the name was Sagendorph, still retained by some of the branches, and they were among the earliest settlers in the northern part of the town, ranking with the Van Ness, Storm, Vanderpool, Ostrander, Jacobi and Herder families, as prominent and leading citizens. In 1818 Harmon Sagendorf was justice of the peace and in 1821 was again elected. He was twice married. Maria Whitbeck and Rebecca Stickle are both named in the records as his wives. He had sons, Andrew, Jeremiah and Peter, perhaps other children. These settled in other parts of the country where their descendants are still found, prosperous and prominent in Claverack, Ghent and other towns.

(I) Nicholas Sagendorf died in Troy, where he had erected a residence on Eighth street. He married Mary Truesdale. Children:

  1. George H., of whom further;
  2. Julia, married Jacob Rooker, of Washington, New Jersey;
  3. Anna; an infant deceased.

(II) George Henry, only son of Nicholas and Mary (Truesdale) Sagendorf, was born in Troy, New York, August 10, 1839, died in that city May 14, 1894. He was educated in the schools of Troy, passing through high school, having acquired a thorough training in all the essentials of a business education. His life was devoted from boyhood to the business of banking, and in that connection was held in high appreciation. When a young man he entered the old Mutual Bank of Troy, organized December 2, 1852, and as the Mutual National Bank, April 7, 1865. He passed through successive promotions until February 15, 1873, when he was elected cashier, and in this responsible position he continued until death. He was a thorough banker, skilled in finance, with a pleasing personality that won him a large acquaintance in the business world. He was devoted to his business and had no higher ambition than to be a good banker. He was a Republican in politics, and alive to his responsibilities as a citizen, but took no part in public affairs. He was an attendant of the Second Presbyterian Church of Troy. His home, his bank and his church were the things in life that claimed his entire interest, and to each he was devoted to an unusual degree. He married (first) Elizabeth Jones, born in New York City, died in Troy, New York, leaving a daughter Elizabeth J., born in Troy in 1882. He married (second) Mrs. Helen (Rundell) Church, daughter of Darius P. and Eliza (Moore) Rundell, of Troy.

(The Van den Bergh Line)

Mrs. Helen (Rundell) Sagendorf descends from the old Dutch family of Van den Berghs, of whom the first mention is in 1654, when Arent Van den Bergh was a corporal in the West India Company's service at Fort Orange. His wife was a sister of Andries Hendrickse. At a slightly earlier period, 1660, Claas Cornelse Van den Bergh was in Beverwyck. He had a son, Cornelis.

(II) Cornelis, son of Claas Cornelse Van den Bergh, had a son Gysbert.

(III) Gysbert, son of Cornelis Van den Bergh, bought a house and barn in 1662 "Lying this side of Bethlehem," Albany county, New York. He had children including Cornelis.

(IV) Cornelis (2), eldest son of Gysbert Van den Bergh, was of the manor of Rensselaerwyck. He made his will March 3, 1714, proved in 1717. He married (first) Cornelia Wyantse Van der Poel; (second) Maria Van Buren, widow of Lunwiese Van Dusen, November 21, 1702. Children, baptized and all mentioned in father's will:

  1. Maritse, March 8, 1685, married Cornelis Van Alstyn;
  2. Cornelia, October 2, 1687, married Marten Van Alstyn;
  3. Geertje, December 20, 1691;
  4. Matthys, June 24, 1694;
  5. Wyant, see forward;
  6. Gysbert;
  7. Gerritt, September 19, 1703;
  8. Tryntje, married Pieter Wadron.

(V) Wyant, son of Cornelis (2) and Cornelia Wyantse (Van der Poel) Van den Bergh, was baptized June 24, 1694. He was of "Halve Maan," Saratoga county, New York. He married (first) November 21, 1715, Aaltje Van Nes; (second) Anna Wendell, March 20, 1721; (third) Catherine Van Nes (widow Grosbeck), August 25, 1750. She was buried December 21, 1754. Children baptized:

  1. Cornelis, July 20, 1718, died young;
  2. Cornelia, March 21, 1722, died young;
  3. Abraham, August 25, 1723;
  4. Cornelia (2), June 6, 1725;
  5. Cornelis, May 13, 1727;
  6. Maycke, July 27, 1729;
  7. Aaltje, November 13, 1731;
  8. Anna, November, 1732;
  9. Wyant W., (see forward);
  10. Evert (?);
  11. Gysbert, July 15, 1744;
  12. Catharina, twin of Gysbert;
  13. Catalina, May 5, 1751.

(VI) Wyant W., son of Wyant and Anna (Wendell) Van den Bergh, was baptized June 1, 1735. He was a native and lifelong resident of Saratoga county, New York. The family of Van den Bergh was a prominent one in the county. Wyant W. was one of the largest taxpayers in the county. He had a fine farm in Stillwater on the flats where both the British and American forces encamped in 1777. During the first days of battle at Stillwater the British, on being driven back, set fire to his house and barns, causing their total destruction. Wyant W. Van den Bergh married (first) Maritje Van den Berg (a kinswoman), September 28, 1758. Married (second) Francyntie Clute, about 1768. Wyant W. died January 29, 1822, aged eighty-seven years, seven months, and twenty-eight days and Francyntie (Clute) Van den Bergh, died February 21, 1815, aged seventy-five years, ten days. Children:

  1. Valkert, baptized June 24, 1759;
  2. Catharina, November 23, 1760;
  3. Maria, born October 3, 1768, died young;
  4. Gysbert, April 8, 1770;
  5. Maria, February 20, 1772;
  6. Rachel, 1775.

(VII) Rachel, daughter of Wyant W. and Francyntie (Clute) Van den Bergh, married Cornelius Moore, of Saratoga county, New York. They had a daughter Eliza.

(VIII) Eliza, daughter of Cornelius and Rachel (Van den Bergh) Moore, married Darius P. Rundell, son of Jesse Rundell.

(IX) Helen, daughter of Darius P. and Eliza (Moore) Rundell, married (first) Emery W. Church; (second) George Henry Sagendorf, of Troy.

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