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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1455-1456 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

The Rose family, that first settled in Stephentown, Rensselaer county, New York, came from Connecticut and were descendants of Robert Rose, of Scotch birth and ancestry, who was born in 1594, came in the ship "Frances" from Ipswich, Suffolk county, England, in 1634, and settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut, where he was listed a resident in 1639. The ages of his children were given to the officers of the Crown upon his receiving license to emigrate to America. Had wife Margaret and children:

  1. John and Robert (twins), born 1619;
  2. Elizabeth, 1621;
  3. Mary, 1623;
  4. Samuel, 1625;
  5. Sarah, 1627;
  6. Daniel, 1631;
  7. Dorcas, 1632.

It is from this family that Nathaniel Rose, the founder of the family in Rensselaer county, New York, sprung. Nathaniel shares with others the distinction of being the first settlers of the town of Stephentown, Rensselaer county, prior to the revolution. He settled about two miles from the village of Stephentown and planted a homestead in what was then a wild and uncultivated region. He was a man of energy and possessed the attributes of character that successful pioneers must have. He married and had issue.

(II) Charles, son of Nathaniel Rose, "the pioneer," was born about the year 1770. He was a farmer of Stephentown and was possessed of considerable land. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. He later removed from Rensselaer to Fulton county where he owned and operated a farm of one hundred and sixty acres. He married and had Willard, Charles, Rhoda, Molly and Sarah.

(III) Charles (2), son of Charles (1) Rose, succeeded to the family homestead in Fulton county, which he successfully operated as a grain, stock and dairy farm all his life. He was a Republican in politics and a Presbyterian in religion. He married Christy Ann, daughter of John and Christy Ann (McNab) Carmichael. Children:

  1. John C., went west where he was twice married and had issue;
  2. Charles W., of whom further;
  3. Mary E., born June 5, 1836, married George Brownell, born 1827, died 1871; child, Frank R., married Emma Newkirk and had Helen, born July 17, 1872;
  4. Helen, married George Worcester;
  5. Willard, a farmer and glove manufacturer, married Fanny Washburn;
  6. Thomas Scott, died aged two years;
  7. Anna;
  8. Jennie, born September 28, 1848;
  9. Simon Scott, married Ella Timmerman; children: Scott, Fred, William, John, Jennie and Katherine.

(IV) Charles W., son of Charles (2) and Christy Ann (Carmichael) Rose, was born on the Rose homestead in Fulton county, New York, January 18, 1833. He was educated in the public schools and Kingsboro Academy. He worked on the farm for a time, then in 1860 began his long career as a glove manufacturer. He first began cutting at Bennett's Corners, Fulton county, at which place his uncle, Willard Rose, had been engaged as a glove manufacturer and farmer for many years. He first occupied a shop in Gloversville in 1862. In 1872 he erected a factory building at the corner of Pine and Mill streets, to which frequent additions have been made as the demands of his growing business needed. He has always made a specialty of fine goods for ladies' and gentlemen's wear, using principally imported kid leather. From a small beginning he has built up a very large business and is one of the oldest manufacturers in his city. He is also a director of Gloversville Knitting Company. He was trustee of the village, and in his quiet way bore his full share in the development of Gloversville. He is a Republican in politics and a member of the Presbyterian church. He married, February 7, 1861, Ann Eliza Benedict, born July 7, 1835. Children:

  1. Ida, born May 3, 1863, died 1873;
  2. Charles, born and died 1867;
  3. Henry, born May 3, 1874, died October 4, 1910, married Eva Place;
  4. Harriet, June 5, 1878.

Ann Eliza (Benedict) Rose is a daughter of John M. Benedict, and a granddaughter of Ira and Agnes (Mitchell) Benedict, of the Rhode Island family. John M. Benedict was born June 6, 1791, died June 12, 1880. He married, January 31, 1828, Bridget Tabor, born August 18, 1803, died April 7, 1866, daughter of Gideon and Rachel (Durfee) Tabor, of Rhode Island. Children of John M. and Bridget Benedict:

  1. Ira, born November 28, 1828;
  2. Gideon, March 21, 1830, died September 5, 1858;
  3. Thomas Scott, March 8, 1833, died January 30, 1845;
  4. Ann Eliza, married Charles W. Rose;
  5. Ira, born December 30, 1836, died April 24, 1858;
  6. Rachel Agnes, born May 31, 1838, died August 6, 1866, married George B. Smalley;
  7. Harriet, born September 9, 1839, died October 1, 1839;
  8. Sophia, born October 19, 1840, died February 1, 1843;
  9. Catherine Jemime, born January 13, 1842, died April 5, 1844;
  10. Francis, born March 27, 1844, died September 1, 1844;
  11. Harriet Newell, born April 24, 1846, died January 24, 1875;
  12. Angelica, born January 12, 1848.

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